Chapter 3

I woke up early, got dressed and went outside. Moose was waiting "I thought you forgot." He said

"How could I." I said

He smiled and we began to train.

About a hour later Moose stopped us and said "Ok that's enough for today."

"okay and what do I do now?" I asked

"I don't know" he said

"I'm going to the park maybe I can pick up some moves from the people battling" I said

"I was going to go to the park, come on" he said motioning his hands as if to tell me to fallow

"I have to fallow you again" I said

"yes" he said grabbing my arm pulling me to the elevator

When we got to the park we saw a dance battle and went over.

"There she is." I said pointing to Carter. She was dancing against a girl that looked about 15.

"She's good but your better" he said. I looked at him and smiled. The battle was soon over and guess who won, Carter. She looked for her next battler and she saw me.

"you" she said pointing at me

"OK" I said and stepped into the circle.

The music started to play and she started to dance. Then it was my turn and I started to dance. Then it was her turn and she hoped on the picnic table and started to dance. When I was my turn I started to dance and hoped on the picnic table danced some more and did a back flip off the picnic table. After that the battle was over and I won. I walked over to Moose and he gave me a high-five "I didn't know you could do that, it was amazing." He said.

"I used to take acro classes when I was little." I explained

"That could come in handy for the world jam." He said

"Cool" I said and we walked back to the vault