The Life of Lolita ~ Chapter 1: A disastrous first day

A/N: Hey guys! In the previous chapter that I wrote of The Story of Bella Bachelor, I wrote an entire long paragraph on Lolita Goth. And I decided to write her life story, from her starting school, to Mortimer's birth, all the way up to her death. Don't worry though, still doing SOBB but this is like a side story, if that makes any sense. Please note, the writing style and language may vary throughout the chapters, because of Lolita's age. The story spans 10 years, but some ages may or may not be missed out. Anyway, let's get started!

'Wake up Lolita, it's your first day of school!' I woke up and saw Mommy and Daddy standing beside my bed.

'Aww! Can't I stay on bed just a little bit longer? Pleeaase?'

My name is Lolita Alicia Goth, but you can just call me Lolita, or even Lolly for short! My mommy and daddy are called Cornelia Vera Goth, and Gunther Mason Goth! I don't have any brothers or sisters, but I hope that I will soon! I'm 4 years old and live in a huge house on the hill in my town, it's called Sunset Valley. I've been told that I am very smart for my age, but why does that matter? My bestest friend in the whole entire world is Holly Alto, and people say it's because we are both from rich families, but why do they say that? That isn't very nice! Anyway, today is my first day of school and I'm really excited!

Mommy dressed me in a white shirt with a bow on the front and a black skirt. She also tied my red hair into a ponytail. I wonder what Holly's wearing today?

The only problem was that we had to ride a bus to school, from the bus stop. But the bus stop was all the way down at the bottom of the hill. Mommy walked me down to there and then left me! There was other kids there who I could talk to. A girl who was a few years older than me came over and smiled.

'Hi! I'm Jessica and I'm 7 years old! What's your name?'

'My name is Lolita and I'm 4. It's my first day today.' I smiled at her.

'Well Lolita, it's also the first day for my brother Michael! He's also 4.' She leaned in to whisper to me. 'But you don't have to be nice to him, I'm on your side.' She winked and I grinned.

Yes, there were actually only three of us here. I wonder how Jessica managed by herself before today! The bus finally arrived and I climbed on to it, and quickly found Holly, sitting right at the front. She smiled wide when I sat down next to her.

'Hi Lolly! Are you excited? I'm not!' she complained.

'Nope Holls, I'm not either.' I agreed.

The bus ride was about fifteen minutes, because we had to drive all the way into Riverview to get to our school. They are meant to be building one in Sunset Valley, but still no sign of it! On the journey there though, I noticed Holly staring at Michael, who smiled at her. This put me in a bad mood, I felt left out. We finally arrived at the school. I suddenly felt very nervous! I grabbed Holly's hand as we walked up the steps into the huge doors.

3 and a half hours later

It's lunch time! So far I've only talked to one person, called Ashley. She's alright. But what I hate is that Holly seems to have a new best friend- Michael Bachelor! I hate him already. I sit by myself at lunch seeing as Holly sat at a table that was already full. I HATE HER! I REALLY DO HATE HER! LEAVING HER BEST FRIEND ON THE VERY FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!

I tried not to cry as I attempted to eat this excuse of a meal, it tasted horrible! I heard nearby movement and I looked up to see that Jessica had sat herself across from me, along with another girl who looked very pretty with jet black hair, just like Jess with her golden brown hair.

'Remember me? From this morning?' I nodded. 'Well, this is my best friend Zelda.' I smiled at Zelda, and she smiled back.

'Anyway, I see that my idiotic brother seems to have stolen your best friend away from you already?' Again, I nodded. 'Well, if you want I can go over there and yell at him in front of everyone? I hate him, I'd much rather have a little sister any day!' She scoffed. 'So, what do you say?'

'Really? You would do that? Please!' I grinned. I'd found friendship in an older girl.

'Jess would do that any day, she's that nice!' smiled Zelda. She also seemed really nice!

Jessica stood up and walked over to the table where Holly and Michael were sat. No sooner did he question her existence, he was yanked up out of his seat and was kept still by Jessica's hands on his shoulders.

'WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, HUH? WHAT KIND OF BROTHER ARE YOU?' Wow. Her personality changed quick.

'W-what do you mean, Jessica?' That got him.

'Let's think about it. See my little friend over there? Lolita? Know her? Yeah, thanks to you, she now has no friends on the first day! You serious idiot. And don't talk to me either.' She dropped him back into his seat, at least half of the canteen was staring. Holly was looking sadly in my direction. I glared at her, stuck my tongue out and then turned away, just as Jess sat down again.

'See Lolita, if you ever need help with anything, Jessica and I will always be here to help.' said Zelda. Then they both said goodbye, and left. I soon followed and ran to the bathrooms. I locked myself into a cubicle and sat down. I must have been in there for hours when I heard someone walk in.

'Lolita? Are you in here?'

It's Holly. I remained silent. I heard her walk around a little bit.

'Lolita, I know you're in here. Don't make me raise me voi-'


After a few seconds of silence, Holly burst out crying.

'I'm sorry okay!'

'No you're not. You should have thought about that before you did what you did. Lunch time in the canteen was the final straw. You're no best friend of mine!'

Just then, the school bell rang and I slammed the cubicle door open straight into Holly's face. Oops. Anyway, I sprinted out of school as fast as I could before any of the teachers caught me. And then- OOOF! I went flying straight into none other than Michael Stupid-loser Bachelor. GRR! As he stood up, I kicked him in the shin and made a break for the bus, which thankfully was already there. I made my way to the back and slouched down on the seat. I noticed that Jessica and Zelda sat beside me.

'Hey Lolita, I saw what you did to Michael there. Good kid. I like you.' smiled Jessica.

'Well, it was an accident. Actually, the kicking wasn't, but..'

'It's fine. As you can tell, I don't exactly get on well with my brother. Let's just say that last year he did something unforgivable. I won't say it now on the bus, but I will another time.' She then smiled at me. She really is pretty and nice at the same time. Then I noticed where Zelda was looking. My knee was bleeding pretty bad. Oh well, I'll live. I'm actually a bit of a daredevil, despite my good girl personality around my parents and other adults. Long story.

The bus finally stopped at my bus stop, and I got off along with Jess and -barf- Michael. Sure enough, Mommy was standing there waiting for me. I ran towards her and gave her a huge hug.

'Oh dear, Lolita, what on earth happened to your knee?' I saw Michael staring at me, I let him off just this once.

'I tripped and fell over before I got on the bus home.'

'Oh dear. Well, let's go home and get you cleaned up. How was Holly feeling today?'

How should I answer this? Umm...

'She made new friends.'

'And you did too?'

'Yeah, two 7 year olds called Jessica and Zelda. They are really nice.'

'Did you not make friends with any of the others?'

I sighed. 'No. Hey mommy, what's for dinner?'

This got her distracted. 'Steak and mash potato with gravy. Sound nice?'


Overall, today was a horrible day.

A/N: What do you think? I know, dang, Jessica has a huge personality change in this story! She matures with age ;) Zelda still sounds similar though. And also, I know what you're all thinking, for a 4 year old, Lolita has an extremely advanced vocab lmao! Notice her slight personality change when she's around her parents. I think I might write a new chapter for Bella's story now, and update this one soon! Bye!