So, I think I've figured out why my most recent chapter for 'Quickie' sucked so badly. I think it sucked because I had this idea in the back of my head for a while and I don't think any of my other writing will be up to par until I put this idea out in the open for everyone to see. I'm actually pretty excited about it! I was inspired by the movie Splash starring Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah, it's a great movie made in the 80's and I was named after Daryl Hannah's character 'Madison'.

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It was fucking cold up here in Washington. Something Jade definitely wasn't used to. The sky was opaque and a large milky gray mass covered the sun and from the large mass of water vapor and dust particles spilled little, barely rain droplets. It drizzled steadily throughout of the day making Jade feel more depressed that her already troubled mind was.

Jade drove along the coast. Her destination was the Northwest most point of the United States. Her objective was dark and twisted and it was going to be the end of her. Jade West was going to commit suicide.

However, her day wasn't going to be a fucking pity party. Currently, she had her damn subwoofers cranked and she was currently drinking one of the best cups of coffee she'd ever had.

Washington was known for their coffee. She understood why the coffee had to be so good up here. With all this shitty weather the citizens of Washington needed some sort of motivation to get up in the morning.

Jade sighed and cracked her neck. Yes, she definitely understood why Washington was the suicide capital of the world.

Jade looked over at the GPS and nodded; she was getting close to her destination. In the cup holder next to the GPS her straight razor, glinted beautifully in the dim natural light.

Jade had a plan. It was a dark and terrifyingly well thought out plan, but a plan all the same. She was going to jump off the Northwestern most cliffs and slit her wrists for good measure.

She narrowed her eyes at the twisting road in front of her. She was not going to be one of those pathetic attempted suicide stories in the morning paper. She was not going to be that idiot who broke her back on the rocks trying to kill herself and now she was paralyzed from the waist down.

No, when Jade West did something she went into it charging full speed with her head down so that nothing could stop her.

Jade finally reached the site. She cut the engine of her Mustang and checked her phone for the last time. Five new text messages, a missed call, and a voice mail.

She checked her messages. Two were from Cat the other three coming from her other friends Beck, Robbie, and Andre. Cat was texted her telling her hi in the first message. The other telling Jade about some obscure escapade Cat and her brother had gone on this past weekend.

Jade replied differently than usual. Saying that she loved Cat and she hoped that she had fun with her brother. Cat replied immediately asking Jade what was wrong with her. Cat knew her too well. Jade let her get too close. She ignored Cat's most recent reply and checked Beck's.

The attractive boy had asked Jade if she wanted to star in his most recent play that he had written himself. She replied with some kind decline and got the same reaction from Beck. His concern was evident in his long reply asking if everything was okay with Jade. Jade ignored him and looked at Andre's message.

The dark-skinned boy had politely asked her if she would like to sing lead vocals in his new song. It was a love song, apparently for his advanced songwriting showcase next week. Again, refused politely. Again, with the same reaction.

The Goth read Robbie's text and she had to let out a humorless chuckle at the message. Robbie had asked her on yet another date. She had to give the awkward young man some credit; he sure didn't give up.

She replied to him saying that she was something that would ultimately be poison to him and he should just try for someone who was better for him.

Jade looked at the voice mail and saw that it was from her father. Ah, the match that lit the dark fire that was the depression that was burning her from the inside out.

Ever since her mother died when she was eight (that didn't sit well with her subconscious either) her father had gone into a downward spiral becoming an abusive drunk who blamed Jade for his wife's car accident.

Jade thought it was her fault too. She'd been at school and she'd had he first scissor experience. She'd had cut off a girl's ponytail that she'd been sitting next to. Her mother had to leave her job in order to come to the principle's office. She'd been driving down the street when a suicidal drive hit her head on at ninety mile per hour.

She died instantly and Jade blamed herself from that day on.

She felt hot tears sting her eyes as she listened to her disturbed father's voice mail. He said that if she didn't come home he was going to take a sledgehammer to her room.

Jade sighed and shook her head; her remorseful tears moistened her thick black eyelashes.

Jade plugged her phone in the car charger and left it on. She'd almost been gone for twenty-four hours and then she would be considered a missing persons. The police would trace her phone to this location and then they would find her suicide note that she had written in her slow delicate calligraphy.

Jade reread it now as she sat in the car:

I can't do it anymore. Life has nothing for me. My father hates me and my mother is dead. Whatever I have give it to my friends Andre Harris, Beckett Oliver, Robbie Shapiro, and Caterina Valentine. Tell them it wasn't them. Tell them I was too fucked up to continue being apart of their lives. Tell them I said that they have such a bright future.

Tell them I said I love them. And that I didn't say it enough when I was alive. Tell them I said don't mourn me, but be happy that I'm not there to hold them back.

Tell them I said live their lives to the fullest. Because I never would have.

Give Andre my black journal, there are dozens of songs in it; it's crammed underneath the fifth floor board from the left wall in my room, the wood squeaks when you step on it. Also, give him my laptop.

Give Beck my flashdrive that's hanging on the back of my door. It's all us. Every picture we ever took together. I wrote him a note too.

Give Cat ALL of my music. The CDs, the old vinyl records, my iPod. Everything. Also, give her my new headphones and microphone.

Give Robbie my acoustic guitar that's sitting in the southeast corner of my room.

Give my father a "Fuck You" and a middle finger from me. Oh, he has illegal drugs somewhere in his bedroom. You might want to investigate that.

-Jade West

Jade placed the piece of paper on her dashboard and stabbed her scissors onto the paper, piercing the vinyl interior. Jade took a deep breath and drained the rest of her coffee.

She grabbed the razor out the other cup holder and finally left the warmth of her Mustang. The air outside was chilled and it raised goosebumps on her pale skin. The steady drizzle soaked her black t-shirt and matted her black hair to her face.

She had to hike to the cliff. It was about a two mile walk through a forest. The way to the lookout had many paths and she followed one of the more difficult ones. There were a few people still lingering at the scenic point, but as the dark cold night came about people began to leave.

She was alone now and she took a moment to take in what would probably be her last look at the world around her.

The cliff she was standing atop was probably six stories high and it jutted out slightly further from the rest of the coast. There were two cut outs on the adjacent sides to her cliff. The coast gave way on either side of her sinking into itself to create two caves that large fifteen foot waves crashed into.

Jade looked out into the fading sunset. The sun cast bright oranges and purples against the huge clouds that covered the sky.

It truly was beautiful and its light cast a glare onto the brittle blade that Jade curled in her fingers.

Jade didn't think about anything in particular as she ran the blade across her spider veins that ran right where her hand met her wrist. She did it to both wrists and then she climbed the wooden railing of the viewing deck.

She felt herself drip down her own fingers and watched as a thick red droplet fell into cold Pacific Ocean. She observed the crashing and was satisfied when she was convinced there would be no way that she could survive.

She felt a slight twinge in her gut as she jumped and she felt her consciousness slip from her as her body crashed into the water. The force hurt so badly and she was glad; she felted jaded about this life anyway.

She was exhausted. She was done. She was ready to die.

She could still feel unfortunately. She thought she had a couple broken ribs. Her jaw felt dislocated. The salty, but cool water burned the slices on her wrists and the waves crashed over her head causing her body to twist and turn in the surf.

She went under and opened her eyes the salt immediately burning. That didn't matter. Jade felt herself fading from existence. As her eyes began to close for the last time she saw a glimmer in the murky black water and she saw someone swimming towards her.

No, don't save me. Jade wanted to scream, but the figure continued toward her with ridiculous speed. It was a woman and she was topless.

Jade became unconscious as the mermaid began her rescue. The creature shifted Jade so that she was slung across her back. The mermaid swam towards a small because that was about a mile south of the cliffs. Her magnificent green tail kicked hard at the water sending the pair barreling towards their destination.

The brunette woman pulled Jade ashore the rocky beach. As she pulled herself out of the water she began to change. Her powerful, shimmering tail change into long tan legs and she fell; her shaky legs not supporting her well enough.

Both of the females fell onto the rocks Jade's body still an empty shell.

The mermaid in her nakedness straddled the human and pressed firmly onto her motionless chest. It wasn't CPR. She merely pressed down onto the unconscious individual and kissed her. She kissed her hard sucking the water from the girl's lungs.

Jade coughed, but remained unconscious blood still running from her wrists.

The mermaid, with her very pronounced cheek bones, pressed her lips to Jade's wrists humming beautifully as she did so.

The cuts healed and whatever color Jade had before her attempted suicide returned to her skin.

Jade awoke with a start on the rocky beach looking around her for her savior. The woman was nowhere to be seen, but Jade felt something pressed into her palm.

She opened her hand and saw a delicate shell in her hand.

She looked up and saw the sun rising opposite of the coast.

Jade let out a defeated sigh and clutched the object in her hand. She began walking along the beach soon finding a path back to her car. She clamored in the driver's seat and sat for a moment.

"I think of every detail. And a fucking mermaid saves me."

I know. It's different, but that's what I was going for. So who do you think is Jade's savior (dumb question)? R & R

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