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February 8

Form DD 214 Enlisted Record and Report of Separation

Honorable Discharge

Task names Cain and Abel. Date of separation February 8

February 12

Hi Cain, this is Abel. We didn't talk much the day you left, and I just wanted to leave my number in case you, um, in case—anyway, my number is—

July 30

Cain, it's Abel. I'm moving to a new apartment. Fleet has my address. If you're ever in town, maybe we can catch up. Hope you're okay.

November 29

Cain, this is Eth—this is Abel. Fleet got our mail mixed up, they sent me some of your things. It looks like mostly just veteran's administration paperwork, but, uh, I didn't open any of it. I can send it to you if you, um, if you let me know where you are. If you want. Or I can just get rid of it. Anyway, let me know what I should do. My number is—well, you know how to find me. I'll—anyway, bye.

February 15

It's Abel. I was just—uh. It's been a while and um. I thought. Um. I have some vacation time coming up, and I thought, if you wanted, we could get together and, um, catch up. If you wanted.

April 20

Cain, this is Abel. I ran into Deimos at the VA, I guess Fleet got him a job here. He asked if I'd heard from you. He, um, gave me his number in case, uh, in case I heard from you first. Um. Anyway. Call me if you want his number. Bye.

May 29


He rang the buzzer, and rang again, shifting the sharp strap of his duffel to his other shoulder. Fuck. Just his luck if Abel wasn't home, but where the fuck else would he be at this hour on a weeknight? Sacha half turned to scowl at a couple passing behind him.

He shifted on the doorstep, uncomfortable in the soft light. Neighbors would probably call the cops if he stood here much longer, if they hadn't already. Fuck. He gave the bell one more irritated punch. Abel was probably out at some party or fundraiser for his father, important now that they were discharged. It'd been stupid to come here in the first place, but he didn't have anywhere else he wanted to be anymore.

The door whispered open just as he was turning away.

"Cain?" Abel asked from the doorway. Blond hair standing up all over, sleepy dark eyes reflecting the lights. Sacha gave him a grin over his shoulder, relieved he wouldn't have to call Deimos for a place to stay tonight, and turned around.

He caught Abel by the hair and pulled him in for a kiss. Meant it to be quick, but fuck, it had been months and Abel smelled different, expensive, bed-rumpled in a tank and ripped jeans. He looked so fucking good in civilian. Skinny and breakable and just out of reach.

Abel pushed him away with both hands. Leaned on the door frame and looked a little horrified. That had always been a good look on him.

"Ethan? Who is it?" A blond chick peeked around the corner of the dark entry way, rumpled hair lit by the street lamp, wearing a man's shirt over little shorts. Pale blond, alike enough to be Abel's sister, but they all looked alike in this fucking place.

"Yeah, Abel," Sacha said, shouldering him out of the way. "Who is it?" he murmured in Abel's ear as he pushed in the door, dropping his duffel on the floor. He wet his lips and gave the girl a smile, looking her up and down. Right size shirt to be Abel's, and probably his delicate little hickies darkening on her neck. Cute mouth, but skinny, no tits.

Abel flushed to the roots of his hair, eyes flicking back and forth between Sacha and the girl. He swallowed and recovered. "Jeanie, you remember I told you about my flight partner. This is Cain," he said, gesturing weakly at Sacha.

Sacha swept her hand up and kissed it, taking his time to stroke the inside of her wrist and look her in her creepy blue eyes. "Hope he didn't tell you all the best parts yet, sweetheart."

She jerked her hand away, blushing just as hard as Abel had. "I remember. The colonial one," she said, frowning past him at Abel. "Ethan, I should go. I have to get up early tomorrow." She turned back into the dark house and Abel went after her, shooting Sacha a dirty look.


Sacha hooked his last pack of smokes out of his jacket, half listening to Abel apologize. He tapped a cigarette out. Nice place. Really nice place. More expensive than he'd thought even from the neighborhood, tall ceilings and a balcony through the living room. Abel was doing well for himself. Probably in some soft office job routing shipping trajectories or coding civilian flight plans.

"Jeanie, you don't have to go, he's not staying—" Abel said, following the girl out to the step barefooted, now that she'd gotten her purse and shoes.

She stood on tip toes and gave him a peck on the cheek. "I'll call you tomorrow, Ethan," she said, and turned away towards the lift, still wearing Abel's shirt. Her hard little nipples stood out against it in the cool air and Sacha wondered if she'd lost the bra or showed up without one. He was just getting his cigarette lit as Abel closed the door.

"You can't smoke in here," Abel said, back pressed to the door and watching Sacha warily. Fuck, he looked good, hair mussed over one eye and his pants riding low across his hips. Tight, trendy jeans, probably made his ass look good if he ever turned his back. Sacha took a long drag on his smoke and looked Abel up and down. Just a little nervous, hands balled at his sides and now coming up to cross over his chest. Shallow breaths.

"Nice to see you again too, baby," Sacha said, dropping the cigarette and crushing it out on the tiled floor. Let Abel remember who was in charge. He smiled at Abel's little frown and stepped toward him.

Abel caught his breath, wetting his lips just a little. His scar was barely there anymore; you'd only see it if you knew to look for it. "What are you doing here, Cain? How'd you get here?" Abel asked. Sacha closed the distance between them, putting a hand to the door next to Abel's head and one boot just between Abel's bare feet. But not touching, not yet. It had been months and he missed this part almost more than the fucking, this making Abel want it and wait for it.

"Kept all your little love notes in case I needed a place to crash," he said, watching Abel's dark eyes flicker over his mouth.

Abel swallowed and uncrossed his arms, flushing a little as he put light fingers on Sacha's hip just above the belt. "You want to sleep here tonight?" Abel asked, looking him in the eye through pale bangs, that mix of virgin shy and slutty boldness that had grabbed him by the cock so hard in the first place.

Sacha smiled and leaned in, using his knee to push Abel's thighs apart. "Unless you had other plans, sweetheart," he murmured, grinding into Abel at the invitation of the little blond's stiffening cock against his thigh.

Abel melted against him, fingers in his hair.


It had been months, more than year, and Cain smelled the same, bitter and sharp as vodka in coffee. Ethan shuddered as one of his hands was pulled up against the door, Cain's other hand steadying his hips as they rocked together.

Months without a word and now this, Cain's mouth rough and demanding on his lips and neck. Ethan was so hard he couldn't think straight, worry tugging on the corners of him not working to push Cain's jacket to the floor.

"Miss me?" Cain asked, leaning back to give Ethan one of his smirks. Ethan glared at him and tried to pull Cain back by the hair. God, he'd missed this, but not the waiting, not the mocking.

Cain twisted him around by the arm, pushing him face first into the wall next to the door. Cain hadn't even made it past the front door, and his teeth grazed Ethan's ear, one hand pulling his hips back as the other worked the buttons of his jeans. Cain growled into his shoulder and pushed a hand down his pants.

His hands were more callused than Ethan remembered, but Cain gripped him just as hard, pushing him against the door, smothering Ethan with his weight. Cain bit his ear again and suddenly there was the heat and pressure of Cain's cock against his bare ass—

"Cain—we can't—" Ethan gasped, pushing against the wall and Cain's weight. "I don't have condoms—"

"So what, sweetheart?" Cain murmured against his neck, giving Ethan just enough room to arch his back against Cain's insistent hand. "Never used to need one. You worried about getting knocked up?"

"But it's been—haven't you—" It's been months. Where have you been? Who have you been with? Ethan couldn't find the words, maybe didn't want to find them, and forgot about them when Cain's hand fisted in his hair and pulled his head back.

"You fuck anyone since me, Abel?" Cain asked, squeezing with one hand and edging his words with teeth against Ethan's neck. Ethan shook his head, gasping against the sharp tug Cain gave his hair. "What about the girl?" Cain's mouth moved to his ear. Just soft, warm tongue, no teeth yet, but Cain kept him pressed there against the door, pulling the answer out of him, voyeuristic and possessive and mocking.

Ethan wondered what the right answer was and what would happen if Cain decided he didn't like it. Ethan swallowed, trying to think of the right lie past the distraction of Cain's thumb on the tip of his cock and Cain's bony pelvis grinding into him. "We just—just kissing," Ethan managed, forgetting how to lie and hoping Cain would be too distracted to use this against him later. "She wanted to, but I—"

"Couldn't get it up?" Cain asked, squeezing his fingers in a ring around the base of Ethan's cock. "Like now, princess, thinking about getting pounded into the floor?" Ethan shuddered and nodded against the door and Cain's hand in his hair. "Good. Then where's the lube?" Cain let his hair go, suddenly gentle, running a hand down his side.

Ethan really pushed away from him then, turning himself to face Cain and catch his breath. "I don't—I haven't since—I don't have any," he said, watching annoyance and then a cruel smirk flicker over Cain's face. God, what if someone found out about this? What if Jeanie told someone? Things were different in the military, but here—Cain was too reckless for it to work here—

Cain took him by the wrist, leading Ethan into the apartment with a glance into the living room and the kitchen. What was he looking for?

The bedroom. Ethan let himself be pushed down on the bed, Cain stripping shirt and pants, eyeing Ethan up and down as he squirmed out of his own clothes on the bed. "Relax, sweetheart," he purred, following Ethan up the bed. "We'll just do like we used to."


"Where the fuck are you going?" Sacha snapped, Abel rolling out from under him just as he got close enough to bite that pale shoulder again. Abel stumbled to the open window and left Sacha there on the bed naked like an idiot. He hadn't thought Abel would play so coy after how fast he'd gotten hard, but here he was fussing with shutting the blinds. "Get your ass back here, princess," he said, watching the muscles of Abel's back move as he pulled the shades closed.

Abel looked over his shoulder with a little smile and Sacha scowled, thinking he should never have gone back to the colonies after Fleet.

"You waited this long, you can wait a minute longer," Abel said, moving to close the other window, and Sacha licked his teeth, looking forward to fucking the smugness out of Abel all over again, making him moan and beg for it. See who wanted to wait for it then. Abel's ass looked just as good in the dim light filtering through the shades, but his face was softer, not so pinched and tired as he used to look. Soft living and desk work and not getting pulled out of bed to get shot at every third night.

He looked happy here, happy and skittish and coy under Sacha's look as he came back to the bed, like he wasn't sure if he should shake himself awake or call the cops.

Sacha sat on the edge of the bed and stopped Abel with a hand on his hip. Abel looked down at him, dark eyes big in his face, wanting too much like that last time when Sacha had known it was the last time but Abel hadn't realized it yet. Sacha ran a hand up Abel's back and down over his ass and thighs, biting the soft skin of Abel's side. He smelled so different, soft cologne and red wine instead of detergent and gin, and Sacha wondered if this was his real smell or just the girl's smell still on him.

Didn't matter, he'd smell like sex and Sacha soon enough.

Abel's fingers were light, running down his neck and shoulder as he sucked the soft hollow of Abel's hip and stroked his cock. Too light, a little feathery, not as desperate as he'd been at the front door. Abel sighed and his knees shook just a little as Sacha rolled his tongue over the tip of Abel's cock for the first time in too long. He didn't really believe that Abel hadn't fucked anyone in this long, but maybe he hadn't even gotten it up for a girl with a cute mouth to blow him.

And it was even a fucking shame, because Sacha wanted to take this part slow, wanted to make Abel beg for it and wait for it so he'd remember exactly how long it had been, but he could tell from Abel's shaky legs and shaky breaths that the little blond wasn't going to last very long. So he slicked his fingers and pressed them up into Abel, taking his mouth off Abel's cock to watch his navigator shudder. Probably hadn't found a girl with a cute mouth to do that for him here. He fucked Abel like that, fingers and mouth with Abel trying to stay standing and getting closer, his fingers twisting in Sacha's hair, but Sacha wasn't going to let him get off that easy, not after his snide little comment about waiting.

Enough of that. He wanted Abel coming hard from being fucked, not from a blow job. Abel all but collapsed on the bed when Sacha pulled him down, his legs weak and shaky as he tried to straddle Sacha to kiss. He hadn't dragged himself all the way here just to kiss and suck cock, though. He pushed Abel off him and down onto his belly, running his hand down Abel's back and smiled as the little blond arched his back and pushed his ass up to meet Sacha's hand. He remembered how long it had been, and he was going to take his time reminding Abel exactly how bad he wanted this.

Abel was—fuck—just as tight and hot as he remembered, and Sacha wanted to sink into that feeling and never come up for air again. He pulled Abel up on hands and knees so he could lean over him from behind and bite his neck as he pushed in slow, Abel shuddering under him. Abel tried to lean down and rest his head on his arm, pushing his ass up against Sacha, but he pulled Abel back up by the hair. He was going to make Abel work for it and watch him writhe, because he knew Abel hated and loved to have Sacha make him beg for it instead of just taking what he wanted. Abel would never have been half so interesting if he didn't want it so bad.

Sacha bit his lip and picked up a rhythm, letting Abel's hair go so he could lean one hand on the mattress and get going faster, Abel's back hot against his chest and Abel's shoulder salty under his mouth. The little blond tried to bring a hand up to touch himself, but Sacha grabbed his hand away and held it to the mattress. He was going to have to teach Abel how to take orders all over again.

He stopped, pressed all the way into Abel and holding him still with one hand in his hair and one hand on his ass. "How long has it been, Abel?" he murmured, straightening up so he could watch Abel twist in his grip.

"How—?" Abel asked, too close to coming to think straight.

"Since you got off. How long has it been?" Sacha loved this. Loved watching Abel fight himself, loved watching his prim little navigator own up to what a slut he was. His slut.

Abel swallowed, gathering up the pieces Sacha had broken him into. "A couple days ago. In the shower," he added, and Sacha smirked, pumping his hips into Abel slowly, as a reward for being so obedient.

"What were you thinking about, Abel?" he asked quietly. He wanted to hear this, wanted to know what Abel thought about without Sacha there to tell him how to get off.

Abel sucked his lower lip and tried to hide his face in his arms again, but Sacha slapped his ass and pulled his head back up by the hair. It had to be good, if Abel wanted so badly to avoid saying it. "What was it, Abel?" he demanded again, fucking Abel a little harder to remind him who was in charge.

"Y-you," Abel choked out, trying to spread his legs wider, trying to get fucked deeper and harder. "That time in the Reliant. Going down on you," he managed, and Sacha let his hair go, leaning down over Abel again and fucking him with a hand around his cock. He shouldn't have been surprised, but he was; he'd thought Abel would have found someone else to think about in a year and a half, but then, he hadn't either, so he let Abel come into his hand, Abel's broken moan and tensing muscles pushing Sacha over the edge too.

He pushed Abel laying flat on his belly and arranged them so he could lay with an arm and a leg draped over his navigator to fall asleep. This was exactly what he'd dragged himself here for.

May 30


Ethan stretched in the empty bed, sore and a little raw. He couldn't remember being so sore, not since the first few times anyway, stiff in his thighs and back. He winced a little as he rolled out of bed, looking for pants in the false dawn. Cain was somewhere, his boots where he'd kicked them last night, clothes still scattered. Ethan pulled on pajama bottoms, thinking about calling in to work.

He started to pad into the kitchen, but caught a glimpse of movement through the living room—Cain, smoking on the back balcony with two cups of coffee and his bare feet up on the railing. Ethan stood there, chewing his lip, watching the muscles in Cain's neck and shoulders move as he tilted his head back against the chair. Cain brushed a piece of choppy dark hair behind his ear and Ethan's breath hitched. He stepped into his office and tapped out a quick message that he'd be working at home today. He might get some coding done.

"Never used to wake up so early, Abel," Cain said as Ethan opened the balcony door. Cain waved him at the other chair and cup of coffee like Ethan was the guest.

"It's Ethan now," he said, settling into the chair gingerly. He watched Cain's profile, wondering if he'd made that bruise on the dark skin of his neck, or if it had already been there last night.

Cain grinned at him sideways and held out a hand like they'd just met. "Sacha," he said around his cigarette. They shook hands and Ethan flushed, embarrassed like he really had slept with someone he'd just met—which, well, he had, but that was a long time ago. More than a year apart and Cain looked so much more foreign here. Ethan had known he was colonial, hung on the touch of accent all that time, but the name jarred him, reminded him of everything they'd never talked about.

"What are you doing here, Cain?" Ethan asked, wishing he'd pressed for answers last night, before—before he'd forgot to press for answers. The coffee was black, the way Cain took it, bitter and undrinkable.

Cain took a long drag of his cigarette and blew it out, looking out over the empty courtyard of the apartment block. Ethan found himself watching Cain's mouth, the cigarette smoke bringing back the early danger. "Got sick of working security in the colonies," Cain said with a shrug. "Thought we'd catch up while I looked for a job here."

That caught Ethan off guard. He'd left messages for Cain hoping to see him again, maybe arrange to meet up on vacation someplace no one knew either of them. Last night he'd somehow thought—hoped?—this would be a passing thing, Cain here and gone without another word for months. Here just long enough to hurt and remind. Cain flicked his cigarette butt down into the courtyard and put a hand on Ethan's thigh.

"You can't do that here," Ethan said, clearing his head with a shake and pushing Cain's hand away. "Someone might see."

Cain frowned and reached across to put a hand on the back of Ethan's neck. "You afraid someone's going to call daddy?" he asked, angry and mocking.

Ethan shrugged him off. "Or the papers. Things are different here, and it's election season. You can stay here, but we have to be careful." He fussed with his coffee cup, guilty for wanting Cain's hands on him and guilty for pushing him away.

Cain gave him a level look. "You never said you were related to that asshole. Had to find it out from the news when you got your big fucking welcome home, unlike the rest of us. Good to know who I was fucking all that time."

"It was none of your business, and anyway, you're one to talk after what Bering put you up to." Ethan set his jaw and pushed himself up from the table before they started a fight on the balcony for all the neighbors to hear. His father would love to see that in the papers.

Cain followed him into the flat, slow but wound tight, like letting a predator roam the house. Ethan found his shirt from last night on the floor and pulled it on. Cain was right behind him, a hand on his waist now, fingertips brushing up under his shirt. Just because we fucked doesn't mean we're in love, sweetheart. When had Cain said that? A few weeks after the first time. He should call Jeanie and apologize for last night.

Cain's nose and mouth brushed against his neck, and Ethan forgot why he'd been looking for his phone. When they got out of bed again, he cleared out a couple of dresser drawers and helped Cain put his things away, since he was going to be staying a while.