Pascal arrived at the Curious Residence. Lazlo greeted him. He sat on the couch. Nervous said,"Hello, Pascal." Pascal said,"Hello, Nervous." Nervous asked,"Is it really true about the graves in my mother's backyard?" Lazlo said," Yes, it's true." Pascal said," Nervous' mom is a killer?" Viscund said."Yeah, I don't know. I'll show you." They followed Viscund to a white car. Nervous asked,"Is this one of those car things?" Pascal said,"Yep, Nervous. It's a Yomoshoto Evasion!" Nervous said,"Wow... when did they bring these into Strangetown?" Lazlo said,"Have you been living in a cave or something? They were brought in two years ago." Nervous said,"I guess you were right about the cave thing." Lazlo said,"Oh... that's right. Sorry about that." Viscund and the others got into the car.