Gram was right; Bo was still in shock. She was a bonafide queen now. All of those years of playing dress up in her room, she never would have pictured that she would actually become one. Well, at least she would be when she finally got to sex up her wife again. That hadn't been part of her childhood playtime, either. If Lauren had been around her growing up, Bo wondered if it eventually would have been. She couldn't help but also wonder if she would have discovered her succubus nature earlier, too, if Lauren had been around her. Bo pictured a young and teenage Lauren as being utterly magnetic and adorable. There was no way she could have resisted that, even if she didn't know why or what she was.

Apparently, they were going to eventually meet anyways. Bo didn't hate that thought.

When they got back to their room, Bo noted that Hale had seemed relieved to see them and congratulated them before he disappeared from the bedchambers. It was really hard not to picture this room as the royal bedchambers now.

Lauren was rocking Briann to sleep after feeding her, and Bo just sat at the end of the bed and watched her girls. Her beautiful, amazing girls. She couldn't help but smile at her family. For someone who had no family and was alone and running, Bo had sure found a loving, though complicated, one.

She knew the evening's revelations were just as hard on Lauren. At least Bo knew her family was actual royalty before the dinner. While they both had talked about and suspected that Lauren came from some royal bloodline, they didn't know why or how until tonight. She could tell her wife was upset, probably from the constant lies and fae manipulation. Bo understood that emotion and reaction completely.

Bo regressed to her familiar one track mindedness. If she truly were the new fae queen, then Lauren would truly be free. Everything Gram had ever said about there being other ways beyond de-faeing Lauren's siblings made sense now. If Bo could feel guilt about doing this, she definitely would have added to it now. As it was, she felt a need to apologize again to the Lewis clan.

"I want to call bullshit. I don't know what to think right now." Bo let out a deep breath before finally moving and taking off her clothes to get ready for bed. Instead of tossing her clothes like she normally would, she actually found herself folding them neatly and placing them on the settee that was against the wall in the oversized room. The high cathedral ceilings in here had always made her feel small but never as much as she did in this moment.

"You're overwhelmed, Bo. It's to be expected." Lauren was calm again, as she kept her voice soft. Briann was enjoying being lulled and rocked to sleep by her mother. Bo found she was jealous of the attention and wanted Lauren to do the same to her. "We're both overwhelmed."

"No matter what happens or what just happened in there, I want to be clear that I don't regret this. Even if we had known, I still would have married you without a doubt." Bo stood bare to the room in all but her black underwear. She never felt exposed or cautious around her wife, and even while rocking their baby to sleep only a month after giving birth to that baby, Lauren didn't disappoint in her reaction. The succubus in her was happy that her wife still spiked energy around her. "Maybe we could have waited until you got the clear, though. It's killing me not touching you."

"Once Briann is out cold, I plan on doing everything we're allowed to do." Lauren continued rocking their daughter, but her soft declaration did not hide the needy smirk from her face. Bo felt her eyes flash and apologized. "No need to be sorry. This is our real wedding night; we don't get anymore after this. We just had the strangest wedding ever, and if I had known this would happen, I can't say I wouldn't have just gone ahead with a traditional wedding anyways. I didn't want one because I didn't want to showboat. I didn't want us to be a sideshow for the fae's entertainment. If I had known we were going to anyways, we could have waited until I got the all clear. In retrospect, I'm an idiot; you would have been a gorgeous bride."

"So would you." Bo sat down on the end of the bed again and her legs started bouncing. "I'm okay with this. I feel like I shouldn't be okay, but I am."

"That's what Gram meant when she said there was a reason they did it tonight. Our emotions from our bond are on a high from the marriage; it eclipses everything else, including being crowned the new fae queen without knowing it and without permission for them to do so." Lauren stood from the chair to place Briann in the bassinet. Bo immediately jumped up to help tuck their daughter into bed. Looking down at the sleeping bundle, Bo understood the timing completely. She was too happy to go all postal on everyone for not telling them the truth. Gram had two weeks to tell them when they were doing all of those rituals and taking care of all the fae red tape. "It's not immediate; nobody but those of us in that room will even know about it until we're ready to tell anybody."

"At least Lachlan and Evony don't know everything about me, like they seem to think they do." Bo felt glad for small miracles.

"Maybe they do." Lauren always liked to burst her bubble. "I mean, think about it, Bo. It makes sense. Lachlan comes out of nowhere and becomes the Ash, and he just happens to be your half brother? He has all this access to Samael, so he must have known. He even keeps telling you he wants to make peace and help you change the world. He tested you by using me. Considering what we know now, everything he's ever done or said makes total sense."

"Okay, sure." Bo turned in her nudity to her fully clothed wife. "You're so damn smart." Bo smiled in admiration before pulling Lauren to sit on the end of the bed with her. "What about the Morrigan, though?"

"Why else would she try to lock down her spot as the Morrigan and go to such lengths to get immortality? Having you get all those items for her was like mocking you without you being aware. She was making sure you couldn't take her position." Lauren had on her doctor face, and Bo didn't realize how much she missed seeing her wife in action like this. "Which also makes sense why she hit on you when she did. It was right before we found out I was pregnant. She knew that once the baby was officially in the picture, she wouldn't have another chance. I really think she thought you wouldn't say no."

"And now I own her ass. How does that work?" Bo chuckled lightly.

"You've actually been acting like a queen all along and didn't even know it." Lauren rolled her eyes when Bo arched her eyebrow. "Not like a diva queen; you know what I mean. Without being aware, you've been preparing to change the world since you found out you were fae."

"Since I met you." Bo steeled her jaw and made sure that Lauren understood she wasn't saying this to just be cheesy. "I was lost before I found you. You gave me purpose. Behind every great leader, there is a great woman, and Lauren, you are one hell of a woman. The one thing about this that I do know for certain is that I won't be able to do it without you."

"You're not so bad yourself." Lauren being flirty and playful meant that Bo would have a hard time resisting when Lauren made her move. From her energy, Bo suspected that would be soon. "You know that you've run out of times you can ask me to marry you. The bonding, the feeding, the rings, and now this. You're stuck with me, so even if you didn't want me there, I would be."

"I will always want you there." Bo leaned forward to brush Lauren's long blonde locks behind her shoulders before cupping her wife's face in her palm. "I'm not going to ask you to do anything tonight."

"You don't have to ask, Bo. I want to." Lauren rolled her eyes in that self admonishing manner she had. Bo moved her hand to rest on Lauren's jean clad thigh. "You should be able to feed from me; you just can't…really go there yet. That doesn't mean I can't go there with you."

"I don't want to make you uncomfortable." Bo felt Lauren's energy spike even more; she didn't realize how much she missed that feeling these past few months. Lauren said she didn't feel sexy or would be too tired to even kiss much, so her sexual energy had severely diminished. The problem was that Bo's never had, and Lauren was so damn yummy all the time.

"You need to feed, Bo." Lauren wasn't wrong. She did need to feed. This past month since Briann was born, Bo hadn't needed it as much, which Gram had explained, but she was starting to feel it again now that she was aware it was gone.

"Not as much as I need to make sure you're okay." Bo squeezed her fingers tighter on Lauren's leg. She had meant it as a comforting gesture, but Lauren seemed to be really on right now. It wasn't helping Bo stand her ground.

"I'll be fine. I'll be even better if you let me take care of you." Lauren leaned forward to kiss her, and Bo happily leaned forward to meet her. It was soft and gentle, which did not match the hot burn she felt coming from Lauren. Her wife was always so surprising sometimes; she could burn so hot yet do the sweetest and gentlest things. That amount of control took a lot of strength. Bo admired her for that.

"How come it works out that you go off maternity leave just when you will get the go ahead for sexy times?" Bo didn't mind when Lauren stood to remove her jeans, folding them and placing them on top of Bo's pile over by the settee. "It's like the universe is trying to torture me by granting us permission but taking away the opportunities. We have a lot of catching up to do."

"I won't have to go back to work full time yet; it's a gradual thing. We'll still have plenty of opportunities." Lauren was obviously debating about removing her tshirt and had decided against it. Bo felt more than heard herself whimper at not getting a further striptease. She would definitely need to work on letting Lauren know that she was still all about that body in any shape or form. "If not, I will make sure there are opportunities, even if I have to take you into an exam room in the middle of the day."

"Ohh…we haven't done that in a while." Bo's eyes flashed, and her familiar predatory and needy instincts were showing as Lauren came back over to stand between her legs.

"You definitely need to feed. I don't know why you haven't yet." Lauren kept her voice low, and Bo ran her arms to pull her wife further towards her. She let her fingertips push up the tshirt Lauren kept on, sending tiny pulses throughout.

"I didn't want to hurt you." She pushed the shirt up and kissed Lauren's belly. This was the first time she had done this in a hypersexualized manner in a long time. At least, it felt like a long time. Kenzi would say it was a long time in succubus years.

"We long ago established that could never happen." Lauren reacted immediately to the soft kisses against her skin, and Bo felt that heat return. She decided to stop torturing her wife.

"I still want to be safe." Bo wrapped her arms around Lauren's back and pulled her body to her, hugging her wife and pressing her cheek into the cotton tshirt instead of skin.

"Which is why I'm taking care of you." Lauren pulled back from the embrace and moved to straddle Bo and guide them both back on the bed. Bo obliged, never breaking eye contact with the woman crawling above her.

"Doing that and not getting to touch you always makes my hunger worse. Fooling around is all well and good, but I want to make love to you completely again." When Bo felt the pillow behind her, she laid her head down and just gazed up at Lauren, who was still above her, blonde hair falling around them and tickling her bare shoulders.

"You will, Bo. We will. It's not easy for me, either, when all I want is for you to touch me, too." Lauren leaned down to kiss her softly but swiftly. "Just…let me do this for you, okay? You can feed from me, which will help."

"Fine." Bo knew her smile cancelled out her defeated tone. When Lauren leaned down to kiss her and stayed there longer this time, Bo finally moved to wrap her hands into the falling locks to push them behind Lauren's ears and shoulders. Between kisses, Bo took pulls from Lauren's chi and felt alive again. With her hunger being fulfilled by her wife after so long, Bo had to stop herself from orgasming just from this sensation. Lauren hadn't even touched her, but Bo felt their lives entwine again. "Mmm…I can't touch you at all?"

"Not until the six week exam. I feel my body is healing fine, but Gram may tell us something different." Lauren chuckled lowly, and her husky whispers were not lost on Bo. The vibrations from the laughter echoed between their bodies, and Bo's eyes flashed before they rolled back in her head. "Trust me, it's killing me, too. I want to say the hell with it, but as a doctor, I know the risks. Plus, I'm not feeling particularly…confident about that area right now."

"That little tiny creature just came out of you, Lauren. I wouldn't expect things to just bounce back. You'll get there, and I'll be here, eagerly awaiting that day." Bo maneuvered her hands to push the shirt entirely up Lauren's back. The skin she felt there was still smooth and soft and warm. Lauren's torso was always so warm; it was a stark contrast to her cold hands and feet. Lauren responded by maneuvering her hands into Bo's underwear.

Bo decided to stop talking and just enjoy the sensations. Lauren had definitely not forgotten how to handle her body. Their bodies moved together, breathing heavy, kisses heavy, and hearts full. The succubus was happy for the release, and Lauren kissing her was always a plus. Even if she did get hungry whenever she couldn't fully have sex with her wife, Bo still got a strong sense of fulfillment whenever Lauren did this for her instead of her doing it on her own. There was still a connection; an intimate act with two bodies. Bo knew that her reaction was more to do with her own beliefs than a succubus need. The succubus part of her didn't need the other person to orgasm, just as long as she was pleased. It was Bo herself that didn't like that. Giving was just as much fun as receiving.

After Bo's release, Lauren continued kissing her with that slow, intimate meshing of lips. There was no hurry to their kisses. It was quiet and hot and comforting. This was what Lauren had initiated the other night with the impromptu makeout session. It seemed to be what Lauren needed, and Bo was more than happy to oblige.

When breaths were starting to get too hurried, Bo pulled back so that she could ensure that she kept her control and didn't just take what she wanted. Lauren grunted and huffed as she buried her head in Bo's shoulder, keeping their now overheated bodies still pressed together. With one last kiss to the shoulder, Lauren rolled over off of Bo and onto her back, keeping their legs entwined and hands touching the other's body. The side table lamp was still dimly illuminating the room, and Bo stared up at the ceiling. It felt so far away from them. This room had to be a bitch to heat in the winter. No wonder Gram didn't use this master bedroom as her own.

"Feel better?" Lauren rolled back over on her side and propped her head up to look down slightly at Bo.

"Much. Thank you. That was great." Bo knew the orgasm itself was mediocre, but the feelings and sentiments behind it were mind-blowing. Lauren probably knew this, too. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, Bo." Lauren pulled the shirt back over her stomach that Bo had pushed up. Bo reached her hand to stop her movements. "We should get ready for bed. Briann should sleep great tonight, as long as Hale didn't let her nap."

"Based on his look of desperation to escape earlier, I would say he listened to us and didn't let her." Bo sat up in the bed and stretched her limbs. She looked over at the clock to notice they had been fooling around and kissing for almost two hours. Bo loved losing time like this. "Oh, wow. It's midnight. We definitely need to get some sleep."

"Not disagreeing." Lauren followed her into the bathroom, where brushing teeth became a practice in flirtation control. There was usually nothing sexy about a sudsy mouth, except the promise of those freshly minty mouths pressed together again. Bo spit out her mouthwash before moving to pee, watching her wife complete her bedtime ritual.

"Gram suggested something this morning that I almost forgot completely about." Bo cleared her throat before flushing the toilet and moving to wrap her arms around Lauren from behind, kissing her shoulder as Lauren spit out her own mouthwash.

"Well, considering tonight's events, I'm not sure how I feel about Gram's suggestions." Lauren hardly ever said anything bad about her grandmother, which told Bo that her wife was really hurt from the lies and secrets. The apologetic expression that Bo saw in the mirror said that Lauren was mad at herself for even thinking it. "Sorry. What did she suggest?"

"She actually thought we should take Briann to meet your parents." Bo pushed Lauren's hair out of the way so she could place hot, wet kisses along the long, slender neck. "I'm not entirely sure she's wrong. As much as I'm not a fan of your parents and vice versa, I still think we should at least let them meet Briann. I can take backup. Vex still owes me a solid. We might take a bodyguard anyways just in case, and I know he's the right man for the job. Plus, I'll get to finally see the house that built Dr. Lauren Lewis."

"You want to go take our newborn daughter to my parents' house? You do realize they might not even let us in the door." Lauren turned around in the embrace and wrapped her arms around Bo's waist, pulling them closer. "I don't want us to get upset when that happens or when they reject her. I don't want to put our daughter in that situation."

"I get that, Lauren, I do, but…and hear me out…" Bo cleared her throat, waiting for Lauren to adjust to the possibility. "I want to talk to your mother now that we're fully married and have a child. I don't think she hates you, and I don't think she'll hate our daughter. I can live with and own up to her hating me, but I want her to have the choice. I would rather do this now than have it come up later. As mentioned, not a fan, but we can't ignore her forever."

"You're right." Lauren huffed, and Bo could sense her fear of the situation. "Let's go to bed and talk about this later. It's been a long and exhausting and overwhelming day."

"We're married." Bo couldn't hold in her smile, as she pulled Lauren in for a full body embrace. "I love you, and we're married, and now the world is going to know how much you truly mean to me."

"I love you, too." Lauren giggled before pulling back from the embrace and pulling them back to the bed. They peeked in one last time at Briann before moving to crawl under the covers and turn off the light. "Good night, Bo."

Bo leaned over in the bed for one last good night kiss. She didn't mind when it lingered a little longer than intended. They settled in for sleep, wrapped together and happy. They could deal with what all of the queen stuff meant later. For once, Bo wasn't in a hurry to find out who she was.

Author's Note:

This is it, folks! So many questions left unanswered, I know, but I did that for a reason. I am working on the third book in the trilogy now, and all of your answers will be revealed finally. Plus, we'll get to see what exactly happens now that Bo has been crowned the queen. Since nobody but those in the room during the ritual know about this fact, what will happen next?

Just a quick note because I got tickled at a review regarding Dyson. I won't pull any wolf imprinting crap, so no worries about that. ;)

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