This is a Crossover of many different cartoon characters from different shows.

The New Season

Michael- Hello. I'm your host Michael. I'll be hosting this season. What's this all about you say. Well it's all about 24 different cartoon characters on an island to play against each other for 1 million dollars. Pretty cool huh? Yeah there 3 cartoon characters from 8 different shows are arriving to get things started and I see one of the choppers are coming.

Chopper comes and Ed, Edd, and Eddy come out.

Michael- Alright I see we have our three contestants.

Edd- Contestants?

Michael- Yeah your on a game show. Just sit back and wait for the others to arrive.

Eddy- Game show! For what?

Michael- For a prize. Just sit back and wait.

The second chopper comes and Courage, Eustace, and Katz.

Michael- Alright so Courage you ready?

Courage- Uh ready for what?

Michael- Nothing just sit next to Ed, Edd, Eddy please.

Courage takes a sit next to them.

Michael- So Eustace How's it been going?

Eustace- What do you think?

Michael- Just asking dude. You don't have to get so defensive. Alright Katz How have you been doing?

Katz- Great as usual.

Michael- Sweet. Well go on with the others.

Katz- Okay.

The third chopper arrives with Bloo, Mac,and Frankie.

Michael- Sweet! So Bloo How are you feeling?

Bloo- Oh I'm feeling so great. (sarcastically)

Michael- You know you could show some care.

Bloo- As if!

Michael- Wow pretty rude. Okay so moving on, hey Mac.

Mac- Hey Michael. It's so great to be on this show. I'm ready!

Michael- Cool. Just sit with the others.

Mac- Alright!

Michael- So Frankie how does it feel to be on a show?

Frankie- This is a show. You call this a show.

Frankie points at damaged and poor condition areas.

Michael- Yeah yeah it's not the best but it's still a show.

Frankie- weird show to me.

Michael- Whatever moving on.

The fourth chopper comes with Lazlo, Patsy, and Edward.

Michael- Hey Lazlo!

Lazlo- Hey Michael! Wow I'm on an island!

Michael- you sure are.

Lazlo- Wow! That's great!

Michael- Dude do you have anything else to say?

Lazlo- not really.

Michael- then you wouldn't mind taking a seat with your fellow contestants.

Lazlo- Sure I don't mind.

Michael- Alright now go.

Lazlo- Okay.

Michael- Hey Patsy you ready for this?

Patsy- Well I don't know?

Michael- Look it's either your ready or your not. You can't be like uh I don't know. Come on.

Patsy- Okay then I'm ready.

Michael- Sweet! Now move along.

Patsy- okay.

Michael- Edward the Platypus. What's going on?

Edward- Oh nothing just having a big migraine since I was in the chopper with Lazlo for almost an hour!

Michael- Dude you don't have to yell!

Edward- I'm going to yell when I want to!

Michael- Alright look shut up and just go sit where the others are sitting.

Edward walks to the bench with an angry face.

Michael- Man what's up with him?

Soon the fifth chopper came with Mordecai, Rigby, and Margaret.

Michael- Alright new cartoon network characters. Lets start with Mordecai. So how's it been?

Mordecai- It's been great.

Michael- Okay dude your in my spotlight now go sit down with the others next is Rigby.

Mordecai- that was pretty short.

Michael- get used to it buddy.

Rigby- Ha Mordecai's a loser!

Michael- take it easy bro.

Rigby- fine!

Michael- Anyways how's it been going?

Rigby- it sucks. I can't wait to get this thing over with.

Michael- Alright your starting to get annoying finally we have Margaret.

Margaret- It's been good.

Michael- Okay just sit over where the others.

The sixth chopper soon came holding Finn, Jake, and Marceline.

Michael- Sweet! More new cartoon network characters.

Finn- Alright! I'm going for this one!

Michael- Wait what?

Finn- Nothing man. So how's it been?

Michael- hey hey hey I'm the one that says that! So how's it been?

Finn- uh great.

Michael- Alright that's great to hear now if you go sit down with the other contestants behind me then I would really appreciate it.

Finn- Uh alright.

Michael- Cool. Alright so Jake. How are you feeling?

Jake- Me well I'm feeling stoked to be here and I'm really happy you chose me.

Michael- Your an awesome character dude but not as awesome as another character here.

Jake- Wait what?

Michael- nothing just sit with the others and we'll be ready in a few minutes.

Jake- What's that supposed to mean I'm not as awesome than another character?

Michael- Alright Marceline. How's it been going?

Marceline- it's good.

Michael- Alright so go sit with the others so I can greet the next contestants.

Marceline- whatever.

Next comes Chowder, Mung, and Schnitzel.

Michael- So Chowder how's-

Chowder- It's been great. Wow I wonder how great tastes.

Michael- same old Chowder I see. Now go sit with the others.

Chowder- others! I wonder how that tastes.

Michael- just get out of here. Anyways Mung how's your restaurant business going?

Mung- oh it's going terrible. We've been losing costumers left and right and to make it possible for our restaurant to have money that's the reason why Schnitzel, Chowder and I are here.

Michael- well good luck with that. So Schnitzel how's it going?

Schnitzel- Rada Rada Rada Rada. (it's alright.)

Michael- sweet now if you go with your blue friend Mung to the others.

Mung- lets go Schnitzel.

Schnitzel- Rada rada. (whatever you say)

Finally the last chopper arrived. Coming out of it was Billy, Mandy ,and Grim.

Michael- Alright the last three. So Billy you ready?

Billy- (laughs awkwardly) yeah! yeah! yeah! yeah! yeah! Yeah!

Michael- uh ooooooooooookayyyyyyy. So Mandy what's your story?

Mandy- What are you? Th police.

Michael- no I'm just asking.

Mandy- a little personal don't you think.

Michael- alright just go sit down and take your weird friend with you. Hey Grim.

Grim- Hey mon. I'm happy to be here.

Michael- I'm glad you happy but I got to say your a hero for keeping up with those kids.

Grim- Oh I hate those two. Their annoying.

Michael- It's okay.


Michael- Alright all 24 of you. You guys are here for your reasons. There will be three teams with 8 teammates in each one. The teams will have cabins right over there.

Michael pointed at three cabins. The cabins didn't look in the best condition making most of the campers sick.

Michael- yeah their pretty cool. Anyways when you guy want to talk about your opinions to the world you guys can go in the Porta-cam. It's a portable bathroom with a camera. You can go there any time. Well lets begin with the teams. There will be three teams. When I call your name go sit down on the blue bench. Ed, Courage, Bloo, Lazlo, Mordecai, Finn, Chowder, and Billy.

The eight walked over to the blue bench and took a seat. Michael took out a rolled up flag and threw it to Mordecai.

Michael- you guys will be known as the Blue Waves!

Everybody was quiet the only thing you can hear are the crickets around and the smirking of Rigby.

Michael- Yes I know the name sucks but that's your team name so your stuck with it.

Tell Cam

Bloo- That's our team name!

Chowder- our team name sounds pretty tasty.

Mordecai- This team sucks and the team name sucks as well but at least I'm not with one cheek wonder.

Finn- Alright! Our team! I'm so ready for this.

End of Tell Cam

Michael- Alright will the next eight campers come sit at this yellow bench. Edd, Eustace, Mac, Patsy, Rigby, Jake, Mung, and Mandy.

The eight trudged over there barely moving. Michael took out a rolled up yellow flag this time and threw it at Rigby's direction. Rigby got hit in the face with it leaving a red mark.

Michael- that's why you have arms dude.

Rigby- stop talking!

Michael- anyways you guys will be known as the Yellow Lightning!

Once again the campsite around them was soundless.

Michael- I don't even care.

Tell Cam

Rigby- Lame name!

Mac- I don't know about the name.

Mandy- Where does this guy come up with these names?

Eustace- Stupid name!

Jake- Hey I'm alright with the name. I mean come on we have lightning in our name. Nothing is stronger than lightning!

Edd- Michael did have poor name choosing.

Mung- Eh I heard worse names.

Patsy- We have a cute name. I can't wait!

End of Tell Cam

Michael- Whatever and the rest of you will be known as-

Katz- What? The green Turtles.

Eddy- No the green grass.

Edward- Oh I got one maybe the pink butterflies.

Katz, Eddy, Grim, and Schnitzel's eyes widened. Michael was thinking about it.

Michael- You know what? That's actually good.

Grim- you idiot!

Katz- Uh Edward was only kidding. Weren't you Edward.

Katz gave him a hard shove that threw him to the floor beak first.

Edward- Ow! Uh yeah I hate that name choose something else.

Michael- Okay here catch!

Michael threw a rolled red flag which hit Edward to the floor. The boys on the team laughed at his misfortune. Michael face palmed.

Michael- Can any of you guys catch I'm serious!

Eddy- Oh we can but clumsy over here sure can't.

Edward got up in a blink of an eye and was right next to Eddy.

Edward- What did you say?

Michael- guys guys! Break it up. Now your team name will be the Red Flames! Yes I know it sucks. These are your teams so you'll have to respond to them for help and your going to have to be tough enough to help them in order not to lose. The losing team goes to the elimination realm and kicks somebody off. To see what your playing is this!

Michael opens a brief case showing millions of one dollar bills.

Tell Cam

Eddy- Jawbreakers!


Rigby- Games!

Chowder- FOOD!

End of Tell Cam

All the campers looked at the brief case speechless with their jaws all the way to the floor.

Mung- How much is it?

Michael- Oh it's just $2,000,000. Whoever wins will get the money. I boosted it up 1 million more so it can be a little more chaos for the money. So get bunked into your cabins and get ready for the challenge tomorrow because your life is on your teammate's hands as well.

Bloo looks over to his left seeing Billy picking his nose. Bloo looked away horrified.

Tell Cam

Bloo- I'm doomed.

Mordecai- Some much money!

Katz- That's a lot of money and I'll have to pick some people off to get to it. (laughs evilly)

Marceline- There's no way I'm losing.

Billy- What's the big deal. It's just green paper.

Chowder- I can buy a life supply of any food in the world but that tasty green paper looks good.

Mung- That money can keep my business running.

Rigby- I'm going to do this for every video game in the world.

Mandy- Lots of money and lots of contestants. I'll just have to use my knowledge and kick them off.

End of Tell Cam

And that's the end of the first chapter. If any of you guys have some challenges in mind you can pm them or put it on a review. Bg52598 gave me lots of ideas and big thanks for her.