E-123 Omega was once again in Seaside Hill's Lost Palace racecourse, blasting away what were left of the badniks army, which had consisted of Egg Pawns, Crabmeats, Spinners, Motobugs, and Chompers. Upon impaling the last red colored Egg Pawn with his mechanical arm, Omega returned to his normal position as he looked around the entire racecourse, scanning for any robots left.

"SEARCHING FOR ANY BADNIKS. ...NO BADNIKS SPOTTED. All badniks have been eliminated." Omega confirmed as he landed at the start and finish line, proceeding to look up, to see the nefarious Dr. Eggman approaching him in his Eggomatic hovercraft. Omega pointed at the human doctor with his right arm. "Your robots are destroyed, Ivo Robotnik. Now prepare for a brutal beatdown."

Eggman laughed as he wiped a tear from his eye. "Ohohoho... that's a good laugh. I bet you can't even blast me from there." He teased as he calmed himself down, trying not to have a heart attack from laughing his head off too much.

"Are you... taunting me...?" Omega remarked in a lower pitch, his red eyes glowing more as he pumped his mechanical arms. "I do not like being taunted. Especially by ugly, stupid shaped flesh like you."

Eggman folded his arms as he shook his head at Omega. "Yes, why I am taunting you, you metal clunk head! I bet you can't even hit me when I'm right in front of you!"

"Come down here and say that, fat man." Omega warned as he made a threatening pose. "I dare you."

Eggman rolled his eyes. "Well, if you insist, then I will! I hope your body is ready!" He then jumped right out of his Eggomatic hovercraft, standing right in front of Omega. He opened his arms, laughing. "All right, I'm open. Come and get me with all your bulky might, Omega! Be sure to crush my skull, it's a nice little target perfect for a fat piece of junk like you! Ho ho!"

Omega attempted to swipe at Eggman, but Eggman swiftly dodged out of the way.

"D'oh you missed!" Eggman chuckled as he lifted himself back up, placing his hands on his hips as he shook his head, adjusting his black glasses.. "Try again!"

Omega growled as he tried grabbing Eggman with both of his mechanical claws, but Eggman ducked out of the way again. Eggman then laughed as he turned around and began dashing towards the northern direction, going around the grassy bend as he approached the orange loop de loops, laughing his head off. Omega growled as he chased after Eggman, firing missiles at the doctor, who was able to avoid them easily with his surprisingly fast agility.

"GET BACK HERE, EGGMAN." Omega exclaimed as he fired more missiles at the doctor, getting more angered as his missiles continued to miss. "URGE TO MAIM ENTIRE LANDSCAPE... RISING..."

"Ho ho ho ho!" Eggman laughed gleefully as he shook his head at the raging Omega. "Is this the best you can do! Surely you jest, E-123 Omega! I programmed you for so much more, but clearly it was missing as soon as you woke up! I guess it's good that I did lock you up with Shadow!"

"THAT'S IT. OBJECTIVE: DESTROY EVERYTHING." Omega commented as he began firing missiles nonstop, destroying all the surrounding objects as the tropical landscape began collapsing, all of the water from the top of the waterfalls gushing and flooding the entire race course as Eggman jumped back into his Eggomatic hovercraft. Omega jumped into the air, hovering as he approached Eggman, who zipped away in the hovercraft. Soon, the entirety of the Lost Palace racecourse was unidentifiable, thanks to Omega's rampage.

"Ho ho ho!" Eggman laughed as he turned his head to Omega and stuck his tongue out. "I'm disappointed! I thought I was going to get a proper fight! But alas, all I got was a malfunctioning robot!"

Omega fired off all the missiles he had in his entire arsenal as they were all aimed at Eggman, who fired off missiles of his own from his Eggomatic hovercraft as huge, fiery explosions engulfed the bright blue sky, causing a fireworks show to occur as the various dolphins and orcas populating the Seaside Hill seas look up in awe and curiosity, chirping amongst each other while Omega and Dr. Eggman continued having their goose chase high in the sky above all of Seaside Hill, as well as the neighboring Ocean Palace. Don't worry about the destroyed Lost Palace, though: It will be fixed up in no time. Speaking of other race courses in Seaside Hill...

"...So, it's the one hundredth and eleventh chapter." Shadow The Hedgehog commented, both he and Sonic in Seaside Hill's Whale Lagoon, looking out at the ocean from the top of the grassy path in between the two wooden bridges.

Sonic nodded his head as he wrapped his lanky arms around the back of his head. "Yeah, amazing we actually got this far."

"Well, it's a story about Seaside Hill." Shadow commented, his arms folded as usual as he lifted his head up, feeling the gentle breeze from the sea.

Sonic continued nodding his head, not able to do any other gestures. "I know, but it's shocking that we got this far. And more incredible that this chapter has exactly one thousand words!"

"...You don't think the author will end it off on this, will he?" Shadow asked as he turned his head to Sonic.

Sonic shrugged as he lowered his eyes, a smirk across his face. "Nah. Knowing him, he'll keep going. It'll seem like it's stopped, because he can get very lazy, but I'm sure he's not that big of a jerk."

Shadow turned his focus back on the ocean. "Well, at least he wouldn't cut us off while we're in mid sentences for no-"