Jessica Taylor and Charlotte Parker

A/N: I'm back with a new story. This one focuses on my two new characters and builds on their friendships with each other and their housemates. Set after TBR series 3 during TDG, hence lack of Frank and Sapph and Tracy, who according to twitters of cast members aren't returning. Want help with romances. Who do you want to be paired with who? Let me know. Read and Review please, Rebekah xx

Character profile of Jessica Taylor.

Name: Jessica Eleanor Taylor

Nickname: Jessie


Family: twin sister got run over while mum and dad have eloped to Kenya and left Jessica behind. NO RELATION TO TEE OR JOHNNY TAYLOR!

Appearance: tall and slim. She has straight dark brown hair which she has died the ends red and has also died a strand which she plaits and clips up red. She has green eyes and is fair skinned. She wears jeans, boots, t-shirts and cardigans

Personality: happy, caring, optimistic, friendly, quiet but a headstrong leader who is listened to. She has a spark about her that people like and respect her.

Other information: Can't swim and has serious claustrophobia.

Character profile of Charlotte Parker.

Name: Charlotte Hannah Parker

Nickname: Charlie

Age: 14

Family: Older brother called James who is at uni. Dad raped her and her mum died when she was 12 from cancer.

Appearance: Tall and slim. Light red hair that is wavy with brown eyes. Fair skinned with freckles under her eyes.

Personality: shy, introvert, quiet, loyal. Most of DG haven't heard her speak more than three words at once.

Other information: Has lived at DG for 1 month. Is three months pregnant and no-one except Mike, Melanie and Gina know. Has her own room, which was Frank's old room.