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Will finds himself glancing in Ethan's direction for the tenth time in just under five minutes. He wasn't sure why he was so damn surprised that this was happening; with all the crazy shit that usually goes on for a mission. Still, when Ethan had said that they needed to pose as a couple for this mission, he had giggled. It had just seemed so ridiculous.

Still, this was a two person mission and he was honored that Ethan had picked him, over Jane. (Who was a female and so much easier to pretend to be dating.) So he had packed his bag and they had headed off in a hurry, not giving Will a single second to think about this until they were seated on the plane, on their way to Canada together. They were just about to land in some small town airport, and Will had finally let that sink in. He was posing with Ethan as a lovey, dovey couple who came out to the country!

Turning his head toward Ethan once more, he got into an intense staring match because this time Ethan decided to look up. He had that large and devious smirk that was just so damn Ethan that it would hurt the eyes if looked at too long. Blushing, Will looked away. In retrospect; he probably should not have said yes to this mission, because now he was never going to be able to look at him again. It would be to embarrassing.

As the plane landed, they got themselves ready to get off. Standing up, Will grabbed his carry on and felt as though he was ready to bolt out of there. Ethan was there before he was able to though, rapping an arm around the small of his back and making polite chitchat with the rest of the people leaving the plane. Will's face stayed red.

God, he could not wait to check into their hotel, and sleep off this uneasy feeling. He almost made it too, until they were at the baggage pick up. Ethan grabbed his arm and tugged them together. "Don't run away from me Brant, we need to keep our cover." Ethan whispered while giving the shell of his ear a lick. He continued on a bit louder, so other people could clearly hear what was being said. "You're finally mine, and you are never going to let yourself be fucked by anyone else, besides me. I don't like it when you flirt with those unworthy boys, because you're ass is mine." Ethan's hips pushed against his ass to drive the point home. As if that were needed, Will could have died from embarrassment.

Will had not even known that he was capable of turning that red, now that Ethan had said that, he had to be the bottom of the relationship or their cover would be fucked. Of course it should have been obvious, because he couldn't picture anyone topping Ethan. Ethan the picture perfect god of sex, who could get any girl in the world to drop their panties for him. No wonder people were staring, they were probably trying to figure out why in the seven depths of hell Ethan wanted a guy like him, and how they could steal him away. Probably both. Still, this was just so damn embarrassing, and it was absolutely true that every person in the fucking airport decided to stare. Great, he was probably on the 'if I ever kill someone for the sake of obtaining a hot guy' list of like a hundred different people.

When Ethan moved away he grabbed Will's hand and entwined their fingers together. Eventually they got their luggage and headed out to check into their hotel. It was remarkably hot out and they both realized that they were wearing far too much clothing. Which was another thing to fix once they got to the hotel. Weird, who figured Canada would be this hot?

God, Will had never wanted to run away from a mission as much as he did on the bus ride to the hotel. Ethan was sitting next to him, to close for his comfort and kept rubbing his thigh. He couldn't stop his breath from hitching every time Ethan slid his hand higher up his leg, and a few people on the bus kept staring at them. Some had disappointed looks, and some (like the teenage girls sitting two rows back from them) giggled with bubbling approval. Will quickly came to the conclusion that he sort of liked this weird town, but he still wished from the bottom of his heart that they would stop. Yet, (of course) they don't stop, and by the end of the ride Will wishes that he could just disappear.

Of course, the thing that doesn't help at all is that the entire time, Ethan does nothing but smile at him. Not a smirk, or a tease, but a real Ethan smile that threatens to melt people if they stare for to long and are deprived of affection. Never in his life had he hated a smile that much. Things aren't that different when they get to the hotel either, Ethan checks them in and then takes his hand, pulling him along into the elevator, towards their room.

When entering their room, exactly one thing became completely apparent; there was only one bed. Just how far did this pretend relationship thing have to go? Sure he had been out of the field for awhile, but nothing to his knowledge had drastically changed! This hotel was a safe haven, yet for some reason they still had to sleep together? At that moment Will couldn't quite remember why he had agreed to this mission.

Well, that's not entirely true; he had said yes to this because Ethan had asked so nicely and he looked so sincere, saying that it absolutely needed to be Will. He had never asked why it had had to be him, but the answer would probably have been there was a extremely tall thing he had to jump off, while Ethan was off saving the world, because well, he's Ethan. Still, it was kind of hard to figure out how all that had led to bed sharing, or embarrassing little whispers in public, which were much louder then whispers should have been. "Will, take a seat on the bed and I'll debrief you." Ethan said with a complete lack of emotion.

It's hard to understand how Ethan (or anyone) can keep a straight face during a situation like this. Yet Ethan, was of course unfazed, well no, not unfazed but in fact quite happy. Ethan was happy, how the hell was he fucking happy about this? That was weird, even for Ethan. Will held back the urge to giggle when that ran through his head, but instead continued to almost listen as Ethan gave the layout of the day. As the minutes ticked by, Will was still trying to pinpoint exactly where the mission part of this mission was. "After this we go down to the local restraint for lunch, then clothes shopping. We need better clothes for this climate and should pick up some to make us look like a better couple."

What part of that sounded like a mission? Hell, it sounded just like a date to him! Exactly like a date, which was weird even for a cover story. Usually a mission like this went like get in trick people at the right moment, kill the target (or whatever variation of that the mission called for) and get out. Will wanted to ask about the mission part, but at that moment his analyst brain picked up on a few things. There was a great possibility that Ethan was acting like this because they were being watched. Suddenly, everything made sense, Ethan had no choice but to act the way he did on the plane and at the airport; they had been spotted as suspicious. The only way out was to use this strange cover and continue on like they were on a love struck, decided on the moment honey moon together.

With all those thoughts in his mind and thinking about how Ethan probably wanted to kick him in the head (or nuts) for not being able to figure out sooner. Will gave Ethan a large, warm smile. They needed to be a couple, one who were very much in love. In love enough to come to the country for a vacation together. Will could do that to; it wasn't that hard to love someone when trust was already there after all. "Of course darling, just don't make me blush in public again."

Will had said that as a little tease, yet Ethan seemed to completely take it as a challenge. Only Ethan would do something like that. "It's just that you blush so easily baby, plus I want everyone to know that you belong to me." That made Will's heart do jumping jacks. Yeah, so whatever the goal in this mission was, he was in it for the long run now.

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