Becoming Higurashi


Kagome Higurashi leaned against the temple shed that housed a strange and decrepit old well. The thing had been around for centuries, once used as a place to dump the bodies of dead demons; it had earned the name bone-eater for a reason.

She sighed and stared at the thing, taking in the musty smells around her. Small sprinkles of light filtered from the leaky rafters, dust dancing in the stale air.

How could such a simple thing cause so much trouble?

"Kagome?" asked a small voice to her right. She looked back to see her little brother standing slightly in the doorway, his face worrisome and pale. He hated going in here.

Scared some monster would pop out and try and gobble him up. She didn't fault his reasoning, as that was what had happened to her almost three years ago—the start of the adventures.

"Yes Souta?" she asked patiently, fiddling with the rosary in her hands.

"What are you doing in here?"

"I was just thinking," she smiled to him, one of those fake ones that seemed to cause creases against her eyes. "It's strange to think all of those adventures are over. I guess I never really thought it would end…"

Souta was frowning again, like he always did when she spoke of the past. At eleven he had much less pity for moping and felt the answer to all of her problems was simply to get up and move on. To him it was like breaking your favorite video game. Yeah, you moan and groan, then you pull yourself together and go. To him things were so simple, so black and white.

He didn't understand, but then again how could he?

He'd never experienced the sheer freedom of the wind at your back and no skyscrapers to block your view.

"You should go on a date or something sis, you know my friend has an older brother-"

"No thanks," she cut him off, trying not to roll her eyes. Their grandfather was bad enough, trying to set her up with the neighboring shrine's worker [who turned out to be in his late thirties] and there was no way she was letting her little brother try as well.

"Your friend Hojo-"

"I don't need your help," she cut him off sharply, eyes flashing in the dark well house.

His eye twitched, and the famous Higurashi temper reared its ugly head.

"Jeez, what do you want to do, just sit around in this musty old hut for eternity? You said it yourself, it's over, move on!"

She growled at him, clutching the beads in her hand.

"It's not that simple!"

"Yes it is!" he retorted, his brown eyes flashing. And suddenly, before she knew what was happening, he had grabbed the rosary from her grasp. Stepping away quickly, he held it up higher, taunting as she rose to her own feet. "InuYasha's not coming back Kagome. Move on."

Anger coursed through her body and she stepped forward menacingly.

"Give that back."

"No, not until you promise not to sit around her moping!"

"I am not moping, and it's none of your business anyways you brat!"

She swiped at the beads, but he moved back quickly dancing around the rim of the well. She felt some of her anger dissipate as he edged closer and closer to the well.

"Souta, be careful, you'll slip."

"Not until you promise!"

She wanted to growl in frustration and moved forward again, except this time, when he stepped back, his foot slipped on the uneven wood, and she watched in horror as he began to fall backwards.

"SOUTA!" she screamed, not even thinking as instincts kicked in. She jumped to his rescue, grabbing his hand even as he fell. However, unaccustomed to his larger weight, she couldn't steady her own self, and felt her knees rub against the splintered wood even as he pulled her plummeting down.

However, before they hit the bottom, a deep green light floated around them, consumed them, and swallowed them whole.