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Kendall Knight has always been a born leader. He was always there for one of his band mates when needed. In this case, Logan desperately needed him.


Logan Mitchell had just got home from school. His father didn`t care enough to pick him up from school, so that meant that Logan had to walk 15 miles home in the freezing Minnesota snow.

"Logan! Get up here!" Lucas Mitchell yelled from upstairs. That scream sent a shiver down the innocent boys back. He rushed upstairs to where his angry father was.

"Yes Dad." Logan said to his dad, a little nervous in his voice. His father huffed a breath.

Mr. Mitchell said nothing. He got up from the couch he was sitting on and slapped his innocent son across the face with full force. He then punched Logan very hard in the stomach. Lucas left Logan on the floor holding his stomach in pain. He locked the door from the outside so that Logan was locked in the room. Logan heard his dad leave the house. He thankfully had his phone with him. He immediately called Kendall. Kendall was the only person that knew about the abuse his father gives Logan.

"Hey Logan." Kendall said into his phone knowing it was Logan due to caller ID. Logan was breathing heavily.

"Kendall- It It`s my dad! He hurt me. I`m locked in a room and my dad left me." Logan explained. Kendall was angry at Lucas. Logan was the best person he knew! He did NOT deserve that crap!

"Okay Loges I`ll be right over!" Kendall said. They both hung up and Kendall rushed over. Logan clutched his stomach in pain.

Ten minutes later, Kendall was at Logan`s house.

"Logan! Where are you? It`s me, Kendall!" Kendall yelled not knowing what room Logan was in.

"U- Up here!" Logan answered. Kendall followed Logan`s voice. Kendall found the room Logan was locked in and he unlocked the wooden door.

"Logan!" Kendall cried seeing his best friend laying on the wooden floor crying out in pain. He ran over to his injured friend and helped him up.

Logan was on his feet but was dizzy. Kendall had Logan put his arm around his shoulder for balance. Logan had a large red mark on his left cheek from when his dad slapped him. That cheek was numb. His stomach hurt the most though. His Dad has always hurt him, but he has never hit Logan so hard.

"Logan what hurts?" Kendall asked. Logan took a gasp of air.

"My stomach hurts Kendall. He- He punched me and he slapped me! Kendall I can`t take it anymore!" Logan cried. Logan was in agony and he was angry at his father. What did he ever do to him? He was like a slave to him! He was always abused for no reason!

"Well that is going to be the last time you will ever be hurt by him!" Kendall said. Kendall was so mad at Lucas! It was so unfair!

"What do you mean Kendall?" Logan asked. He was confused. He highly doubted that Lucas would ever stop hurting him.

"Pack your things. We`re leaving!"

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