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Chapter 8: Something To Look Forward To

Pink lips met a pale thigh as Jade groaned lightly in her sleep. Tossing an arm over her face, the Goth reluctantly became awakened by the soft lips that danced along her skin. A smooth giggle trembled against her flesh and removing her arm from her eyes Jade peered lazily down at the creature that was between her legs.

Tori twitched a daring brow at Jade and a devious smile started curling at the edges of her lips, "You're up."

Turning her face to press into Jade's left thigh, Tori's hand lifted the right and her fingernails scraped softly at the groggy girl's strong hamstring. A shaky breath passed through Jade's lips and her muscles fluttered like a hummingbird's wings underneath Tori's light, tantalizing touches.

Tan fingertips ran along the rungs of the West girl's ribcage and chills followed the trailblazing digits. Wetting her lips and shaking her head to focus, Jade replied with, "W-well, it's hard to sleep with you… doing that."

Tori frowned, "What? This?" Her tongue traced around Jade's sex and the girl's back arched slightly off the sheets, the teasing testing her self control.

White teeth pulled back Jade's soft lips and she gasped. "Yes. That." Her breath stuttered from her like she'd been punched in the gut.

The mermaid's hand squeezed gently at a vulnerable breasts and her tongue pressed flat against Jade's dripping center. Tori pulled back and gazed up at the heaving girl, "Sorry to wake you. But, you were having a nightmare. Tossing and turning. I was trying to make your dream better."

Her tongue continued to pleasure the Goth and blue eyes rolled into the back Jade's head. Twisting and flicking insider her, the appendage brought Jade to the crumbling edges of her mediocre self control. Fingers clutched painfully at Tori's tan shoulder, stabbing into her skin as if they were anchoring Jade to this world with everything they had.

The anchors ripped at Tori's flesh and pulled up as the mischievous mouth tortured Jade's body with its slow, teasing sucks and kisses. Arching up into her mouth Jade squeezed her eyes shut, "This… this is much better than sleep."

Tori remembered hearing that Jade was a beautiful singer from the girl's mother, but now she was sure. However, she was singing a much different song now as she writhed uncontrollably underneath the mermaid. One that was pierced by sharp intakes of her breath and was decorated with short gasps and long moans. A song that was keeping time with Jade's wandering hands and her bucking hips.

A song that Tori now considered her favorite.

Jade didn't jump from the cliff. The cliff crumbled around her as she came with surprising force, her cum spilling into Tori's eager mouth. Her legs shook softly as the mermaid's tongue drew itself along her sex, lapping at the unique taste of her.

Lips trailed back up her body and Jade's sight blurred around the edges as she watched the girl tease her way back up to her lips where she gave the trembling Goth a slow, lingering kiss.

Jade tasted herself on Tori's soft lips, in her mouth. Sweet with a bitter kick at the end. Fitting.

"Forget about your dream?" Tori whispered as she rolled off to the side, doodling little shells on Jade's stomach.

The Goth tensed and looked at a random spot in the room, "I did… until you asked."

Tori frowned, her fingers tracing along the bunched chords of muscle beneath Jade's smooth skin. Cords underneath the skin were tensed, pulled tightly like a rubber band waiting to lose its tension and snap with painful force.


Rubber bands underneath Jade's flesh slowly began to loosen up after the West girl gave a sad sigh. "Don't be sorry. The nightmare was about you leaving. I killed myself in the end." Tori frowned and rested her head on Jade's abdomen, the taut fibers flexing against Tori's cheek.

Tracing a plume of her brown hair along the dips and trenches of Jade's naked chest, Tori frowned. Jade fought the urge to giggle at the strange sensation and her hand ran slowly along the sun kissed skin of the mermaid's human legs, "I just," she paused, admiring the strong muscles for a moment, "I just don't see life after this week anymore. I don't see life after you. What do I have to look forward to?"

Tori pouted, her lips curling out in unhappiness. How was she supposed to convince Jade in three days that life was worth it? Worth all the heartache she had gone through. She did agree with the Goth though, now that she'd finally got the chance to spend time with her, she didn't know how she was supposed to leave.

It wasn't because they had a false sense of love because they'd had sex together. No, Tori had had sex with about everyone she'd ever saved. It was how mermaids rolled and this was the first time Tori had ever felt anything other than that detached pleasure for the human she was making love to.

This was different than that. This was real.

She opened her mouth to speak when a heavy metal song pierced the tense silence in the room. The vibration of Jade's cellphone caused Tori to jump and Jade chuckled quietly as she sat up straight to grab the device. Her head spun as the aftermath of her orgasm still lingered behind. She brought the device to her ear and spoke curtly, all of the sweetness and warmth melted away from her voice as she spoke to someone other than the mermaid.

"Jade West."

She listened quietly, staring straight ahead with a blank face, the only emotions being told by the sharp eyebrows that quirked slightly at the buzzing voice on the other side of the line. Tori stared up at her placing soft, distracting kisses on her belly and hips.

Her voice shook, "Really?"

The voice buzzed for a moment and Jade's dark eyes widened and glinted brightly in the light of the morning, "I'm glad to hear."

Pushing lightly at Tori's shoulders, her lips began curling into a small smile. Tori's tongue delved into her navel and she cocked her head to the side at Jade's happy expression. The Goth stared off still and she began nodding, "Six months or more? Alright. I'm sure I can do it."

The voice blurred together and Tori watched Jade's expression carefully, her lips gliding along Jade's hard nipple, earning a soft gasp and a glare from the paler girl.

"Yes. Yes, sir. Thank you so much. I won't let you down. Alright. Thanks again."

Jade hung up and looked at Tori with a slightly stunned expression on her face. The tan young woman raised a brow and rose up from Jade's breast, "What was that, Jade?"

"That was the casting director from a movie that I auditioned for. I got the role and we'll be working on it for the next six months to a year."

Jade smiled gently and Tori pressed her lips to the tender patch of skin underneath Jade's ear before whispering softly, "It looks like you have something to look forward to."

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