-| My Secret |-

I stared at the clock. Komui was sitting in his special room-the basement. That's where he does all his lab stuff that I honestly don't want to know about. Ever so his friends come over and work with him. So long as he isn't working on another robot I'm fine with whatever he does... As long as he doesn't blow the house up or light the house on fire or anything hazardous. Also, I hope he doesn't bring in anymore venomous snakes and spiders. Especially the spiders. Okay, simply, I care as long as he does not go overboard with any horrid experiment to protect my innocence. Thankfully, though, Reever and Mr. Russel are here to keep him out of trouble today. For me, well, I got very special plans with a special somebody. A somebody my Brother cannot know about because you know, he has this insane sister complex...

So to make sure my special somebody doesn't get into danger with my Brother I made sure not to tell anyone about him. Not Lavi, not Kanda, not Reever, not Komui. Only I know. I just hope it stays that way for the time being. "Brother, I'm going out now!" I shout down the stairs to the basement.


I back up as my one and only Brother bolts up the stairs and runs into a wall, tyring to place me in his death hug. I can imagine the mess on his face right now. His nose is probably running and his eyes are pink and puffy as tears pooled out of them. A whiney, shrilly pitch voice speaks, and a pout crossing his face. "YOU MUSTN'T GO SEE THOSE FIENDS! THOSE BOYS! LAVI AND KANDA ARE ATROCIOUS OCTOPUSES! MY DEAR-"

"I'm hanging out with Miranda, Komui." I say automatically.

"Miranda?" There we go. That's how you coax him. I smile and nodded. Komui grins madly as he fixes his glasses. "Oh well, then, what are you two going to do?"

See? Miranda may not be my age, but she is a dear family friend. I've known her for a long time and so has Komui. He likes it when I hang out with the girls. Especially Miranda. You can never expect her to do anything scandalous. Although she is engaged to Kanda's eldest brother, Noise Marie. Such a wonderful couple. Even still, Miranda is definitely not scandalous and Brother can always expect me to come home with my virginity intact. Although he should always expect that. "I'm helping Miranda plan her wedding. It's going to be a big day for her. I thought I could help her. Is that alright, Brother?" I tell him, feeling partcially guilty for lying to him.

"Oh, but of course Lenalee! Say hello to Miranda for me. I understand her wedding's importance. Can you imagine the wreck she's in now just worrying about it? Anyways, I wish you luck and be home by 10 o'clock!" Komui said gleefully.

"Will do." I chrip and kiss his cheek with an additional hug. He'll be too happy to think anything is wrong with that. "I love you, Komui! Bye!"

I slowly walk out the door, waving bye to my Brother as I leave. I walk past our van and Reever's car. I guess Mr. Russell hasn't arrived yet. Oh well. Reever should be able to keep the hazards down to a minimal, right? You know what? Who cares? I don't! I got away from Komui and now I get to go meet Him. As I leave the block, my excitement riles my nerves and I make a run for it. I'm heading to the Rose Fesitival on the west part of Central City. It's going to be my first real date with Him in a long time. Between trying to get away from Komui and my friends while keeping up with school, phew, hard work. Especially if you're trying to maintain a secret relationship with someone. Not to mention he is busy, busy, busy, busy, too. I know he has a few jobs and school to keep up with. See, I go to a private school called Heart Quest Institute, but everyone calls it HQ (Institute) or plain Headquarters. So, anyways, it costs a lot of money unless you have a scholarship. As for Him, he attends another private school called Ark Academy. It also costs a bunch of money unless you have a scholarship. Since he has neither, he works to pay for it, but now both of us have more time because it's summer and school is almost three months away.

Continuing, I see the first rose stand and I literally jump for joy. To top it all off, not many people were here yet, so I should be able to find him quickly. I'm already late, but he's so understanding, he'll forgive me. I run through the streets, trying to spot that adorable boy. The Rose Festival was taking up quite a few streets this year so it was rather large and spacious. The spacious part should help me unearth-there he is! I stop running and take a breather. I hope it doesn't look Iike I've been running. That'd be a tad embarrassing. So I adjust my skirt and pull my shirt down a little. I make sure my hair was out of my face, taking a few breaths. He didn't seem to have noticed I have arrived yet. I take this time to examine him with a proud smile.

His hair was an odd color for a 15-year-old. It was pure white, as white as the snowflakes in winter, as white as chalk, as white as white could be. His skin was unusually pale, but his hair helped in contrasting with the hue of his skin. His lips were a rosy pink. The most peculiar thing about him had to be his scar. It was in the form of a star or pentacle above his left eye, then a line was inked down to his cheekbone, swerving off to the to side even move a little bit above his cheekbone. It was colored red. There was also another secret he had that not many people knew about other than himself and me. His left arm wasn't normal, but that's a story for another time. Then he's wearing black leather pants with a white t-shirt, and he had a black jacket on, aslo giving the impression of being made of leather. He had his handy gloves on both his hands, but these ones were white. Truthfully he comes off as a goth, but he really isn't. He is completely refined, kind, loving, caring, gentle, polite, courteous, and his name is-"Allen!" I say, jumping up behind him and pulling on his cheeks a little. "Got'cha!"

Allen turned around and smiled, rubbing his now sore and pinkish cheeks. I take the glove off his right hand, knowing he wouldn't mind of course, slipping my hand in his as I stuffed his glove in his pocket. "Lenalee, that hurt." he whined.

"Sorry, I couldn't resist."

His smile widened. He pulled me closer and I let him. I used my other hand to curl around his arm. Inwardly I wonder to myself how Allen can wear black in summer when the sun's heat should be cooking him. Wasn't it hot for him? Well, so long as he's comfortable I'm fine with it. "In that case, Lenalee," Allen whispered in my ear, leaning toward my face and I could feel his breath on my face. I smiled at him and he leaned in, kissing my cheek gently before sliding over to my lips. It wasn't long, but it was satisfying to an extent. When he pulled away I wanted his lips back on mine, but I didn't go for another kiss. "I can't resist you."

"Isn't that why you were the one to ask me out first?" I tell him.

He chuckled, nudging his head against mine comfortably. "I suppose."

Allen and I walked around the Rose Festival. He would talk about his jobs or I would say something about my friends or HQ. I tried my best to stay off the topic of my Brother because that was a touchy, or lousy, subject. I know I can't hide this from him forever, but I am insecure about telling him about my relationship for Allen's sake. He'll be mad at me because I am dating him and because I didn't tell him. Things will get worse for Allen, too, if Brother finds out about him. I don't want Komui to kill him, but I don't want to feel guilty about lying to my Brother. This time it was well worth it, but what about after a dozen more times? No... No! Komui CANNOT find out. "So how is your job going at Krory's Castle?" I ask.

Allen snickered, studying a rose stand. He admires them and soon I follow. They were huge and beautiful, so beautiful. Just like Allen. The petals flaked out perfectly, the center wasn't concealed in its bud like a few weeks ago. Each and every rose was in full bloom, blossoming proudly as they sat on display. I was in awe as my fingers brushed the silky petal. I picked one up and brought it to my nose, sniffing its perfume. Splendid. "They smell amazing." I commented.

Allen watched me, I could feel his eyes on me. I never let go of his hand, but I released his arm, taking in the scent of the roses, letting my eyes be fulfilled by their beauty. I was completely drawn in by them that I hadn't noticed Allen was picking a few out, taking them off display. "Excuse me, Miss, pardon me, but can you tell me how much is it for three of these roses?" Allen asked.

The lady at the stand nodded. I didn't pay too much attention to them as they spoke about the price and the roses since I had been content with just smelling and viewing the lovely roses. It was when a white rose popped its way in front of my face that I realized Allen had bought them. I looked at him, but he only smiled at me. "A rose for m'lady." Allen said softly.

I graciously take the white rose, thinking about how much it reminded me of Allen because of his pale skin and white hair. The petals were glistening. I ultimately knew these roses were freshly picked, my guess was this morning. The white rose was grand. It belonged in a palace because of how grand it was. The blossomed flowered was breathtaking. That also reminded me of the first time I met my boyfriend. He had been absolutely breathtaking. During that moment I met him I forgot how to breathe actually. In my eyes Allen had been handsome and unique. When I met him I knew just how much I wanted to be with him. From the first moment I had laid my eyes on this young man I was swept off my feet and fell hard for him. "Why, thank you, Allen." I take the rose from his hand and we walk away. Not before Allen placed another pink rose in my hair by my ear. It was like I was stuck in a romance movie. "About your job at Krory's Castle?" I continue to pursue.

"It's lively. With all the kids there I never have a free moment. Keeps me busy." Allen explained heartily.

"That's good. I remember going to Krory's Castle when I was younger, frankly I still go there sometimes, but I recall the many wonderful toys. It was like Santa's little workshop had transferred to the south in the middle of July."

"It is a kid's dream land."

I nodded in agreement. Krory's Castle was the best toy store anywhere. It was better than Toys-R-Us, Built-A-Bear Workshop, toy shelves at the stores, and even better than arcades, too! I should mention that it's almost as big as the mall in the center of town. It really was the size of a castle. So many floors and so many rooms filled with toys, clothes, arcades, places you can built your own toys, kids care, party rooms, laser tags, and the rest of the whole nine yards. It was amazing! "And your other jobs?" I question.

"Fulfilling. I can't say it's as entertaining as Krory's Castle, though." Allen laughed, setting a red rose in his pocket as he turned his head in my direction. "And you? How are your friends doing? Did you pass school alright? Need any tutoring for next year?"

"Actually, my friends are doing just fine. There's this lady I know, Miranda Lotto, and she's getting married soon. I am helping her with the plans. What's even better is that it's Kanda's older brother, Marie. I've been waiting so long for them to get together and now they're engaged!" I said enthusaistically.

Allen's gaze softened. "That's wonderful, Lenalee."

Yes, it was definitely wonderful. Miranda will finally have someone other than her Grand Father clock to rely on. I am praying Marie can help her nerves and bring her some more confidence. "As for school, I only got one C and that was in math. I'm good at science, go figure, but not math. When math is added to the equation-no pun intended-it's difficult for me. All my other classes were mostly A's and few B's."

I heard Allen whisper something about that being good. He was proud of me because of that. That made me feel better. He was always so nice and so happy, especially when I do something good. You wanna know what is also so great about him? If I get something done with my hair, he notices. If I get new shoes, he compliments them. When I wear fancy or new clothes, he says I look spectacular. When I put on makeup, he says I look even better without it, that my orginal look is perfect without it. So now I have like-by the way, it's a total estimation-almost 30 dollars extra every month. When I put a different perfume on, he says it matches my delicacy. Allen knew all the right things to say. I never want to let him go. Never. "You want to know what sounds good right now, Lenalee?" Allen asked.


"Ice cream!"

I laughed at him, gently shoving him. Did I mention how much of a glutton he is when it comes to food? Ice cream does sound like a good idea, that I had to agree with. So we walk up to an ice cream shop that was on this street. "Hey Allen, can you tell me about your friends?" I ask.

"My friends?" Allen repeats, giving me this strange look I've never seen on his face, but when the man at the cashier comes back he turns around to order our ice cream. "One large twisty with sprinkles and M&M's in a waffle bowl please." he pauses, looking at me. "A large strawberry milkshake and a medium banana split with hot fudge also."

The man put in our orders and Allen paid him. We waited off to the side for our ice cream to come and when it did, Allen immediately took his large twisty (chocolate and vanilla mixed together) and started gobbling it down. I rolled my eyes at him as I picked up our milkshake and grabbed my banana split. I don't think I'll be able to eat the whole thing, though. Unlike Allen I don't have a bottomless pit of stomach. I can finish a small, but I hardly eat a whole medium on my own. Plus we got my favorite milkshake! I have to drink some of it. What's a pity is that Allen's favorite milkshake is vanilla, but if you go far in depths to one of the special milkshakes, then his ultimate favorite was a cookies and cream double brownie chocolate mint milkshake. It's a mouthful, too. Speaking of mouthful, Allen's face was stuffed with his ice cream. I laughed as we sat down at a table. He winced, setting his waffle bowl down and gulping his delicious ice cream down as if it were all liquids as he began rubbing his head. "Brain freeze!"

"Oh, Allen, stop eating so fast and you won't have to worry about that!" I scold him, shaking my head at his foolishness. He could be such a child sometimes. "Slow down, alright?"

"Uh, sure." Allen mumbles, taking one massive spoonful at a time. Trust me, those were smaller spoonfuls than last time because firstly, you couldn't see the spoon last time and secondly, he ate it so fast that you couldn't really notice the spoonful. I drank some of the milkshake before I took a bite of my banana split, but after so long, I couldn't stomach much more. By now Allen was sipping down the strawberry goodness as I slowed my eating pace. Allen caught on to what my problem was, so he took his spoon and started eating my snack as well. For the second time I rolled my eyes at him as he offered me a smile. Definitely childish.

When I got home later on that night, I passed the kitchen to see Komui brewing some tea. He smiled at me as I swooned and sighed. I had such a terrific time with Allen today and it was only the beginning of summer vacation. "How did everything go, Lenalee?" Komui asked.

"Rather well in my opinion."

Komui poured me a cup of hot tea. I took a small sip, swooning again as I thought about Allen. I love my secret, I love him, and I know he loves me. Now if only I could get my Brother to come to an understanding about that. I can't have my secret remain that way forever. Komui will find out eventually. "That's great. I'm glad you had fun today, Lenalee." Komui says. If only he really knew how happy Allen makes me. If only he knew what he was saying was for my happiness with Allen, not Miranda's wedding plans. Sure I do simple things with Allen. All I do is talk to him, get ice cream, receive flowers, all those normal things a regular teenage girl should experience with a guy she likes. I just wish Komui would accept Allen when he finds out.

I just didn't realize how fast he would find out about Allen.

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