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Sleep-filled eyes fluttered open in the mid morning light. The sun filling the room did not wake the girl, no, the standard Pesterchum ring did. With a groan the teenaged girl rolled up and out of bed and planted her feet onto the soft carpet and rubbed her eyes.

Lizy hated mornings. She had hated them for all of her sixteen years of life. This was a well-known fact to everyone she came in contact with. Elizabeth Strider hated everything and anything that had to do with mornings. That included whoever was bugging her at this early hour.

In all actuality it wasn't all that early. It was nearly 10 AM. Yes, to some that must be very early but she lived in a house were the majority of people woke by 6:30 or 7:00.

The teen finally pulled herself up off the bed and trudged over to her desk where her laptop sat. She sat in her desk chair and looked at the chat box that popped up on her desktop.

shreddingWaverider [SW] began pestering unlikelyParanoid [UP] at 9:54 AM

SW: lizy, are you there? :)

A sigh escaped Lizy's lips. Oh, how she wanted to be mad at this intruder of her beauty sleep, but she couldn't. This young man was a special case in her heart. He never did anything in any intention to hurt or harm anyone (other than playful teasing and banter). However, this didn't mean she couldn't give him a hard time for waking her up, right? The teen placed her fingers on the keyboard and began to reply.

UP: yeah im here

UP: because someone decided to wake me up

SW: haha, sorry. but shouldn't you be up anyway?

UP: why the hell would i be up already

UP: its early

SW: it's even earlier in california but i'm still up.

SW: even your cuz up. :P

UP: thats because you guys are weirdos

SW: ouch lizy. hurtful. :P

UP: you know its true

SW: i was not aware that myself and ry had fallen into that category already.

SW: why must you break the truth in such a hurtful way?

SW: why?

UP: oh just shut up

SW: i will not 'shut up.' my feelings have been /deeply/ hurt.

UP: if you dont i will sick the hounds on you

SW: i realize you use that threat very often yet i never have seen any of these hounds you speak of.

UP: bro if you dont shut up I will do something

UP: and it will be much worse than the hounds

SW: fine, whatever.

SW: moving onto a different subject, what are you doing on this fine day?

UP: doctors appointment

SW: again? that's like the third one this week.

UP: youre telling me

UP: madre y padre use summer to get all my appointments out of the way

UP: they think if i have a trillion over summer break i wont need any over the school year

SW: i'm pretty sure it doesn't work that way.

UP: it doesnt

UP: i still have attacks during the year

UP: proving this method does not work

UP: but whatever

UP: nothing i can do about it

UP: so what are you doing today

SW: the usual.

UP: band practice

SW: yup. :P

UP: at least you will have a somewhat enjoyable day

UP: anything beats a day at the doctors even your god awful bands excuse for music

SW: girl, you must be really cranky this morning.

SW: you usually don't berate my band so openly.

UP: your songs are only somewhat decent after i mix them

SW: well maybe if you came to cali and heard them in person your opinion would change.

UP: it probably wouldnt

UP: but i still would want to go and finally meet you

SW: you've met me.

SW: i think video chatting kinda counts.

UP: eh

UP: not really

UP: you know what my parents think about meeting people on the internet

UP: even though they met each other through this very chat service

SW: don't worry my mom feels the same way.

SW: but if you ever end up passing through the san diego area you know who to call

UP: ghostbusters

SW: lizy, no. just no.

UP: haha i know

UP: anyway i gotta go

UP: my tummy is getting the rumblies that only captain crunch can quench

SW: see ya.

unlikelyParanoid [UP] ceased pestering shreddingWaverider [SW] at 10:23 AM

Lizy pulled herself up out of the folding chair at her desk and streached. The conversation had pretty much woken her up and her stomach was growling obnoxiously loud. She turned to face her mirror and to examine herself on this lovely morning. Her blonde hair was as long as ever, though it looked pretty poor right now. Knots and tangles infested her white blonde locks that fell to the middle of her back. Her eyes didn't look as red as ever, sleep clouding over her brilliant ruby red irises. Her thin, slightly tanned body was as tall as ever, standing at an average five and a half feet. Everything seemed to be in order. She was planning on getting dressed right away but after looking in her mirror she made the executive decision to take a shower before that.

However, she could pick out her clothes now. Lizy wasn't one of the preppy girls that obsessed over fashion, but she did have a reputation to keep up. A very ironic reputation, but a reputation all the same. Even though she didn't plan on seeing anyone of great importance she had to keep her look up, for her own pleasure.

Her wardrobe wasn't very elaborate. Lizy didn't own brand name anything or anything of extreme value. Even so, she enjoyed her clothing. The blonde was perfectly happy with wearing band T-shirts with skinny jeans or shorts with ironic accessories. These usually consisted of brightly colored tights, rain boots, exaggerated hair bows. It gave her a sort of punky look iced with cool kid swag. Yet, Lizy did own a few dresses and skirts she was quite fond of, but she mainly wore those to the club. Even those had a punky feel to them but Lizy could usually pull it off and give it a more 'cool and chic' vibe than a 'punk' vibe. A lot of this was through her hair. When she styled it down it looked long and elegant. When she styled it up in her slightly spikey side ponytail she looked more edgy.

After a moment of contemplation Lizy decided on one of her dad's old T-shirts (for ironic purposes, of course) with some teal shorts and black tights. She also grabbed a large green ribbon to tie around her side pony after her shower. When she grabbed for this accessory she had to stand on her tiptoes and reach high up into the shelf at the top of her closet. As her fingers finally grasped the emerald ribbon she took a few steps back and stumbled a bit, running into her turntables.

A hiss escaped her slightly parted lips as her heel banged the back of the machine. As much as she loved her turntables they could be such a nuisance. It seemed the appeared whenever they could get in the way or anything. Still, they were one of her most favorable past times. That and swordplay. Not to mention dancing and spending countless hours at her father's club. And you mustn't forget about many an enjoyable hour chatting with her friends online. Now that she thought about it, she had quite a few interests.

But there was no time to think about that now! She was starving and breakfast was only a staircase away.