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Deal Breaker

Castiel was desperate. He was at the end of his limits, both physical and mental. The search he took on proved to be everything the other angels said. Impossible. In hindsight he realized that it wasn't the first time his naïve nature got the better of him.

Back when he proclaimed that he would find his father, he felt sure that he would be successful. He didn't expect it to be easy and he certainly didn't expect to find God overnight but he was sure to get somewhere...eventually. Now, after months of searching without finding so much as a trace, he was beginning to lose hope. And fast.

The pendant, given to him by Dean, dug its sharp corners into the skin of his palm as the angel clenched his fist around the tracking device. He searched high and low, from one end of the world to the other and still he was no closer to finding God than when he first took on this quest. It was acceptable for him to feel frustrated...

Any other would have abandoned the search already but he just couldn't. He refused to believe that God would simply turn his back on the world he created with so much love. The humans, who despite having many flaws, were an individual miracle in their own right.

A few years ago, when he was still a silent watcher from on high, he might have agreed with some of the other angels who believed that human were not special enough to deserve the title of God's most beautiful work. Like many, he noticed the bad things and was completely oblivious to the other side of humankind.

Now he saw things through entirely different eyes. He fully believed that this world had to be saved along with its inhabitants. While humans were not perfect, not even close, they tried. Each day they tried to be a little better. Even the darkest and most deprived of souls couldn't be called evil. No human was black or white. Rather they were a multitude of grey shades, some lighter some darker.

He would be lying to himself if he didn't admit that he admired them. Though their existence was so short and could so easily go out like the flame of a candle, they never gave up hope. Each day they rushed to try and make the best of their lives and have as few regrets as possible when the time came to say goodbye.

He was an angel. A creature whose life stretched far beyond that of a human. And though he was older he felt like he never truly lived. The thing that made those creatures so amazing and beautiful was their ability to feel. When he looked upon the truly joyous smile of a child he saw a glow radiate from it that was on par with Heaven itself.

The more time he spent around them the more he felt like he wanted to be like them. In the beginning he considered Anna's actions foolish, but now he understood why she gave up her grace just to be human.

It was because of this new found love that he was even considering doing something so stupid. For the hundredth time he wondered if he was doing the right thing. For the hundredth time he told himself that he was and that no matter what personal sacrifice he had to make, finding God and stopping Lucifer was more important.

He searched his surroundings with weary, crystal blue eyes. His trench coat flapped behind him as if voicing its own protests at the ridiculous idea. The cold night air attacked his body viciously and his breath came out in foggy clouds of warmth. Though he didn't feel the cold, he pulled the material a little tighter around himself, more for the comfort of the imagined protection it offered than anything else.

Standing there and doing nothing was getting him nowhere. Before he had more time to change his mind yet again, he quickly covered the small tin box with earth. A silence even more intense than a moment ago seemed to settle over the crossroads. Even the crickets fell silent as if afraid to attract the slightest attention to themselves. The wind stopped blowing and Castiel could hear his own faint heartbeat.

'Well, isn't this a pleasant turn of events? Fancy meeting you here.' Cas turned in the direction of the voice. The man walked towards the unphased angel with lithe steps. His tailored expensive suit was, as usual, without a blemish or a crease. His lips were stretched in a knowing smirk while his dark eyes gleamed a beautiful blood red, proof that he was the real deal.

'You knew I would come.' The angel's matter of fact voice made the King of Crossroads chuckle. Yes, he did know the angel would come to him. Sooner or later everyone came to him.

'It was only a matter of time before you realized you bit more than you can chew. Speaking of, how is the search going?' The demon put on an air of genuine curiosity as if he didn't damn well know the answer already.

'May I make a deal or not?' Cas chose to ignore Crowley's question. He refused to let the demon get under his skin. Bad enough he was about to seal a deal with an inhabitant of the dark abyss, he didn't want to engage in useless banter on top of that.

'Well you're no fun. But yes, that's why I am here. What can I help you with?' Another pointless question with an already known answer.

Castiel's eyes fell to the dusty ground. This was his last chance to back away. Once he voiced his request the deal would be set and once the kiss took place it would be sealed. Again, he convinced himself that this was the only way, that he didn't know where else to search, that he was at the end of his hope. He bluntly ignored the part of his mind which whispered that if God didn't want to be found nothing will find him. He refused to give up.

'I want you to find God.' When he didn't receive an answer, Castiel looked back up to once more meet Crowley's no longer red eyes. The demon stood there motionless for a moment as if the request turned him to stone, before blinking and stretching his grin even wider. A grin that would put the Cheshire Cat's to shame.

'You are asking a lot. Are you ready to pay the price for such a deal? Let me warn you, it will be a big one.' The demon watched with interest as uncertainty crossed over the angel's blank features, almost too fast to see. Then as quickly as it started it ended and determination seized his eyes.

'Yes. I will pay the price.'

'You are ready to throw away your soul to the darkest pit of Hell for those humans?' Crowley was a little touched, and that almost never happened. Usually he had to deal with greed upon greed mixed in with some lovely gluttony to give it flavour. He could count the times when someone wished to help another on one hand. And this angel was ready to throw his soul away for the sake of a whole planet. Touching.

'I am.' Crowley didn't miss that slight waver in his voice but Cas' eyes did not lose their determination.

'Well if your mind's made up then what can I say? Ready to make it official?' The demon leered. Of course Castiel knew what that meant and his eyes fell again while a slight blush coloured his cheeks. He never would have guessed that his first kiss would be with a demon. The things he did for humanity…..

'Aw, look at you blushing. Don't tell me this is your first kiss.' Crowley said it in jest, but when Cas shot him a flustered look before looking away again, his smile froze. The angel was becoming more agitated by the second, clearly way out of his zone of comfort. 'Seriously?'

'I never had the time to…..engage in pleasures of the flesh.'

'Engage in-? Do me a favour and please call it sex. Or fucking if you prefer.' Oh, he was loving this. How many times did he have the chance to mess with an angel as naïve and inexperienced as this? He barely resisted the urge to burst into fits of laughter when Cas' face got redder at the mention of sex.

'Can we get this done?'

'Well aren't you eager? As much as I would love to do that, I'm afraid it will take more than one kiss for this sort of deal to be finalized.' Crowley watched as Cas' head snapped around so quickly an audible crack could be heard from his protesting neck. If his eyes opened any wider, the demon feared they would pop out of his skull.

'What do you mean?' A startled whisper was all he could manage to push through.

'You are asking for me to put my life on the line here. Not only do angels what to kill me but demons will ask for my head on a platter if I find the one thing which can assure Heaven's victory. Not to mention that finding your God will take a lot of work. Hard work.' Cas picked up on the thinly hidden jargon of that last part and he felt the temperature rise a little, even though it was the dead of night and most certainly not summer.

'I don't know what to do.' If he spoke any lower Crowley would have missed hearing anything. He looked at the panicking angel, whose eyes were burning holes in the ground, with a curious look on his face. He found the rebellious creature interesting. Another rare thing for him. Whatever the reason, he felt a little sorry for him.

'Okay. Here's what we'll do. I'm feeling awfully charitable here and I'm still shocked at you being a virgin so, I'll take care of the whole thing. All you have to do is let me fuck you. Or how you put it, engage in pleasures of the flesh. Is that acceptable?' It was the best he could do under the circumstances. Well that wasn't entirely true, but Castiel didn't need to know that...

The angel swallowed loudly, the sound reaching Crowley's sharp ears. Was he really going to do this? Give himself up to a demon?

'….Yes.' As soon as the confirming word left his lips Crowley sprang into action. In one fluent motion he was standing in front of Castiel and before the angel had time to fully grasp what was happening, his lips were occupied by the demon's.

Crowley could have easily forced the angel. He could have taken advantage of the inexperienced man and devoured him. But he decided against it. Even an angel deserved to have a good memory of their first time. What could he say? He was a romantic at heart.

After centuries of kissing, men and women, young and old, he was an expert at the act. He knew how to slowly draw the angel out of his shell. He licked along the seam of Cas' lower lips, patiently waiting for them to part. When Cas realized that it was up to him to take the next step, he relaxed his jaw muscles and slightly opened his mouth, albeit very hesitatingly.

Immediately, Crowley's expert tongue darted out and inside the fleshy cavern like a striking cobra attacking its prey. He let his muscle rub against the other tongue like an affectionate cat before slowly mapping the rest of the opening, extracted the first moan from the bombarded angel. It was a much sweeter sound than he previously anticipated. Crowley was one of those rare demons who preferred having his partners in pleasure rather than pain. Moans were nicer than screams.

'Shall we take this somewhere else?' The question was rhetorical but Cas nodded his head anyway, once more showing his innocent nature. With a chuckle and a flick of his wrist, Crowley had both of them vanish, leaving the barren crossroads behind in a flash.

The teleportation was very similar to the way Cas usually popped from place to place. But while he used his wings, Crowley relayed solely on something akin magic. It was a breath taking feeling and he was still slightly disorientated when his feet touched the ground again. Before he fully came back to his senses he was falling backwards, tripped by something at the back of his knees.

The soft sheets beneath him rustled and he sank into them, swallowed by scarlet and gold. In seconds the demon was upon him again, locking their lips together and raising the intensity to a more passionate, heated level. Slowly Cas was coaxed out of his comfort area and he became a little more daring. He followed the other tongues as it retreated back inside its owner's mouth and mimicked Crowley's actions of a second ago.

The demon was happy to let that go on. He found it very amusing that Castiel was so easily swept by the fire. It only took a few kisses, admittedly his kisses were amazing, and he was more or less compliant. Understandable since he was feeling all those things for the first time. His shy boldness was almost endearing.

While continuing to let Cas explore the wonders of kissing, Crowley started moving forwards like a predator cornering its prey, forcing the angel backwards. The demon didn't break the kiss but he once more took control. He had Castiel gasping for breath in no time at all.

'Those clothes are in the way.' Another flick of his hand and Cas shuddered at the sudden drop in temperature. Or was it getting hotter?

He looked up at Crowley with lost, puppy blue eyes. Without his clothes he felt completely exposed and at the demon's mercy. He didn't know it, but the expression he had was delicious torture. The red tint of his skin was in direct contrast with his piercing orbs. The swollen rosy lips were just begging to be used and the trembling body was silently begging to be touched.

And who was Crowley to refuse such an invitation all wrapped up in a pretty ribbon? Lithe fingers caressed the angel's neck, almost lovingly, re-vibrating from the slight jolts emanating from the burning skin. Crowley continued to trace the tips of his fingers across Cas' body until the angel was driven near crazy with want.

'You really are a virgin. So impatient…..' Crowley's taunting voice was thick and low with lust. He couldn't deny that he wanted the angel as well.

The King of Crossroads made his black suit disappear much like Castiel's clothes. The rebellious angel whimpered as his eyes drank in the new sight. Crowley was right; he was very impatient. This whole new experience lived up to its reputation. It didn't surprise him now that humans were so eager to engage into this act. Angels considered it sinful, but how could something that felt so good be bad?

'Spread your legs.' Cas didn't have to be told twice. 'This will feel weird at first but it'll get better. Trust me.' If he wasn't so far gone, Castiel would have automatically been wary at the notion of trusting a demon. Instead he nodded slightly, leaving everything to Crowley.

The demon's fingers were already slick with a liquid based substance, courtesy of his many hidden talents. He didn't get through all his centuries of making deals, the way he made them, without picking up a neat trick or two. To make the next part easier, Crowley distracted Cas with one of his most sensuous kisses. Way more intense and burning than all the others put together.

Castiel's mind went blank. He didn't even notice the intrusion of Crowley's finger until it was knuckle deep inside. His muscles automatically tightened at the realization.

'Relax. I know what I'm doing. And you'll thank me later for this, believe me.' Crowley flashed him a signature grin, letting his canines show in a slightly threatening manner that was strangely very arousing.

Cas found himself doing exactly as he was told. He forced himself to relax while the demon continued his ministrations. He watched with fascination as the angel wriggled under the treatment, his hands fisting the satin sheets with enough force to turn his knuckles white. It amazed him how much he found himself desiring the other man. It had been ages since he was able to truly enjoy a good lay.

And things were about to get even better. When Crowley's fingertip brushed against the magic spot inside Castiel, the angel unravelled entirely. It was like the demon hit a switch inside him and suddenly his veins were burning, coursing molten lava through his entire body. He arched himself off the bed and his wings emerged from his back, in all their wonderful glory.

The sight was a wonder, even to someone as hard to impress as Crowley. He added another finger and continued to hit the bull's eye with each thrust. Cas' wings stretched fully on either side of him, the strong muscles affected by the same jolting electricity as the rest of his body.

Very few creatures other than angels got to see such a sight. The beautiful, pure white wings of a completely sinless creature. Humans couldn't handle more than a shadow of the real deal or else their eyes would pop up in flames like a piece of flambéed meat. Demons had even less of a chance. Angels only showed their wings when they were ready to fight, which is where the demons got killed, or when they were aroused and their control crumbled.

Crowley considered himself truly lucky. Not many demons could brag about seeing an angel at the peak of their ecstasy. On top of that he had the almost non-existent opportunity to corrupt an absolutely pure one. Cas' wings were whiter than fresh snow and more radiant than the light of the sun. Such innocence was almost impossible to come by in today's age.

Crowley pulled his hand away, satisfied with his preparation, and ignored the angel's confused look. He was reaching his own limit and his arrogant attitude was on stand-by for the moment. With one move he flipped the winged being on his front and raised him on his knees. The wings were even more beautiful when viewed in their entirety.

Crowley's eyes shone red with lust, his own control slipping away. He positioned himself and started slipping in slowly. Cas gasped, feeling the burn of something so much larger than three fingers enter him. It hurt but at the same time he couldn't keep a moan or two inside. When Crowley was fully in he paused, giving the angel time to adjust.

While Castiel fought to get his breathing under control, at least a little, the demon leaned down and licked the angel's shoulder blades at the point where the wings were attached. He had heard that angels' wings were very sensitive and he always wanted to see if that was true. He never actually thought he would have the chance, though.

The yell of surprise immediately mixed with the loudest moan yet and a violent shiver shaking the whole frame confirmed that theory. He made a mental note to remember this. Who knew when it would come in handy again?

'Move….Please….' Gasps, moans, heavy breathing. It was a surprise Cas managed to push two whole words out in between all the other noises.

'Since you said the magic word…'

A last swipe of his tongue over the sensitive back area before Crowley complied with the angel's needs. He started slowly and gradually increased the pace until Castiel was trashing wildly and bucking his hips shamelessly. He made sure to attack Cas' prostate with each and every perfectly aimed thrust.

It didn't take long before the angel was more or less reduced to screams and cries. Crowley recognized the signs. One last thrust and Cas was a goner. His wings rose behind him like they did before he was about to take flight, brushing their soft feather against Crowley's skin. The wave of pleasure was so ferocious it crashed over him like a full tide, dragging him under and drowning his senses.

Crowley reached his own peak and gasped harshly while his own heart did a symphony of madness of its own. When he looked over the angel again Cas was slumped on the bed, his wings trailing down and tangling with the red sheets. The angel was out cold, completely spent after that experience.

Crowley smiled lazily, fully content with the result. Damn he was good. He had an overwhelming desire to lie beside the slumbering angel and enjoy more of his warmth. Unfortunately he was a busy demon. Already he heard the calls of greedy human ready to throw their souls into the pits for their own gluttonous desires.

Honestly he didn't understand why Castiel was struggling so hard to save this rotten world. If it were up to him, and he was in the angel's shoes, he would gladly let the whole thing burn. Of course, as a demon he liked it as deprived of morality as possible. Earth was heaven for the likes of him so he had no complains...

With his suit back in place, perfectly kept of course, he threw the sheets over the other man. He was about to do something which he would normally consider very stupid. He was about to lose his reputation as the most selfish and narcissistic demon out there.

'I'm becoming soft.'

Finding God was impossible. For him, for Castiel, for Lucifer and for the whole of Heaven. A being as strong as that wasn't found unless it wanted to be found. He could have made the deal with the angel none the less. He could have waited until the time came and the hell hounds came for Castiel, their jaws just itching to dig their sharp fangs into the fresh flesh. Dragging an angel to hell was highly regarded. Dragging someone who still had their wings white, sign of their purity, would have put his name in history.

But he didn't what to. He, Crowley, King of the Crossroads and now temporarily King of Hell, did not want to drag an angel's soul to hell. No, he didn't want to drag Castiel's soul to hell. The absurdity of his decision almost had him bursting into laughter.

When Cas would wake up he will no doubt feel enraged at the betrayal. He did after all, make a deal. Crowley chuckled lightly to himself. He had been very careful not to actually agree with the deal. Poor Cas didn't realize that he was dealing with a deal breaker from the very start.

Red eyes glowed in the dark and he was gone. What could he say? He was a romantic at heart.

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