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Chapter 4: An Offensive Mark

Hikaru POV

I wake up before Kaoru for once. Although that may be because of last night, and also that it wasn't even six in the morning yet. After we had donned our clothes and raced back up the stairs last night, we had immediately fell into the bed again in a flurry of tangled limbs and hormonally induced passion.

I admit I may have been a bit rougher with him than usual, and he seemed to enjoy it. Kaoru even begged me to go again, but my cock was so sore I couldn't even bear for him to touch me. I can't get the picture of him wriggling underneath me and crying out my name out of my mind. Looking at his sleeping defenseless face almost excited me again, but I was still worn out from last night. Cuddling close to him, I decide to try to fall back asleep before my brother wakes up.

I never actually get tired enough to fall back asleep, but laying down and watching my brother helps the lethargy of sleep drain slowly out of my system. Reaching my hand above his face, I brush a lock of ginger hair out of his closed eyes.

He tosses his head, and for a second, I'm afraid I woke him up. Kaoru jerks away, his cheeks turning red, and the covers fly off of me exposing me to the cool air.

"No, Hika! Don't spank me again…" For a second, I stare aghast at his sleeping form, and it's all I can do not to burst out laughing. I wait for him to say something else, but sadly he has settled his flailing body and resumes sleeping peacefully. I gently tug the blankets back over me, and snuggle in beside my twin to warm up.

I slip into a kind of awakened coma; my body is so tired that I'm content to lie in perfect stillness, but for some reason my restless mind is still wandering. My thoughts stray to mom, and all the things I know we'll have to eventually tell her. Part of me wants to remain childlike; selfishly cling to my brother as a secret for as long as I can, but I know it can't last. As we continue to grow, the more our mother wants us to experience more of her company; and she has already talked to me about taking over for her when she decides to retire, and although not anytime soon, my brother was not intended to take up the position with me. Mom had only spoken to me once, and she seemed hopelessly depressed when she had done so. It was almost as if she was afraid she was signing the death certificate to mine and Kaoru's loving relationship. She could never know what was really going on, but if she did perhaps she wouldn't mind the way it had all played out?

It sounds too good to be true, our mom would never condone that kind of relationship, would she? She just thinks we're twin brothers, and best friends. I know the only way we'll ever get any sort of peace of mind out of this is if we tell her and find out if she is with us or against us. Even if she is against us, a known enemy is much better that an enemy in disguise. I think along this thread for an unknown amount of time, watching my brother's face. I'm so deep in thought, I don't even realize that for a few minutes: his eyes are open and staring back at me.

"It's really creepy to stare at people while they're sleeping." I jump, suddenly concentrating on the golden eyes that had brought me out of my thoughts.

"But you're so cute when you're sleeping Kaoru." I nuzzle his nose, and pull him closer to me.

"Still creepy!" He says in his raspy singsong voice.

"Well maybe I wouldn't have been watching you if someone hadn't woken me up earlier." His eyes widen in surprise.

"Mom? She didn't come in here did she?"

"No! I meant you, Kaoru."

"Oh… Wait, how did I wake you up?" He sounded slightly apologetic, and his head was tilted slightly to the side in the most adorable fashion.

"You were talking in your sleep!" I accuse, and instantly he pushes against me playfully, admonishing his innocence.

"You were! 'Hika don't spank me again!' That's what you said!" His face is flushed and he grasps the pillow behind his head and begins pummeling me about the head.

"I did not, you liar!" Kaoru shouts. I grab the pillow in both hands and throw it across the room, and in one swift motion, I have his hands pinned to the bed.

"Oh yeah? Why don't you tell me what your dream was about little brother?" His face glows as bright as his eyes, and he turns his face away from me in embarrassment.

"Aw, Kaoru, you don't have to be embarrassed. Tell me, and maybe I can make your dream come true." I lean against him and press my lips to his cheek.

"So, about that spanking?" Kaoru goes red in the face and mumbles into the sheets.

"I'm sorry, what was that, Kaoru?" I smirk as I nuzzle him with my nose.

"Okay, so I have ONE dream about you. And you MAY have been spanking me. That doesn't mean you have any kind of upper hand, Hikaru." His tone strikes me as surprisingly forceful, and he pierces me with a devilish grin that makes me pull back for a few seconds. That's long enough for my twin, he switches our positions and forces my back into the mattress. With a triumphant grin, he hops off me and onto the floor. Then he collapses in a heap with a cry of pain. Pulling myself off the bed, I move to help him.

"What happened? Are you okay, Kaoru?" He nods, but is wincing in pain. I help him struggle to his feet.

"What happened?" I ask again.

"My back, and my ass…Jesus." He manages to get up, while holding my shoulder for support. The truth dawns on me as I gently lower him back onto the bed.

"I'm sorry. I guess I was too rough with you last night." The guilt wrenches my heart, and I run my hand through his hair uselessly. I can't believe I let myself get so careless, and now my brother's in pain and there's nothing I can do about it.

"It's alright." Kaoru says, forcing a smile. "It only hurts really bad when I stand. Besides, I kind of liked it last night."

"But, I hurt you—"

"And it feels good." I stare at his mischievous face in awestruck silence.

"How..?" I finally ask.

"I don't know. I guess the pain somehow turns into pleasure, or amplifies it. And now that feeling left over is like a present."

"A present?" That makes me chuckle lightheartedly, and the tightness in my chest loosens a tiny bit.

"Mhmm, and now every time I feel the pain I'll remember what caused it." His smile broadens as he yanks the sheets back over the both of us. Wrapping his slender arms around my neck, he presses his lips lightly against mine.

"You boys are up early." We break apart quickly as the bathroom door opens from the inside.

"H-hi, mom."

"I thought I heard you boys wrestling or fighting in here or something. I'm not interrupting, am I?" Did she see us kissing? I can feel my heart pound and I know Kaoru is paralyzed beneath me…beneath me.

"Yes, that's it! We were wrestling. Pinned you Kaoru!" I say jokingly, and my tone shakes him out of his shocked stance. Quickly throwing me off of him, he sits up nervously.

"So, mom, what brings you in here?" Kaoru asks timidly.

"Well, usually, you all are still sleeping before I leave so I don't get to see you hardly at all, but I heard you boys wrestling and thought we could get room service before I go to work this morning." She steps in the room, and I realize almost too late that our boxers are resting carelessly on the back of a chair several feet away. We had fallen asleep naked, and had no way of covering ourselves. Right now the coverlet is over our nether regions, but if it should slip or if we had to get up for any reason we were fucked.

"So what do you boys say? We can just eat in here if you like, you boys don't even have to get up, and when I leave you can go back to sleep. I just wanted to see you two for a little while." She looked so happy as she perched on the edge of our bed, and when I looked at Kaoru he nodded slightly.

"That's fine mom." We say together, and she claps her hands together as she reaches for the phone on the night table. For the first few minutes after our mother hung up the phone, we were extremely tense. How would we explain sleeping together seemingly half naked? Considering that when we were younger our mother used to wake us up, and it wasn't uncommon for her to see us sleeping with no shirts on perhaps she wouldn't say anything. She knew we got too warm when we were sleeping. But what if she notices our boxers lying on the chair? Mom doesn't seem to notice, at least not yet, and gradually I feel Kaoru's muscles relax beside me. It was enough to make me relax, and we carried on a conversation with her about what she did yesterday with Keiko for the release of her new line.

When the food arrived I tensed a little, but our mother went to retrieve the food, and brought it towards the bed. Sitting down on the edge, cross-legged she passed some food to Kaoru and another plate of food to me.

"You boys always like sharing right? So I didn't get you the same thing. I figured you would just eat with each other like you always do."

"Thanks mom." We say in unison. I look down at mine and grin. Crab cake with benedict eggs, creole hollandaise, and cappers. Kaoru loved seafood. Looking over at his plate, I can see an English muffin topped with poached eggs and a sliver of smoked ham poking out from beneath white gravy and parmesan cheese. I love smoked ham. He eyes my crab brazenly. I momentarily just consider switching plates with my brother, but then I decide on something better. Cutting off a piece of crab and egg with my fork, I raise it to his lips.

"You want to try mine, Kaoru? " I ask curiously, giving him a sly grin as I raised the fork to his lips. I could see the blush creeping to his cheeks. We had never acted this way in front of mom before; usually just stealing items off the others plate. Feeding each other fell more into the category of host club activities. He opens his mouth slightly and I slide the utensil gently between his lips. He let out a small, satisfied sigh as he devoured the morsel. I didn't intend for Kaoru to respond so generously with this type of affection in front of our own mother, but I suppose after yesterday something changed. He didn't seem as timid before, and responded by feeding me some of his ham. We even drank some juice from the same glass, and our mother never said anything about it.

"So what did you boys do yesterday?" She asked, spreading preserves on a buttermilk biscuit.

"We played hide n' seek actually." I answered, as Kaoru was busy eating another mouthful of crab I had fed him.

"You two boys still act like children sometimes. You were playing in this big hotel? How did you ever manage that? I imagine it would take forever to find anyone here." I turn to her in response, explaining Kaoru's clumsy run-in with the maid, and how she had tipped me off. My mother laughs, and the next bite I fed to Kaoru went slightly of course in my distraction. A drizzle of the hollandaise sauce left an offending mark on Kaoru's lower lip and chin.

"Oh, I'm so sorry Kaoru." I apologize, and almost as an instinct I move to lick it off. Luckily, I stop myself; I think Kaoru might have fainted if I licked his lips in front of mom. So I wiped it off with my thumb and slid the digit into his mouth. Without any hesitation he sucked the sauce off of my finger, a light blush reemerging on his cheeks. He is so cute sometimes; how he can still blush at a simple gesture when a few hours before he was begging me to cum inside him with the most primal of actions. I can feel myself stir underneath the sheets, and thank the gods that my plate is covering it up. Not so tired anymore, ne?

"So what do you boys have planned for today? I thought for sure you two would be enjoying the sites yesterday." For a moment I don't answer, and my widened eyes don't go unnoticed by my twin.

"I'm sure Hikaru has something special planned for us today." Kaoru pitches in, and I nod my head nervously.

"Maybe if you two are up later tonight you'd like to come over and talk to me about your day, and I can tell you all about what I did today."

"That sounds great mom. If we're still awake, we'll definitely come over there." Appeased, our mother takes her leave after she finishes her breakfast.

"I cannot believe she didn't say anything when I sucked that sauce off your finger. I thought for sure she would have been shocked into silence or something." I move the plate off of my lap, and ease myself back into the pillows.

"I thought you were going to lick me at first, and I almost freaked." He laughs lightly.

"You're lucky I didn't. It took so much self-restraint." Kaoru's gaze moves down to settle on my problem beneath the sheets.

"Aw, was all that teasing hard on you, Hika?" Kaoru giggles, settling next to me.

"Want some help with that?" My brother asks, whispering seductively in my ear.

"I-I hurt you last night. I don't think we should go again this soon." Regardless of my words, I snuggle closer to my twin.

"That doesn't mean I can't still help." He moves in for an abrasive kiss and I unwittingly moan in response. His delicate fingers trace the pale skin of my chest, pressing tenderly and making the heat pool in my stomach.

"I'm so glad I get to give you something after everything you did for me last night, Hikaru." His tone is dripping with desire and arduous sensuality as his hand wraps itself around my aching cock. Kaoru moves his hand painfully slow, but whispers heatedly in my ear until I'm panting uncontrollably.

"Kaoru, please…" I can't accurately describe the sensation I have when my brother teases me. It's something that borders on hysteria. My lips collide with his as I pull him by his hair, I hear him make a small delectable noise that makes my erection throb within his slowly stroking fingers.

"I'm sorry Hikaru, what did you say?" My Kaoru asks, provokingly stroking slower and burrowing his glowing devilish eyes into mine.

"God, Kaoru you know what I want! Please, give it to me." I put on my best uke face, begging like a child, and I can see his grin widen as he begins to quicken his pace.

"Only if you moan my name, Hikaru. You know how I love your beautiful voice."

"Mmm, Kaoru—" I rock my hips into his awaiting palm, and his hands become feverish in their occupation. He plants seedless kisses along my neck and jaw eliciting sighs and moans from my betraying lips.

"Just like that, Kaoru—" I hiss in anticipation, feeling myself swell, and when he brushes the tip of my member with the tender pad of his thumb, I arch my back and release his name along with my seed all over his antagonizing fingers. Giving me one last breathy kiss, he breaks away to lick my love for him off his dirty hand. Panting, I lay back and let my eyes roll up into my head. After last night and what just happened, I would definitely be surprised if I could even get up out of bed.

"Lay back so I can do you." I say, hungrily licking my lips and presiding over him.

"I just can't Hikaru. After last night…" I'm almost disappointed, but last night was pretty trying on both of us. I guess it just took a little longer for the soreness to get to Kaoru.

"Maybe later today, if I can get over this limp I know I'm going to have." He tilts his head to read the time on the clock and I thought of something I hadn't thought of before now. Last night we had gotten really rowdy, more so than usual. I know I had been rough with my brother, and I distinctly remember devouring his neck like a lawn mower does grass. He had never screamed my name louder when he came, and I had made the skin so raw it shone like sunburn. When he tilts his head just now, I can clearly see almost half his neck swollen and purple. He had been on the other side of me this morning while eating breakfast and I hadn't seen it. Now fully exposed to the left side of his neck, I can see it plain as day.


"Hmm?" He turns around to look at me curiously.

"Your neck, it looks really bad." Kaoru reaches up to finger the bruise guardedly.

"Yeah, I was going to go to the bathroom to check out how bad it was this morning, but then I fell. Do you think it looks—" His eyes snap up to meet mine, and I could tell he was thinking the exact same thing.

"Mom!" We shout in unison.

"She must have seen—" I say, flustered.

"She has to know—" Kaoru buries his face in his hands, the rushed words muffled by his hard-pressed skin. I grab him by the shoulders, gently shaking him until he looks up at me.

"It's okay. We can handle this. Obviously mom didn't say anything. We were flat out flirting with each other half naked this morning, and you had a purple hickey the size of Prussia on your neck and mom didn't say anything." He nods his head slowly.

"So.. what should we do now?" Kaoru asks, biting his lower lip and looking up at me expectantly.

"Nothing. We do nothing." His worried lips and widened eyes slowly formed a grin as what I was saying sunk in.

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