Title: All in the Past

Category: Lost Girl, Bo/Lauren

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters or the premise of the show. They are directly owned by the respective parties, and some of the dialogue in this is directly credited to the writers of the Lost Girl series. I am not making any money for this, though I am using it to gather research on how fanfiction works within a television fandom.

Spoilers: Up through season 2, though mostly as references out of order. This story is AU.

Rating: M for Mature.

Story Summary: AU. Bo and Lauren have known each other for two years now. Things from the past come back to haunt them. The bond gets stronger. Lives are lost and created. What happens now?

A/N: This story is part 2 of the epic that began in "All in the Family." Therefore, you may find it necessary to read the first story before completely diving into this one. I am almost finished with this story (another epic novel), so I am going to give you the first chapter now. Without further ado, I present to you the continuing saga.

One year later

Bo was taking the curves to the single lane road faster than was probably safe, but she did not care. She was on a mission to get to Gram's farm. Then again, if she had an accident, asking the doctor for help would not be safe, either. Lauren was really good at the scolding looks, Bo had learned. Whenever she did something wrong or that upset her girlfriend, Bo knew it. Now, though, she was willing to risk seeing that look because she just wanted to see any look from Lauren.

She hadn't been able to see her girlfriend for three weeks, and Bo felt the familiar humming as she got closer and closer to the farm.

The Morrigan had sent Bo on numerous excursions around the country. At least she didn't have to fly, thanks to that weird fae insta-teleportation thing that gave her a damned headache and still freaked her out every time she had to use it. The travel was almost as exhausting as the travel agent that worked it.

Evony was after something big, and she was using Bo's employ to get the necessary information and artifacts. The upside was more money; the downside was that she had to be away from Lauren for so long. They hadn't spent this long apart since Lauren was put in the dungeon a year ago; that had only been one week, so Bo was gripping the steering wheel tighter, feeling the three weeks apart more and more as she got closer and closer to the farm. Sure, she had taken jobs that took her away, but they had never lasted this long before, and Bo could feel the separation more intensely than usual. If she didn't know it was manageable separation anxiety from the bond, Bo would think she was starting to become clingy.

Truth was, she just wanted to be with Lauren because she loved being with Lauren. Bo still felt independent and free in her movements, but that didn't mean she didn't miss her girlfriend when they weren't together.

When the house came into view, Bo swerved slightly when she almost missed the final curve. Once the car was righted back on the road, she finally let out her deep sigh. A familliar compound-loaned black SUV was in the driveway, which meant Lauren was definitely here. Even if she could sense her girlfriend's presence, Bo still liked the visual confirmation.

Only a few more yards, and she could see her three favorite people in the world. Well, four, if Gram was around, too.

Bo pulled up behind the SUV and did not care that she parked a little in the grass. Gram would probably scold her for that later, but she was too focused right now. She walked to the barn lab, sensing and just knowing from experience that she would find Lauren there.

It was late afternoon, so Lauren would no doubt be working inside the lab, doing whatever random research project she had going today. Lachlan and Evony had agreed that it was cost effective to set up the doctor's lab and office in neutral ground that already had a working lab: Gram's farm. This was actually Lachlan's idea, and Bo was surprised how good of a leader, or rather CEO, her brother had become. She could almost tolerate him now; "almost' being the key term. He was good to her and Lauren most days, but he was still a prick and wasn't afraid to threaten or punish Lauren if needed. At least the punishments were light; Bo had done her own threatening of ripping his manly parts off if he ever imprisoned her girlfriend again. She was glad he listened because she really did not want to touch her brother's junk.

Lauren had been happy here at the farm. She only had to go to the compound once a week to report to Lachlan; she would do the same for the Morrigan, as well. Bo went to more meetings with Lauren when she met with Evony than she did when the doctor met with Lachlan. She was still mad at the woman for sleeping with her girlfriend, even if it had been several years before they met.

Since the farm was only an hour commute to the city, Lauren loved that she got to see her Gram more often, even if only briefly for lunch some days or the nights she would work overtime and just decide to stay at the farm. Bo would come to stay some weekends, too, giving Kenzi her space, even though her best friend would end up tagging along most of the time. With Bo being gone these past three weeks, they had just moved into the farmhouse; Bo felt better knowing that her three favorite people were safe and protected.

No longer able to hold in her excitement, Bo threw open her car door, ignoring the pain in her ears when the door screeched and popped louder than usual from the impact. She wasn't even sure her door shut all of the way, despite the loud slam as she walked the rest of the distance to the barn lab. The tall building was a typical barn with two stories, though she was happy that it was not painted the clichéd red. Gram seemed to favor gray, and it seemed like the barn had actually been painted again since Bo had been out here last month.

Once inside, Bo had no trouble maneuvering the entryway and waiting area that they had spent a week renovating in the front of the barn. She walked down the wide hall, past the four exam rooms, not even fully registering that nobody was here. At the end was the large lab where she was headed. Actually, Bo wouldn't mind stealing her girlfriend to sneak into the loft where they arranged her office overlooking the lab area. There was a nice, comfortable couch up there. She had helped break in that couch several times already. There was a red wine stain on one of the cushions from a particularly delicious breaking in session.

Suddenly, Bo felt herself move even faster and heavier, believing she probably should have fed a little before she got here to at least curb her appetite to a manageable calm. She didn't want to overkill her girlfriend. There was no doubt Lauren would insist that she feed on her. It took Bo a while until she was comfortable feeding from her girlfriend again after the intense sexual healing after her fight with Roger. When Lauren's period did not come when it was scheduled after that, they had gotten another lecture from Gram and Trick on being careful.

However, in the past six months, Bo had been slowly trying a Lauren only diet. They had been working on control during her feeding. It was working quite well; Lauren only had to feed her once a week, and she was full. She did not mind the gluttonous approach; Lauren was safer and healthier this way. Being apart for three weeks, though? Lauren had actually granted her permission to feed and heal as necessary while away. Bo only did when absolutely necessary; she thought of Lauren both times she healed and couldn't even remember either of the young men's names she had sex with.

Walking into the lab, Bo was impatient that the automatic sliding doors they had installed were not fast enough. She could see Lauren standing over her microscope, big smile on her face, but she was not doing any actual work. It was obvious the woman knew she was there, but she was trying to stay professional. Bo loved the energy she felt coming from Lauren; it matched her own.

Lauren looked up and swiveled around in her lab stool to greet her as she walked in the lab door. Bo could see Alexie gliding back and forth in the baby swing, blocking her way to Lauren. The little man cooed when he saw Bo, big smile on his own face. Bo felt a little guilty for being more excited to see Lauren's smile.

"Hey, little man. I've missed you." She went to pick him up before Lauren coughed to get Bo's attention and shook her head.

"Hey. I just fed him. He should be ready for a nap soon." Lauren didn't move to stand, but she did swivel side to side in her seat. Bo's own foot was tapping on the floor. She looked down at Alexie, who was still smiling up at her when she would make eye contact with him. Bo desperately wanted to pull Lauren into a massive embrace and kiss, but she knew once they made contact, she would have Lauren half naked and sprawled on the lab table in a matter of seconds. Controlling herself now, in front of the baby, was harder than her control these past three weeks.

"Where's Kenzi?" Bo looked around to find her best friend, who was supposed to be helping Lauren while she was away.

"Upstairs in the office. She's supposed to be writing out my dictated notes from yesterday's patients, but she's probably actually playing solitaire on the computer." Lauren smiled, her face and neck were starting to get flushed, and her energy spiked. Bo started to fidget more, wanting to know what caused the reaction from her girlfriend. "I've missed you."

"Lauren." Bo felt her resolve faltering, desperately needing to touch the woman. Alexie was only about three months old, but Bo still felt like he would understand if she just devoured Lauren right there. Having the baby was definitely cramping her mojo right now. "Kenzi! Get your ass down here and get your kid!"

"Bo!" Lauren looked amused, wide eyed at her outburst.

"Sorry, I mean butt, Alexie. Ass is a bad word; don't say ass." Bo looked down at the baby and smiled again.

"He's supposed to be napping." Lauren looked up at the clock on the far wall, and Bo followed her line of sight. Technically, the doctor was still in for another hour and a half. What Bo wanted to do to her would be a much longer distraction. "How was the trip here, or trips rather, since you were in Argentina when you called this morning?"

"Exhausting." Bo wound up the baby swing when it stopped, giving the little guy a push. His smile made her relax this time; he really was a fun and cute kid. He had Kenzi's gray blue eyes and smile; he may be only three months old, but Bo could tell he had her best friend's sense of humor, too.

Kenzi's boyfriend had left her when she found out she was pregnant. The young girl was mad at Lauren for days, blaming her astute observation and doctor skills for even pointing out her symptoms in the first place. Regardless of the circumstances, Alexie was quite the welcome addition to their home. Bo didn't even mind the sleepless nights because of baby cries when she saw how happy Alexie made her best friend. Surprisingly, the young girl was quite adept as a mother, even if she continued to tease the couple that it should have been them with the accidental pregnancy with all of the "chi banging" that went on under that roof.

Bo felt her skin start to flush again. The thought of said chi banging and seeing Lauren in her professional mode, coupled with her inherent need to fill her hunger? Bo wasn't sure if she could wait much longer.

"You okay?" Lauren looked concerned, though her smirk indicated she knew exactly what was wrong. "Did you feed any?"

"Not much; just when necessary." Bo felt slightly guilty about that, but Lauren just nodded. There was no longer any sense of jealousy in her energy; somehow, the doctor had managed to accept everything it meant to be with a succubus, even the need to feed elsewhere at times.

"Come here. Let me check you out." Lauren took a calming breath and smiled at herself. Bo just smirked, eager to move forward. Where was Kenzi? "Not that I am not keen to ogle you, but I mean check you out in the professional sense."

"I'm not so sure having you that close, with your hands on me, is a good idea right now." Bo started to fidget again, bouncing from foot to foot. She made eye contact with a grinning Alexie again. It used to be Kenzi was the cock blocker when she was ready to devour Lauren; now, it was her kid. "Kenzi!"

"You sure you're okay?" Lauren's concern was serious now.

"Yeah, yes. I just…as soon as I touch you, I probably won't stop touching you for days." Bo knew her facial expression and body language were helping to convey exactly what she meant.

"Oh." Lauren picked up on the meaning quite easily; her energy finally went off the charts. "Kenzi!"

"What? What? I'm doing your busy work, doc. No need to yell." Kenzi walked down the stairs. The open loft area was big enough that she probably couldn't hear the conversation, but she should have been able to hear their voices. "Keep your panties on in front of the baby, you two. I can't afford therapy for him yet; I can barely afford my own after that last time I walked in on you. I was just finishing the work so I could get out of your way for the day."

"Hey." Bo did not have any trouble hugging her best friend, as Kenzi came to stand in front of her. "I brought you back some of that fae-powered vodka from Sweden. It's in the car, along with little man's formula. Don't mix the two."

"It was good enough for my babushka, and she raised seven kids." Kenzi picked up Alexie from the swing, cradling him to her side. He clutched at her, now having a hard time keeping his eyes open.

"And they all turned out to be alcoholics." Bo smiled at her friend; the young girl just looked natural holding her baby. "Need help?"

"No, I got this. You go easy on the doc here; she's been super stressed." Kenzi bent down to grab the diaper bag over on the counter, which Lauren had no doubt kept neat and organized for her. "I'll tell Gram the doctor is giving you a realllly long physical. Should I send a search party for dinner?"

"No need. We'll try to be there at dinner." Lauren smiled before placing a warm kiss on Alexie's head, patting his hair back against his head. Bo couldn't help but feel elated to know that her girlfriend, who was normally so detached towards most people, was quite matronly. She suspected it was just part of her Hestian genetics. Alexie always did love when Aunt Lauren spent time reading to him or just holding him during his nap while she watched History Television. Bo had taken many a picture of Lauren napping on the couch with Alexie asleep on her chest. She supposed the baby felt that sense of family and warmth from the doctor that not many people got to experience. Bo was glad that she got to experience those same sensations when around her, too.

"I make no such promises." Bo sent another hyper-sexualized look to her girlfriend, and again, loved the spike she felt.

"Don't forget to come up for air. I know how emo you get when you feed from Lauren too much, and you look like you could eat an entire underfae cow right now. Glad you're home, Bobolicious." Kenzi adjusted the bag and baby in her arms before winking at them and leaving through the automatic doors. Those really did come in handy.

This left her and Lauren alone in the quiet lab. Bo still felt herself holding back, but Lauren pulled her hands from her labcoat pockets and pulled her into a tight, tight embrace, arms squeezed around her back.

"I've missed you so much." Lauren seemed to squeeze even tighter, and Bo could sense exactly what Kenzi was talking about. She felt her girlfriend's stress and tension; it almost rivaled her own, though the cause was obviously different. The embrace was not doing much to help hers, but it was definitely helping Lauren's, so she squeezed back just as tightly. "I'm glad you're back."

"It's my turn to ask if everything is okay with you." Bo pulled back and held Lauren's shoulders so that she still had close physical contact but could see her girlfriend's face. "Everything okay?"

"Just work stuff." Lauren's eyes looked tired. Bo had since lost all control and a little surge of power went from her to the doctor. Again, Lauren visibly relaxed. "Come and let me check you out."

"I hope you mean that in the non-professional way this time." Bo smiled before leaning forward to finally kiss her girlfriend. She kept it light, afraid of being in the bright, open lab. It finally registered that they were alone, which meant Lauren had sent everybody home early. "I'm fine, Lauren, really. Just…hungry. If you're too tired, then I've waited for three weeks, what is another day?"

"No, you need…hold on." Lauren pulled off her labcoat and folded it on the stool next to her before turning around to start unbuttoning her white blouse. She was almost completely unbuttoned by the time Bo's control returned from watching the clinical, yet delicious, stripping.

"You don't need to." Bo really did need to, for her health, and Lauren knew this, as well. Catching her girlfriend still in doctor mode meant that she would do anything to help heal her patients. Anything was a promising prospect; maybe she could coerce her girlfriend into finally trying that one position the wonderfully flexible doctor kept saying was impossible. Bo loved learning just how athletic Lauren could be.

"Oh, sorry." Lauren stopped unbuttoning when she only had one button left. Bo stepped forward into her girlfriend's space and gently moved her hand so that she could unbutton that final button.

"Do not be sorry. You know how much I love this." Bo moved her hands confidently across and around her girlfriend's exposed waist. "God, Lauren, you're so beautiful."

"Let me shut down some stuff?" Lauren's voice had dropped to just above a whisper. Bo watched as the doctor went around and quickly shut down equipment. She hadn't noticed before, but Lauren did not have any work really sitting out on the table. There was no doubt this was because she had sensed Bo coming and knew what to expect. The thought that Lauren made preparations to ravage her made Bo definitely ready to lose control, especially since her girlfriend's shirt kept flapping open as she moved around the lab, showing off Lauren's exposed torso. "Can you make it upstairs? I don't want another incident with broken beakers and test tubes."

"I don't want to wait another second, but I suppose I can." Bo just smiled, moving to follow Lauren up the stairs, tossing her clothes as she ascended to the loft. Once she got to the top of the steps, she had already removed her top and was in the process of kicking off her jeans.

She saw Lauren fold her shirt and place it on the coffee table. Bo moved forward and pulled Lauren to her by the belt, finally kissing her properly and fully. She let herself enjoy it before moving to unhook her girlfriend's bra, letting the straps fall idly down her shoulders before tossing it, not giving the woman the option to fold it. Lauren kicked out of her tight jeans after Bo unbuckled the belt and unzipped the pants while burying her hand underneath white cotton underwear because she could no longer wait to feel her.

Their kisses became more hurried and bruising, and Bo did not feel guilty about pushing her girlfriend into the couch, hurrying her fingers and pulling slowly from Lauren's energy. Bo didn't even need much before she felt herself explode in need. This only increased her pace and frenzied wantonness. She buried her face in the crux between Lauren's neck and shoulder, kissing a bit more roughly and leaving marks across her neck. Lauren hated it when she left hickeys that were visible to other people, but the woman didn't seem to care at the moment as her hands wrapped up Bo's back and messed her hair, urging her forward.

When Lauren orgasmed, Bo made quick work to pull more energy from her before Lauren bit her lip to stop from screaming out her pleasure and release. Seeing the doctor in such a state of bliss and utter contentment was quite the aphrodisiac. It didn't take Lauren as long as some of her former lovers, Dyson included, to get her energy back and go for round two.

Bo was not so quiet in her approval.

Lauren stretched in the bed. She was glad to find the familiar block in her way. After taking a short nap in her office after the record timing marathon sex, Bo had actually mentioned she was actually food hungry for a change. They had made it inside to catch dinner, as Bo recounted some of her more interesting adventures from the past three weeks.

Lauren still couldn't figure out why Evony needed these particular items in such a hurry. Since Bo was out finding the items, she had actually taken the opportunity to research in Gram's library, whenever she wasn't doing her own work or helping Kenzi with Alexie. She really did love that baby, which was odd, since she had never thought of herself as the mothering type. Even during the three pregnancy scares she and Bo had over the past two years they had known each other, she had never really thought much about how she would actually react emotionally to a child. She knew that she would have no trouble with the physical needs and methods to help raise a child, but she had honestly been worried that she was too detached. It was refreshing to know that she had no trouble. Gram mentioned it was because of her Hestian heritage, which made perfect sense in her overrational mind.

What was surprising yesterday and last night was how much control Bo had over her needs. The three weeks away had actually proven to be a good test to check her girlfriend's progression. Bo mentioned she did have to feed a little and did have to heal twice, but three weeks without a full blown feed was astonishing.

Lauren's entire body still hummed with the pleasure and relaxation from yesterday afternoon's hurried coupling and last night's slow lovemaking. Each had their own healing qualities, and she loved both methods of treatment.

"Mmm…how are you awake?" Bo's eyes were still closed, proud smile across her face. Lauren just rolled over to face her girlfriend. "You wore me out, woman. If you keep doing that, you're going to give me a bad reputation."

"Or me a good one." Lauren smiled, moving her hand to entwine her fingers with Bo's on the bed between them. Even though Bo was the sex-driven fae in the relationship, Lauren sometimes wondered if she hadn't developed some of the sex drive and need for release during their bonding ritual. After all, sex wasn't necessary for the bond for all fae; since it was required for a succubus mating ritual, it only made sense that the partner would be given an increase in libido and sexual need since the bond was for life. A succubus would have no use for a mate that couldn't keep up; Lauren found she loved keeping up, added sex charge or not.

She had been keeping journals ever since Bo had fed from her that first time; she even had a binder with their mating patterns and had since drawn accurate schematics of each place they had been intimate. She now used O's to mark where they made out and single X's to mark where they had sex. There were several places that had an X inside of an O. When Bo found these items, they had gotten into a huge fight. The succubus said she felt like another experiment to her, but Lauren reminded her girlfriend that it was good to keep records. It was almost a safer, more clinical version of a sex tape. Bo let the argument go after she read Lauren's very detailed journal.

"What time is it?" Bo moved to look at the clock, even though the sun was quite bright coming in through the window. When Bo had called to say she would be back yesterday, Lauren cleared it with the Morrigan to take today off, since it was Dark Fae day. The two leaders had managed to grant Lauren an unofficial unaligned status for her work with the patients and for her research, but she was still technically owned by the Light Fae. To prevent any animosity in the lab, they had agreed to take alternating days when each clan could see the doctor. There had only been one altercation since she'd started; nothing that she couldn't handle, though.

"We have all day. Go back to sleep." Lauren scooted a little bit closer, feeling the warmth underneath the sheets from Bo's body heat.

"I may need to, just to recharge my battery. You really know how to show a succubus a good time." Bo peeked open one eye, but her smile was still present. "How do you do that?"

"We have that little extra ingredient mixed into the formula." Lauren scooted just a little bit closer, their calves now entwining.

"What might that be, dear?" Bo rarely called her by cute little nicknames; it showed just how tired and comfortable she was in the current position.

"We love each other. Somebody once told me how much better sex was when real feelings were involved." Lauren scooted the last bit to close space between their upper bodies, feeling the jolt from the touch.

"Again? Oh, Lauren, I really don't know if I can." Bo's smile changed from proud to supremely tired. If Lauren did try to make a move right now, she knew her girlfriend wouldn't protest despite her exhaustion.