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Eddi jumped when she heard Chrissie's voice coming from over her shoulder. She turned on her heels.


"Sacha and I were wondering if you wanted to come for drinks tonight. We want to do something for our engagement."

"Didn't you already do something?" Eddi replied.

"Well… yes, but Luc wasn't here. You can bring him this time!"

Eddi frowned. "Sorry… 'bring him'? Chrissie, he's not a dog. Despite what they say, he is an adult. I'm sure Luc can find his own way there. Ask him yourself if he wants to come. I don't own him; do you think I keep him on a chain or something?"

"Well it depends what you're into." Chrissie giggled. "See you tonight. With your boyfriend!" Chrissie shouted as she walked away.

"He's not my…" Eddi began to call after her, before realising it was pointless. She laughed. She and Chrissie could be friends, she thought. If Chrissie wasn't so nosey, and bitchy, and loud. Maybe they'd never be the best of pals. Eddi stood awkwardly, wondering how she could word her explanation to Lucy for doing what she did. She was about to pull back the curtain when Jack returned, and approached her.

"Hey… nurse."

"Hi. I need to talk to Lucy. It might concern you, too."

Jack's face fell.

"Is she seriously ill? Is it more than appendicitis?" Jack pulled back the curtain and was surprised to see Mrs Millson sitting on the bed with her daughter.

"You guys are okay now?" He asked tentatively. They both nodded. Lucy had made her mother promise never to bring up the things they'd spoken about.

"Uh… Nurse… Eddi has something to say." Jack announced. Eddi stepped closer to the trio.

"Lucy…you…haven't got appendicitis. Your mother mentioned this earlier, but other stuff was happening so… But, anyway, you aren't ill. I'm ashamed to say, I… made a mistake." Eddi looked from Jack, to Lucy, and to her mother, observing their confused expressions. It was Lucy who spoke first.

"What? The doctor misdiagnosed me? You… got some notes muddled? What do you mean?"

"No. I mean… I bended the rules slightly. I lied. I… told you that you had appendicitis because I wanted to call your mother, and get you two to sort things out." A guilty expression covered Eddi's delicate features.

"And I thought I could trust you!" Lucy cried.

"I don't believe what I'm hearing!" her mother exclaimed. "our personal lives are none of your business!"

Jack coughed, and shuffled round to face Eddi.

"So… I've spent my entire afternoon worrying about my girlfriend having an operation a few days before I go to America, and there was nothing to worry about in the first place? We could've been outta here and enjoying our last few days together for a long time, but instead you fucked up our plans to stick your nose in our personal life?!"

"I know it was none of my business, but I wanted to help."

"You're a nurse! You're supposed to help by giving her the right drugs and sending her home, not interfering with personal stuff!" Jack ranted.

Eddi opened her mouth to speak, but was silenced when Mrs Millson raised her voice.

"Listen! Kindly leave my daughter alone. You've not done a great deal of good. We could've sorted personal matters without your contribution." Lucy's mother shooed Eddi away and sharply pulled the curtain back round the bed. Eddi wandered back to the nurses' station, and reluctantly faced Luc.

"That went well." He said, sarcastically.

"Oh yes, I think we'll be the best of pals now." Eddi shot back. She may have over-estimated the good her plan would do, but that wouldn't stop her sticking up for herself, taking the situation lightly. Luc rolled his eyes.

"Chrissie invited me to an engagement thing for her and Sacha tonight." Eddi said, thinking it best to change the subject.


"Well, she invited… us."

"How does she know there's an 'us'?"

"She doesn't. she suspects, as you know, and she won't drop it."

Luc was about to respond when they were interrupted by some commotion coming from Lucy's corner.

"…say whatever the fuck you like!"

"-dear, I don't agree with this. I think we should complain!"


Eddi turned back to Luc, and shrugged her shoulders in an over-the-top manor.

"I don't know!" she responded to the questioning look on Luc's face.

"I'm sure!" Luc half smiled.

Eddi turned back round to look at Lucy's corner, just as Luc pulled back the curtain and stormed over to her.

"If it were up to me, you'd be seriously fucking fired." He said, before exiting the ward. Mrs Millson followed him.

Eddi reluctantly turned to face Luc. He was grinning stupidly at her.

"What?!" she snapped.

"I'm sure you had nothing to do with it." He said.

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