Chapter 1 - Not Alone

"Hey," Eliot said, practically whispering, but still catching Parker's attention with the light on her face. "It's a good thing it was us."

She felt her heart sink a little at that.

"Because we'd leave him…"

The light wobbled a bit, but he spoke up in response to comment.

"Because they would've kept trying and they would've froze to death right next to him, especially Hardison, so it was a good thing it was us." He paused a moment, the two of them locking eyes firmly, and he finished by saying, "The two of us…we do things they can't. Won't."

Parker nodded, but then asked,

"That make us bad?"

He was silent for a moment and then said, "It makes us…us."

Eliot paused again, obviously carefully choosing his next words, and then finally continued.

"Now, you can take that as a gift, or you can take it as a curse…" He shined the light back onto her face and then dropped it, giving her an inscrutable look. "That's up to you."

He then stood and walked over to the rope that was dangling from the top of the fissure, and she watched him for a moment before following. Now that she thought about that way, she understood that she wasn't a bad person…that he wasn't a bad person. They were simply who they were.

And in that moment, she found she had more in common with Eliot then she did with anyone else on the team.

Both of them had done things that they weren't proud of. Done things that would make anyone else shy away from them for fear of what they were capable of.

She remembered the time that she had been certain that Tara had gone behind their back and was selling them out.

She remembered how she'd grabbed the woman by the throat and then threatened to throw her off the top of the building. And she also remembered how later on, Tara had said that Parker had worried her because she thought she was actually going to drop her. Parker had tried, and failed probably, to laugh it off, as though she'd never do such a thing…but of course, it wasn't the truth.

She would have dropped her in an instant. She would have done everything in her power to protect the team.

Though it hadn't bothered her at the time, as she spent more time with the team, she thought something might be wrong with her.

Anyone else might have tried to talk to her, to reason with her…except for Eliot.

And that thought, though it was somewhat morbid and dark, reassured her. Calmed her. Let her know that she was not alone.

She had Eliot on her side.

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