Before anyone asks Deimon's wandering devil will be updated regularly, I will go out of my way to make sure this fic does not get in the way of my other story, which is almost 1/6 of the way done, can you believe that! Neither can I, Eyeshield 21 was such a great series it's kind of sad where they ended it, but at least it gave us closure in a way, yet it also teased us with the possibility of another series following Sena's college team to the rice bowl.

Anyway it's time to open with the Extended Summary

After an incident during Team Sevens training, Naruto is barred from participation for a week as punishment. Under recommendations from several people Naruto takes up meditation for the week to try and calm down and understand what happened. During one of his days of meditation Naruto finally calms down, and unintentionally peaks into the realm of earthly Kami. Catching sight of Amaterasu, the Kami of the sun, this earthly realm is burned into his eyes and becomes trapped seeing between the realm of Kami and Man. With a whole new world open to him Naruto strives to please his greatest friend and earn her favor, The Kami of Konohagakure.

Quick A/N: the use of Kami as Japanese for God is inaccurate; Kami translates to spirits or Spirit and is rooted in Shinto. To any reading this please refrains from using Kami to substitute the word god. Frankly I find it annoying every time a character shouts "Oh My Kami" instead of "Oh my god". Furthermore if you want a detailed explanation of what Kami are look up Meinos Kaen's hompage, he explains it in What if #6

Starts in Part One, Rookie Nine are all 15


Favor of the Great Spirits

Chapter 1: Pull back the curtain and burn it

Throw an elbow, step forward, palm strike and stomp. This is the combo that Naruto used to take down Sasuke and have him sent to the emergency room. Kakashi was extremely disappointed in Naruto, the enthusiastic little solider had disobeyed orders during the fight and had used a move to damage Sasuke in a dangerous way that had many potential consequences. Kakashi sighed, Naruto had to learn to follow orders and calm down before they accepted any mission outside the village, and by the way his team had been getting Antsy that would be soon. Something had to be done now, and Kakashi knew exactly what. "That last mover was illegal Naruto, did you even listen to the rules" Kakashi reprimanded as he put away his ever present book.

"I'm sorry sensei, I just really wanted to win this time and get the taijutsu scroll, but Sasuke was so close to winning and I was just so angry" Naruto rambled trying to explain his actions, "Besides all you do is teach Sasuke, you don't even show me and Sakura anything new so I knew I had to win or else I would never learn anything".

"I train Sasuke because he's ready for it , I need you and Sakura at a certain level that you can only reach through personal training, Sakura neglects her physical training and you neglect mental conditioning nor would you listen to me as you would be more concerned with the awesome Jutsu I'm about to teach you then the importance of it" Kakashi explained as he stood firmly "Besides this isn't about that, you could have killed Sasuke if that stomp had hit in the right place, as punishment for disobeying orders you are suspended for the next week, don't bother attending training".

"That's so unfair" Naruto growled as he stepped closer to Kakashi only to be grabbed by the face and pushed away, with Kakashi dropping the scroll in his hands.

"You won the scroll, but was it really worth it in the end?" Kakashi asked "You couild have killed your team mate because of Your thoughtlessness, think about that Naruto" Kakashi sighed again and walked away, leaving Naruto alone in the hospital lobby.

"I'll show you…" Naruto grumbled as he walked off to Hokage's tower.


Hiruzen Sarutobi sat at his desk, diligently filling out forms for the Shinobi forces budget, dividing the money between the numerous divisions and sending the extra funds for approved projects throughout the multiple departments. When he was done with this he still had to look over some of the higher risk missions, determine the risk factors of accepting the request (Political Backlash, Ambush, Military Retaliation) and then accept it or not and send back correspondence through Kohona's private messenger-nin system. After that it was handling request from the council to give military approval for appropriation of land to be used to expand Suburbs or even commercial use. All in all ,most paperwork that passed over his desk was just mundane to him, but its purpose was to help pass time between his duties on the council, overseeing the Shinobi, Clan, Elder and Civilian councils and putting aside any motions needed to be brought up in joint session, and his training. However, today's paperwork was extremely mentally draining today and unusually so. Hiruzen chalked it up to the ever increasing number of "Senior Moments" he was having as he advanced in age and the stress of the high profile job. He would welcome any distraction at that moment just so he could excuse himself and go fetch a cup of tea at his favorite tea house. That's when he heard the loud knocking. "Ah great timing Naruto" He said with a smile as he hit the intercom. "Let the boy in, he knows not to bother me for nothing unimportant" Granted Naruto did know that and just didn't listen.

With a groan the Secretary let Naruto in, and Sarutobi immediately sensed the mood."What's wrong Naruto?" Sarutobi asked with grandfatherly concern.

"Kakashi banned me from the team for a week due to a sparring incident" Naruto almost shouted in his rage.

"Why?" Sarutobi asked with a genuine curiosity, what had Naruto done to get suspended.

"so I was sparring Sasuke and I started winning….but I got carried away and used a stomp, but I didn't do much just dislocate his shoulder" Naruto admitted "But he took the same injury recovery training course I did, and I know they dislocated both his shoulders about six times throughout the class" Naruto defended.

The Injury recovery training program was on its last legs, but had gathered quite an interest from dedicated students and those looking to overcome a fear of pain. It was designed to train dislocations, and at first repeatedly dislocated limbs surgically and then forced it to train an ability to pop joints back into Sockets. While the skill itself was of little use it did train pain tolerance and give some people an edge in combat. Sasuke and Naruto were the last two students of the course, and had excelled at it so much that the escape course also noticed an improvement from the both of them, thanks to the ability to loosen their shoulders and slip through bindings.

"Naruto, a stomp , as simple as it is, is not something to be thrown around lightly, many use it as a quick dispatch to knock out or even kill their opponents, you shouldn't really use it on an ally at all, besides you could have caused more damage then you know, regardless of temperament" Hiruzen explained in a grandfatherly way, he found Naruto listened to advice better than being reprimanded.

"But Kakashi can't ban me from practice" Naruto countered " He doesn't even train me or Sakura, and he say's cause I wouldn't be able to handle it cause of mental conditioning".

Hiruzen sighed, Naruto was extremely stubborn, maybe too much for his own good. "Kakashi is your commanding officer Naruto, he can do anything with liable reason, and further more mental conditioning is important to any Ninja, and the earlier you learn it the better" Hiruzen explained as he walked towards the door, intent on taking his well deserved break.

"I guess you right" Naruto said dejected at the lack of support for his side from his grandfather figure, but understood the situation completely.


Naruto had decided to retreat to one of his usual places that he could find comfort, Ichiraku Ramen Stand, which stood in the center of the market region, which was occupied by many different booths looking to sell food and wares and so the street itself was usually pretty empty. People would pass by occasionally with shopping bags, whispering and looking over their shoulder at Naruto in disdain and worry. "Uhhg, sometimes I just wish they would sock me in the jaw or something, if they did I could take it but all these glares and whispers are just starting to get to me" Naruto grumbled loud enough for the old man behind the counter to hear him.

"What's wrong with you Naruto, you haven't been worked up about that in a long time" Teuchi said as he placed a bowl of ramen in front of the boy, which soon disappeared.

"Kakashi suspended me for a week because I stomped Sasuke and dislocated his shoulder in a spar, then he said he wouldn't train me because my mental conditioning isn't up to speed, I tried talking to Gramps, but he agrees with Kakashi, so nothing from him…." Naruto rambled as he played with the last noodle in the bowl.

"Well it's none of my business, But I've over heard many shinobi talk about the art of meditation positively, used properly you can become more aware, focus you mental strength, and even remember small little details that could save your life" Teuchi explained as he prepared another bowl of ramen "I've even heard you can use meditation to also block out all your senses even the awareness of time, some even train themselves to do it in combat, they call it Battle Meditation or something weird like that" He said off handedly, his eyes darting around before placing another bowl, which disappeared just as quickly as the last one.

"Battle meditation?" Naruto perked up excited "That sounds badass!" he shouted in excitement as he leapt onto the seat and leaned on the counter. "How do I do it, come on Teuchi" Naruto began dancing on his toes in excitement.

"No Clue" Teuchi said point and simple, causing Naruto to fall out of the stool "They say everyone learns differently, you just got to start meditating to begin to learn" he explained as he chuckled "I overheard that the best way is to find a place where you are at peace, sit down and think, keep thinking until all the thoughts in your little head are gone, and relax" Teuchi instructed as Naruto clumsily wrote it down on a napkin.

"Alright" Naruto shouted "Thanks Old Man, I got to get going since I have one week to be up to speed in my mental training" He laughed as ran off too his apartment to grab some camping gear.

At this moment Ayame walks into the store front with a bit of a smirk on her face as she dried her hands. "You're a liar" she said as she dropped the smirk and looked out with a worried look to Naruto's back "He's going to be so disappointed when he learns the truth, that you made up everything you know about meditation".

"Some of it's true" Teuchi argued as he picked up the bowls and carried them to the back "besides by the time he realizes it his bull headed pride will refuse to admit that he was tricked and he will continue to do it".

Teuchi went back to minding his store while his daughter Ayame shook her head. She was briefly thought about going after Naruto and telling him the truth but realized it was for the best. Naruto needed to calm down a bit if was to ever survive as a shinobi.


Determined to attain battle meditation Naruto packed for the week so he wouldn't be disturbed for long while he tried to gain the ability. He also knew of a place that no one else could get to, or knew about for that matter, on The Hokage Monument just above the fourth's head. It was a small cliff like area that was backed by a cave; Naruto figured it was caused by the construction of the refugee tunnels into the mountain, but never really dug into the history books enough to find out.

Setting up a temporary home inside the surprisingly spacious cave Naruto walked out on to the Cliff and sat down at its edge, crossed his legs, and took a deep breath. He slowly crawled through his thoughts, dismissing them with simple nonsense answers to his pointless questions and bared himself from thinking anything more. His thoughts slowly ran themselves out till all that was left was blankness of thoughts. Naruto felt himself slipping from the meditative state and decided focus his thoughts one to his relaxing. He felt himself drip deeper and deeper into the state, the only thing he kept track of was his breathing. Then Naruto heard the sound of dripping water, and he was shocked out of the state by the sudden sound. "Is it raining or something" Naruto questioned as he looked around and found nothing but a sunset. "Wow…I've been out here longer then I thought" Naruto mumbled, his smile brightening as he realized the achievement he just made.

As he celebrated he noticed a figure sitting on the side of the cliff just above when he was. Climbing up, which was harder with the stiff legs, Naruto stepped up beside her and tapped her on the shoulder. She suddenly shot up in shock as she slide off the cliffs edge and on to safe ground. She looked up in shock and stared at Naruto, amazing the young boy with her beauty, before her face turned to one of worry. "Hey miss what are you doing up here?" Naruto asked "They usually close the Mountains visitor site after 6 and judging by the sunset it's way past that now".

The woman just backed away in shock "You can see me?" She stuttered.

Naruto just looked at the woman like she was crazy, which she might have been, since no one dressed like this woman to sit on a mountain side. He stepped forward, causing her to shuffle back. He cocked an eyebrow and looked at her with his usual confused squint. "Yeah I can see you, I know I'm not that smart but I'm not stupid, so don't think you can pull one over on me" Naruto grumbled, he hated admitting that some times, but it got the message through clearly.

"No you don't understand" the worried woman said as she rose from the ground, both her voice and motions leaving an elegant and powerful air around her, "You must advert your eyes, quickly young one" She pleaded in her melodic voice.

This confused Naruto greatly, did the woman think she was ugly or something. If so she was definitely warped in the head, because she was outstandingly beautiful. Her face was heart shaped, with a very feminine and elegant jaw and cheek bones, her skin was pale like porcelain and her lips were smooth with a deep shade of pink. Her nose was small and cute, which combined with her eyes created a certain mystic. It was all framed by long wavy black hair that reached her ankles. Her body wasn't bad either; in fact most would say it was truly beautiful and not simply sexy. Her body was perfectly balanced as far as Naruto concerned, mostly because her tits weren't massively huge adding a certain sense of bodily symmetry in a state that no body part hindered another, further adding to her regal stature. Some could say that this woman was perfect, which may have been the reason in the first place. "Listen lady your pretty and all, and I mean really pretty" Naruto said trying to calm the panicking woman " But why do I need to advert my eyes?"

The panicking lady just groaned "You ignorant child, just please listen to me" the woman pleaded "Stop looking at me and break your focus, you are seeing things you aren't meant to see" she commanded of Naruto , just making him scoff.

"Yeah right lady, I've seen many things I'm not supposed to see already, so if you're up here to enjoy the sunset in the nude or something I'm not stopping ya" Naruto said off handed, completely oblivious of the face the woman made as he said that.

"You vulgar Child' She said in shock.

"Hey, I'm not a child you crazy bitch" Naruto shouted angrily, getting fed up by the conversation with this pretty , yet weird woman and this sudden feeling of heat rising underneath his skin.

"Crazy Bitch" the woman repeated in shock which slowly turned to rage "CRAZY BITCH" she practically screamed "Here I am trying to help save you from an untimely fate, and you have the audacity to call me, Amaterasu Omikami the goddess of The Sun, a CRAZY BITCH" The woman announced.

"Wait, what…." Naruto was now only confused, Amaterasu was standing in front of him, that was impossible, no one could look at the spirits without something being wrong, or the spirit being cast out and Amaterasu would never be cast out of the Kami, so why did this crazy Bitch think she was a sun goddess. His eye's started to water like he was staring into the sun for to long and his skin began to feel taunt like he was sun burned.

"For your insolence You shall be punished, ye who dared Peak into the Kunitsu (earthly realm)You were warned, divert your gaze or be burned by my power, yet you did not listen" Amaterasu stated as she raised her arms then shoved them forward " With this blast I cast you from my sight and out of the earthly realm" a sudden flare of energy escaped from the center of her palms and slammed into Naruto.

The blast hurt a bit , but there was no major physical harm it seemed. However the blast did have force and sent a disoriented Naruto stumbling over the cliff. As he fell back he saw the figure of the woman begin to slowly fade as the energy continued to lick and burn his form. Naruto went plummeting over the edge, but luckily hit the ledge at which he decided to camp. He still fell quite a ways and was knocked unconscious by the fall as his skin steadily turned a deep burnt red, but he would survive, if someone found him that is. Luckily for Naruto someone or something had been watching him.

It wasn't long before a petite young woman about Naruto's age landed her feet on the ledge, her hair was long and green held back by two clips, one red and spiraled and the other blue and shaped like a leaf, and the only thing that adorned her generously busty body was a simple sleeveless white cloth dress that was held shut by a weaved thick brown cord. Leaning down she ran her fingers through Naruto's hair and smiled while mumbling his name. Grabbing him by his shoulders she then dragged Naruto into the cave, with a frown. "You saved me in my hour of need Naruto, it's time I return the favor" she said as she stripped him of his shirt, wrapped his eyes, and began to smear some sort of salve onto this skin before slipping him into the sleeping bag he had brought and dumping him on his cot.

The girl then left, but vowed to the unconscious boy that she would soon return. When she did a pattern began to appear on Naruto's exposed chest, right over his heart. It began with four tomoe bleeding in as it was surrounded by a circle with white triangles pointing out and black pointing in. after that Ten little black triangles appeared, surrounded by ten larger triangles, forging a stylized symbol of the Sun onto Naruto's skin.

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