I drove home to the empty mansion. I didn't want to go anywhere near here ever again. I pulled in and grabbed my crutches. I hobbled to the front door, opening it and heading for my room. I began packing, throwing everything I needed into the huge suitcases. I packed photos and such in a rubber maid tub. I had the maids help me move things into the bed of my truck. I had an apartment waiting for me in Montana. I needed to get away. "I want you to pack everything up and send it to a storage unit, leave their bedrooms alone though and have it locked. Give the key to me and to me only. Have my furniture sent to this address." I handed it to them.

"Rosie!" Andrew ran up to me. He was Stevie, my sister's, first love. "Are you leaving?" he looked sad.

"Yes I am sweetie." He was seven. I knelt to his level. "I'll be back to visit, I promise." I held up my pinky. He wrapped his around mine.

"Now you can't break it." I chuckled.

"I wouldn't dare." I hugged him. "I'll see you soon." I got into my truck. I drove away from my old life to my new one.