AN: Hello, there's something that I wanted to clear up before I begin the chapter. One of my readers was a bit confused on how Bella's mental health declined so quickly. This happened because Bella and Edward are mated, it's different from just a breakup. They're more attached than if they had been married for fifty years and were human, I actually believe that they love each other more than the rest of the Cullens love their mates, thus, when separated they are bound to go through withdrawals.

Sorry about the shortness of this chapter.

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I think a part of me left with the ashes of Jennifer Mallory. I think I'm changing for the worse and I'm scared. Maybe the Cullen's can help me regain my goodness.

Once the flame went down I filled the whole back up and got back into my Audi. I guess I was off to Alaska.

The Pain, Chapter Thirteen. The Reunion.

Monday, March 23, 2012.

Denali, Alaska Welcomes You! I read the sign as I raced through the narrow streets of Ferry, Denali. I've been driving for about fifteen and a half hours at 150 MPH. The trip was a grand total of two thousand, three hundred, and thirty three miles, which was quite the journey if you ask me. I had to take a ferry trip right before I crossed the border, speaking of the border, it was a bit tricky to get into Canada, but luckily, I was able to use my gift to make it through.

Since burying Jennifer, I've changed my clothes into something that wasn't splattered in dirt, blood, and tears. I was now wearing a black lace skater dress with matching platform pumps (Gotta' love that new perfect balance). I also pinned my hair back into a loose, low bun. I know, fancy, but I want to show them that I could dress myself into something suitable.

I had no idea what the Hell I was going to say to them when I arrived, which I speculated would be in about five minutes.

"Hey guys, it's me, Bella. Yeah, I'm a vampire now, but no worries, I've killed the one who made me like this. Who, by the way, was Victoria, so you don't have to worry about her coming to kill you either. What I've been up to, you ask? Well, a mental asylum, but I've broken out and destroyed the lives of everyone who's scorned me."


I'm not even completely positive that they'd even want to see me, I mean, they did leave. What if they kicked me out? My frozen heart ached. I'd have no one…

The Cullens are the only that I trust, they're my only friends, the only ones I love… If they didn't love me, I could always make them… No, that idea left as soon as it came, I would never do that. I made a vow to myself just then that I would never use my ability on the Cullens unless it was deemed necessary. If they didn't want me, I'd wander about until I stumbled upon death.

Just then, one I've my favorite songs by the band Metric began to play from my iPod, which was connected to the radio from a USB cord, two other things I stole along with over a thousand dollars in iTunes gift cards. I sat back and listened to "Dreams So Real" as I drove on the bending roads of Denali.

"When I get to the bottom of it I sink
Seems like nothing I said
Ever meant anything
But a headline over my head
Thought I made a stand
Only made a scene
There's no feast for the underfed
All the unknown, dying or dead
Keep showing up in my dreams
They stand at the end of my bed
Have I ever really helped anybody but myself
To believe in the power of songs
To believe in the power of girls
Though the point were making is gone
Played stripped down to my bone
I'll shut up and carry on
The scream becomes a yawn
Our parents daughters and sons
Believed in the power of songs
What if those days are gone
My memory is strong
Anyone not dying is dead
And baby it won't be long
So shut up and carry on
The scream becomes a yawn
I'll shut up and carry on
The scream becomes a yawn
Baby where ever you are, baby whatever you do
Faster than you think, time staggers on."

I sighed as the song ended, just as Emily finished the last line, I turned onto a small road that I presumed was their driveway, because the robotic voice on the GPS had said I arrived. I had noticed that I haven't seen any houses for about an hour, they were probably all hidden within the wilderness.

I could hear people about a mile away, their scent told me they were not human. About eleven, if I guessed correctly. Maybe they were having visitors.

The Audi turned off and I just sat in the car, breathing. Gripping the car door handle I thought this is it, and opened the door.

I took my time walking to the front door of their three story brick mansion, I took about fifteen steps on the gravel that made up the bottom of the driveway and about twenty steps on cement. I took a deep breath and turned the doorknob, not bothering to knock, I knew the Cullens rarely locked their doors, why would they when they could take an army of intruders with their eyes closed?

The inside was as beautiful as I expected, white pristine carpet enclosed around beautiful white walls and high ceilings, all of the furniture was vintage and stunning, I didn't have to wonder who put together this all together; Esme.

I saw twenty two pairs of brilliant butterscotch eyes, all varying on the shade, staring back at me with a mixture between alarm, surprise, excitement, worry, awe, and overall astonishment, excluding one who I saw had expectance in them. I didn't have to read their mind to know how this person knew, but what did make me curious is why nobody else did.

They all seemed that much more beautiful now that I could see them with my exquisite vision. There were five I didn't recognize and one that I missed. Edward wasn't present and I felt disappointment roll over me. If they kicked me out, I'd at least want to see him…

I stopped walking and stood a little less than ten feet away from the crowd, who all stood shoulder to shoulder in a single row. "Alice, I shouldn't be surprised as to why you knew I was coming, but why didn't you warn the others? They're all quite shocked."

"I told them that we're having a visitor, that was all they needed to know." She spoke in a clear voice.

"Who are they?" I asked, gesturing towards the strangers.

"Eleazar," She gestured to the brown haired male. "His mate, Carmen," The only dark haired female in the bunch "Irina, Tanya, and Kate." They were all so similar they could be sisters, blonde, thin, tall, and beautiful. "You remember us telling you about our Alaskan cousins right?" Actually, I didn't remember, all of my human memories are fuzzy now, well, all of my memories that don't include Edward. I can picture those with perfect clarity. "This was where we sent Laurent." She finished.

A low growl rumbled in my chest, surprising me, and by the look of their faces, everyone else as well.

The one Alice introduced as Irina gasped. "Do…do you know something of Laurent, do you know where he is?"

"Yes, I know where he is."

Her face lit up. "Where!?"


"What…? How…? Who…" She stuttered.

"I killed him." Irina managed a snarl of her own as everyone else gasped. "He tried killing me, so I retaliated. It's simple really, when fought with, fight back."

"YOU BITCH! I'LL KILL YOU MYSELF!" She lunged, my blanket consumed her leaping figure and she fell to the ground. More gasps erupted from the bunch, but I didn't pay them much attention. I knew exactly what was going through her mind when I was in her mind. Irina was mated with Laurent and she wanted to get revenge. Hadn't I just gotten rid of someone, because of their matley revenge? I decided to spare the girl, but only because of her ties with the Cullens.

You're not mated with Laurent

She stood and brushed pants off. "I'm not mated with Laurent." I detected a hint of a Russian accent.

In fact, you found him particularly annoying and hated him with a passion. "Laurent's annoying and I hate him." Her eyes cleared and she blinked, walking back.

Irina looked embarrassed. "I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me."

"That's fine, I'm not angry, happens all of the time." I smiled.

She returned my smile and nodded. "Thank you, not only for forgiving me, but also because you took care of Laurent. He was always a little pest in my opinion."

"What are you talking about Irina? You loved him." Said the one known as Tanya, I also heard the accent in her voice.

Irina wrinkled her nose. "I have no idea what you're talking about, Tanya. Maybe your old age is getting to you."

Tanya turned to look at me and sneered. "What the fuck did you do to her?"

"I did nothing, and I'd watch what you're saying. I can do a lot more than bend memories." I snarled.

She looked like she wanted to say more, but stepped back, obviously realizing my power.

"Who are you?" Kate spoke up, asking the question that I could see was running through half of the house's mind.

I smiled. "My name is Bella."

She nodded. "I figured, but I thought you'd be human when we'd eventually meet." She looked to the Cullens. "I bet they have a few questions, whatever Alice knows she's been keeping it pretty lock and key."

"You're damn right we have a few questions." Said Emmett.

"Ask away."

"How did this happen to you?" Carlisle asked.

"Victoria." I said and they all hissed in unison.

Jasper spoke. "I told him we should of taken her out while we were there."

Cringing, I looked down. I guess they don't want me here. If they'd taken care of Victoria I would have never became a vampire, and I most likely wouldn't have found them. Now I'm just some immortal annoyance.

"There's no time like the present." Emmett called.

"I agree, we should handle her before she causes anymore trouble." Rosalie jumped in. "She's probably on her here as we speak, following her trail." She glared at me.

"Um, no. She isn't coming."

"How would you know." Esme asked.

"I killed her the same day I killed Laurent, along with another she had created named Kevin."

"That's amazing, you defeated three vampire all by yourself?" Asked Jasper.

I nodded. "They were all under the impression that I hated you, they were going to turn me so that I could help kill all of you, I don't doubt that she wouldn't of made more vampires to help the battle."

Emmett protectively put Rosalie behind him, Jasper and Rosalie crouched, and everyone began snarling violently. It would seem that the only one here that wasn't troubled by the news was Alice, she was rolling her eyes at something. I took a step back.

"Get out now and we'll spare you." Said Carmen, who spoke with a thick Spanish accent.

Tears that would never shed pricked in my eyes as I began to slowly step backwards in retreat. My heart felt as if someone had kicked it. I didn't even get to see Edward…

"Bella wait!" Alice called after me. "They're being stupid, come back!"

I looked at her with wide eyes. "I don't understand."

"Alice! Are you crazy? She's trying to kill us!" Said Jasper, pulling her back from approaching me.

I giggled. "I don't want to kill you, I love you." My face turned serious. "Besides, if I wanted you dead, you would be."

"Wait… so you don't hate us?" Asked Esme.

"Of course not." I looked down. "I'd ask you the same, but I'm afraid of the answer…"

"Bella, we don't hate you. I love you like a daughter." Carlisle said sincerely.

"Really? Then why didn't you help me when I needed you most." I whispered.

"Bella, I'm so sorry I didn't see Victoria, but I wasn't - "

"Victoria? No, Alice, I'm talking about when I was admitted."

All that I was met with were blank stares and a few gaping mouths. The room went completely silent, I couldn't even hear anything outside at the moment.

Carlisle was the first to break it."What?" How dare they pretend to not know what I'm talking about? I thought, getting angry.

I looked around glaring. "Your stupidity is insulting." Nobody spoke. "My lawyer sent you a letter when I was on trial to testify for me." Nothing. "She got a reply saying that you didn't want anything to do with me." Nothing.

Esme put a hand over her mouth."Bella… we didn't get a letter." She said slowly.

"Of course you did, as I said, we got a reply." They all looked at each other.

This was getting pretty annoying. Somebody had to have read it, or else we wouldn't have gotten a response back. I went into their minds to see why they were lying to me about this, but I didn't find that they were. The Cullens didn't get my letter, but someone did.

I turned to Tanya. "Why?"

She avoided my gaze. "It was for the best."

"Bullshit, I went through Hell in that place, it wasn't "for the best" as you put it. So, what's the real reason? And how did you intercept the letter in the first place?" Everyone was staring at her now.

"I said it was for the best of everyone's -"

Tell me the truth, Tanya. I could see the answer in her mind, I just wanted her to say it out loud.

"I will tell you the truth." She said in a monotone filled voice. "The Cullens didn't live here at the time, we were forwarding their mail to Ithaca, New York , where they were staying. The house wasn't completely livable yet since they didn't really get the chance to build it up, so unless they wanted to buy another house that they'd stay in for appearances, they had to send their mail somewhere else. When your letter came, I wrote the reply that was sent to your lawyer. You needed to stay out of the picture, you don't deserve him, Edward and I belong together. With you out of the way, he'll come to his senses that I'm the one for him, that I'm his real mate. If only he'd been here for the past few months…"

"Tanya! How could you?" I didn't pay attention to who shouted it, I was getting ready to pass out some hurt.

You're on fire, a fire so hot that it surpasses the burn of your transformation, this fire will never extinguish.

Tanya felt the effects right away. She dropped to the ground and began withering around and screaming like a banshee.

"Stop, please!" Kate screamed.

"She's sorry!" Continued Irina.

I was shaking in rage. "No, she deserves this and much worse. And if you don't shut up, you'll be on the ground with her."

In her mind, I could see Tanya's body burning. I wanted her to feel it all, all of the pain she caused me. I didn't even bother making her quiet, I just focused all of my power on her pain. The angrier I got, the hotter the blaze became. Soon Tanya was in ashes, and her real body was still. I saw the black matter begin to drip.

"She's… dead." Cried Kate. She looked at me. "You killed my sister."

"I did." I nodded. "Not only did she destroy the last few months of my human life, she was crazy. Edward is not her mate."

Before anything else could happen, I enclosed Kate, Irina, Carmen, and Eleazar in my circle. I wasn't sure how close the latter two were to Tanya, but I didn't want to take any chances.

You never liked Tanya, she was a menace in your life. You're glad she's gone.

They repeated what I said and I turned to Eleazar. "Take her body out and burn it." He nodded and stalked off. It was nice to know that I could control people with just my mind. I could say it verbally and that would be just fine as well.

It was quiet for a while after that.

"Bella…" Alice finally spoke up. "I'd hate to be nosy, but… why were you sent to a mental hospital?"

I sighed and began my tale. I told them everything I remembered from the day after they left to right before I arrived. They gasped throughout, but I didn't stop or slow my words. It felt nice to get all of this off of my chest. I ended my tirade with a question.

"So, there's one thing that I'm curious about." I stated. "Where's Edward?"

"South America, he's been there since September, he's too depressed to do anything but sit in a ball and do nothing all day." Rosalie said.

I pondered this. "He still loves me…" It came out as a whisper.

"Yes, Bella. With all his heart." Esme said sincerely.

I smiled the first real smile that I've made in about six months. Laughing, I spoke. "We need to call him, tell him that I'm here waiting for him." I couldn't stop smiling.

They smiled back, and Alice dug into her pocket for her cell phone and laughed. "I hope he picks up, Edward's been quite moody lately. Oh, the look on his face when he sees…" Alice trailed off and her face went blank. Her happy smile morphed into a look of horror as the phone she held was crushed in her hand.

Jasper ran to her aid. "What is it Alice?"

"Edward. He'd given up staying away from Bella, so he went back to Forks. He thinks you're dead." She gasped. "Now, he wants to die too."