"I'm leaving, Mom," Ayumi told her mother as she walked out the front door of the apartment in her school uniform. She then stopped. "Hey, Mom."

"Huh?" her mother asked. Ayumi was silent for a moment before she looked at he mother with grateful eyes.

"Thanks." Her mother smiled at her.

"Have a good day," her mother waved to her as she walked away. When she got out of the building and started walking in front of the neighbor's house, the dog got up and started barking at her. Ayumi was first scared, but then took a nervous step forward.

"I never introduced myself, did I?" Ayumi asked it. "My name is Ayumi. Nice to meet you, Momo-chan." Momo stopped growling at her and started to wag its tail. When she got to school and into her classroom, three of her classmates were once again talking about PreCure.

"PreCure is so amazing!" one of them said.

"I know! I know!" the second one said.

"They were so cool!" said the third one.

"Um…" Ayumi accidentally said out loud. The three girls turned to look at her. "Um… I love the PreCure, too."

"You do, Sakagami-san?" the first girl asked. Ayumi shook her head, making the girls wondered what she meant by it.

"Call me Ayumi," Ayumi told them, putting a smile on her face.

Nearing the end of the school day, thirty girls, 29 in school uniforms and the youngest in her regular clothes, were walking towards Ayumi's school. They were all smiling the whole walk over, ready for whatever came next in their lives.


Together we are unstoppable,
It's a Miracle that your here with me (LETS GO!)
We will fight, with all of our might
For this world that we all hold so dear! (LETS GO!)

(PreCure! Yeah! Cure! PreCure! Yeah!)

Everyone will have a moment,
When their dreams come true (True, true, true, true!)
Filled with excitement
They come running to you (You, you, you, you!)

Pre Pretty PreCure! (PRETTY CURE!)
Cure Cure Cure Team (MAX HEART!)
All Star Cure Team! (Super Splash Star!)
Always being ready in nick of time! (Yeah!)

Transforming all of the time
Flashing colors that create a rainbow! (Aha!)
If you need us just give us a call
We'll be there in an instant if you just believe (ah ah!)

(PreCure! Yeah! Cure! PreCure! Yeah!)

All of our hearts are connected
When we're a team (Te-te-te-team!)
With friends like all of you
I can still be me (Me, me, me ,me, Me!)

Pre Pretty PreCure (TimeSteam Pretty Cure!)
Cure Cure Cure Team (Pretty Cure 5!)
All Star Cure Team (5! Go Go!)
Never backing down from a fight! (Yeah!)

Together we are unstoppable
It's a Miracle that your here with me (LETS GO!)
We will fight, with all of our might
For this world that we all hold so dear! (LETS GO!)

(PreCure! Yeah! Cure! PreCure! Yeah!)

I count myself lucky that
I've been given this gift (Of changing UP!)
So I promise to help others
When there in need (Oh Oh Oh Yeah!)

Pre Pretty PreCure! (PRECURE!)
Cure Cure Cure Team (Fresh PreCure!)
All Star Cure Team! (HeartCatch!)
Always being ready in nick of time! (Yeah!)

Everyone one has a dream deep inside
It's up to us to make your dreams come true! (Oh! Oh!)
If I cry, promise that you'll try
And make me feel better again (Yeah! Yeah!)

(PreCure! Yeah! Cure! PreCure! Yeah!)

Even if you're far away I'll
Have our memories (Me-mor-mor-ies!)
They will always be within me
Considering all we've done! (Done-Done-Done-Done!)

Pre Pretty PreCure (Suite! Suite PreCure!)
Cure Cure Cure Team (Smile, Smile, Smile, Smile, Smile!)
All Star Cure Team (PreCure All Star!)
Never backing down from a fight! (Yeah!)

The stars in the sky give me hope
That we will meet once again.
You've taught me not to worry
Because we live under the same magical sky! (Yeah!)

Together we are unstoppable
It's a Miracle that your here with me (LETS GO!)
We will fight, with all of our might
For this world that we all hold so dear! (LET'S GO!)

Together we are unbeatable
It's because we all are PreCure!


(PreCure! Yeah! Cure! PreCure!)

Come on, Let's Go!

"Hey! Ayumi-chan!" Ayumi heard a familiar voice as she left school grounds. She looked to her right and saw Nagisa, Saki, Shelby and Miyuki (the one who called for her). "Come with us!"

"We have a surprise for you!" Nagisa added.

"Hurry up!" Saki yelled after her. Slowly putting a smile on her face, Ayumi ran over to the four.

"Follow us!" Shelby told her with a smile on her face. Ayumi didn't understand what she was saying, but Shelby grabbed her wrist and pulled her along for the ride as Nagisa and Saki ran ahead of them while Miyuki ran next to Ayumi.

After a little bit of running, the five of them reached a park with all of the others there as well. Silver was getting a camera ready for a group picture. Everyone was talking to each other as they waited for the others.

"They're here," Tsubomi was the first to notice their arrival. Everyone looked at the five arriving as they ran up to them.

"Camera's ready!" Silver told everyone before repeating it in English. Everyone started to gather up in a giant group. "On the count of three! One… two… three!" He clicked the button.

Unbeknownst to the girls, the camera took two photos simultaneously. Once just with them and a second one with Silver and all the faeries in it. The only thing both pictures had in common was that everyone was smiling.

Once again, I do not own Pretty Cure any of the PreCure groups except for TimeStream Pretty Cure and out of that, I do not own Silver or the Chaos Emeralds. The final song was dubbed by PreCureFandubz with lyrics by Mandy Mefford. I only made a few changes to the song to reflect the fanfic. I hope you all enjoyed this fanfic! Please leave a review of your thoughts about it. I hope (in your eyes) it was better than the movie. ;D