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Finders Keepers

Chapter 10 – Animal Instincts

Three Months Later

It had been three months. All the injuries had healed and Logan had been able to put the events behind him for the most part. The events at Terminal City had clearly put thoughts of Ben on the back burner. He had had no time to think about it and that was what Logan wanted. To stay busy. To not think of the things that Ben had whispered in his ears about what he wanted to do to Logan and how he would make Alec and Max watch and then kill them. He'd never told them. Ben was dead. The fall from the helicopter would have killed anyone. They had not seen nor heard anything about him but they heard about the remains of a John Doe that had been found nearby that sounded like him. Max had followed up and found remnants of the torn pants Ben had worn that day. It was in the past.

At first, he found himself trying not be alone but without trying to seem like it. He spent more time in places like Crash surrounded by people or with Max when she wasn't needed by the other Transgenics. He wasn't fond of being alone anymore. Gave him too much to think about.

He knew Alec was hurt by his early avoidance and Logan had made a concerted effort with him. Alec had, in the end, saved him and it wasn't his fault Logan could barely look at him in the first month after the events. He forced himself to act normal but he knew Alec could smell the trepidation and fear that rolled off Logan when Alec stood behind him too closely or whispered in his ear at the bar. Alec laughed it off but he knew it had hurt the man. They had just started becoming friends when the whole things happened. He knew Alec didn't have many friends and Logan had wanted to be that for him. He didn't want to lose one of his few real friends because he looked like Logan's attacker.

He'd apologized a thousand times. Alec tried to be understanding – sometimes more than Logan would have expected. Logan tried to move on. Now a few months later, Logan only had the occasional nightmare and Alec was Alec again. Sometimes he still had issues when Alec stopped by unexpectedly or if he got too close without warning, but overall things were mostly normal. Logan was grateful Alec had even attempted to remain friends.

Logan had been confused as to why Alec tried so hard. He had thought Alec hadn't cared for him much before the events with Ben transpired. They had tolerated each other, had worked out an amicable and friendly accord, but Logan never thought Alec wanted to be close friends. He always thought Max would stand between them –a white elephant – but even that had subsided. These days Alec had seemed to want to spend more time with Logan than Max, sometimes seeming to just tolerate her for missions. Logan figured he'd moved on from Max as Alec could pretty much have any woman he wanted. He'd had few male friends and maybe Logan fit that bill. Didn't matter – Logan was pleased at the results. They had started movie night awhile ago to help them learn to be alone together and now they had a pleasant time together during their weekly evening off.

Max had been reluctant the first time to leave them alone but realized they both needed it. Max was overly protective of Logan but everyone knew why. She blamed herself for not being there. At times she blamed Alec for not being there fast enough. Other times she blamed Logan for going at all. Half of Logan's recovery was making sure Max didn't run away altogether. She didn't but instead she had become heavy handed in protecting him and the others took it as their mission to be on his six at all times. He didn't mind it so much and she was finally starting to let go a little.


Alec was still a bit off kilter about being alone with Logan but he couldn't help himself. He thought the desire would have waned by now. He was sure if he avoided Logan, the instinct would have passed. It hadn't. In fact – the near distance of seeing him only at Crash and only near Max made him more desperate to get close to Logan – to re-establish dominance.

Ben had been right – the hunter instinct was something born within them, in their DNA. Alec's training had suppressed it. Until now nothing had happened that had awaken the urge to hunt, take, and possess prey. He was never aware the urge existed with exception of X-5 pheromones for mating. Max exuded them during her heat cycles. He sensed those same pheromones in Logan now from the continual donations - weaker but they were in him full time. And when he mated with Max- it was stronger.

Both Ben and Alec responded to those pheromones – they had been built to. Their DNA was paired to Max's. DNA. That's what Ben had told him on the copter. But those same pheromones were inside Logan and combined with their own scent that their senses translated as a mark of ownership overwrote everything and claimed Logan as theirs. Alec hated it.

The only reason Alec could tolerate Logan being with Max was his match to her DNA – but it rubbed him raw. It was probably why she could only partially tolerate Alec. She was probably drawn to him but having him inside Logan overwrote that when combined with her emotional attachment to him. Logan had become the center of their universe. He would never tell her even though he was well aware of it.

He had tried to stop donating blood – but the first time someone else offered – outside of Max as he knew he couldn't win that battle – his instincts riled up and took over. He needed to be a part of Logan and have Logan a part of him, even in this small way. He used every bit of his training to keep all his other instincts under control.

He wondered if Max felt this possessive of Logan. Surely her cocktail was similar to his. Might explain her over protective stance towards Logan the last few months and the fact she hated leaving Logan with anyone else. Convincing her that Logan was safe with him had been difficult.

Now he needed to convince himself Logan was safe in his company. The movie nights actually helped. By giving him some time alone with the man – his inner beast felt some ownership. Of course, every night he'd have to leave to find a way to relieve himself. Unlike Ben, his desires focused more on lust than blood. He couldn't deny them though because when Logan had cut himself on a broken glass Alec had to run out before he lost control. He had wanted to jumped Logan and lick the blood clean. Part of him wanted to bite and tear into Logan.

It had made Alec as nauseous as it had excited him. That had been a close call but Alec managed to rein his desires in after he left and found a willing body to lose himself in. It wasn't right – but it had been enough. It would have to continue to be.

He swore if he ever felt himself truly slipping – he would leave town. He just couldn't bring himself to do it yet.


Logan was expecting the knock. It was Wednesday and he thought Alec said he'd found a dvd of "The Fugitive."

"Come on in," Logan called out to the door. He was popping popcorn and getting some drinks together. Alec had his own key but never entered anymore until Logan gave the okay. Logan was grateful for that bit of consideration.

"Hey, Logan," the man said as he entered. "How are you?"

"Great. Should be done in a second here. The player's hooked up. Go ahead at put the movie in."

"Max is out?"

"Yup - as usual it's boys' night she left about ten minutes ago. She won't be back for awhile." Logan walked back into the Living Room.

"Good. I've been looking forward to this." Alec was standing behind the couch and handed the movie to Logan. "Not sure how to do this," he said.

Logan looked at him oddly but took the movie. He handed Alec the bowl of popcorn and crossed the room. "It's not any different than the Blu-Ray." He put the movie in.

Logan grabbed the remote and sat on the couch. "You joining me, Alec?" He asked as he looked up. He didn't see the side of the popcorn bowl as it crashed into the side of his face. He fell off the couch and onto the floor.

Dazed, he looked up and saw blood dripping over his right eye.

The man hunched over him and said, "Not Alec…" with a grin.

"Ben…" was all Logan was able to get out before the man pulled his arm back backhanded Logan across the jaw. The force of the punch turned Logan's head to just the right angle that he could see Alec lying in a pool of blood just outside his half open door. He couldn't tell if he was alive or not.

"Now – we're going to have some fun until Max gets back…"

Logan eyes widened at the sound of Ben's whistling as he pulled a cloth from his back pocket and covered Logan's face. The smell was instantly recognizable – chloroform. He tried not to breath but eventually he succumbed, unable to get away from Ben's firm hold on his face.


Logan woke groggy and realized he was in his own room. He heard voices muttering. He couldn't make out the words but both voices were low and male.

He closed his eyes again to try to get his head together. He tried to shift and panicked as he realized his arms were tied to the headboard.

He opened his eyes slightly, unable to resist seeing what his situation was.

He could see down the length of his body and saw he was naked and spread-eagled on the bed. Quietly he shifted his legs to confirm his fear. Yes – his legs were also bound.

He saw blood streaked along his bare chest and soon the burn of the shallow cuts registered.

He saw – Ben? tied to a chair at the foot of the bed watching him intently. What? That didn't make any sense. He had blood smeared across his face.

He heard someone in the bathroom clattering around. He turned his heads towards it and then back at Ben.

No – Alec. He realized it was Alec tied to the chair. The fact that Logan could see that made him realize his glasses were still on. He hoped Alec hadn't been hurt too badly but he was damn glad he was alive. The man was trying to mouth something at Logan but Logan couldn't quite understand it. He knew why he wasn't whispering – Ben would have heard him. He could see Alec was flushed and was struggling in his bonds.

"Ah – found it." Ben said as he sauntered out of the bathroom seemingly oblivious to a naked and bleeding man tied to the bed and another man tied to a chair. He was holding something in his hand but Logan couldn't make out what it was.

"Needed some alcohol to make this sterile," Ben said as he laid whatever was in his hand on the nightstand. Logan turned to see it, but whatever it was had been hidden by the book Max had laid there the night before. Ben began touching Logan's face and stroking the exposed underside of his arms.

"Ben, what are you doing?" Alec asked. Logan was glad for the distraction. The way Ben was looking at him was disturbing and all his nightmares were returning tenfold.

"You know, Alec, there are more – pleasurable ways to get and keep our scent in Logan," Ben said he lowered his hand to trail a light finger along Logan's chest and through the blood on it. He licked it up and then smeared more on his fingers. He then walked to Alec and smeared Logan's blood on Alec's lips and just under his nose. "You don't have to transfuse blood to own him."

"That's not why we transfuse," Logan started to say.

Ben turned towards Logan and walked back. "Logan – I know why. You need us. You need me and Alec or you break. Max broke you. It's taken months but I've learned all about it – all about you. You are my only mission now." He stood over Logan and caressed his legs. "It's her fault your wings snapped. She doesn't deserve you. She doesn't deserve to be in you." Ben sniffed around Logan's face but more at the pillows beside him. Logan knew her scent would be strong in their bed. "Or on you."

Ben threw the pillow off the bed. He held up a small syringe he picked up from the nightstand and injected Logan in the tender flesh just under the arm.

"What the hell was that?" Logan asked in a voice about two octaves higher than usual.

Ben patted his face and smiled. Then he and stood up and returned to Alec.

Ben cupped Alec's face. "Since I'm you and you're me – you can help me make sure Logan stays ours. We can alternate transfusions. We can finally get rid of Max." He turned back towards Logan and picked up a knife off the bed that Logan hadn't noticed before. He began to slice down the side of Logan's leg. Logan knew it wasn't deep but it was sharp and painful. "He won't need her anymore. Then he'll belong to no one but us. And we can play all we want." He began to lick at the wound he just created.

"Dude – I am not you. You're nuts," Alec said. Ben stood up and backhanded Alec across the jaw.


Max had been concerned as she walked into Crash. It took everything in her to leave Logan with Alec every week. She took the long route to the bar to clear her head. She hated having these uncontrollable jealous flashes. She was glad Logan had gotten over the trauma of Ben and that being friends with Alec had actually helped – but something about Alec was setting her off lately. She knew intellectually that was stupid. Alec had saved Logan. Alec continually donated his blood – almost as much as Max and for some reason Max resented it. She resented when she could smell Alec inside Logan when he accidentally cut himself shaving – or that time he broke the glass.

Her own scent was stronger in him and she knew it was ridiculous. She wasn't an animal. She wasn't a slave to instinct but even she admitted to being far more sexual with Logan right after Alec would donate to him as if she needed to reestablish her place by Logan's side.

She shook her head. She was being an idiot. She hated having these kinds of feelings. Maybe being in love was supposed to be like that. How would she know? Logan had been her first and only love. Sex-he certainly wasn't - but that was different. And she hated when her mating instinct had driven her to be with people she didn't like. With Logan it was so different.

"Boo – where you been?" Original Cindy, Max's long-time and best friend was sitting at the bar waiting for her to cross the bar.

"Sorry – bad head space tonight. Just thinking about stuff," Max said.

"No more thinking, ladies," Sketchy said as he approached the table, arms filled with pitcher of beer. "It is our time."

"Like you ever think," OC quipped.

Max smiled and sat down.

"No thinking, no working, no being interrupted tonight. I insist," Sketchy added. He always complained how Max always seemed to get a bug in her but shortly after arriving and left them in the lurch.

Max felt her heart sink. "Damn – I forgot my phone," she said. "I have to go get it.

"Forget about it, Max. One night without a phone won't kill you," Sketchy said. He had no idea what had happened to Logan or how much Max worried about him. Max had only told those who could help protect him but not more. Logan had been embarrassed by the whole thing.

OC did know. "Boo, I'm sure he'll be fine. He's got Alec with him, doesn't he?" she whispered in a soft voice.

"What's with them anyways? How come I don't get the big invite for movie night?" Sketchy asked, hearing their whispered conversation.

"You, fool, get to be with two beautiful women instead so whatcha complaining about? Or do you want to be with the pretty boys, Sketchy? Changing your mind on the side you're on?" OC teased.

"No – but he does have a huge plasma," Sketchy said dreamily.

"Is that what it's called these days? Never knew you were interested in Logan's 'plasma'," OC laughed as she did air quotes for the word 'plasma'.

Max laughed but got up. "Sorry – I'd really feel better if Logan could reach me. You understand, right?" She looked at OC.

"Sure, Boo, but one of these days you need to let go. You're smothering the boy," her friend said sympathetically.

"I promise to come back though. Wouldn't want to damper Logan's plan of impersonating of Deputy Gerard's "Fugitive" speech for Alec." She grinned. Logan had a way of doing goofy impersonations that very few people saw. Alec was one of those people. Her stomach turned again at the thought that Logan shared something with Alec that he shared with Max. She shook her head at her own stupid and unwarranted jealousy.


Logan felt Ben's hand on his groin. His left hand began slowly pumping Logan's cock while the other used the blade of the knife the trace small shallow cuts along Logan's stomach, chest, thighs and arms.

Unable to prevent it, he felt himself harden under Ben's ministrations. He was mortified that his body responded. The fear alone should have prevented that. He felt hot and, unaccountably, was becoming aroused.

Ben's grip was hard, almost painful as if he were desperate to pull Logan to completion. Logan closed his eyes. He couldn't stand seeing both Ben and Alec watching him as his hips thrust into Ben's hands.

Logan came without ceremony but with quiet tears.

He kept his eyes closed to hide himself from his shame. He felt fingers skim across his stomach, swiping through the mixed fluids there.

"Delicious," Ben whispered.

Logan felt Ben's weight lift off the bed and he opened his eyes in time to see his wiping his fingers on Alec's lips. Alec glared at Ben.

"Lick them, Alec. Lick them clean or I'll Logan up more," Ben said, standing there quietly.

Alec looked to Logan who looked away in shame.

Logan assumed he did was he was told. He could hear the sounds of licking and slurping. Ben was whispering, "See – taste how he belongs to us."

He heard a low growl of approval that he assumed came from Ben.

Just then - a loud crash came through the room and Logan looked up in time to see Max flying. Within seconds, she had round housed Ben in the side, knocking him against the wall. She then unceremoniously hauled him up and threw him out the window.

Like that it was over. Logan and Alec stared in shock at her.

She turned to them looking back and forth as if deciding what to do next. She untied Alec. "Take care of him. I'm going to make sure that bastard is dead this time," she said as she sped out of the room and to the street.

Alec blinked away the shock and went over to Logan and carefully untied him.

"Alec," Logan started. "I'm so…"

"No – don't talk." Alec picked up the syringe and sniffed it. He shook it at Logan. "Aphrodisiac. I remember it from ops training," he said without emotion.

Logan knew there was a world of pain behind that simple sentence. He chose not to pursue it.

"Hospital?" Alec asked.

"No – too many questions. Go help Max. Get him." Logan said feeling helpless and embarrassed.

"She'd kill me if I left you," Alec said.

"And I will if you don't," Logan said trying to look stern.

Alec laughed, "Well – I'm more afraid of her than you."

Logan stared and then started laughing – almost a hysterical laugh and it became too much. Alec joined in as he helped Logan to the shower.

Logan felt marginally better after washing. He wasn't sure what to do next.


Alec didn't feel better and also didn't know what to do.

Watching Logan wash and helped him tend to his cuts, Alec became quite aware that the taste of Logan was still in his mouth and he wanted more. It was everything he could do keep his cool.

Max returned to announce that she'd tracked Ben who had survived the fall but was badly injured and unconscious. Unfortunately, other people had also found him. A crowd had gathered and an ambulance had been called. He'd gotten some distance away so no one knew where he had come from. Instead, Max called in an anonymous tip that the injured person in the ambulance was the same person that had killed those people in the hospital. She knew at least they'd take extra precautions with him this time and she'd have time to move Logan to Joshua's old place. The apartment was no longer safe.

"Pack some things. We're leaving," Max ordered.

Logan nodded. He knew what Max was thinking. He didn't disagree. He could come back later for the bigger items. He'd have to rethink his permanent living arrangements later.

Alec helped him pack.

Once Logan and Max were safely ensconced at Joshua's and adamant about needing some alone time, Alec returned to Logan's apartment.

He hugged Logan's pillow to him and tried to get the images of Logan helpless, naked and bleeding out of his mind. He certainly tried to not find those images appealing.

Ben may be gone but Alec was afraid that somehow he'd been reborn within himself.

But he couldn't bring himself to leave. He'd found he wanted to keep Logan for himself. He just wasn't sure how he was going to do it yet.