He blinked in surprise, staring at her in utter disbelief.

"Y-you what?"

"I-I didn't mean for this to happen. I-I mean... I always hoped that you'd reconcile with Mrs. Crane but... well I can't very well ignore what's in me heart!"

Niles took a breath and let it out.

"Oh my God..."

"I'm so sorry, Dr. Crane! I know I shouldn't have said anything because it only makes things more complicated and I would never do anything to jeopardize our-."

"Do you have any idea how long I've waited to hear those words? Dreamed of holding you in my arms and kissing you with reckless abandonment?"

Daphne was dumbfounded.

"Y-you have?"

"Oh Daphne... I love you. And I-I don't even care that we're standing on Frasier's balcony covered with shaving cream."

"Y-you dream about me?"

"Every night. I-I know it's wrong what with my still being married and all but I love you, Daphne... I love you so much."

"Oh Niles..."

Before he could comment on the use of his name, Daphne took him in her arms and kissed him; deep, lingering kisses that tasted of sweetness and shaving cream.

When she drew back, they stared at each other before dissolving into a fit of laughter as they embraced once more.

"We certainly are a sight, aren't we?" Daphne laughed. Slowly she took the towel in her hand and began to gently wipe the shaving cream from Niles face, hair and clothes.

"Oh, your nice suit! I hope it's not ruined!"

"And your beautiful shirt..." Niles replied, taking the towel from her.

"It's all right. Just an old thing I threw on." Daphne laughed.

Niles gently ran the towel across her cheeks, forehead and shoulders, pausing to kiss her once more.

"I love you, Daphne."

Her hand caressed his cheek. "And I love you. Now, I suppose we should change our clothes and then I'll get started on cleaning the bathroom.

Niles gasped. "Dear God, I'd forgotten all about that! Frasier's going to be livid! Who knew Dad's hot and foamy would make such a mess?"

Daphne walked to the door and peered into the living room.

"What's wrong?" Niles asked.

"Seems that all the excitement wore your father out. He's sound asleep in his chair and your brother is nowhere to be seen."

Niles gave a nervous laugh making him sound like a little boy.


Daphne smiled mischievously and took his hand.

"You know... It would be nice to have some company while I clean up the bathroom. I know it's not much excitement, but-."

When she paused to kiss him again, she heard his breath catch in his throat.

"Oh Daphne, there's no place on earth I'd rather be. But first I need to make a phone call."

"All right."

He reached into his pocket and removed his shaving cream covered phone as he dialed the number.

"Hello? Yes, this is Niles Crane. I'm calling about my wife, Maris Crane. I'd like to file for divorce... Just tell her that her trick backfired. I no longer wish to remain married. I've found someone who loves me more than Maris ever could... Someone I have been waiting for my whole life."