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I glanced across the room at him, his expression was blank has he shovelled a handful of chocolate chip cookies in his mouth. With his other hand he punched a number into his cell phone, holding it in level with his onyx eyes.

I automatically assumed that he was calling up Watari, but I couldn't take it much longer. The lust inside of me for L burned brighter than any flame I had ever seen; he was weird and a bit of a freak, but hell... so was I. With a swift feline-like motion I moved over to him and gripped the wrist of his arm that was holding up his mobile. I saw his eyes widen as they first darted at the intricate creases that my grip made on the sleeve of his crisp-white shirt and then to my face. L's brow crumpled as he tried to read my expression, but not wasting much more time I pulled him to his feet and crushed my heavy, aching lips to his.

I felt L's eyelashes flutter against my own and to my surprise, he quite hungrily kissed me back with the same vibrant enthusiasm that I had hoped I displayed in my kiss. My hands searched his body, drawing him closer and closer to me, until there was no air that could possibly pass between our bodies. His hands were secured behind my neck, tugging softly at my hair. L brushed his tongue slowly along my lower lip and I slowly slid my hands up his shirt.

To our horror Watari walked in on us, making out against the wall and stood there with his mouth gaping open.

"Um, L," He stammered, "Soichiro Yagami is here to see you."

I gulped when I realised that the intruder of L's and my intimate moment could have been my own father that walked in, instead of Watari and I doubted that he would simply readjust his glasses and clear his throat, to quickly conceal the shock, as Watari had tactfully done.

Running a hand through my hair, I glanced down and noticed the first five buttons on my shirt were undone, and then looked up and saw that L's hair was even more dishevelled than usual. A smile crept over my lips as L signalled to Watari to tell my father that he was currently busy. He nodded politely and smiled uncomfortably before leaving us alone (at last).

"Wow, that was ... interesting." I grinned at L and leant against an old cheap plywood cupboard that was situated in his hotel room.

He looked at me blankly and raised his eyebrows in confusion, but then simply shrugged while picking up a packet of Jelly Beans.

My heart sank.

He was acting like we had just had casual chit-chat and not made out and got caught in the act, hell; I didn't even know he swung that way.

"L, seriously... do you have nothing to say about what just happened?" I said in a small voice.

He frowned at me and placed the packet of Jelly Beans on the floral bed sheets and then shrugged.

"I don't quite understand what you're getting at Light." He flopped onto the bed, beside the packet and genuinely looked puzzled.

"We kissed," I snapped, crossing my arms over my chest.

He propped himself up on his elbows and looked at me with his dark, wide eyes.

"Yes, isn't that what friends do?"

I face palmed myself and almost growled at him.

"No! L are you slow or something, because seriously..." I hissed, fighting back the tears that pricked my eyes.

"No, but you're just my first friend and I saw you and Misa do it, so I thought it was a normal thing for two people that know each other to do." His gaze softened and he sprung up off of the bed and slouching, made his way over to me.

"Well, it's a romantic thing L, and it symbolises that you are for them."

L gripped me around my waist and softly planted a kiss on my lips. I angrily shoved him and scowled.

"What the hell, I just told you..." I started, but he cut me off.

"I know, I was trying out the practice of kidding around that 'normal' people our age do, so I claimed ignorance... I'm a genius, so of course I realise that a kiss is a display of affect-"

It was my turn to cut him off, I gently kissed his rosebud mouth.