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Clang! Clang! Clang!

The sounds of metal reverberated though out the entire valley as two forms shot at each other at incredible speeds. The now blood red hung low in the sky, like a giant godly eye watch over the two combatants. The once proud, lush green forest now resembled that of a dead wasteland.

Uzumaki Naruto, son of Uzumaki Kushina and Namikaze Minato, landed on the ground, a look of pure hatred and contempt scarred his face as he glared at the man who took everything from him. His body shown with an intense blood red aura and his eyes were a deep crystalline orange with a cross shaped pupil. His orange and black over coat nothing more than shredded ribbons hanging off of his shoulders and a katana in his hands giving off sparks and small arcs of electricity.

A cold cruel laughter filled the air, like a frozen spear it pierced the temporary silence, "Why do you fight, Naruto-chan?" the voice asked, you could almost hear the smirk that owner wore, "They are all dead, it's just you and me left. You know it's only a matter of time before I capture the Kyuubi and complete the Moon's Eye."

Naruto growled, "Because, I owe it to them all to kill you and make sure that they did not die in vain."

A man in dented and scratch armour landed in front of Naruto, a cracked mask adorned his face; the entire top half was broken off revealing purple eyes that had three concentric circles around the pupil plus a tomoe on each circle. The man's name, Uchiha Madara.

The almost crazed Uchiha laughed at the boys comment, "You fool! The moment they started fighting was the moment they died in vain!" he yelled, "I will contain the Juubi and I will control the world!"

Naruto looked to the ground slightly and gave a small chuckle, "You really don't realise it do you?" he said quietly, the shadow of his fringe hiding his orange eyes, "We are literally the only people left, if you kill me, it will only be you in the world and nobody for you to control."

Madara stopped for a moment as a sudden, unwanted, look of realisation dawned onto him, he blond haired brat was right, no he couldn't be! That would mean all his years of careful planning were all for naught and even if he fulfilled his plan then there would be no one to do his bidding. No. No! NO!

Madara clutched his head in pain as he tried to comprehend that his perfect plan was done for. Naruto continued to smirk at the sight the maniac being put over the edge... that was until a dark purple light surrounded the mad man. His control over his chakra was slipping. He was going to blow, literally!

"It seems you've finally lost Madara! Go on, blow this place up! It will do nothing, we'll both die and it will at last be over." Naruto yelled over to Madara.

The blond looked to the sky, a content smile on his face, 'Kaa-san, tou-san, everyone, I'm coming home.' those were the blonds last thoughts as with one last yell of 'NO!' Madara finally went nuclear and everything when white.


~Celestial Spirit World~

There was mumbling, lots of mumbling. It made Naruto's already throbbing head hurt even more than it did. Was this the afterlife? If it was then how could he feel pain? You weren't meant to feel pain here, were you?

Before Naruto could continue his train of thought the pain in his head started to ebb away and he started to become aware of everything around him. As slowly as possible, the blond opened his eyes to let them adjust to the light. As everything went from blurry to clear, Naruto realised that he was looking at a bright starry sky. Something he had not seen in a long, long time and something that made him smile.

"So you're awake, huh? You do realise that if you are a Celestial Spirit mage then you being here is a major breach of your contract?" a voice said calmly.

'Celestial Spirit mage? Breach of contract? What the hell!' Naruto thought, as he sat up as quickly as he could, something he quickly as it brought the pain in is he back but once again, almost seconds later the pain started to dull.

"Whoa there, take it easy, Aries, could you please make a pillow for him?" the voice asked someone else.

"Sorry!" a meek, female voice squeaked. Then Naruto felt himself being force back onto something extremely soft, it almost made him fall asleep upon making contact with it.

"W-where am I?" Naruto finally managed.

The head of three people came into view; the first was a young man, he had shaggy orange hair, much like a lion's main, he wore a pair of sun glasses and what appeared to be a tuxedo. The second was a young woman, she had straight pink hair that came down to her shoulders and curled upwards but what was unusual was that she seemed to have ram horns on her head. The last was another woman; she had straight aqua blue hair, dark blue eyes. She wore a kind of diadem piece in her hair and had a tattoo that ran from one collar bone to the other.

"You're in the celestial spirit world, which you're not meant to be." said the blue haired woman, rather irritated.

The orange hair man turned to her, "No need to be so harsh, Aquarius." he said then turned back to the blond, "What's the last thing you remember?"

Naruto rubbed his head with his palm, "I was fighting a mad man, in a wasteland, my home was destroyed and I was about to die, yet I could be happier then it all went white and somehow I ended up here." he said, trying to recall everything he could.

"Well, that was morbid." the blue haired woman, Aquarius, muttered. The other two nodded in agreement.

'Aquarius, what a strange name.' Naruto mused.

The male shook his head, "We'd best get you outta here, humans can't survive long in this wor..." he seemed to cut himself off as he laid eyes on the ground just beside Naruto, "What's this?"

He picked up what looked to be a key, a rather intricate key. It was made of white gold and had a small piece of amber imbedded into the bow and the bits looked like small bolts of electricity. Naruto knew he'd never seen the key before in his life but he felt and extreme connection to it. Before he knew what he was doing, the blond snatched the key out of the other man's hand and held almost protectively.

"Whoa, what was that about, Leo?" Aquarius asked the now identified Leo. Said man shook his head again.

"Do you feel any sort of connection to that key?" he asked the blond who nodded simple.

"W-what, does that mean?" the pink haired girl, Aries, asked.

Leo looked between the four of them, "It means that we have a new Celestial Spirit."

Everyone sat in silence for what felt like forever trying t digest what Leo had just said...


Naruto sat up, his key still in hand, "Hold up a second. I don't even know what a Celestial Spirit is. I'm supposed to be dead!" he exclaimed.

Aquarius sighed and folded her arms under her chest, "Well this certainly is a surprising turn of events, isn't it?" Aries and Leo nodded in their agreement.

The blond started to feel like pulling his hair out, "Can someone please tell me what the hell it going on!" he ran his hand through his hair and realised something, "WHY DO I HAVE EARS ON MY HEAD!"

The other three Celestial Spirits looked over at the blond curiously and were surprised to see a pair of long blond fox ears on his head. Aries reached out a hand shyly and started to pet them, causing Naruto to let out an unintentional purring noise.

"S-so soft!" Aries said as she rubbed Naruto's new ears. Aquarius reached over from the pool of water she was sitting in and started to pet his other ear,

"It is!" she exclaimed and started to scratch his ear. By the look on his face and the noises he was making Leo could easily tell that the blond was enjoying himself, who wouldn't having two beautiful women scratching your ears,

"Lucky bastard." Leo mumbled, "By the way what is you name?"

Naruto, Aquarius and Aries looked at him slightly confused, "What, you two are petting his ears and don't even know his name."

Aries let out a small squeak and jumped back from the blond, "Sumimasen!" Naruto looked at her with a small sweat drop.

"It's alright, my name's Naruto by the way." Naruto said, giving them the Good Guy Pose™. The trio of other Celestial Spirits looked at the blond a singular thought running through their heads,

'How did he get his teeth to sparkle like that?'

"Anyway, I'm Aquarius the water barer." the blue haired mermaid introduced herself.

Leo smiled and extended his hand for Naruto to shake, "I'm Leo the Lion." Naruto shook his hand, for some reason giving the orange haired man a small electric shock causing him to jump back slightly.

"I-I'm Aries the Ram." the timid girl said, "Sumimasen!"

A thought suddenly struck Naruto as he tried to remember more about what happened with his fight, "Hey did any of you see a sword, it had a blue a handle and a curved blade?" he asked, "It's very important." the blond frowned sat the thought of losing the Raijin.

Aquarius, Leo and Aries adopted thinking positions then shook their heads, "No, I don't think so." Leo said, "Why's it so important?"

Naruto sighed, "It's a rare, one of a kind sword that had the ability to produce major amounts of lightning and it's also a major part of my home's history." he explained, flopping back onto the ground.

"Naruto, do you feel any different from before you woke up?" Leo asked, an idea popping into his head as the thought back to when Naruto shook his hand, "More powerful for example."

The blond sat and tried to focus his chakra, just to see if he could locate but soon realised that there lightning arcing off his body. What happened? How did he do that?

Leo nodded to himself, "It seems you might've absorbed this Raijin when you arrived in the Celestial world. I don't know how or why, though." he scratched his fore head; trying to understand what was going on was giving him a headache.

Aries and Aquarius didn't really know what to say; this man that they had just met turned out to be a new Celestial Spirit which was absolutely unheard of to the point that neither of them could remember the last Spirit to appear and not only that, he seemed to have absorbed a very powerful sword. What could they say?

Naruto had no idea what was happening; one minute he's fighting Madara, telling him that his plan is useless now that they were the only two people left in the Elemental Nations, causing the deranged man to loos control over his space/time... jutsu...

"That's it!" Naruto exclaimed, scaring Leo and Aquarius and making Aries let out a squeak of 'Sumimasen'.

"What's 'it', Naruto?" Aquarius asked, wondering what made the shout out all of a sudden.

"I think I figured out how all this happened, well at least how I got here." He began, "The man I was fighting, was call Madara Uchiha and he was able to use space/time techniques." Leo, Aries and Aquarius looked shocked and awed by the fact; Space/Time magic was not easy for anyone, spirit or mortal, "They demanded a lot of control, and just before I was sent here, Madara lost control of the technique..."

"Which means that it is more than likely that when he lost control, you were sent here." Leo finished for the blond. Naruto nodded, but the other two looked a little lost,

"But wait, that doesn't explain how you managed to absorb that sword you told us about." said Aquarius, trying to piece everything together.

Naruto rubbed his chin in thought, "I guess that that happened as a side effect or something because when the nut lost it, he went nuclear." he guessed.

Leo stood up and stretched, "I guess we better get you to the Spirit King..." he was cut off by the sound of tunnelling. Naruto out of reflex jumped up and got into a fighting stance. Seconds later the ground not too far away bulged then exploded. When the dust settled a young woman, who looked no older than nineteen stood just in front of the massive hole that she had created. The girl wore a black maid outfit with a pure white apron; she had shoulder length pink hair and her eyes stared unblinkingly at each of the four Spirits in front of her.

"Guess he already knows," Leo muttered, waving away the dust, "Hey Virgo, he wants to see us right?"

Virgo nodded, "Yes, Seirei-o-sama wishes to see you and the new arrival." she turned to the blond who was still in a fighting position trying to figure out what just happened, "I am Virgo the Maiden, please come with Me." she said plainly.

Naruto was hesitant to go anywhere right now, especially with anyone who could move underground like that. Leo glanced at him and nodded, "Go on, I'll catch up in a minute." The blond nodded back and walked over the pink haired maid, he looked back to Aquarius and Aries,

"See you later, Aquarius, Aries." he waved to them then left with Virgo.

/ /

The walk to go see this Celestial Spirit King was an awe-inspiring trip for the former shinobi; the auroras that shimmered through the sky like beautiful snakes made from light, the stars shone down much more brightly than Naruto have ever seen in his life. The blond was so immersed in sky he didn't notice the cliff he was now waling on. Virgo stopped walking and seemed to be waiting for something but Naruto kept walking nearly fell off the edge of the cliff and into the canyon below if it weren't for the maid grabbing him before he fell.

"Whoa, thanks Virgo." Naruto thanks her sheepishly, "Wasn't looking were I was going." Virgo just nodded but said nothing.

A small sphere of light appeared in the middle of the canyon, floated for a second before expanding to a massive size and blinding the blond spirit, but Virgo remained unaffected by the blinding light. When the light faded a large form stood in the canyon; the figure wore turquoise and golden armour, and a pure white cape that fluttered in the light breeze. It had blue skin, ruby red, pupil less eyes and a very long moustache.

It was the Seirei-o

"You are the newest among my kin?" The Celestial Spirit king boomed directing the question towards Naruto.

Said blond nodded nervously, the Seirei-o certainly earned his title; his mere presence was intimidating and that was saying something as Naruto had faced down demons without so much as breaking a sweat and had fought the strongest and evilest man alive without blinking. "Yes sir, I am." Naruto replied with an audible gulp.

For a second the gigantic spirit stared at the blond, making him even more nervous before letting out a deep guttural laugh, "I see; while this is un-heard of, let me welcome you to our family, old friend."

Naruto stood, mouth gaping at the leader of the Celestial Spirits; this was definitely not what he'd expected, he thought that the Seirei-o would be more of a hardliner, interrogate him on how he got to this world, where he came from and his intensions here or something like that but no, he welcomed Naruto with open arms and calling him an 'old friend'. This probably was one of the first times someone had ever been so kind to him.

"Thank you, Seirei-o-sama" Naruto said, bowing to the king.

"Haha, think nothing of it, now tell me your name, old friend." the Spirit king asked of the former Shinobi.

"Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki." the blond responded, feeling more confident.

"Fishcake, hmm?" The spirit king chuckled, "And by the fox ears on your head, I'd call you the Trickster. Naruto the Trickster, I like that." he pondered to himself, deciding on the boy's title as a spirit. Naruto mumbled something that sounded like 'It's maelstrom' when the king called him 'Fishcake'.

Leo walked into the canyon seeing Naruto and the Celestial Spirit king talking, like they were old friends, this of course made the lion spirit chuckle, the king treated everyone as an old friend so long as laws weren't involved.

"Seirei-o-sama, Naruto." Leo greeted them, bowing lightly to his king.

"Leo, old friend, it is good to see you again." The king said to the strawberry blond with a grin, "I called you here to help Naruto decide whether he wanted to give out his key and how."

Naruto looked at the white gold key that lay in his palm, endlessly sparkling under the starlight, the amber gem emitted a slight glow giving it an almost hypnotic look. "What do you mean 'Give out'?" He asked curiously.

"Naruto, you should know that we Celestial Spirits are like summons for mages in the world of Earthland." Leo explained, "They use our keys to summon us into their world and we fight for them."

"So we're basically slaves to these mages!" Naruto snarled, cutting across the Zodiac leader's explanation, "Tools for them to use then throw away." he thought back to Zabuza and Haku, while he knew they good people but it reminded him of how Zabuza used Haku.

"No, no, no, that's not true, at least not completely." Leo reasoned quickly, "For the mage to use our keys both the mage and the spirit need to make an agreement on what days the key can be used and how it is to be used." he continued, "Though there are a few mages like that like the holder of Aries and my key but the holder of Aquarius, Cancer and Capricorn's keys is someone that the three of her constantly."

Naruto folded his arms and thought; he didn't really like the thought of being a slave but if there were mages that treated spirits properly then he might not mind. The spirit shook his head; he'd just caught himself thinking himself as a spirit but then again, he was one so it made sense.

"Remember old friend." The Seirei-o spoke, "This is your choice completely yours, you have all the time in the world." he said slightly amused by his little joke.

Naruto came to a decision, he still needed to learn a lot to become strong in this new world but he was confident he could do it, "I need to talk to Aquarius."

/ /

Layla Heartfilia sat on the edge of the marble fountain of the Heartfilia Konzern watching her five year old daughter playing in the garden and enjoying the sunshine of the lovely summer's afternoon. Jude had locked himself into his study again doing paper work. That was one thing she admired about her husband, he was able to sit for hours on end, fully concentrated on nothing but words on paper, granted those words made them lots of money but still words none the less. It was something she found impossible to do.

A bright light blue light flashed behind her and there was a light 'splash' in the water. She knew that anywhere. "What can I do for you today, Aquarius?" she asked turning around to greet her Spirit with a light smile.

The mermaid bowed her head in respect of her key's bearer and replied, "I have something for you, Miss Layla." The celestial mage was surprised by this; it wasn't everyday you were visited by a Celestial Spirit in general let alone have one come just to give you something.

"Not to look a gift horse in the mouth but, why?" the lady of the manor asked politely.

"Because of the high praise that your Spirits give you, me included, you have chosen to hold a new key." Aquarius explained, she held out a beautiful white gold key with an amber gem in the loop.

By now little Lucy had spotted what going on with her mother and was looking with as much interest a five year old could muster.

Layla gasped slightly at the key, she was sure it would fetch a high price if ever sold... not that she'd sell it in the first place of course, she took the key from the mermaid, "Who's key is it?" she asked curiously.

"Naruto, the Trickster." Aquarius replied simply.

Layla tapped her chin, thinking of all the Celestial spirits there were and couldn't ever remember hearing of this particular spirit, "He's new and rather inexperienced but he believed that you would be a suitable holder of his key." the water spirit said, seeing the thoughtful look on Layla's face.

"Thank you, Aquarius; I'll call him right away to sort out a contract with him." Layla proclaimed happily.

With a nod, a light blue magic circle appeared behind Aquarius and said mermaid disappeared into it. Once it had faded Layla looked at the key with interest, he wandered what kind of person this Naruto was.

"Lu-chan!" she called out to her daughter, "Would you like to see mummy make a contract with a Celestial Spirit?" Lucy's eyes lit up like the fourth of July at the thought of seeing her mother do magic again.

"Yeah! Yeah! Please mummy!" the little girl exclaimed excitedly, running over to her mother.

With a pleased nod, Layla stood up and cleared her throat, "Gate of the Trickster, I open thee. Naruto!" she chanted, twisting the silvery key in front of her.

With a flash of bright light, a boy, not older than nineteen or twenty appeared; he had spiky blond hair, with blond fox ears on top of his head and piercing blue eyes. He had whisker marks thrice on each cheek and wore a rather pleased, if not nervous, smile on his face.

"You must be Layla Heartfilia." he stated with a light bow.

"I Am." she replied, "and you are Naruto, the Trickster. Funny name for a spirit, Fishcake." Layla giggled.

"It's maelstrom." Naruto mumbled.

Layla nodded in acceptance though she still couldn't help but laugh at the thought, "Alright, now let's get started on the contract shall we?"

Lucy stared in awe at the man that had appeared before her, unknown to her, this man, would play a large part in her future and the rest of her life in general.

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