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Save for the debris settling, silence surrounded him.

Lying face down and breathless from his landing, Harry tried to calm himself enough to think. Even with just lying where he was, Harry knew that this situation was not good. The Ministry had centuries old layers that protected the building, so either the Unspeakables had been meddling with something they weren't supposed to, or this had been done on purpose.

There was a weight lying on top of him, having landed at the same time as he did, sticky fluid soaking his robe, blood if he was not mistaken. But why wasn't there any pain in his back if he was wounded? And the weight on top of him was too warm to be a piece of the broken floor.

Twisting his head to look behind him, Harry clamped his teeth together to avoid vomiting. He couldn't see the face of the person lying on top of him with them lying on their back. But the pink coloured hat gave him a good idea of the person's identity. How had she even ended there when they had been in separate rooms?

Squirming around, Harry dislocated the body from his, wincing when more blood seeped through his clothes. But with her removed he was able to move again.

Despite the fall, he was eased to discover that he was somewhat unhurt, there would be some bruises on his back where the woman had landed on him and the vials digging into his skin, but it would have been much worse if not for the giant teal coloured teddy bear he was lying on.

His arms shook as Harry levelled himself up, needing to know what the situation at hand was.

Above him, most of the ceiling was gone, Harry's guess was that the room he had been in had been one of the last to be effected by what had caused it to carve in, a big reason to why he wasn't buried under some rubble right now.

Around him, people seemed to be getting up. Some, like himself, had been lucky enough to land on something soft, while others had been not so lucky and Harry forced himself not to look at them, knowing that he could do nothing for them, no matter how much he hated to admit it.

A part of the ceiling broke off and landed not far from where Harry sat, causing the seer to jump in fright as he realised that he couldn't stay where he was. Though, if the floor gave out again, the teddy bear would definitely soften the fall.

He slit down from the teddy bear, realising how big it was when he had both feet planted on the floor and he found himself unable to look over its top.

The destruction had left an unnatural stillness behind. For a moment Harry feared that he was the only one left alive. There were more unmoving bodies spewed across the floor amongst the rubble and even more could be buried under the debris.

But the fear didn't last for long. People emerged, slightly dazzled but mostly unharmed because of their own quick reactions.

"Harrykins!" The seer didn't have time to duck before slender arms wrapped themselves around his neck and Harry found his face buried in a well developed bosom. "Oh, my sweet, little Harrykins, do you have any idea of how worried you were making your Auntie Bellatrix? Seeing you fall like that, if I get any grey hairs you end over my knee, young man."

Finally the grip loosened enough to allow Harry to draw back and take deep breaths of air before being dragged back again by Bellatrix, whom continued to fret over him, completely unaffected by the rising chaos and panic around them.

"Bellatrix, I believe that it's best we get on the move." Harry drew back, sending Rabastan a thankful look as the wizard most likely had saved him from being suffocated by the overzealous female.

"Little speaker, are you hurt?" Diablo's tongue flickered over some of the blood on his clothes when the snake was handed over to him by Rodolphus, whom had showed up a little after the two other Lestranges.

Harry smiled, his shoulders slumping in relief. They were alive and mostly well, though Rabastan had a rather nasty bleeding gash on his cheek. All three were covered by a thick layer of dirt, and Harry suspected that he didn't look much better himself.

But they were alive.

Harry started scratching Diablo's head, though he wasn't sure which one of them it was supposed to calm. "It's not my blood." At least, he assumed that seeing as the pain he felt didn't match the amount of blood clinging to him. Instead, his gaze drifted to the ceiling, frowning. "I saw this happen." He said, switching back to English as Voldemort was not there to talk with.

His words caught all three Lestranges' interest, but before either could get a word in, Harry had already continued on, mostly speaking to himself at this point. "But it's different from what I saw. I wasn't supposed to be alone when the floor gave in." He could still remember the vision so clearly. The screams and cries from people in pain and the mix of smoke and dust that had made it so hard for him to get a good look on what was going on.

He knew that they were listening to him, even as the blood was spelled away and Bellatrix was busy checking if he had any wounds on his person. Though touched by her concern, Harry wasn't late to slap her hands away when Bellatrix attempted to pull down his trousers. "What? I just wanted to see if you were hiding any injury from your dear Auntie Bellatrix." The witch defended herself, looking quite smug as Harry straightened his clothes with a furious blush colouring his face.

Harry ignored her, still trying to figure out why his vision hadn't matched reality. He was supposed to be at the Ministry, that much was clear, but apparently Voldemort's claim that he wasn't a squib had cause his location to change by the time the floor carved in.

Shaking his head, Harry pushed those thoughts aside. It didn't matter, he and the others were alive, something that might not have happened had he not been doing the ritual. "So, what happened?" He shifted his faze from one to another, hoping that at least one of them knew what was going on. At Rabastan's shake of head and Bellatrix's shrug that showed that she could hardly care less about what she viewed as unimportant, Harry turned his head to the last possibility. "There were several explosions in close frequencies, but no spell should be able to do this kind of damage. There are special teams assigned to weekly check and update the wards around here, necessary because we're in the middle of London, surrounded by Muggles, and sometimes the Unspeakables' projects go out of hand."

So, basically none of them had any idea of what was going on.

"That man with the cat smelled strange. Like people dyeing the night with colours in the sky and loud bangs, people call them boobs." Diablo hissed his tongue brushing against Harry's chin as if to check if there was some lingering blood.

"Don't you mean bombs?" Harry asked, quite sure that the snake was misspeaking.

"That's what I said, boobs." Sometimes, it wasn't worth the headache he was guaranteed when trying to correct Diablo about something human related. For one whom had been in captivity for his whole life, he had rather many mistakes in his knowledge. Granted, unlike Nagini, Diablo had not had anyone before now to correct him about those kinds of matters.

Harry stumbled when the whole room shook, easily caught and straightened by Rabastan. "We need to get you to safety, afterwards we can figure out what has caused this." From one look at him, Harry knew that it wouldn't do much good to attempt to discuss with him, and right now he didn't see a reason to spend time and energy on doing so. If the rumbling was anything to go by, then whatever was going on wasn't over by far.

Bellatrix grabbed him by the wrist and dragged off with Harry, closely followed by the two wizards, whom decided to form the end of their small group. Knowing that now wasn't the time to come with comments or ask questions, Harry kept his mouth shut.

Harry found himself guided by the three Lestranges, Bellatrix in the front with a secure grip around his wrist to ensure that Harry had no chance of become wayward. Rabastan and Rodolphus were on each side and slightly behind him, effectively caging Harry in while keeping an eye out for eventually dangers. Harry didn't bother to comment about it, he was feeling paranoid after what had just happened, and Voldemort had chosen those three to specifically guard him.

As curses started to fly, Harry just hoped that this task wouldn't prove to be too big to comply.


"Open your mouth." As his betrothed complied his request, Draco fed her another strawberry, enjoying the way her lips closed around his fingers before he withdrew them, allowing a soft smile to spread on his features due to the rare privacy they were enjoying.

Not far from the pavilion a few peacocks were walking around, proudly displaying the reason to why they could be considered the most beautiful amongst the avians. Combined with the clear sky and warm weather, Draco was finding it hard to think of another way he would rather spend the day after his coming of age celebration. "Say Draco, what do you intend to do now where you have graduated from Hogwarts?" It was something they had discussed before but Draco found that he didn't mind going over it once again. He somewhat understood Astoria's need to be reassured. A few weeks ago he had been unsure whether there had been any future for him to look forward to.

Placing an arm around her shoulders and pulling her as close as their chairs allowed him to, Draco took a moment to let the smell of lilacs wash over him. "Blaise and I plan on visiting his father's side of the family for a few weeks. When we return, father has arranged for me to meet with some of his business acquaintances. Depending on my grades, he believe that it is time for me to become a part of the family business." Draco said with no little amount of pride. His father was a hard man to please, and the fact that he had decided to expedite this introduction with a whole year made Draco prouder than any other praise he could think of someone giving him.

"And next summer, after I graduate, we will be holding a big summer weeding, right in this garden." Astoria sighed, burrowing into Draco's side with another little sigh. The older blond barely held back an annoyed twist. While he indeed looked forward to the joining of their two families, his mother was already driving him up the walls with all the plans for the weeding.

Though the thought of simply dragging Astoria to a small chapel and get the ceremony over with was tempting, Draco knew that he wouldn't survive long afterwards when his mother found out that all her preparations had been for naught.

Not to speak of-

A flaring pain in his left arm cut off any further thoughts and he grabbed his arm with a wince, a pained sound escaped him, causing Astoria to pull away and look at him worried. "Draco, dear, what's going on?"

The blond staggered to his feet. "The Dark Lord is calling me." He managed to ground out through clenched teeth. This was the first time he actually experienced this kind of pain since acquiring the tattoo. Usually, when the Dark Lord wanted one's attention, there would be a slight tingling, unless someone was bold enough to ignore the summoning, something which he doubted that no one sane would be doing twice.

"Tell mother that I will most likely be late for dinner." He said before Apparating away, letting the magic in his Dark Mark lead him to his destination.

Something had to be wrong for him to be called away in this manner, and Draco had a strong feeling that Scar-head was involved in it.


Calm red eyes watched as his followers Apparated in, belying the furry that roared inside him. But Voldemort knew that he could not allow his rage to consume him, not yet.

For the first time in history the Apparation wards around Hogwarts were down, but only the Great Hall had enough space for those summoned to all be in here, and he knew that there would be no prying eyes.

Looking over those black dressed and white masked people, Voldemort was momentarily taken back to before he had won his little war against Dumbledore. Despite the years that had passed since then, his subjects still reacted as if it was just yesterday they had last been called.

They had been trained rather well, if he should say so himself, but right now was not the time to admire the result of his work.

"Albus Dumbledore has finally overstepped the line." He needed no spell to make sure that his voice reached every corner of the room. As soon as he opened his mouth a hush had fallen over the assembled people. Standing on a small platform Voldemort was able to look over them all.

He stood tall, knowing that they were watching his every movement, each of them wondering why they had been called in such a manner. But after his one sentence, he could see how some of them, mostly the older ones, those who had been a part of the war, were piecing things together.

"The Order of the Phoenix has launched an attack on the Ministry, and all contact with those inside had been cut off." Lucius spoke, one out of two people he had allowed to stand together with him on the platform. "Shortly before this happened, I received a missive from the Misuse of Muggle Artefacts Office about having spotted bombs, the Muggles' version of Bombarda Maxima." It was quite fortunate that he had not bothered to listen to the blond lord's claims that they had no need for such an office. While neither was interested in having anything to do with the Muggle world, no doubt that they would be in a much worse situation if not for at least some knowledge about what Dumbledore was doing.

Unlike those below him, Voldemort had witnessed and still remembered the damage that had been done to London during the Second World, as the Muggles called it.

But what did Dumbledore believe that he could achieve with such an action?

More important, there had been no word on Harry, but Voldemort did not doubt that his chosen guards kept him safe. It was rare for any of the three Lestranges to fail him when other's and their own life was at risk.

"My Lord, may I ask what our plan of action is?" Severus questioned quietly, his voice too low for others to be able to listen in on what was being said. "Harry and countless others are caught in there, and whatever Dumbledore has planned, we all know that it is nothing good. Do you think that Harry is okay? He shouldn't have been allowed to go in there." It was highly unlikely for Severus to show public display of affection for anyone, but with the stress his Potions master was currently under, Voldemort decided to overlook it.

From his left, Lucius sighed. "I know. It worries me that Dumbledore has managed to do something without giving us any warring. The spy should have been able to get a message through to us. At this point, if Dumbledore gets his hands on our Lord's consort or whatever he is searching for, we will be in serious trouble." The Malfoy sneered, looking over the assembled people with cold eyes. "Let us hope that my sister-in-law is doing her job."

"They know better than letting anything happen to Harry." Voldemort spoke, making it sound more like a threat rather than a defensive comment about the Lestranges abilities to take care of themselves. "Regardless." Voldemort spoke up before either could do so. "I have not called all those people to sit here and do nothing. We need a plan before this goes too far."

He lifted the spell that had stopped others from hearing what had been discussed between them. "You'll be splitting into teams." Attention was back on him the moment Voldemort started speaking. "Severus will be leading those of you with medical knowledge; you will be dealing with the wounded ones. Get them out of the Ministry, unless they have to be treated on the spot, and get them to St Mungo's where the Healers are on standby. The Carrows will be accompanying in case of any difficulties. Fenrir and his pack have already started moving in through an underground passage from Gringott's and will soon arrive. Those with training with wards will be stationed outside the Ministry building to ensure that no one outside will gain any knowledge that anything is going on. Lucius will be leading the rest of you as we will be dealing with those attackers. If Dumbledore is there, I will be the one dealing with him. The wards the rebels uses to keep us out will soon be down and then we will have to act swiftly."

They nodded.

"I do not need to caution you. You have all been trained to deal with this kind of situations, though for many of you this will be the first time it is not a simple simulation. Use deadly force, if an opponent is not dead, they will be able to get up and attack you the moment you have turned your back on them. None of you must deviate from your assignment; the most important thing is to ensure that the Muggles get no hint of what is going on. Dumbledore and his people can be dealt with on another day, but if the Muggles learn of our existence, we will be facing a whole other kind of fight."

He didn't need to ask them if they understood his orders, if they failed to follow them they would be facing death, and not necessary by his hand. "Dismissed."

They all dispersed the moment the permission was given, knowing that they had very little time to spare.


"Down!" Rabastan ordered, pushing Harry to the ground as voices rang out.

"Bombarda Maxima!"


From his position flat on the floor Harry watched the destruction that seemed to have no end. A wall close by was annihilated from the curse that bounced off the small protective dome Rodolphus had raised around them while Bellatrix was busy keeping anyone from coming too close to their small group. At this point it was impossible to tell who the enemy was, and Harry knew that they had taken down more than one innocent bystander.

He was pulled up by the back of his robe's collar and pushed by a hand between his shoulders he was moving forward once again, surrounded by all sides. Rodolphus maintained the dome, forcing them to move much slower than they had already been doing before.

Fisting his hands, Harry forced himself to breathe more calmly. There wasn't much he could do without risking messing it up for one of the others. Those moving towards them were taken down before they came close enough for Harry to throw something at them, by either Bellatrix or Rabastan.

Diablo kept himself tightly coiled around Harry, keeping an eye out for any treat approaching from behind. "Where are we going?" It was due to Diablo's close presence that Harry heard the question, otherwise the words would have gotten lost in all the other noise around them.

Stumbling around an overturned desk Harry was yanked behind Bellatrix as another set of spells were heading directly at them, the beams too tightly entwined for Harry to guess which one was what.

A few passed through the dome, forcing Rabastan to place objects in front of the spells before they could hit. Harry winced as the desk they had just passed was reduced to particles.

Bellatrix quickly raised a shield inside the dome to protect them from the big splints from another desk which had exploded.

"We are trying to get to the elevators. Apparently, they are the only way away from here. We will take them to the Entrance Hall and proceed to Floo from there." The Ministry building was layered with protective spells and wards, but it was the very same things that were keeping them from simply Apparating out of this mess and to safety.

Doubtlessly, others had gotten the same idea, and their attackers would probably be guarding the fireplaces to ensure that no one slipped out without them noticing it. Even if they managed to get to the room with fireplaces, Harry doubted that they could simply grab a handful of Floo powder and leave without anyone noticing their departure.

Ushered forward as Rodolphus took their opponent down with an Avada Kedavra, Harry made sure to keep his head down. He knew not why the Order had decided to attack the Ministry now, but letting them know that he was in there too would not be in his own best interest.

The elevators came up in front of them and they sped up, intending to get inside them before anyone else got a chance to take it.

An enormous stone lioness stepped into their path, causing all four to come to an abrupt halt. The thing looked sacredly real, as if it had not just moved out from the small group of statues placed to the left of the open elevator.

"I am afraid that this is as far as you will be going." An elderly witch, her hair bun slightly singed, stepped up behind the lion. Despite the obvious signs that she had already been in fight, she seemed oddly calm and stern, almost as she was merely taking a stroll through the park.

Giggling madly, Bellatrix stepped slightly to the right, effectively keeping Harry hiding from the witch's gaze. "Minerva McGonagall, didn't think that I would run into you here. Weren't you supposed to have resigned from old age already?" She singsonged, and even with her back turned to him, Harry knew that a wide grin painted the former Black's face.

Gracefully McGonagall slipped into a duelling stance Harry thought had nothing to do in this kind of situation. Did she believe that this was a match where the fight would end as soon as the first blood was drawn? Considering that she was willingly facing the Lestrange trio without any visible backup, Harry supposed that the old witch would be a lot harder to get rid of than he had first assumed. He had heard about this Minerva McGonagall, though he had never actually met her, something about her being Dumbledore's left hand man, or woman as it would be in this case.

Harry wasn't sure what he was supposed to think when Bellatrix simply mimicked McGonagall's stance. "Oh, so the little pussy cat wants to duel with me."

"No, my intention is to get Harry away from this battlefield."

Harry's head snapped up in surprise and he found the witch looking past Bellatrix and at him with an expression that could almost be called soft. Was she perhaps another spy of Voldemort?

"How convenient, it's ours purpose to, but my dearest nephew must go and watch animals another day, right now he is supposed to be home with his lover boy." Bellatrix fired a curse, causing stone lion to step in front of McGonagall to take the hit and a part of its shoulder was blown to pieces. "And who am I to keep the Dark Lord from something he wants?"

Harry was pushed to the side by Rodolphus as Bellatrix started firing off curses, McGonagall recounting them frightening easily in Harry's opinion. Rabastan was still keeping up the dome, the only thing protecting them from the attacks from the witch, and other stray spells that would otherwise have caught them by surprise. Rodolphus turned to face the lioness, which proved to be annoyingly agile despite the missing bits.

Harry was forced to move along the group, hating how utterly useless he was in this kind of situation. He had his hands buried in his pockets, ready to throw potions the moment he got the chance. But if he tried right now, chances were that the vials might be hit by something. He had the feeling that right now wasn't the time to test how some of the potions reacted to unknown spells. His intention was for them to get out of this mess safely, not accidentally wipe out their existences because he was rushing forward.

To his surprise Harry found that they soon had moved around so much that their positions were reversed to what it had been before. McGonagall was no longer between them and the still open elevator. They were much closer, but unfortunately the lioness had not moved much from its former position, hindering them in coming any further.

A hand grabbed Harry's arm, causing him to jump in fright before turning and meeting Rabastan's gaze, pearls of sweat running down the older man's face. "If we keep up like this we won't be getting anywhere. Bellatrix is keeping the old hag busy, and I can keep us protected for now. But as soon as Rodolphus makes the sign you'll make a run for the elevator. Once you are inside wait for us." When Harry opened his mouth to protest, because really, while he wasn't of much use he couldn't just leave them to fend for themselves. "It will be much easier to deal with those two without having to worry about you. If we linger too long, others will come by, and there is no guaranty that they will be here to assist us. As soon as you see the sign, run."

As much as Harry hated to admit it, Rabastan was probably correct. Right now he was only a hindrance, and as long as they had to worry about him, he doubted that those three would be able to fight fully.

So, he would be helping them by following orders, as much as he disliked being treated as if he had nothing to contribute with.

He must have missed whatever sign he was supposed to be on outlook for, or perhaps the elbow he got in his side was supposed to be the sign. Harry didn't waste time contemplating it as he bolted forward, leaving the safety of the group and dome and running straight for the elevator.

He passed the lioness, and up this close it looked like something taken out of a nightmare with half of its face melted away due to one of the many curses Rodolphus had shot at it. But he wasted no time to stare at the animated statue; instead he ducked when the stone figure swung a pawn as big as his own head at him and bolted.

Harry jumped through the opening and to the side, using the door as a cover as he tried to calm his fast beating heart. This had to be the fastest he had run his whole life. Nothing was as motivating as the knowledge that lives were in danger.

Unable to deal with not knowing what was going on, Harry decided to take a quick look out. It wasn't like they didn't know that he was inside, so he revealed nothing by taking a quick glance.

Seeing a spell head straight for the elevator, passing those standing in front of it, Harry ducked back into safety, cursing vividly.

The milky coloured beam hit the back of the elevator, making the whole device shudder. Harry grabbed the grid behind him, not quite wanting to believe how close it had passed by him. He had no idea of what the spell would have done, but he thanked his lucky stars that it hadn't managed to hit him.

His prayers changed when the elevator suddenly lurched, sending Harry to the floor in surprise. He didn't have time to yell or get out, staring in shock as the view of those outside fighting disappeared as the elevator started to fall as if someone had severed the lines keeping it in place.


"Ow, ow, ow." Never before in his life had Harry been more thankful. Whoever had thought of putting cushions charms on the elevator was a pure genius and had probably also saved his life.

Right after he had killed whoever thought it a good idea to throw spells that could server lines like that around. Their death would be slow and painful and would probably involve several experimental potions.

Coughing, Harry sat up, allowing himself to find his balance and look around. He wasn't sure how far he had fallen before the elevator stopped, but he definitely wasn't in the atrium.

"Diablo, are you okay?" Wanting to check the snake over to make sure the snake was okay he stepped out of the elevator. Not knowing whether they had reached the bottom or not, Harry didn't want to take any chances. Another trip like the one he had just experienced was not on his bucket list.

"I don't like roller coasters." Knowing that it would probably be the best answer he got for now, Harry smiled and gently petted Diablo's head. At least the other was alive and seemed to be unhurt, which was more than Harry had dared to pray for when they started to fall.

Their situation only improved by the sight that there was no fighting going on here, though it might have something to do with the fact that there were no people around either.

Figuring that there would be no use in staying here until someone stumbled over them, and there was a chance that it might be another one of Dumbledore's minions, Harry chose a random direction and started walking.


They moved forward swiftly, entirely unbothered by the lack of light in the tunnels. Unlike humans, they had night-vision outside the full moon. And what their eyes missed was found by their noses.

Just one of the many perks of being a werewolf.

His pack followed close behind, keeping enough distance that none of them came up by his side but close enough not to miss a single order of his. They were well trained; otherwise they wouldn't have survived for this long.

"Alpha, there is someone up ahead." Fenrir grunted in response to his beta's comment. He had already figured out that much from the smell, there was no need to inform him of it. Normally he would at least have wacked his pup for the insolence, but his pup had been away from the pack much longer than what could be considered healthy, so this time he was excused. But only this time.

Up ahead there was a dead end. However, instead of slowing down Fenrir kept the same speed, knowing that the others would do the same. If the goblin's information was correct, it would be an illusion; otherwise he would be introducing a new spot. Goblin throwing was rather catching in his opinion.

But instead of meeting an unmoveable barrier, Fenrir passed right through it as if it was water. That humans had not noticed something that was right under their noses were only another proof that werewolves were superior to them.

Coming to the other side of the barrier the alpha moved to the side, not interested in being run down by those whom came after him.

A quick sniff made Fenrir frown. According to the goblins, this corridor was not much used, then why did it smell of human? It could be that someone had just passed by in the panic, or perhaps a newbie whom hadn't been able to find their way around.

Taking another sniff Fenrir pulled his lips back in a silent snarl. The smell of humans was much too strong for his liking. But this place held nothing a prey could hide behind though, when it came to wand wavers and their ilk it usually meant nothing.

Sniffing discretely Fenrir turned around to face his beta, who straightened under the attention. This close to the full moon all of them had golden flacks in their eyes, warning anyone who got the chance to look that they were anything but humans, despite what their appearances might suggest.

"Alpha, all have come through. What is the next step in the plan?" His beta asked as the nine others waited patiently for orders. The rest of the pack was back in the camp, with so many of their bitches close to birth he dared not to bring more with him in case something happened while he was gone. It wouldn't surprise him if Dumbledore decided to attack multiple places trying to divide their forces so they would be weaker.

The downside of coming from the bottom was that they were probably several levels below where the fighting was going on. One reason to why they weren't all simply coming in this way.

Fenrir's arm latched out and grabbed something that definitely was not air and raised it so his hand was on level with his face. Being taller than most others meant that the feet of the one he had caught probably weren't touching the floor.

"And what am I supposed to do with you?" He asked no one in particular, his lips stretching in a marvellous grin, revealing too sharp looking teeth for them to belong to a human. Though, this close the smell was somewhat familiar, not one he had been around enough to remember, but for some reason it seemed rather important that he should recall whom smelled like this.

On the other hand, he doubted that anyone would notice one more dead person.

Before he could decided whether to bash it into the wall several times or see if an invisible person tasted the same as one he could see, Fenrir felt the person move, and a face came into view a little over his hand.

"You better let go if you don't want to get bitten." Surprised by the warning, he didn't think he had ever heard someone say that to him, he actually let go of the kid.

"I think that it's you who should worry about that kind of things, pup." Fenrir retorted, trying to figure where he had seen this pup before. He had a feeling that it was somewhat important that he remembered this.

But the pup, because he looked too young to be called anything but that, didn't attempt to run away as others would have when facing the Greyback pack, neither did his head turn invisible again. Instead he turned his head slightly downwards and started hissing.

Suddenly, Fenrir found himself quite thankful that he hadn't acted hastily. To his knowledge, there were only two known people whom could speak like that. And considering that Lord Voldemort had sent them in with orders to look for the Dark Lord's mate, Fenrir preferred not to think what would have happened if he had bashed the pup's head into a wall enough times.

The change of language was explained when another head came to view next to the pup's. This time it was a rectangle formed head of a snake, and Fenrir found himself taking an unwilling step backwards. He had seen Lord Voldemort's snake attack and felt no need to test if this one was just as easy triggered as its counterpart.

Besides, he wasn't sure what would happen if he was bitten by the snake. Biting or being bitten by a werewolf could transfer the blessing, but would a snake also be infected? Fenrir didn't care that the pup took a step away; looking rather unsettled by the maniac grin he was spotting. It would almost be worth a try, if snakes gained fur he might actually begin to like those things.

"You are that kid from the zoo." Thankfully speaking up made the pup quit hissing. Fenrir really disliked not knowing what was being said around him. But at least they had accomplished a part of their mission, though he really had hoped that there would still be a chance of fighting.

The pup nodded. "Yeah, that's me. You're Fenrir Greyback, we've met once before." He leaned slightly to the side and the up's face gained a rather cold look. "Lupin." Apparently, the pup and his beta had met before, and since the pup looked ready to flee at the first sign of danger, Fenrir would say that it hadn't ended in a good way.

"Harry." There was a certain longing in his beta's voice, but nothing more was said. Fenrir let his eyes move from one to another before deciding that he didn't want to deal with the headache that would come as a product of letting those two have their angsty moment.

A warning growl got his beta to break off eye contact first. Normally, Fenrir couldn't care less for those fights for dominance, unless someone was stupid enough to believe that they could go up against him and still win.

"So are you here to help? If so, I'm sorry to say that you probably won't do much good here. As far as I know all the fighting is going on upstairs, unless they have moved on from where I last saw them, you'll have quite a way before you find someone to attack." The pup shifted uneasily from one foot form another. "By the way, do any of you know where we are?" Though spoken casually, the pup looked rather embarrassed by the question.

"How have you managed to get lost here, Harry?" This time, Fenrir didn't hesitate to put his beta back in place by grabbing him by the neck and forcing him to bend forward so if he let go, Remus would fall. Only when his beta let out a pitiful whine and bared his neck to its fullest in submission did Fenrir let go, sending his beta to the ground in a heap of limbs.

The pup mumbled something, too low for even Fenrir to pick it up. "Speak up pup, I haven't gotten all day." The pup's lips twisted, obviously none too happy with being called that.

"I said, that some idiot caused the elevator I was in to fall, and since you were the first people I have seen down here, it isn't like I have been able to ask." The pup snapped, running a hand through his hair before letting it fall and disappear from view.

Remus emitted a strangled sound, but otherwise kept quiet as he got onto his feet. The younger werewolf held no desire to feel a harsher punishment if he should decide to speak out of turn.

"Well, pup, you're in the Department of Mysteries." Fenrir needed no enhanced senses to know that the way the pup's face was suddenly drained from blood was anything but good.


It was a true proof that Muggles were inferior to them as the mundanes moved past them, not even noticing that they were forced to walk around their group due to the ward that had been raised the very moment they had Apparated into the Muggles' midst.

Lucius' son approached him, bowing before he reached and stood straight, at Voldemort's permission the boy spoke. "My lord, the ward breakers have just reported in, they estimate that we will be gaining access at any time now."

"Very well, spread the words. We have to act swiftly; these Muggles cannot be allowed to notice that anything is going on." Nothing gave away the impatience he was feeling. Harry was inside this building, along with an unknown amount of hostile people.

By now Greyback and his pack should have reached the inside through the goblin's tunnel.

But the werewolf alpha had not contacted him through the Two-way Mirror they were both carrying. He could only assume that the wards surrounding the Ministry building stopped communication. Whether it was the old ones or the one's Dumbledore had managed to get raised, didn't matter, soon they would be inside.

Voldemort felt it the moment the wards were down, It felt like someone had just doused him with ice cold water in the middle of a hot summer day. "Forward." They moved as one, the disillusion charms on them being the only thing that stopped the Muggles from understanding that something was going on.

A few of those Muggles stopped, frowning and looking around confused. Voldemort made a mental note to send someone after those. It wouldn't do for Muggles to learn of their existence simply because there was a few sensitive to magic passing by.

Much akin to a tsunami they swept in through the holes that had been blown in the wall as soon as the wards had fallen.

Gripping his wand tightly, Voldemort made sure that he was in the very front of the attack force.

Harry was in there somewhere, and if something had happened to him, these people would be wishing for death long before he was done with them.

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