This is utterly and impossibly pointless insanity. Please enjoy.

The first time the Warehouse tech genius had an encounter, she was performing routine inventory in the Aisle of Noel, more commonly known to all as 'the Christmas aisle.' Of course, Christmas didn't typically incorporate things like dreidels, so the aisle wasn't entirely true to the aforementioned monikers. Regardless, this particular section of the Warehouse was quite jolly and festive, and despite the fact that they were in the middle of a scorching South Dakota July, the redhead found herself shivering in her T-shirt while humming along to the holiday music floating from God-knows-where and bobbing her head as she checked her way down the list pinned to her clipboard.

Claudia's first thought when she heard the whirring noise was that a blizzard artifact or some such thing had been accidentally activated somewhere amongst the shelves. But upon closer listening, the whirring proved to be altogether unblizzard-like. In fact, it sounded like nothing she'd ever heard. Closer to a pic being trailed along a guitar string than a flurry of frozen water rushing around the aisle. But still, uniquely peculiar.

It was the dull 'thud' of something heavy coming to rest on the frosty, 'snow'-covered cement that had her deftly spinning on her heel to behold the sudden appearance of a highly incongruous blue box, standing where she had been not too long ago. A sign at the top read 'Police Public Call Box,' and above this was a flashing light. These were the only details Claudia had time to take note of before the door creaked open and four curious heads popped out. The bodies followed, and soon the quartet of strangers was lined up in front of the box, peering around in wonder.

They were a curious gang, that was for sure. A girl about Claudia's age stood before her, flanked on either side by a wide-eyed couple and a white-haired man who looked more ancient than Artie himself. They were all dressed in clothing that looked as though it belonged in the vintage European aisle many rows down. Perhaps they were the effect of some haywire old wardrobe playing tricks on her mind?

The young girl spoke first. "Where are we, grandfather?"

And to top it off, they had British accents. Claudia stared incredulously, but they hardly seemed to notice her.

The geezer furrowed his brow and looked around with almost regal contemplation before he spoke. "I'm uncertain, Susan - a warehouse, perhaps. But it is not where we need to be. Come, everyone, back in the TARDIS."

The mysterious people retreated inside the blue box - which prompted Claudia to wonder how the frak they all fit in that thing - and she heard the other woman wondering aloud how there could be snow in a warehouse. Then with an encore of whirring, the box faded out view.

The young techie shook her head, giving the surrounding artifacts a suspicious glance, and sighed.

"Man, I need a vacation."

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