Title: Finders Keepers

Disclaimer : I do not own Dark Angel nor do I make money. It all belongs to people more talented than I am.

Characters: Logan, Ben, Alec, Max

Pairings: There is Logan/Max. Strong hints of one-sided slashiness (okay – more over the head than hinting but that's part of the storyline)

Rating: Heavy, heavy R bordering more…

Word Count: About 22,600

Synopsis: Logan's sources reports that an X-5 has been rushed to the hospital. Logan thinks he finds Alec except Logan doesn't quite remember Alec being this crazy.

Warnings: OMG Het, dark violence and obsession, blood/knife play (for violence), very slashy one-sided moments, sexual assault and other bodily harm, Logan whumpage, let's also call some drug use and gun kink in done in minor ways.

Prompt: For Live Journal's Jam-Pony Summerfest 2012. One of Logan's sources catches wind of a transgenic being rushed to the hospital during a seizure. Logan goes to investigate and finds Alec except Logan doesn't quite remember Alec being this crazy before and into a terrified frenzy that ends with dead nurses and orderlies and Logan as a hostage. So, okay, it's probably not Alec. OH HAI BEN.

Author's Notes: Somewhat AU – Ben isn't dead (but they think he is), the virus was cured In "Borrowed Time", and this is set somewhere between "Hello, Goodbye" (which has none of the virus saga natch – just the Joshua/Annie storyline) and "She Ain't Heavy".

Also – I'm no explosives experts or hospital expert – so let's play along that since this is Post Pulse there are weird things that make these things plausible, shall we? Also – I went off the prompt a tad I think and probably made it far slashier than prompter wanted – and maybe not as much hospital terrorized and Logan hostage – as Logan terrorized and hostage (but there are dead nurses and orderlies). Also – I wrote a het sexy scene GASP! - it's in chappy one and necessary to the plot!

Finders Keepers

Chapter 1 – Don't Startle the Genetically Enhanced Killing Machine

"Thanks, Sebastian. I'll see what I can find out." Logan hung up and dressed quickly, grabbing a t-shirt off the bed where Max had thrown it at him that morning before she left on her own mission. She had a bad habit leaving her clothes everywhere. Or rather his clothes. She had a tendency to borrow Logan's t-shirts to sleep in when she stayed over. Now that the virus was cured, that was more often than not. Max said she wanted to make up for lost time. Logan didn't disagree with that.

He couldn't repress a smile remembering how nice the previous evening was – to be able to make love and then fall asleep afterwards knowing she would still be there in the morning. It was still a novel experience even after two solid months. He also grinned at how hard it was to get her moving in the morning anymore. She used to wake on a dime like any good soldier did but now she seemed to relish that drowsy awakening Logan used to reserve for Sunday mornings.

Today in particular she hadn't wanted to get out of bed.



Logan tried whispering, gentle shakes and the soft kisses that usually did the trick but she had just muttered and rolled over. He then tried a more extreme measure… he slid his hands under the t-shirt she had slipped on during the night and began tickling her.

She woke up tackling him with one hand to his throat, the other yanking his head back by his hair and straddling his stomach.

"Are you crazy, Logan? I could have killed you." She was breathing heavy looking down at him, her dark hair in a knotted mess around her face, pillow wrinkles crinkling the side of her face. She released him and he fell back to the pillow.

"Ow – I need to get my haircut," he said flattening his hair back as he looked up at her. He thought she never looked more beautiful.

She was still watching him, waiting for an answer.

"You needed to get up and you were ignoring my usual wake up calls. Drastic measures were called for." Logan smiled beatifically at her.

"Logan! Have you forgotten what I'm trained for – Do not surprise me when I'm sleeping!"

"Right – don't startle the genetically enhanced killing machine. Good tip." He smiled and reached up to pull her down for a long kiss.

She began laughing into his mouth.

Logan smirked up as she pulled away. "Okay – so either my morning breath has a funny taste or you have a delayed tickle response," he said.

Max laughed harder. It was good to see her so relaxed.

"Yeah – your breath could use a little minty freshness right now."

"You wound me!" Logan said in a feigned insulted voice.

She bent down and began kissing his neck and collar bone. "But – I like the way the rest of you tastes." Logan felt the words against his skin more than he heard it and it was difficult to want to stop her.

"You're just saying that to take advantage of me. I'm not that kind of guy." He stroked her hair and she looked up at him after taking another lick up his sternum.

"Oh – yes you are, Logan Cale. You are exactly that kind of guy."

"Okay – you're right – I am. But – I will be the responsible grown-up here and remind you that you have a long trip ahead of you. You should get going."

She blew a raspberry into his belly and sat up.

"Spoilsport." She whipped the t-shirt of she had slept in and threw it at his head. She then rubbed her hands along his chest and ran her fingers through the hair there and then ran her hands up her body to cup her breasts and lightly roll her nipples with her thumb and forefingers. Logan groaned as slowly she rubbed her groin against the length of his quickly swelling shaft.

"Max, you're killing me. It's already 6:30. You should have been on the road at 6:00."

"I can drive fast, Mr. Responsible."

She reached down and began stroking him for a few seconds before Logan tried to regroup again. This trip was important to her but she was stalling and he knew it. He wondered if she really wanted to know where her mother's family was. He had wanted to go with her but she had decided this first time, she just wanted to observe them alone before deciding what to do.

"The plane will be…leaving…You need to…" He tried to persuade her almost half-heartedly. What she was doing felt very nice. She smiled wickedly and then reached further back.

"Max!" he yelped as she lightly scraped his balls with her nails. She had been delighted when she had discovered how responsive Logan was to that little trick.

She stopped touching him. "Fine then - If you don't want this," she pouted as she reached down between her legs and touched herself. Logan watched, fascinated, as she stroked herself in pleasure. She put two fingers to his mouth and ran her wet fingers along his lips. He darted his tongue out and only got a quick taste before she pulled away and finished with, "I guess I should go get a shower."

"You are cruel," Logan said jokingly.

She got off of him and headed for the bathroom but stopped halfway. "You could, you know, join me? Wash my back maybe?" She fluttered her long dark eyelashes at him.

Logan sighed and put his heads behind his head. "I could – but then you'd never get moving and what I really need is a bcold/b shower."

"Yeah- yeah…you better be ready for me tonight, Mister! No touching that until I'm back!" She pointed to his cock and headed into the shower.

"Sometimes, I hate being a responsible adult…" Logan muttered trying to will his morning erection away. He sighed and closed his eyes. More exhausted than he thought, he ended up drifting back into a lazy sleep filled with erotic images of his girlfriend.

End Flashback


Sebastian's phone call woke Logan up about an hour after Max had left. He rushed to get dressed and put his exoskeleton on which took more time than he had so he skipped the usual ablutions. He needed to determine who Sebastian had seen taken in the ambulance. His informant was positive it was a Transgenic. On the way out the door, he tried to reach his doctor, Sam Carr, to see if he could take over the patient's case before Logan got there but Sam wasn't answering his cell. He decided not to try Max since she would already be in the air.

On an odd impulse, he had also tried Alec. No answer. That bothered him even though he knew the likely explanation was a pretty young woman with no name sharing Alec's bed. A small part of him remembered that Alec still usually took his calls unless he was truly 'inflagranto delicato'.

Logan had heard his fair share of feminine voices in the background during their calls. There were times when Logan thought Alec did that on purpose, like it was a passive/aggressive way of demonstrating he was perfectly fine that Max and Logan were now together. Then again – maybe Logan was overanalyzing again or 'over–anal-izing' as Alec called it when he wanted to annoy Logan.

And annoy Logan, Alec did. He knew how to push Logan's buttons at times. Logan thought Alec enjoyed it. Still, Logan had to admit, there was an over eager puppy enthusiasm to Alec that Logan found hard to ignore and dislike. The man was a genuine charmer when he wanted to be – reckless, fearless, and funny. Logan found it odd that as much as Alec teased him about being an overachieving do-gooder nerd, he was one of the few people who treated Logan like a person and not just either as 'Eyes Only's' confidant or Max's arm candy.

He really hoped it wasn't Alec. The description Sebastian had given sounded similar to him – male, very fit and almost pretty, about 6 feet, very short brown-blond hair with a tattoo on his neck. Sebastian had described the accident as horrific. A tractor trailer had careened out of control and slammed into a several stands on the side of the road. The Transgenic had apparently been buying something at one of the stalls and was just a bit too slow to get out of the way.

Logan tried to reassure himself that it couldn't possibly be Alec as he would have easily leapt out of the way. For that matter, all the X-5s probably could have.

Still – better to be certain. It was crucial that no tests be performed if it was Alec or any other Transgenic. Last thing they needed was the CDC back for a return visit or for Manticore to find out. Logan thought he wouldn't be able to pull a helicopter out of his ass again.