Plankton's Experiment

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: S I was reading some fanfics of my good ol' friend Eternal Smasher, and I got inspired again by his wonderful Luigi's Experiment story, and I noticed that I haven't written anything about Plankton yet, so I went and made this. Enjoy!

The Chum Bucket. So dark and moody. And evil. Inside lies the home of the evil Sheldon Jay Plankton, who's working on his greatest experiment yet...

"At last, my new potion is completed!" Plankton exclaimed evilly, laughing as he held a glass containing a green bubbling substance. "Now everyone will know of its greatness!"

Karen, his computer wife, was on the wall, sighing as she rolled her yellow electronic eyes. "Plankton, how many times have you tried experimenting?"

"Silence, Karen! Plankton interrupted as he looked at his green substance, "I have went to many colleges, and of them, I made the most at my favorite college, Plankton University!" He sighed as he lowered his eye, smiling broadly. "Yes, good ol' P.U..."

"That describes your life in a nutshell," Karen joked as she laughed.

Plankton glared at Karen, holding his potion with both of his stubby little green arms. "Anyway, with this, I can finally get the secret Krabby Patty formula and take over Bikini Bottom!" He laughed as he ran out of the Chum Bucket, his potion in tow.

Karen sighed as she moaned to herself, "I hope that weirdo plans to carry that in a backpack or something."

Plankton ran outside, his potion inside a metallic blue backpack as he was spotting yellow shorts for some odd reason. He held a nozzle that would expel the green substance. "With this in tow, taking over will be easy!" He laughed as he headed towards the Krusty Krab. "Prepare yourself, Eugune... I'm coming straight for ya..."