Before I begin I would just like to say a few things.

What are with some of these clichés, like the secret of paper work or the puppy eyes no jutsu for example. You can take those two and write them in different ways but no one does. Here's a scene that's way funnier than the standard version of this trope.:

"Come on Old Man, let me learn another jutsu from the scroll" Naruto begged of the Hokage " I'll teach you the secret to getting your paperwork done" he pleaded hoping that his offer would work.

"Naruto" the aged third hokage sighed "I'm over sixty years old and a kage level shinobi, do you seriously think that I haven't figured out how to use the Kage Bushin to help me with my paper work".

Sheepishly Naruto grinned and rubbed the back of his head timidly "Um….Yes?"

"Get out of my office"

See , much better.

CHAPTER 13: Misinterpretations and A Woman Scorned

Team seven had officially passed part 2 of the Chunin Exams, and with little difficulty. That is if you don't count a run in with a Sanin and then his lackeys followed by a little big game hunting. So there they stood in the grand hall, looking worse for wear and being the last team to join the others despite every bit of meticulous planning on team seven's part and yet they still stood proud. Why shouldn't they be proud? After all, in the forest they had proved themselves as the three super genin, the three paths to power as some had taken to calling them. Of course they still came in last which made them a bit of a joke among the other rookies. Kiba kept looking over his shoulder with a sneer that reeked of contempt and of superiority. Catching the sneer made Sasuke angry.

"Dammit Naruto" Sasuke mumbled to Naruto in front of him "If you hadn't gotten lost in that damn forest for six freaking hours we would have saved a lot of face" he punctuated this with a hard glare that made Naruto shiver.

"What were you thinking?" Sakura nearly shouted, only barely keeping her voice subdued "You could have gotten us disqualified".

"I said I was sorry, but I got caught up learning a new technique when I ran into some local wild life" Naruto said dismissively as he leaned back and tilted his head to talk to Sasuke.

"New techniques my ass" Sasuke spat, "next time you go missing don't expect any help".

"I didn't expect help this time, so why would I now?" Naruto shot back, his voice rising a bit in volume, enough that the team standing next to them hushed them.

"Listen to the Hokage Dumbass" Ino seethed from her spot in the lineup, daring being called out and no longer tolerating of Team Sevens whispers.

Naruto and company took that advice and listened to the Third as he rambled on about how the Chunin exams were a competition meant to replace war, how it was an exhibition of the skills the shinobi of the various villages that were allied with each other. However, there was a long pause and when Naruto looked to check he saw that a shinobi had appeared by the Hokage's side. A smile stretched across the old man's face "Well, well…it seems as though we currently have an interesting situation" His eyes then seemed to scan the room "While we hold our Exams , those who are not aligned with us do the same and they have reached an impasse, to few to continue" he announced "We on the other hand have to many, which is why in one months' time, those of you who do advance to the next round of these exams will also be fighting against those few from Iwa and Kumo who survive their Chunin exams".

"Wait, so there's another round?" Temari shouted as she stepped forward from her spot in the lineup "The procedure is three rounds and no more".

"Allow me to explain" A sickly voice cried "Lord Hokage let me, Hayate Gekko, proctor of the third exam head these proceedings" A cough followed the man's declaration as he stood up from his crouched position on the floor.

"Go ahead Hayate, no need to be so formal" Hiruzen said calmly, gesturing with his hand for the sickly man to continue.

Nodding Hayate turned to face the rows of Chunin hopefuls before him. "Traditionally the last exam is a tournament style one on one fight with the victor progressing to the next round, normally this would mean you would get a break and then we would meet with you in a month" He explained "But moving forward with this many people would be counter-productive to the goal of the final exam.."

"Showcasing how superior each village's ninja are" Temari spoke out from the crowd.

"Exactly, which is why that we will be holding the first round of the tournament here" Hayate announced as a large section of the wall behind him began to move "that screen there will determine your first match , so be ready" the sickly man warned as he pointed to the already flashing screen.

Sasuke Uchiha vs Akado Yoroi

"Everyone else please clear the field and move up to the balconies" Hayate ordered, waiting patiently as the floor was slowly cleared.

Sasuke just kept moving about "heh, First up to bat" He scoffed as he looked his opponent in his…black eye circles "What's up with your eyes, why are they freaking dots?

Akado just laughed as he held out his left hand and reached his right into his pouch. "Well, if you can get a clear shot, maybe you'll figure it out" He quipped before letting loose a few shuriken from behind his back.

Sasuke smirked, with a quick slash managed to ricochet all the shuriken back towards Akado. "Berserk" Sasuke muttered, feeling all the soreness in his arms dissipate for one quick second before the burning sensation began on his arm. Sasuke winced as he charged forward slipping and metal grip onto his fist "AKAI KINZOKU NAKKURU" He shouted as he drove his fist into Akado's stomach with all his might taking a deep breath as he drove his fist deeper and deeper into his opponents stomach. Then his strength started to fade. Akado went skidding back, hacking but laughing.

"Feeling a little sapped are you?" Akado taunted through his coughs the black cloth though it was clear that the thing shad become soaked with blood. The man charged forward and tackled Sasuke to the ground, grabbing at his throat. His hand glowed brighter and brighter as his grip tightened "You feel this, how my power is eating away at your chakra, at your strength".

"Yeah" Sasuke grunted "To bad for you my chakra isn't my strength AKAI KINZOKU NAKKURU" Sasuke growled as he let loose another powerful punch into Akado's stomach. This one had enough power to launch the man into the air. Sasuke quickly scrambled to his feet and leapt forward to Akado as he neared his landing. Leading with his knee, Sasuke rammed right into Akado's back with a snap and a roar of "Yuudokunahiza (Baneful Knee)".

Akado rolled forward off Sasuke's knee and fell to the ground writhing about. Sasuke just looked down at him and huffed "You were wrong to assume that my strength comes from my Chakra alone, I saw that weakness and rectified it…I guess you never did". With that Sasuke walked of the field, not even bothering to wait for the proctor to call it.

"The winner is Sasuke Uchiha, next match" Hayate called out before pointing to the board.

Zaku Abumi vs Shino Aburame

While Zaku and Shino duked it out on the floor below Sasuke was being helped up the stairs by Kakashi. "He must have got you good with that draining technique" He commented as he helped his student up the stairs "He barely got a move in edge wise".

"Yeah, most of the actually damage I did to myself" Sasuke told Kakashi, a light grimace in his tone "Using the Akai Kinzoku Nakkuru without the chakra holding my joints together the second time nearly popped my entire arm loose, and the Yuudokunahiza is going to leave me with a limp once the adrenaline's gone".

Kakashi gave Sasuke one of his casual eye smiles "Good to know that you're aware of the draw backs to your own techniques" his eye soon returned to it's normal static stare "Now, about that mark on your arm".

Meanwhile Naruto and Sakura were discussing their upcoming battle. "So what do you think Sakura, who's my opponent?" Naruto asked enthusiastically.

"It's a randomized match up Naruto" Sakura seethed from her spot on the railing.

"You told me once that there is no such thing as random when people are involved" Naruto mentioned, getting a glare from Sakura.

"Of all the things you remember me saying" She grumbled "Okay, based on previous match ups…. Simple pairing systems are ruled out, we may be dealing with a system using information gathered during the last two test, with the first test ranking every ninja and the second ranking us amongst teams" Sakura inferred "using that they then ranked all of us and are pairing us up in a way to knock out those least likely to actually get a promotion for a better show next round, of course with us in last in the second exam and your barely average performance at the first exam your likely the underdog" Sakura said, eyes darting every which way while she thought.

"So much for random" Naruto scoffed as he leaned against the wall, grinning "You busted that right open".

Sakura sighed "A, I don't know if that's even true and B. it's random till the spots get filled" Sakura explained.

The two then turned their attention back to the fight just in time to see Zaku, standing with both arms out, trails of chakra charged air pouring out of his arms like steam. His right hands then fell off while his left just fell to his side limply. Zaku began screaming in pain as Shino simply walked away, his expression unflinching and uncaring.

Hayate down below coughed while the medics carted the now armless boy away. With a deep breath he cried out "Shino Aburame is the winner, the next match please" and with that he once again pointed to the board.

Kankuro vs Tenten

Kankuro smirked as he stepped down onto the field staring down his opponent. Tenten to her credit did not flinch but just kept staring back. It stayed like that until Hayate called out start. It stayed like that for a little while longer too.

Things started off with Tenten. She threw Several kunai in rapid succession forcing Kankuro to dodge. Of course Even when he did it was like she knew where he would move. Every step to the side was meet with another kunai or shuriken as Tenten slowly drew close. Kankuro tried to counter with his own, but they were plucked out of the air by the weapons mistress and used against him. As she drew in closer and closer she unfurled a scroll and unsealed a katana and a tonfa.

When Kankuro tried to counter Tenten blocked the incoming strikes with the tonfa before striking with the katana. Kankuro eventually targeted the arm with the tonfa and tried to disarm Tenten, only to be meet with a pommel to the face that left him stunned. Tenten smirked and went to collect her weapons believing Kankuro to be done. Kankuro just stood there silently as Tenten approached the field of weapons. Hayate almost called the match then and there but an odd chuckling stopped him. "Be careful girl, those things look sharp" Kankuro chuckled, but his face remained completely motionless.

Tenten froze before turning around to lash out with a few more kunai and throwing knives. Then the clinking started, like something falling to the floor but it wouldn't stop. Then the air split, Tenten ducked when she heard it, dodging a kunai that had leapt up from the floor. Looking behind her she saw all the knives and shuriken that she had thrown, shaking on the floor. Another leapt up, flying by Tenten's cheek leaving a light cut. One after another, faster than the last each weapon leapt up and darted towards Tenten as her own arsenal turned against. Steps followed the heavy foreboding kind that also seemed to clack like wood. A pair of arms wrapped around Tenten, but she threw her arms up above Kankuro's hold.

A panicked Tenten looked around, trying to spot anything that seemed out of place. Then she saw it, Kankuro's Bundled pack had been tossed to the side and was twitching. The dam thing was twitching and every time it did something moved. Then it clicked, Tenten's hands grasped Kankuro's head and twisted it around and with a few well-placed taps the head began clicking, the face cracked off and the jaw fell open launching a blade right out it, stabbing into the lower end of the bundle. The bandages began turning red "GAH, YOU BITCH" came a muffled cry.

"Give it up,"Puppet Master"" Tenten called out in a snarky tone "I've got you with your own poison, I know where you are and I know you took one to the leg , it's over".

"Fine, Gah you bitch" Kankuro murmured as he unraveled himself and began searching though his pouches for his antidote. It was later administered by a field medic who carried him off the field.

Tenten walked off, scarred and happy as Hayate called it "Victory goes to Tenten of Konoha" He called out before once again pointing to the board "The next match is".

Naruto Uzumaki vs Hinata Hyuuga

"Good luck, Hinata" Kurenai whispered to Hinata, patting her on the back to reassure him "If you can tell him now it would really throw him off his game".

"Sensei" Hinata stuttered out, flabbergasted by the advice of a longtime friend and guardian.

Naruto's ears picked this up as he walked by and made his way to the stadium floor. He mulled the words over in his head, knowing that if Hinata made any declaration he would have to ignore it. He made sure to keep the pressure on knowing that Hinata had a weaker will than most. It worked to because Hinata tried to scrunch herself into her coat at his gaze. Then the match began.

Naruto slowly settled into a defensive stance, one that could easily shift into an offensive stance. Hinata took her same old Jyuuken stance with the open palm meant to draw people in. "Naruto" Hinata meekly muttered as she struggled to look him in the eye.

"Yes" Naruto huffed, trying his best to interpret the unthreatening thing in front of him as his enemy.

"I know that this may not be the best time but it's taking everything in me to work up the courage to fight you right now, to prove myself to you and to tell you" Hinata stuttered out as her lips began to quiver "I love you".

Naruto just stared at her and glared "And, did you expect something to change by admitting that to me?" he asked coldly "You practically stalked me every day during the academy, did you think I wouldn't eventually notice?"

Hinata took a step back shaking her head, obviously surprised by the cold tone in Naruto's voice. "It's just that, I really like you and…." Hinata stuttered out, her confidence shrinking with each word.

"And what" Naruto retorted "Did you think that by just watching me you could change things, when we were in the academy all I wanted was a friend Hinata, and then there was you always hanging out around the corner thinking I didn't know you were there" Naruto began moving forward, his stare turning into a heated glare "I thought you hated me, hated me enough that you liked watching me struggle and that you enjoyed my pain and now your just going to come up and say I love you?"

"I...I...I didn't" Hinata mumbled weakly, as tears began to well up in her eyes.

"What did you expect Hinata, when you want someone to know you love them you can't just say it out loud and expect that to be enough" Naruto said as he stopped right in front of her, he then gently grabbed her chin and forced her to look him in the eye "Especially when you and that person have history, cause then that history becomes an obstacle whether it be good or bad" Naruto let go of her chin and just allowed her head to drop. "The sad fact is I barely know you who even are Hinata"

Hinata's body just stood there slacked, her jyuuken stance went loose as her arms were just barely held up. Her shoulders slumped and she balanced wavered. The girl began mumbling to herself and was shivering oddly, as if she was crying. Naruto waited impassively as Hayate waited for something to call the battle on. Her mumbling slowly grew louder as he shuddering increased.

"What was that?" Naruto asked his voice still in the same cold tone that he had broken Hinata down with. "Are you…" Naruto was cut off by a sudden pain in his abdomen. Hinata had just struck.

Hinata kept shuddering, as she stood firm and hard, arm still extended and striking Naruto in the stomach "I said," Father was Right" Hinata affirmed " I can't just stand aside like a coward, I have to fight".

Naruto sighed "I think you may have finally lost it". Still hunched over from the strike to the stomach Naruto snapped his arm upward and caught Hinata with a right hook. He then followed through with the elbow and sent Hinata stumbling back with a back hand, all with the same arm.

"I know exactly what I'm doing Naruto" Hinata cried out as she dodged a knee to the stomach and weaved around the following front kick to strike at Naruto's hip, hindering the leg. "I'll make you love me" she sniffed out as she pivoted off the strike to the legs and began laying a series of strikes into Naruto's back.

"You lost your chance Hinata" Naruto shouted as he unleashed a reverse elbow that collided with Hinata's wrist. Naruto followed through and turned to face Hinata, with one arm out and the other drawn back "YAJIRUSHI" He called out, letting his back arm fall limp.

A concussive force struck Hinata hard and sent her flying back in shock. Rearing his arm back Naruto let loose another attack "YAJIRUSHI". This time the attack could be seen as a ripple of air with a point. Hinata dropped to the floor in panic, allowing the attack to harmlessly crash into the wall behind her.

Naruto took a deep breath after that. Yajirushi was apparently a really draining attack, and hopefully Naruto wouldn't need it for the rest of the fight. Thankfully he had put the fear of both long range and short range attacks in the girl with Yajirushi. She would probably switch to hit and run tactics which would be devastating but Hinata had a problem evading oncoming attacks herself.

True to Naruto's prediction Hinata charged forward and launched a flurry of shuriken before leaping to the side and doing so again before continuing her charge. Naruto deflected as many Shuriken as he could before leaping into Hinata's charge. In a knee jerk reaction Naruto brought his knee up to kick her away. Hinata moved around the knee and laid a flurry of strikes along the side his leg. Naruto pivoted away before charging forward with his elbow out, striking Hinata as he flew forwards. "Kage Bushin no Jutsu" Naruto called out as he came to a stop, summoning five clones around him.

Hinata stumbled as she tried to right herself up despite the pain "I'll show you how serious I am, Naruto, then you'll love me" She panted out.

"The only thing I feel for you is pity" Naruto shouted back as he weaved around Hinata's strikes and pushed her into an oncoming attack from a clone, which in turn sent her flying right back at him.

Hinata was bounced around by the Naruto clones as she stumbled around trying to fix her footing and stand her ground, or at least weave through the attacks. She struck one clone with a well-placed strike to the chest, causing it to burst but the circle still closed around her. Thankfully taking out that one clone gave her the second she needed and allowed her to weave through the attacks and dispatch each clone until one landed a front kick that landed her on her back. She tried moving to get up but the real Naruto leapt over the clones shoulder and pointed his arm down, right at her with the coldest stare she had ever seen Naruto give.

"YAJIRUSHI" Naruto roared as he let loose another blast.

Hinata said nothing when the blast hit her; she only buckled as the blast crashed down on her driving her into the floor. The room sat in silence for a few moments afterwards as Naruto collapsed to his knees panting from throwing around the Yajirushi so soon after only just learning it. Hinata groaned and tried to pick herself but Naruto snapped forward. With a swift punch Hinata collapsed again, this time for good.

"The winner is Naruto Uzumaki" Hayate declared as he turned to the assembled proctors of the tests, "Get the medical teams down here now, she isn't waking up any time soon." This was ended with a coughing fit that nearly forced Hayate to double over.

Without a care Naruto ascended the staircase to the balcony, but instead of stopping with team seven Naruto kept walking on. Sakura broke away from the rail to tail Naruto "Where you going, your moving onto he next round you should be happy" She said before adding "Your Naruto, you should be happy period".

"I just gotta think" Naruto muttered as he turned to face Sakura, showing her how conflicted his expression was " I barely Knew hinata, she was the weirdo girl stalking me for so long and then, Poof She loves me and all i can feel from that is...angry, angry at her for loving me…is that normal, to be angry at someone because they love you?" Naruto questioned as he looked to the field to see Hinata being carted off on a stretcher.

Sakura shrugged her shoulders in genuine confusion. Becoming a fountain of knowledge had come with many perks, but matters like this were still confusing. "You're on your own with that one….it looks like I'm going up against Shikamaru though, you sticking around?" She shot back, hoping that maybe her match could clear Naruto's head a little.

"Nah, I'll be back though" Naruto said dismissively as he continued down the balcony and out the doors.

Yes I just had Naruto beat Hinata, I hate the Naruhina pairing because it's become a joke. All its become is a single confession and then bam , Naruto knew and the two have a long lasting and argument free relationship with absolutely no troubles no matter what's going on around. Then there's the fact nothing seems to be able to shake up their relationship and the fact Sakura is upped from annoying to super bitch in almost every single one.

There I said it, now to anyone who thinks that I'm wrong, PROVE IT. Write a Naruhina fic that doesn't get...campy.

ADDENDUM (FEB 29,2016): I edited the Hinata fight dialogue, mostly on Naruto's side...the word hate just go tossed in there suddenly and looking back i can see that now. It made it very...bad.