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Korra bounced slightly as she landed on the bed and Lin wasted no time climbing on top of her. With a knee and hand on each side of the teen, the earth bender hovered over her girlfriend, gazing down at her.

Korra moved her hands up and under Lin's shirt, hating the material between them and impatient to get rid of it. But Lin didn't seem to be in a rush as she re-balanced her weight and ran her left hand down a tan cheek. Her eyes intently ran over the body below her.

"Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?" Lin asked seriously.

The teen's cheeks darkened as her face seemed to fill with was not unaccustomed to complements, herself but she did not expect that from the young water before she could comment, Korra recovered and removed her hands to wrap them around a pale neck.

"Can't say I have." She pulled the other woman down so there lips were brushing against each other as she said with a flirting tone, "Lucky for you I'm not the kind of girl that needs pampering."

The statement bothered her for some reason but she let Korra kiss her and soon responded in kind as sheidly reminded herself to 'pamper' the teen more often.

The kiss soon grew urgent as their lips and tongues slid against each other hungrily. Lin pulled back abruptly and Korra was forced to release the older woman's hair and neck that she was grasping while her shirt was removed. She didn't even have time to blink before her bra was completely out of the picture. The earth benders nimble hands easily found Korra's breast as if they were never separated and reunited their lips.

Korra felt like an open nerve as her heart rapidly thumbed in her chest and her tongue passionately danced with Lin's until her head started spinning. Both their breathing was ragged as Lin drew back, sensing the need for oxygen. She looked down at the water bender with hooded and darkened eyes, making Korra swallow thickly. She loved it when the older woman looked at her this way, it made her heart somehow stop and speed up at the same time and made her stomach clench in the most nerve wracking and pleasurable way.

Lin pressed a lingering kiss to Korra's lips before pressing another kiss on her jaw and then making a beeline down a sensitive olive toned neck. Those lips felt like heaven on her skin, and her ability to think straight was rapidly decreasing; Korra knew if those same lips came within proximity of her chest, there was no turning back.

So, as Lin nipped at the hickey on Korra's collarbone that she had left the night before, the water bender pushed at clothed shoulders until the older woman pulled back and eyed her curiously.

"What's wrong?" She asked as she reluctantly let herself be maneuvered onto her back. Korra smirked at Lin's puzzled features.

"Nothing." She said, making herself comfortable and straddling her lover's stomach. She reached out touching Lin wherever she could. She was so ready to get rid of this shirt.

"Just…" Korra started as she brought her hands down to the hem of Lin's top, never taking her eyes off the darkened green ones. "Why do I always have to be first?" She asked through her eyelashes.

Lin chuckled deeply as her shirt was dragged up her torso. "Because I know how impatient you are."

Korra raised her eyebrows feigning offense. "Impatient?" Slipping the top off completely and barely containing her delight when she caught sight of a perfect, bare chest.

Smirking, Lin sat up causing Korra to slide down into her lap. "Yes, Impatient." She dragged her nose along her girlfriend's jaw, up to her ear, as her hands found a slim bare waist. "…And needy." She whispered against the thin flesh.

Korra could hardly breathe. She was pretty sure Lin was trying to distract her. She pushed Lin back down none too gently. "Yeah, we'll see who's needy." She pressed a kiss to silence what was sure to be another sly comment before moving down the lithe body. Her hand skirted over the dark circle of ink on Lin's ribs before moving down to her hip as her lips found a stiff red nipple. Her left hand palmed Lin's other breast, loving the feeling of the pebbled flesh rubbing against her hand while she worked her tongue.

Honestly, Korra was ready to skip foreplay but how could she not lavish the twin mounds with the attention they deserved. And hearing Lin struggle to keep her breathing stable while her hands tangled in Korra's hair… yeah, definitely worth the wait.

The teen nipped at the hardened flesh before switching nipples, freeing her hand to travel down to Lin's hips where she started unbuttoning the older woman's pants. Lin's back arched on itsown accord and her hands tighten their grasp in the dark hair.

Korra dragged the stiff peak between her teeth before releasing it and shimming further down Lin's body until she was between her legs. She dipped her tongue in to an adorably small naval as she gazed up into green eyes; silently telling her to lift her hips so the teen could pull the offending fabric off the woman. Blue eyes turned smug as she resettled herself between pale thighs, she had a near naked chief of police beneath her and she had every intention to have her withering, impatient, and needy for release.

"Did you know that in proportion to its size, the tongue is the strongest muscle in the body?"

The water bender asked as she leaned down and pressed a careful kiss to the center of the plain black panties, she felt the dampness against her lips as she heard Lin's breath catch. She pulled back, the heady scent of Lin's arousal with the faint taste of it lingering on her lips made her head spin. She licked her lips as she wrapped her hands around the dark fabric, eager to get rid of it.

Rational thought was flying out the window so the metal bender felt it was a waste to try and wrap her hind around that random fact so instead she said, "… Korra."

The teen looked up but didn't stop removing the article of clothing when Lin finished, "Um… you don't have to… do that."

Korra finished taking the underwear off and flung it somewhere behind her before saying dryly, "Oh, thank the spirits, that's such a relief."

She completely missed the eye roll as she took in the swollen glistering folds and the engorged, red nub. Korra found herself licking her lips again in anticipation as she used her thumbs to spread the warm soft as silk bare flesh even further. Lin's entire body was tense with anticipation, her hands balled into fist by her sides as cool breath met her over heated exposed skin.

Idly, the teen wondered if Lin would prefer her completely shaven, as well. But it was a short lived thought as pressed and dragged the flat of her tongue along the wet slit.

Heat. That was the first thought that crossed Korra's mind as slickness coated her tongue and she found the firm little ball of nerves. She licked along the sides of it and then using the flat of her tongue to swirl around it.

Lin's ability to breathe suddenly ceased when the warm, curious muscle made contact. She could barely keep herself still as her clit was teased and the burn of pleasure rose with each stroke. Despite all her efforts her hips jumped when teeth lightly scraped her sensitive clit before demanding lips tugged and sucked at it.

Now Lin's breathing kicked in over time, her fingers buried themselves in thick dark hair and a sound that was a mixture of need and frustration was locked behind her trembling lips.

In no time Korra was completely lost in all that was Lin, her taste, her scent (more like aroma, seeing how this was easily becoming her favorite meal) and the feel of the hot, throbbing skin. Try as she might, she couldn't think of anything to compare flavor she was surrounded by, it was unique and all Lin, delicious. The water bender soon grew fascinated with the way the pulsing clit grow harder and stiff. She played with it this way and that, thoroughly loving how the pale fingers pulled at her hair and how ragged breath turned into shallow breathing.

Korra was acutely aware of her own, almost unbearable arousal. If she had known just how fucking hot this could be she would've done it a lot sooner. But even with the throbbing between her legs when she shifted her hand, it was to press a finger to a soaked entrance. But before she entered the older woman, curiosity got the better of her and she moved down, licking here and there before she replaced the tip of her finger with her tongue.

Her tongue lapped gently at the source of all the moisture. Lin's essence was even more potent here and Korra used the tip of her tongue to tease the wet hole, pushing until she felt the muscles stretch and stretch to accommodate her little by little. Korra tensed her tongue in order to get it as deep as possible into the sodden heat that closed around her. Lin's inner walls tensed and clenched, pulling the teen deeper, forcing a long moan out of her.

The vibrations echoed through Lin and finally a low moan escaped her as her hips started an unsteady rhythm. The sound was like warm velvet and made her heart beat even faster. Instead of moving to still them Korra went with the flow, her tongue moving in and out of the older woman.

After a minute when Lin's movements became too erratic, Korra pulled back instantly missing the sensation of heat squeezing her tongue. She glanced up for a moment to see an arched and panting chief of police. With a smirk, she returned to her work, taking her time and using her tongue to learn every crevice and fold, determined not to leave anywhere untouched, before she finally made her way back to an engorged clit.

When she had the pulsing flesh against in her mouth again, she returned her fingers to Lin's trembling entrance. She pushed both her index and middle finger into the quivering heat as she worked her tongue with more speed and energy than before.

"….. Korra." Came a breathless moan that had Korra doubling her efforts. She could tell that the older woman was close now: her hips were bucking to the point Korra had to attempt to still them as she set a quick, firm pace with her fingers, curling and thrusting them as deep as they could go.

It felt like there was a marble against her tongue and as she added a third digit, the grip in her hair tightened to a painful level. But it didn't deter the teen, not when she was single handily making Lin Beifong fall apart.

Lin couldn't care enough to stop the quiet low moans as her impending orgasm rushed towards her. She was somehow balancing on that delicate, deliciously torturous edge between sanity and oblivion when Korra suddenly hit her sweet spot. Then it was all she could do to keep up with the crashing waves of complete ecstasy that echoed throughout her body and made her mind go blank.

Moisture dripped down Korra's wrist and coated her chin but she didn't stop her movements until the older woman gave one last thrust of her hips and the muscles around the water benders fingers finally relaxed. The teen pulled back, licking the remainder of Lin's arousal off her lips and easing her fingers out. Thick hair slipped between pale fingers as they finally released there death grip.

Freed, Korra placed one last kiss on the still pulsing bundle of flesh before she moved up the slightly shivering body. She wiped her mouth with the hand that wasn't dripping as she took in the flushed and heaving chest. The teen gazed at what were once pale cheeks now a glowing red, parted lips and closed eyes, trying to commit it all to memory. Korra loved that she did this to the older woman. She loved how she had sounded when she moaned her name. She loved those green eyes that opened just enough to look at the water bender.

"I love you." She whispered.

The earth benders heart skipped a beat or three as her eyes opened wider, she knew what she heard but she still said, "What?"

"I love you." She said, louder happiness and relief played in her tone. It felt so good to finally say it. Then her relief was immediately replaced with anxiety. The teen bit her lip as her thoughts swirled. Suddenly every reaction she imagined from the other woman was a worse case scenario. It wasn't that she was afraid she wouldn't say it back, she was fairly positive she wouldn't after all they had only been together for a week and … she could be really immature sometimes. The teen mentally slapped herself.

I should've waited. She screamed internally. What have I done? I shouldn't have said it! Damn you Asami, you give the worst advice!

There was a moment of silence and Korra was sure she was going to lose her mind as Lin hands caressed bare dark shoulders and her eyes danced between the azure ones.

Lin's amazing afterglow was fading while she was having trouble wrapping her head around what the teen said but she could feel the truth of her statement in her heartbeat and her eyes. Not knowing what to say she sat up. "Korra, you…"

She was cut off by a pair of lips crashing down on her own. Korra couldn't bare to her say… all the things she could possibly say.

It was ashort-lived kiss when Korra pulled back with all her insecurities and apprehension before saying in a poor imitation of the older woman's voice, "Korra, you can't love me. You're too young, we haven't been together long enough, you don't know what love is."

"I do not sound like that." She said flatly.

"And okay, we haven't been together that long, true."

"That's not what I was going to say."

"And I'm not just saying that so you have to say it back." Korra rushed and then muttered, "I'm more mature than that.

"And I'm not saying that…. you know." She gestured uselessly with her hands. "I'm saying that you can't help it if you don't, just like I can't help it that I do love you. So that's okay and -"

"Korra!" Lin said grasping both sides of the other woman's face to get her attention.

"Yeah?" She answered quietly, nervously.

The chief of police sighed as her thumbs brushed over dark cheeks, before one pulled a lip free before the youth could bite it off. She didn't even know what she wanted to say. She didn't even understand what she was feeling. Hearing Korra say those three words had filled her chest with warmth and something she couldn't name. But it also, to put it bluntly, scared the shit out of her. A part of her felt guilty for her initial reaction, for wanting to believe the blue eyed seventeen year old girl. It felt like she was truly taking advantage of her somehow.

After a long moment, and a near heart attack on Korra's part, Lin finally said, "You don't… how can you know enough about me to say that?"

The water bender frowned, "Maybe I don't know facts about you like what your favorite book is, or who your first kiss was, or where you like to go or do to get away, or how you got those scars … but I do know you." She finished boldly.

Lin cocked her head to the side. "Really?" She asked.

A small smile tugged at Korra's lips. "I do." She said softly. As her hands stroked a pale waist,she met inquisitive jade eyes. "When I first met you, you were this beautiful, confident, no nonsense woman. I was somehow both intimidated and captivated."

"Intimidated?" Lin asked with eyebrows raised high and unbelieving. The younger woman never acted intimidated. But Korra continued without answering.

"And at first, all I wanted to do was get under your skin because you were like a rock and nothing got to you. And you know how much I love a challenge. Then I started noticing things about you." She made sure she had the other woman attention. "Like how you're easily the most selfless, caring, strong woman I've ever met."

"Korra…" The metal bender was ready to argue that the water bender was biased but she was shushed and reprimanded with a slight glare for interrupting.

"Do you want me to add modest to that list?" The teen asked threateningly. "Anyway, it was pretty easy to see that being Chief of police isn't just a job to you. I knew you cared about the people of republic city and that's why you work so hard to protect them. Not for glory or recognition. But because the well being of people really mattered to you and I guess my admiration just turned into this huge crush." She had a light smile before she finished, "And then one night I was stupid enough sneak into your house and I kissed you and then you kissed me back. It was the best night of my life."

"I…"Lin started

"I've gotten to see a different side of you." She moved her hands to the back of a pale neck and pushed her fingers into mused hair. "The part of you that you keep guarded, I've probably spent hours wondering what it would be like to finally get through those walls. I know there are still a lot of them but the wait will be worth it."

She was going to say more but the grip on her face tightened as lips crashed down on hers, effectively silencing her as Lin pulled her into a slow, searing kiss. The older woman didn't recall thinking about initiating the action but found that she didn't care as the teen's tongue met hers half way.

Lin couldn't understand why Korra's words were affecting her so much but they had forced the kiss out of her. She pulled back just enough to voice her doubts.

"You still don't know if I… what if I end up having some horrible habit you hate?"

"Like what?" She asked, amused.

"What if I have some horrible, dark secret?"

Korra's grin reached her eyes and laughter played in her voice when she said, "You mean like bondage and domination?"

Lin sighed and dropped her forehead on a dark shoulder to hide the treacherous smile; she was trying to be serious here.

"You know what I mean." She said meeting those pretty blue orbs.

The teen shrugged. "Everyone's allowed to have secrets and bad habits." Before her girlfriend could respond she quickly added, "I love you Lin. Deal with it. You can't change my mind or make me doubt it." She pressed a chaste kiss on the other woman's mouth for good measure.

"And, plus we have much more pressing matters to attend to." The water bender said with a slighter huskier tone. A smile found its way on Lin's face as her hands reunited with the warm, bare waist and lips were devoured in a hungry kiss.

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