Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: You know, I love Seaside Hill. I love adventuring through it. I love platforming through it. I love racing through it. And I sure as hell love writing about it. And since I have so many fanfics involving Seaside Hill, I decided to make this one grand slam of short stories in Seaside Hill. And it's obviously not just Sonic himself who'll star in this, it's virtually anybody in Sonic. Yes, even the badniks and the plants. And maybe the level design. Yes, I can even write about the friggin' level design. That's how awesome Seaside Hill is. Now then, everyone, sit back, relax, cause we're going to have a seaside fiesta by the hills. Or hill. Whatever.

"This place is overused," Gruntilda Winkybunion complained as she was zapping some of the annoying seagulls with her witchcraft on the sandy beach.

"It may be true, but so is everything from a certain point of view," Arceus explained as he was jumping from tropical palm tree to the next, making himself light as a coconut with his godly powers as the Pokemon god.

Dry Bowser scoffed as he was collecting seashells by the shore. "That doesn't even make sense. But then again..." He couldn't finish his sentence as Arceus landed on him, reducing the reptilian into a pile of bones.

Sonic The Hedgehog stretched his arms as he let out a great sigh of relief, putting his hands on his hips as he smiled, looking out at the wide blue salty ocean that spread before him. He was standing on the eastern side of Seaside Hill, spotting several large white and red temples sticking out of the water as behind him were the grassy green tops covering up the orange checker hills.

"Man, this is a great place to relax!" Sonic exclaimed as he tapped his left foot several times, "And it's even better when you can just go right through and enjoy a nice tropical run!"

Sonic turned to his left, speeding off as he headed southwards, going through the tropical island foliage at supersonic speed, heading through the yellow and orange colored checkerboard loops, going up and down and all around on three of them. He then headed uphill, stopping right at the end of the grassy path, looking down to see more tropical foliage, more checkerboard designed loops, and more temples sticking out in the ocean sprawling before him. He heartily laughed as he jumped off the cliff, heading back into the foliage as he dashed off again, going faster and faster.

Big The Cat was fishing with Froggy resting on top of his head, feeling the breeze as Sonic zipped by him, the big purple cat sitting on a wooden deck as he shrugged and kept on fishing.

"This is good, isn't it little buddy?" Big asked Froggy, who croaked in response.