Plankton groaned as he was still flattened like a pancake, when King Neptune entered, using the design he had in the show. Plankton looked up, to see King Neptune above him, his large seagreen arms folded.

"Oh, hey your majesty..." Plankton chuckled nervously as he continued to struggle, "Care to pop me back to regular size?"

King Neptune scoffed. "Ha! Not a chance, Sheldon!" He snapped his fingers, causing a bluish warp to appear. He then pointed at the warp, bellowing with might, "I've been told of the crimes you have committed today, so now you're going to be punished by being swung into a completely different universe!"

"WHAT!" Plankton exclaimed in dismay, managing to pop himself back to normal. He then screamed as King Neptune grabbed him by the antenna.

"You're going to help out others in completely different universes to make up for all the trouble you have caused here today and all over the years!" King Neptune exclaimed as he tossed Plankton into the warp. "I hope you learn a valuable lesson from all this!"

Plankton screamed, flailing his arms as he disappeared inside the bluish warp. King Neptune clapped his hands twice, the warp disappearing completely. The fish customers were in awe as Karen sighed, shaking her head.

"I have a feeling that Plankton will blouse this up, as usual." Karen muttered.

And boy, did she knew, for Plankton would cause more mischief than good...

TO BE CONTINUED... in another story.