Chapter 5 - Under Close Observation

"A motorcycle? You stole a damn motorcycle?" asked Hardison, incredulity on his face as he saw them pull up to the warehouse that the team had set up in.

Eliot simply shrugged, a grin at the corner of his mouth, obviously not disturbed by the fact…in fact, he almost seemed to be amused by the Hacker's discomfort.

He tossed the keys back to Parker and watched as she put them into the pocket of his leather coat, which she'd taken from him for the drive over and was now wearing. It had been a bit cold out, and she'd only been wearing a t-shirt, so he'd loaned it to her. It looked good.

He took a moment to appraise how the leather fit her, and was surprised to find, that even though it was a bit large on her, it looked almost…hot.

At that point, however, Hardison turned to Parker, the look of incredulity still plastered on his face. He then gestured wildly towards the motorcycle and towards Eliot, and then he finally spluttered out, "And you just let him drive you?"

Parker just grinned, much in the same way Eliot just had.

"No, of course not…" she said, a smirk at the corner of her lips. "He asked me nicely, first."

She then sauntered past him, sharing an amused look with Eliot behind the Hacker's back as they walked into the building.

However, as soon as they were in, Hardison's demeanor quickly became serious. After shutting the large hangar-type doors behind them, he motioned for the two of them to sit on the old couch that the team had scrounged up from another nearby warehouse and then directed their attention to the various monitors that he had set up in the room.

"Alright, the documents you gave us told us a bit more than we realized…"

He scanned over to some of the newly imported information.

"Alright, now Daniel Raymond Heller, age 42, is not only the founder of a fake bank, but he's also the founder of a shell company through which he's been siphoning his clients' money, unbeknownst to them."

At this point, Nate spoke up.

"What's different about this, though, is how he's doing this…somehow he's managed to use his very own personal bank account, in the Caiman's mind you," he added as a side note, "To look like a bank unto itself, and each time a client supposedly opened an account with his 'bank', he put the money into a portioned section of his account, making it look like their money was secure."

He then pointed to a photo up on the screen.

"Daniel Heller has then been taking their money and putting it into this company," he motioned towards the photo. "Greenfield Associates."

Sophie finally spoke up from where she'd been sitting at their makeshift kitchen area.

"Greenfield Associates is supposedly an investment firm that can double, or even triple its clients' money by putting their money in "special" growing assets." She paused and took a sip of the tea in front of her. "And I must say, though they're a fake company, they have excellent PR…"

Her voice trailed off, and Hardison picked it back up.

"Now, even I had a hard time distinguishing the fact that it was a fake company…"

He pulled up more images, specifically screen captures, up onto the screen.

"Names, personal contact information, legitimate numbers that their clients can call, a real facility that you can actually take a tour of…this guy is good, and he has a lot of money. Why he needs to keep on stealing other people's money, I don't know. As far as I can tell, he's never needed it." He pulled up some more photos. "He was born in Martha's Vineyard to George and Mariah Heller, went to private school, then onto Princeton. Average marks, but high ambitions and well-connected enough to build a real company. He got his inheritance at age twenty-five, and then left home and never looked back."

Eliot took a look at it, but then decided to bring up what he'd seen at the police station that had bothered him.

"Hey, Hardison…you said Heller's e-mail and phone records were tightly secured, right?"

Hardison nodded.

"Like Fort Knox during a terrorist takeover, yeah. He's got one of the newest systems out there, a Timmoran XR…"

Eliot sat there for a long moment, silently thinking it over, but then finally said, "If they're that secure, how'd the local PD get their hands on them? It looked to me like they were linked straight into his system."

At this, the Hacker looked slightly confused.

"Straight into his system? No, no, no. It's not possible." He then explained. "You see, the only way for them to be hooked straight into his system, is if they had security clearance to gain access to his personal records, and the only reason that they would be allowed to get security clearance would be if they're investigating him, but they're not and they've got no reason to, so it's not-"

Nate cut him off.

"Unless they do have a reason to."

He stood and walked over to the screen, and then Parker, who had remained silent, suddenly lit up in understanding.

"Wait…you think they found something on Heller? Like we did?"

Nate nodded, and Sophie seemed to have a look of understanding as well. Nate then said, "I think our friends in law enforcement might have discovered Greenfield Associates and are looking into Mr. Heller's possible contacts…"

He then turned and looked at Eliot and Parker.

"…and now that Chief Payton thinks that a Federal Marshall and someone in international security are involved, I have a feeling that he's going to be even more interested…"

He left it hanging, but both Eliot and Parker knew what it meant.

Payton was going to be coming after them.

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