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"DrUnKeN sLuR"


New Avengers


Chapter 2: What Just Happened

(Spidey's POV)

I just stared into the suitcase in shock. In the lid was a spar pair of civvy's, just in case, and a spar costume, which I really need now, but that wasn't what surprised me. Littering the bottom of the suitcase was about three or four hundred... thousands bucks in cash. And on top of that was several envelopes, half addressed to Carol and I and the other half was for me and Jess. I grabbed one at random. Inside was a card that said 'To Pete and Jess, Happy Marrage Bed Arachnids. Tony.' And a check for three thousand as well... Erm... What did we do?

We stood there for a minute till Jess broke the ice with; "I hope we didn't steal that." I just nodded. After I put the rest of my costume on, and opened all the envelopes we counted the money we had a total of nearly three million bucks and a very expensive house in New York and a private island in the middle of the Pacific (That was found on a deed with the cash in the suitcase). The many envelops where from people like the Richards, Cap, Thor (His present was a few chunks of solid gold), Cyclops' X-Men, Laura and Jubilee, Julia Carpenter (AKA Madam Web), Hawkeye, Nick Furry, Johnny Storm and... and...


His letter was simple, only sending one which was to just me. 'Congrats Peter. Ben would have loved to see today. Kaine.'

It was simple. Nothing deep. Nothing too personal. But nothing dark. Nothing too distant. It seemed perfect for him. My brother.

"Who's Kaine?" Carol asked, noticing me staring at the letter

"My... My cl..." I stopped myself. He wasn't just a clone. He's a human. He's his own person. He is Kaine. He is... "... My brother."

"You have a brother?!" Jess said in shock

"I had two. It's complicated." I said simply, standing up and began to walk to the door "Now, who want breakfast? I'll cook."

"Thanks Pete." Carol smiled

"I'd prefer desert after my wedding night." Jess smiled, slightly posing to get her chest out further. I felt my face redden

"Jess!" Carol snapped

"What? We're married, we can have sex with our husband if we want to." Jess said shrugging

"Still, you're acting like a hormonal teenager!" Carol said in annoyance

"And you're acting like a stuck up prood!" Jess sais in equal irritation

"Ladies, calm down." I said, getting between them "Let's just go and have breakfast. Okay?"

'Fine." They said in unison. We turned around as I opened the door. But what we found in the living room was shocking.

(Ms Marvel's/ Mrs Marvel-Spider's POV)

What. The. Fuck. That's all I can ask right now. What the fuck!? Lying on the sofa was X-23, or Laura, and Jubilee. Naked. Okay, there was a blanket covering them but still?! Their cloths littered the floor and, looking at the two, I must say they look cute together. Or at least they where till I heard Laura whisper "Wake her and I stab you." There goes the cuteness.

"It's okay Laura, we won't wake her." Peter said before whispering "Not on purpose at least."

"What are you doing here?" Jess asked

"You and father called us here two days ago to join in." The clone girl explained

"Wait, two days ago?!" Peter asked/ said in shock

"Father?" Jess said in confusion

"Yes, two days. The Wall-Crawler convinced me to call Wolverine father, and my relationship with him has gotten better as well."

"Which one?" Peter just had to ask

"Where's everyone else?" I asked

"Well, we're here." A voice said. Everyone's (Well, mine, Peter's and Jessica's) eyes widened as we saw Tony Stark walking out of a bed room with Natasha Romanova, AKA Black Widow

"W... When did you two get here?" Peter stuttered after Tony patted him on the back

"Three days ago you lucky bug." Tony replied

"Arachnid." Peter and Jessica said in unison

"We where drunk for three days!" I shouted in shock

"You guys where actually partying for seven." Natasha shrugged

"What's with the noise." Jubilee moaned as she woke up

"Crap." Pete, Jess and I whispered

"Now no stabbing X." Jubilee said, stopping the girl. That's when I noticed it. They where both wearing gold bands around their fingers

"You two got married last night as well?!"

"Yea, you wanted to get married after I proposed." Laura said simply

"And it was your idea to get married in Vegas." Tony added

"Your argument was so good me and Tony got married here as well."

"What is going on?" Peter said as he collapsed in a chair "There is no way you can be drunk for seven days strait without dying." He paused for a second before chuckling "Unless your named Tony Stark."

"Ha ha, very funny Pete." Tony said

"Who else is here?" Jess asked

"You seriously don't remember?" Jubilee asked

"The last thing any of us remember before this morning was taking a shot with Logan and the others, but it was only one drink!" I explained

"Hmmm... Maybe someone swapped the alcohol with a drug or lined the bottom of the glasses with something before you guys got together." Natasha theorised

"That's brilliant, but it doesn't explain why someone would do that?" Jessica said simply

"Where are the others?" Peter asked seriously

"Well, Luke and Iron Fist left to go home before I even got there." Tony started

"Wanda's sleeping in that room." Jubilee said, pointing to the room at the end of the hall

"Ben had Reed and Sue pick him up two days ago." Natasha added

"Father..." Laura began but then stopped

"Wolverine what?" Peter said

"... I don't know." she said after a few more seconds. "He just seemed to randomly disappear on us last night but with the three weddings, partying and other things we lost track of him and didn't even notice."

"FUCK!" Peter screamed

"What is it Peter?" I asked

"Whoever planned this was solely after Wolverine. They waited till we where so distracted by something that they could kidnap him without us even realising." Peter said, falling into a chair "And they must have been doing something else, having us distracted for seven days while high on whatever they gave us."

"But what would they gain?" Jubilee asked

"And why would they want him so badly that they'd do such and elaborate plan?" I added

"I don't know, but that is what we have to find out!" Peter said determinedly...

(Wolverine's POV)

Fuck my head hurts. Defiantly not a hangover, much to sever. The first thing I notice is the smell of rotting flesh. I then notice my claws are popped. I looked up to see my hands shackled above my head, claws forced into a block of silver metal. My legs were held in a block made of the same metal. I looked to where I could smell the rotting and saw a body hung up next to me. The room was dark but I couldn't see much of him but I could tell it was most likely just a skeleton. It was also wearing a full body costume. And there was red and blue. And he was someone I didn't know "Logan!" a familiar voice on my other side whispered

"Cyke?" I asked, looking at him. He was hung up like me, a strange device blocking his eyes but it wasn't his visor "What are we doing here?"

"We don't know." Another familiar voice said


"It's her Logan." Scooter said

"Well One-Eye, what do we do?"

"I don't know." He said reluctantly

"Anyone else here?" He paused for a second before he replied.

"We don't know how many they have. I think they have the Hulk, and maybe Susan Storm." He replied

"They brought in someone who looked like Carol Danvers a few hours ago. Hawkeye as well." Frost added

"Who else?!" I said after a few moments thinking. Iron Fist was helping to teach Banner ways to control his anger, even in Hulk form

"I don't know, think I say a huge plastic box a while ago." Frost said

"Magneto." I whispered

"Jessica Jones was brought here as well." Scot said "Same time as us."

"Captain America and Thor where here as well."

"Then he's Spidey's." I said, looking at the rooting body beside's me

"What do you mean Logan?" Cyke asked

"Whoever this is, they're kidnapping someone who has something to do with the New Avengers... and the people with the right now." His Healing Factor had finally worked through the drug, it must have been really strong to stay in his system for seven days let alone for its effects to still be in effect after he woke up from it "Oh, that is rich!" I burst out laughing

"What?" Frost asked

"Web-Head got married to both Ms Marvel and Spiderwoman!"

"We know, we sent them a card congratulating them." Scooter said

"Wait... what?!" I said in shock

"It's Vegas, if they want to all get married we'll send 'em a hundred or two as a congratulations." Frost said

"At least Laura's married now." I sighed "Wish the fuckers would have at least waited till after the wedding."

"That danger got married?" Frost asked in shock, causing me to growl

"Don't insult my baby girl Frost." I said simply "Also, yes she did. She and Jubilee are married now."

"So the two monsters got married. I wonder who'll die first." she said, her smirk obvious in her voice

"FROST!" I roared

"Emma!" Cyke reprehended

"What?" she asked innocently. Suddenly the door opened and two people walked in. The first was hidden in the shadows, something blocking/ masking his scent but the other. The other I recognize.

"Daken." I growled. My son walked out of the shadows, smirking

"Hey Dad." he smiled "Baby Sis' wedding was nice, didn't expect her to be a dyke though." he smirked and I roared, trying to pull myself away from the wall at the insult to my cub. He then decided to be smart and try another one "I guess the skunk haired skin-sapping-slut's not getting married though, right?"

"DAKEN!" I screamed. I don't care if he's my son, NO ONE insults MY MATE!

"Now Daken, that's enough." the other man said, causing my son to step back "I see you realized why you are here Wolverine?"

"Not 100% but I guess either hostages, bargaining chips or a trap." I stated

"Close, but no cigar." he said as he pushed a button on a small silver remote. Glass domes descended from the ceiling and covered me, Cyke, Frost and the rotting body. I heard more of these containers descend in the room behind and the side of us

"Then what is the plan?" I ask "Any why the dead body?"

"That dead body has a connection to the Spider. It will be fun to see it." the man said, I could hear his smirk "And the plan... is this!" he pressed another button before gas slim began to fill the tubes. Crap... It's getting hard to think... But not as if I'm going feral... I'm losing control of my body... My mind... No! Fight it! I'm Wolverine...

"I'm Wolverine!" I growled "I'm the Best at what I do, and what I do best isn't very nice..." I growled as I continued fighting... I won't lose... I won't... Everything's going black... No... NO... Rogue... ... ... ... ...

And there you go, the last Chapter. Of this story. The sequel will probably not be for a while. I hope you liked it. Try and guess, not only the dead body, but the villan. See you next time! (Everything starts getting fuzzy) W... What's going on? This is my world! I am in control!

"Not any more..." a voice said


"That's me!"

What are you doing here?

"The Fans sent me because of the lack of me in the story."

But this is my house!

"What's this?" (He's holding a DVD that says 'orignal Extended Ending')

We don't ned that!i

"But the fan's do! It's the end of the story, add something special to end it on!"

Fine. Darn logic. Wow, Deadpool and logic. I didn't think it was possible for them to coexist...

(? ? ?'s POV)

I left the room after the process began. No point staying. I know what will happen. I looked at the door, it read Project S-X A.

I smirked and continued walking down the hallway. Another door said NO/GG/IP. There was one that said Project MS.

I looked into another to see the Anti-Venom being shipped away, along with that dame Firebird. She is annoying everywhere. It's just too dame unpredictable.

"What's the current roster for the Spider's team?" I ask into my costume, encrypted, headpiece

"Himself, Ms Marvel, Spiderwoman, Iron Man, Black Widow, X-23, Jubilee and Scarlet Witch." The voice on the other side said

"Good." I replied. He better get better. He needs to be better. If he isn't then I win. And it wouldn't be any fun if I won too easily...

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