Dean's sitting for a portrait.

Don't know why, he just is … this is just a little scenario that popped into my head during a quiet hour stewarding at our local art society's exhibition.

Outsider POV.

Disclaimer: I don't own him, but I do own a shiny new laptop :D


Putting graphite to the paper, I carefully plot the outline of a softly prominent cheekbone, ghosting over a strong jawline, working down to mark the delicate cleft in his chin.

Faint crows feet play around his eyes, but they lend character, not age; and I'm mesmerised by the myriad shades of green and gold swirling in that sublime gaze. They'll test my pallette to the limit.

A masque of perfect symmetry composed of strong, bold lines but tempered by a gentle beauty.

It's an artist's job to create a masterpiece.

A much easier job when nature has done the hard work already.