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A Second Chance

Chapter Eight

I get up early the next morning and check on Edward in the guest room. He's lying face down on one side of the bed with his hand dangling down the side, touching the floor. My eyes widen when I see that he's actually bare-chested. I swallow the thick lump that's suddenly lodged itself in my throat. Even his back looks sexy. He looks so peaceful too, so I slowly close the door again so as not to disturb him. I quickly freshen up before heading to the kitchen. We'd left out a few appliances that I would need to use before we move tomorrow. I move around the kitchen getting breakfast ready.

Edward comes down a few minutes later, lured by the smell of the bacon and coffee. I send a quick prayer to God that he had put on his shirt before coming down.

"Bella? Why are you up so early?" He asks.

Have I ever mentioned how adorable Edward looks when he's all rumpled and sleepy?

Well, there you have it.

"I just wanted to get breakfast ready, thought you might be hungry after all the work we did yesterday." I explain.

"I wish you would've woken me up so I can help you. It can't be good for you being on your feet for so long." He frowns in concern.

Damn him! Even when he's frowning I can't help but notice how handsome he looks.

"I'm completely fine, trust me." I tell him as I usher him to the nearest chair and start laying the food on the table in front of him before taking a seat on the chair right next to him. "Besides, I'm a nurturer. I need to take care of someone. So, if we're getting married, you're going to have to get used to me cooking breakfast for you every single day."

"Hey, you won't hear any objections from me. This is delicious!" He replied with a mouthful of pancakes.

I grin, unreasonably glad that he likes my cooking.

"So, what's the plan for today?" Edward asks after he cleans off his plate, gobbling all of the food like there's no tomorrow, while I look on in amusement.

"Rose and Alice are coming over in a bit to spend the day with me, since it's my last day in Forks for a while. They mentioned that you're doing the same with Emmett and Jasper?" I inquire.

"Yup, that's the plan," He says. "Well, then I'd better head out. There are a few things that I need to get done before we leave tomorrow." He announces as he gets up.

"Oh, okay." I mumble in disappointment. I'd hoped that he would stay for a bit longer. I'm not sure why, I guess the more time I spend with him, the more I crave his presence.

"Is everything okay?" Edward asks, noticing my glum expression.

"Um, yeah, everything's fine. I'm just dreading the farewell makeover Alice is bound to subject me to." I joke.

Edward chuckles, "Well, don't let her do anything too drastic. I like this Bella and am not inclined to change anything about her."

"I'll let her know." I blush.

I walk Edward to the door where he surprises me with a kiss on the cheek before leaving,

"I'll be here first thing in the morning. Call me right away if you need anything, alright?" Are his parting words as I nod dumbly.

Am I ever going to get over the surprise I feel whenever he shows so much concern over me and the baby?

I guess I'm still trying to get over the change, that overall transformation that has happened to his personality since he asked me to marry him. The old Edward, the Edward I knew since school, my husband's brother, almost seems like a distant memory now.

I just hope that the new and improved Edward decides to stick around even after we're married and in New York.

A nagging worry tells me that Edward might regret offering his help when he finds out what an utter mess I am.

I sigh, resigned to face whatever is coming my way no matter what it happens to be.


I decide to pay a visit to my parents so that I can spend some time with them before I leave. My mom spends most of that time crying and my father gives me a stern lecture about what to do when I've decided I had had enough. He even offers to buy me some pepper spray. I try to tell him that there's no way in hell I'm going to use pepper spray against my own husband and he just shrugs and says, "You never know when you might need it."

"Dad," I shout indignantly.

"Alright," He concedes, "I just want you to promise me to tell us right away if you ever need anything."

I sigh and promise him that I will, even though I know deep down that Edward would never make us want for anything. And I don't just mean material things, he's so warm and compassionate, that I'm sure that neither I nor the baby would ever feel neglected.

I say goodbye to my teary-eyed parents after that and then make my way home before Alice and Rosalie get there.

My best friends arrive at my house an hour later and we spend the rest of the day sprawled out on my couch watching movies and giving each other makeovers.

Translation: Alice gives us makeovers.

It's then I realize how much I'm going to miss them. How much I'm actually uprooting myself from all that I know and love to move across the country with a man whom I thought hated me until a short time ago. Then I remind myself that I'll be seeing them all a month from now when they fly to New York for the wedding.

"What are you going to do with the house, though?" Alice asks that night after we're all tuckered out from the full day we've had. "Will you sell it?"

"No, the house is going to stay," I reply decisively. I've already thought this out and even discussed it with Edward who wholeheartedly agreed with my decision. "I'm going to keep it for my daughter and she can decide what she wants to do with it when she grows up. Who knows, I might actually need it sooner than that."

"What do you mean? Do you think your marriage to Edward won't last?" Rosalie starts her interrogation. Of my two best friends, Rosalie has always been the more protective one. Alice had a tendency to push me to do what I want and throw caution to the wind, while Rosalie has always been the one to warn me to be careful and think everything through before acting.

"At this point, I'm not really sure about anything anymore." I sigh.

"But, you have feelings for him, right?" Alice asks, eagerly. "That's why you're doing this, isn't it?"

"I think it's too early to talk about feelings, Ali. I mean, I barely even know Edward." I confess.

"But he definitely has feelings for you. I just know it." Alice announces confidently.

"I don't think so, Alice." I disagree.

"Would you drop it, Alice? We don't want to freak her out when she's about to move in with the guy." Rosalie says, in an attempt to curb Alice's enthusiasm.

"Oh, sorry." Alice stops immediately then. "So, let's change the subject. How's the little one doing? Have you decided on a name yet?"

The conversation moves on to my baby girl after that. We talk about all sorts of plans for the baby, from names to the color of the nursery, as if it's going to be anything other than Pink. Alice, though, insists that Pink is so overdone, and that we should think of something else like maybe green or yellow.

She keeps saying 'we' and including Edward in all of my plans, and I have to admit that it doesn't freak me out at all. I guess I'm used to the idea of him being included in my life now.

My phone beeps a while later and I check it to find a message from Edward.

Hope you're having a good time. Don't let Alice tire you out ;) –E

I smile at his concern and reply: I don't know about that, it's hard to deter Alice once she's started :D –B

I get a reply a few seconds later.

Want me to come over there and whisk you away, before she does too much damage? –E

My heart actually skips a beat at the idea of Edward coming over. I can't believe I actually miss him. He'd only been here a few hours ago.

I think I can manage :D Thanks, though –B

I reply reluctantly.

No problem, I'll always be here to help, Bella :) –E

His words pierce me to the heart, and I can't help the tears that attack my eyes.

I know –B

I reply simply, letting him know that I understand, and I do trust him.

"Oh, is that Edward?" Alice's voice bursts the bubble I've been in since we started texting.

"Um, yeah. How did you know?" My face flames and I can feel all the blood rush up to it.

"Well, for one, you haven't stopped smiling since you got the first text and now you can't stop blushing!" She grins mischievously and I narrow my eyes at her. "I think it's so cute, though."

"Who knew that you and Edward would someday fall in love." Her gaze turns all dreamy and I'm suddenly snapped back into reality.

"Get your head out of the clouds, Alice. Who said anything about love?" I mutter. I still haven't forgotten what I overheard Edward saying to his father. He has feelings for someone else, but for whatever reason, he's unable to be with her.

"Deny it all you want but the signs are all there." Alice insists.

"Geez, Alice, enough with the psychic mumbo jumbo. If Bella says she's not in love then she isn't." Rose interrupts and I send her a grateful smile.

Alice huffs in annoyance at my unwillingness to continue talking about Edward, but she finally gets the hint and backs off.

Rose and Alice stay the night with me, so they can say goodbye the next morning before I leave with Edward to catch our plane after helping the movers load the trucks that will deliver my furniture and belongings to New York.


The next morning, the three of us get up early and make breakfast together. Edward finally arrives around nine.

"Good morning." Edward sends one of his sexy crooked smiles my way as he walks in, and then he bends down and kisses my cheek, before hugging both Alice and Rose in greeting.

Alice sends me a knowing smile behind his back.

I simply roll my eyes at her.

The movers arrive not long afterwards and we all help them load everything into their truck. It takes almost two hours before we're done.

I stand in my living room and take a look around my house that is now completely bare and looks unlived in.

My heart aches that I'm leaving it behind. It feels like I'm abandoning it.

"We can come back whenever you want, Bella." Edward says softly from where he's standing close behind me.

I smile back at him grateful for his continued support. I also don't fail to notice that he said 'we', 'we can come back'. There's no end to the man's selflessness.

Jasper and Emmett arrive shortly to see us on our way as well. After all the hugs and goodbyes are done, Edward and I get in his car so we can be on our way and not miss our flight.

"Ready?" Edward asks me as he starts up the engine.

"As I'll ever be." I smile.

I seem to be doing that a lot these days.


I can only hope that it stays this way for as long as possible.

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