Hey everyone! i wrote this poem quite a long time ago, after i watched the bbc adaptation of Great Expectations at Christmas :)

i first read Great Expectations when i was quite young- and it was the first classic i ever read- but as ive got older ive started to appreciate the different themes, and could actually have sympathy for Miss Havisham instead of hating her on the spot like i did originally!

a few lines from the book inspired this poem:

"Do you know what i touch here?"...

"your heart."


She uttered the word with an eager look, and with strong emphasis, and with a weird smile that had a kind of boast in it.

At the start of the poem, i imagine Miss Havisham to be almost proud about her broken heart- because she 'knows' what is wrong with men and she thinks she has done the smart thing to save herself from more hurt, by locking herself in denial. Towards the end i think she realises that it has only ruined her chance of ever finding happiness- and has also ruined Estella's chance of happiness with a man who would truly love her.

I find great expectations so facinating, because i have often wondered whether Pip did truly love Estella- or only 'loved' her because of Miss Havisham putting the idea in his head.

so...enjoy! any comments good or bad would be greatly appreciated :)

p.s- i dont own any of Charles Dickens masterpieces

Broken- A Miss Havisham poem

I am broken

Unbounded, crestfallen


We are broken

Reignited, purposeful


We are alone

But alone we have each other

My life, my love

She is my daughter

A promise made

A promise broken

Tomorrow a new dawn

For us

For us.

We are strong


We know what is wrong

What is amiss

The love of a man

The love of another

The blade shattered

Broken soul

She will love him yet

And I will be alone.

I am broken

Unbounded, crestfallen


Left alone to wither

To die

At the hand of men

I couldn't save myself

But I can save her.

Oh Estella,

You should have listened

He will break your heart yet

You will be broken