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Charlotte and Jessica were sat in maths together. Charlotte was really sad. "Jessie I miss her. It's been two months since she got moved. I just want to look after her," she told her. Jessica nodded.

"I know but she is in the best possible hands. And you see her every day," Jessica replied. Jessica understood where Charlotte was coming from. She missed having Maya around the house. "But just think. You turn fifteen in one week and Rick's seventeen. Both of you have got jobs, admittedly yours is part time on a weekend but Rick's is every day after school. The moment you are sixteen you can move in together and look after her for yourselves. It's one year, that's all," Jessica explained. Jessica had already turned fifteen too.

Charlotte nodded. "I suppose you are right Jessie. And Rick has been so supportive," she agreed. The end of school bell rang and the two girls packed up their work. They walked down the street to visit Maya. The door opened and the two girls were led inside.

"She's not feeling to good today Charlie. We think the lack of insulin may be having a bit of an effect," Lisa, the careworker told them. Charlotte nodded as they walked into Maya's room. Maya looked up at them. She had blue eyes and fair blonde hair.

"Mumma, Jezzie," Maya gurgled happily. She crawled over to them and gave Charlotte a big hug. Jessica just smiled at them both. She'd got used to being called Jezzie by Maya. The doorbell rang and footsteps could be heard coming up the stairs towards them. Rick leant against the doorframe and watched as Charlotte played with Maya.

"hi 'Jezzie'," he teased. Jessica glared at him.

"From her I can take it. From you, no way," Jessica told him. He smirked and walked over to Charlotte and Maya.

"How are my favourite girls?" he asked. Maya nodded happily and hugged Rick. Charlotte just smiled and leant her arm on him.

"Rick," Maya said cheerfully and pulled at his sleeve to show him her new toys. Charlotte walked back to Jessica.

"They get on so well," Charlotte told her. Jessica nodded. She looked at her watch and pointed out the time. Charlotte sighed. "Maya. We've got to go I'm afraid," Charlotte explained. Maya looked sad and hugged her mum. She then hugged Jessica and Rick.

"Bye Mumma, Jezzie, Rick," she said sadly. Jessica led the way out. Charlotte hugged Rick as they walked back to Elm Tree. Jessica pulled her key out and opened the door. Mike came out of the office.

"Oh Jessie, thank goodness you are back. There's a lawyer here to see you, just go into the office please," he said. Jessica exchanged a look with Rick and Charlotte. They both looked worried. Jessica walked into the office and sat down opposite a young woman. Mike followed her in. "Jessica this is Abby Mayland. She is a lawyer from Kenyan Institutes." Jessica's face paled.

"Mum, dad?" she asked. Abby nodded.

"Hello Jessica. Well the reason I'm here is that social services got in contact with me about your parents. I found them and I spoke to them. The house they have here in the UK belongs to you now. They've paid it off and put the deed in your name. The moment you turn sixteen you can move in. However I have some bad news as well. Shortly after I spoke to them your father passed away. He got malaria and was unable to be treated quick enough. Your mother is still alive but is staying in Kenya. I can tell you she's found another man and she is planning to marry him," Abby informed Jessica with a strong Kenyan accent.

Jessica sat in silence for a bit. She took it all in. "So mum's getting remarried, already!" Jessica said angrily. "I hate her. She couldn't even be bothered to tell me herself!" Jessica stood up. "thank you for coming Miss Mayland. I appreciate it," Jessica said before running out and up the stairs. She threw herself onto her bed, started crying and then paused. She raised her head and looked up. Elektra was sat on her bed. Elektra smiled weakly. Jessica sighed. "Sorry, I should have checked," Jessica told her. Elektra shook her head.

"No you shouldn't. It's your room too. What's up?" she asked kindly. Jessica shook her head.

"My dad has died and now my mum is getting remarried within only a couple of weeks of his death. Everything is fine Elektra. Just fine," Jessica replied sarcastically. Elektra grimaced and stood up before wrapping her arms around her.

"Don't worry. We're all here for you," Elektra replied.