Naruto © Masashi Kishimoto

Fairy Tail © Hiro Mashima

Chapter 5

The sun shone brightly over the port town of Hargeon, clouds floated lazily through the sky and there was a faint smell of sea salt in the air. A large steam train pulled into the local station with a loud whistle and the sound of pistons releasing pressure. Almost as soon as the train reached a complete stop, one of the carriage doors was nearly ripped off of its hinges as one of the passengers eagerly leaped out with an excited yell.

A blonde hair teen with electric blue eyes and fox like ears landed on the platform getting more than a few strange looks from the locals and other passengers. The boy stretched happily and laughed before turning back to the train with a grin plastered across his face,

"Hurry up Luce!" he called, "We got stuff to do!"

An attractive girl with sunny blonde hair that was pulled up in a bunch at the side of her head using a blue ribbon, a light blue back pack and pink suitcase. She stepped off of the train and gave a light sigh, this was just one of those days were her Celestial Spirit/boyfriend was just happy for the sake of being happy, not that there was anything wrong with that but a happy Naruto was an energetic Naruto and extremely hard to keep up with.

"Calm down Naruto, we have all day to rest before going to Magnolia." Lucy said walking up to her fellow blonde.

Naruto's grin just spread wider, "Well if we get everything done sooner then we can get to Magnolia tonight." he responded putting an arm over her shoulders and pulling her close. Lucy leaned into him slightly as they walked out of the station and into the streets.

"True, but I'd like to have a look around, maybe find a magic shop and see if they have any Celestial Spirit keys." she replied.

Naruto shrugged lightly, "Alright, I won't stop you but I doubt you'll find much, this place is mainly a fishing town remember." Lucy pouted a little,

"True but you never know we found stranger stuff before in unlikely places." she said referring to her book on Aero Magic that they found in the town not too far from the Heartfilia Konzern which was mainly a farming town.

The blonde spirit laughed, "Fair point." he said, "How about this; you go look for a magic shop and I'll go look for somewhere to get lunch, if you need anything then just summon me, alright?"

Lucy rolled her eyes; of course, food, always the second thing on his mind, after her of course, he didn't really need to eat at all but he just liked it too much to stop. It made her jealous of how much food he could put away and not gain a single pound in weight, Celestial Spirit or not, that is just unfair!

"Alright, just don't go causing any trouble; I'd like to have some money for when we get to Magnolia." she said.

The mage pulled Naruto down and gave him a quick kiss on the lips before and giving him a smile before turning and heading off down the street with a 'see you later'. Naruto just grinned and walked in the other direction keeping his nose up in hopes of finding somewhere that sold the beautiful broth that was ramen.


Twenty whole minutes of searching and twenty whole minutes of nothing! Seriously, how hard could it be to find a good restaurant that sold ramen? What kind of backwards town is this? It should be a sin not to sell the ramen-y goodness.

Naruto gave a frustrated sigh as he walked towards the town square, it was rare for him to be so happy; he loved being with Lucy and enjoyed it immensely but every since Leo was excommunicated from the spirit world, it was like he had lost a brother and Aries had been near inconsolable. Everyone was affected by what happened to Leo and not a single spirit believed that he was responsible in anyway for what happened to that woman. Leo knew the rules better than anyone as well the consequences. It was simply not in his nature to go against them and he knew it would do nothing to help anyone.

But no matter how much everyone was affected, no one was affected as much as Aries; as soon as the announcement was made by the Seirei-o she dropped soundlessly to her knees, tears streaming thick and fast down her cheeks. The poor girl couldn't even muster up the will to cry; it broke her heart to hear that her closest friend had been exiled and because of her. Aries had been in an almost catatonic state for hours, days in the human world, and wouldn't do respond to anyone or anything, she only left when her new key barer, Angel, summoned her to form a contract, which only served to send her deeper into depression as it proved that Karen was dead and Leo wasn't coming back. It took the combined efforts of Naruto, Aquarius, Scorpio, Gemini and Libra to cheer her up but even then, nothing could fill the Leo shaped hole in her heart. Even after three whole years, she still blamed herself for what happened; 'if only she had stood up to Karen' 'if only she had been stronger' 'if only she had tried harder to stop Leo going' anything to make things like they were before.

But the absolute thing for Aries, and everyone else, was that to a Celestial Spirit exile was tantamount to execution; the human world had far too little Eternano in its atmosphere, which was lethal to a Spirit over extended period of time and to be exiled into the human world was a pretty much guaranteed death. Leo was extremely powerful, enough to survive several weeks but years... They pretty much had given up on ever seeing him again.

Naruto wandered into the Hargeon Town square, hands behind his head completely lost in thought. Two people barged right past him snapping him out of his thoughts and making him aware to his surroundings.

"Hey, watch it!" he exclaimed, the whiskered blonde watch them disappear into a crowd of cheering women, "What the?"

The spirit decided to see what the crowd was making all the fuss over when he saw a small jet of pink-purple flames rise and the group gave an awed cheer. Something was off about this; Hargeon not be a major magic town but surely its people will have Fire Magic before, even if it was discoloured fire.

He walked up to the edge of the gathering of people and tried to see if he could get a look at the mage at centre of attention but something caught his notice; the entire crowd were female and they all looked highly infatuated almost as much as Sasuke-teme's, now extinct, fan girls.

"The Salamander is so hot!"

"He's so amazing!"

"Who knew that Fairy Tail had such powerful mages?"

The last comment caught his attention, 'Salamander of Fairy Tail?' he thought, 'I gotta check this out!' Naruto pushed his way through the crowd making his way to the front. What he saw left him complete unimpressed;

There was a man with spiky blue hair, an 'X' shaped tattoo just above his right eye. The man wore a blue high collared, short cloak with a circular pattern on the shoulders over a plain white shirt and brown slacks. Purple fire danced over his palms. A smug expression played across his face as he performed another spell getting another awed 'ooh' from the crowd. This guy was not the Salamander of Fairy Tail. At least not according to the descriptions given by Sorcerer Weekly.

The Salamander was meant to be one of the strongest mages in Fairy Tail but from what Naruto could sense from him, he was just above average at best. With a shrug, the blonde approached the mage to see if he was the real deal.

The Salamander let his spell die down and watched in mild confusion as a blonde boy with what looked like ears on top of his head walked towards him. The strange boy stopped about a foot from him, his eyes narrowed in suspicion, he leaned forward and looked him in the eyes. The crowd around them visibly tensed and became defensive. The blue haired mage had to hold back a smirk; his charm magic was working perfectly, a little more and he'd be done.

"Who are you?" the boy asked.

'Salamander' faulted but quickly regained his smug composure, "You don't know me?" he asked arrogantly, "I'm the great Salamander of Fairy Tail of course."

The boy's eyes just narrowed even more, the icy blue glared at him like he was analyzing his very soul. Cheesy? Yes but it was definitely what it felt like. The Salamander found it getting more and more difficult to keep eye contact with the younger blonde.

"Let's spar." the boy said suddenly.

The fire mage took a step back in shock at the blonde's proposition, this shouldn't be happening, it wasn't part of the plan! But a smirk quickly spread itself across the 'Salamander's' face, he could use thing, if he beat this kid, which wouldn't be too hard, and with the use of his charm magic it could actually speed up his plans and have the girls in Bosco by tonight rather than tomorrow.

"Alright, I accept your offer," he said confidently, "But first let me ask a question."

The blonde boy shrugged, "Alright, what do ya want to know?"

The blue haired mage spied the ears at the top of the boy's head with a wide smirk, "You're not human are you?" he asked getting a gasp from the majority of the gathered crowd and a grin from the teen.

"You're right, I'm not human, I'm a Celestial Spirit." He explained, his ears twitched and electricity arced all over his body. He lifted both fists and stood in a fighting stance, "Enough talk, time to fight." Salamander stood in place looking confident.

The crowd took several large steps back as a purple- red fire lit itself in Salamander's hands and the electricity on the spirit's increased. The blonde spirit made the first move and launched himself at the fire mage with surprising speed, his fist cocked back and lightning coating the fist. Salamander smirked and threw several fireballs at his attacker. The spirit took the attack head on with out so much as a scratch and planted his fist deep in the blue haired mage's stomach sending him flying back into the crowd with a loud crash.

Naruto frowned slightly as the crowd started hurling abuse at him; the Salamander was meant to be tougher than that, a lot tougher, something definitely wasn't right here.

The blue haired fire mage picked himself off the ground slowly fighting back the urge to throw up, his muscles wouldn't respond properly taking too much concentration to even stand up like he was. This spirit was tough, a lot tougher than he had expected! This wasn't good, at this rate he wouldn't be able to fight and keep up the Charm magic. He needed to end this and soon.

Salamander winced as another painful muscle spasm travelled though his body, "I'll admit you're tough, but you won't be able to defeat me!" his tone grew more confident as he spoke and the surrounding crowd cheered him on, at least the charm was still working.

Naruto wasn't impressed, not in the slightest; that was one of his weaker punches despite being electrically charged it shouldn't have harmed him that much, maybe the Salamander of Fairy Tail just wasn't as tough as he was said to be… or this guy isn't the real Salamander, but which is it? Only one way to find out.

Naruto drew the Raijin no ken to see how strong this guy was really, the sword's familiar handle materialised in his hand and the blade crackled with immense power, to the point that it was almost palpable. His opponent eyed the blade with shock and a little fear, his previous confidence obviously shaken.

"I held back with that last punch but this time I won't back at all." Naruto said looking 'Salamander' dead in the eyes.

He pulled the lightning blade back and charged at the mage to see how he reacted and he wasn't disappointed; the man dodged to the side to avoid the strike and fire several fire spells at him each much larger than the last. Before Naruto could make his next move the fire spells seemed to hit an invisible wall and dissipate completely. Salamander looked extremely confused at what just happened, along with the rest of the crowd who had been shocked into silence. The pressure in the air had become subtly heavier meaning only one thing… Lucy was here.

The Raijin dissipated in his hands as Naruto turned to face his irate girlfriend and key barer, he smiled sheepishly at her, "Hey Luce," he said, "What's up?"

The younger blonde's eyebrow twitched, "Naruto, what are you doing?" she asked, crossing her arms under her chest.

"Well you see, this guy," he pointed to the mage behind him, "He said he is the Salamander of Fairy Tail and I wanted to see if the was as strong as everyone said he was so I challenged him to a fight"

Lucy 'hmm-ed' lightly and sighed, "Well, was he up to your standards?" Naruto shrugged,

"Not really." Said mage faulted at the casual reply.

Lucy stared at the man curiously, this was the Salamander? He was a lot better looking than she imagined, and the way he carried himself was really what she liked in a man and that smile… before she knew it her face was bright red and a dreamy smile had spread itself across her face.

Naruto frowned, something was happening to Lucy, and he was sure he didn't like it. He put his hands on her shoulders and looked her in the eyes, "Lucy? Luce? You in there?" young mage blinked and shook her head,

"I'm alright, we need to get out of here." She said, now looking at the blue haired fire mage behind him with a scathing stare.

When they were turning to leave a pink haired boy with what looked to be a blue cat on his shoulder ran through the crowd grinning like some kind of crazed maniac with a yell of "Igneel!" whatever that was. The teen ran up to the Salamander and stopped dead in his tracks,

"Who the heck are you?" he asked bluntly.

The older mage sighed, this was déja vu, but he kept up his confident and ignored the fact that he had just been snubbed by a Celestial spirit half way through their 'spar', "I am the great Salamander of Fairy Tail!" he boasted, "Here, this is for you." He handed the pinkette a piece of paper with Salamander written in fancy writing on it.

'Must've taken him hours to write that.' Naruto thought at the sight of the over exaggerated and fancy signature. Lucy however did not look happy; she stomped over to the pink haired boy and grabbed the collar of his jacket and dragged him away.

Naruto sweat dropped, he felt sorry for the poor guy, he was probably looking for someone, found out it wasn't who he was looking for and now is being pulled away by the ear – figuratively speaking- by a girl he had never met before for some unknown reason. It sucked to be him right now and to be honest, even he, Lucy's boyfriend and Celestial Spirit, didn't know what had gotten into Lucy.

Just when they walked, one being dragged, away the Salamander regained his composure and rose into the air using a Fire Magic spell calling into the crowd, "There will be a party on my yacht tonight, all are invited!" and with that he flew off.

Naruto and Lucy rolled their eyes at the man, 'Frigging show off.' The pink haired teen with the blue cat still had no idea what the hell was happening.


Little while later they three, four if you count the cat, where sitting eating in a small diner, well to of them were anyway,

"Wow, just wow, he eats almost as much as you Naruto." Lucy said as they watching in awe at the boy as he powered through plate after plate of food and his cat eating his way through piles of fish like a machine.

Naruto just nodded in agreement.

Lucy shook her head free of the awe and slight jealousy – how can some eat that much and remain thin! – at the pinkette, "Anyway, sorry again for dragging you away like that, I just don't think that you should have been round that guy for too long."

The teen swallowed his current mouthful of food and waved off her apology, "Don't worry about, I'm just happy I got some food out of it." He laughed and took a huge bite out of a chicken leg.

Lucy smiled; at least there were no hard feelings, "I'm Lucy, Lucy Heartfilia by the way, and this is my boyfriend Naruto."


He looked at Naruto oddly for a second before introducing himself, "I'm Natsu Dragneel."

His cat put down the fish and smiled up at them, "And I'm Happy."

Lucy looked at the cat in surprise, "It talked, your cat can talk." Natsu looked put out for a second before replying,


Realising what she had said Lucy waved her hands apologetically, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean anything bad, it's just… a little weird."

"Says the girl with a Celestial Spirit for a boyfriend" Natsu retorted.

Naruto laughed at the quick come back, "He's got you there Luce."


"Shut it, cat."

The four of them fell silent for a some time before Naruto decide to bring up a topic that had been bouncing around in his head for a while,

"So Natsu-san," he said getting the teen's attention, "What guild are you apart of?" Lucy looked at him in surprise,

"Naruto, what are you-"

"I'm from Fairy Tail."


Naruto smiled wryly at his girlfriend, "You mean you couldn't tell?" he teased, "With your magic I'd have thought you'd be the first to realise this guy is a mage." Lucy huffed indignantly, Aero magic didn't work like that and he knew it. She quickly turned to Natsu, intent on interrog- questioning him.

"So, if you're a Fairy Tail mage, I'm guessing you know that Salamander guy back there?" she asked.

Natsu hummed, "Never seen him before in my life." He replied simply.

"Everyone in Fairy Tail are pretty closely knit so we always know who is and isn't part of the guild at all times and that guy wasn't." Happy explained.

Lucy gave a sigh of relief, "Thank goodness, I don't want to be round that guy anymore than I have to."

Natsu looked up from his food curiously, "Why do ya say that?"

The Celestial mage crinkled her nose in mild disgust at the thought, "He was using Charm magic on the crowd, it's been outlawed for years and if highly immoral to use." She said distastefully. Naruto scowled, so that's why the crowd was so infatuated with him, it made sense… and he didn't like it.

"So, getting off that topic, why are you here in Hargeon, Natsu-san?" Naruto asked the pink haired mage.

"I'm looking for my father, Igneel." He replied simply.

"Aye! He's a dragon!" Happy chirped.

"Y-you can't be serious!" Lucy exclaimed a little too loudly getting the local patrons attention. Flushed bright red she ducked her head in embarrassment while they all lost interest.

"What do you mean? It's true." Natsu replied with a completely straight expression, "Igneel is a fire dragon and my dad."

"So you're a Dragon Slayer, right." Naruto asked.


"What's a Dragon Slayer?" Lucy was curious.

"It's someone who has anti-dragon magic." Naruto answered, it's was surprising how much the Celestial Spirits knew, then again, they were as old as the stars.

"Th-that's incredible. But don't you think it's a bit unlikely to find a Dragon of all things in a small port town like Hargeon"

"Now that I think about it, it is a bit unlikely."

Lucy sweat dropped and Naruto laughed, this guy was dense.

"Why are you so curious about Fairy Tail, Lucy, do you want to join?" Happy asked innocently.

The younger blond smiled, "I do, you see when I was younger, Naruto and I were travelling into the town near my house and when travelling over a mountain pass, the road gave way, a Fairy Tail mage stopped us from falling using her magic and saved our lives. I've wanted to join Fairy Tail ever since."

Natsu and happy were silent, both looking thoughtful, before breaking out in a huge grin, "We'll take you to the guild! Gramps would let you join easily!" Natsu exclaimed.

"R-really? Just like that?" This was a surprise, she thought that there might have been some sort of process to joining the number one guild in the entire country. Natsu nodded happily,

"Of course."

Naruto just smiled at the scene, "Well, the next train to Magnolia doesn't leave until tonight, so we got plenty of time to kill until then." He said.


Lucy lay on a park bench reading this week's copy of Sorcerer Weekly with a grin plastered on her face. She was joining Fairy Tail! It was quite literally a dream come true for her. She sighed blissfully as she read through the story of Fairy Tail's latest escapade; in just a few hours she could finally meet the person who had saved her life all those years ago, Lucy shuddered at that thought, it made her feel old.

A sudden presence within her Aero magic range caught her attention; it wasn't some passerby strolling through the park as it was walking directly towards her, it wasn't Naruto because he was in the Celestial World checking up on Aries and would appear right next to her when he returned and it certainly wasn't Natsu, the guy was just too energetic to just walk towards her and besides she'd have heard him before he even reached her 28 foot range.

"Why hello there." the suave, confident tone that belonged could only belong to one person.

"What do you want Salamander." she spat venomously at the fraud not even turning around to face him and continuing.

The man smirk, "That's not anyway to greet to someone is it?" he said, "You hurt my feelings." his tone feigning hurt.

Lucy rolled her eyes, "Says you, you do realise that Charm Magic is illegal and immoral, don't you?" She couldn't hold her smirk as she felt him take a step back, most likely out of shock and maybe a little fear.

The Salamander panicked, he stumbled over his words trying to dig his way out of this, he had been found out and if this girl reported him then he could his money and freedom good bye, "W-w-wait, just hear me out!" he stammered, "Y-you want to join Fairy Tail, right? I-I-I could help you there; I-I'll put in a good word for you."

Lucy's patience snapped right there, how dare he! This pathetic excuse for a mage, someone who wasn't even part of Fairy Tail was trying to bribe her into not reporting him by 'offering her a chance to join', that arrogant, delusional ponce! She was a second away from turning around and ripping him a new one, maybe even crushing him under several hundred tons of air pressure when a familiar hand placed itself on her shoulder,

"Go with it Luce, we can find out what he had to gain by using illegal magic and imitating a Fairy Tail wizard." Naruto spoke softly into her ear, "And besides, it will give us something to do until train to Magnolia leaves." a hint of humour entering his voice. To this day it still amazes her that Naruto knows exactly what's going on and when to show up without her having to summon him.

Lucy nodded and took a deep calming breath before she turned around to face the blue haired mage,

"Alright, I'll bite, but I want to go to that party of yours as well, deal?" Lucy said eyes narrowed at the man.

Bora was reeling, this was too good to be true, this girl had just took the bribe hook line and sinker, seemingly with a nudge from her Celestial spirit and not only that had asked if she could attend the party as well, it almost made him sceptical but he wasn't one to look a gift horse in the mouth so he went with it.

"Great! The party starts at eight o'clock," Bora said happily, turning around walking off, "Don't be late!" he called over his shoulder.

Giving an un-lady like grunt of frustration Lucy stomped her foot on the ground increasing the pressure around it with her magic and leaving a small creator around it, "Urgh! I really don't like that guy!" she exclaimed.

Naruto just chuckled lightly, "Don't worry about him, you just have to put up with him for a little while longer and then you'll never have to see him again." he wrapped his arms around her shoulders and she leaned back into him,

"I suppose you're right."

"Of course I am! When am I not? OW!"



Natsu stood on the docks looking out to the ocean where a yacht was anchored about a mile off shore, Happy stood beside him looking out as well, Lucy said that she had something to take care of out there and it had to do with that fake Fairy Tail member from earlier. He clenched his fists and bared his teeth; thought of someone sullying his families' name pissed him off to no ends and he wanted nothing more than to beat the ever loving shit out of the guy for it, but this is something that Lucy wanted to do and since she would be joining his family he had to trust her. Lucy was strong, he could tell, the air around her was heavy with magic like it was ready to crush you at any second and Naruto as well, if anything he was even stronger, much stronger, the thought got him all fired up, he couldn't wait to fight them himself.


Lucy sat on the yacht, she had to admit, it was pretty impressive, in one of her best dresses for the evening, opposite her was the arrogant ponce himself, man sat comfortably in an antique chair - much like the one she sat on - sipping a glass of red wine casually, they were both separated from the rest of the party and unfortunately, she couldn't extend her range outside of any room that she was in but on the plus side, she had complete control of the air inside the room. The current silence between them was tense until Salamander decided to play 'Twenty Questions',

"So, Lucy, tell me about yourself, why do you want to become a mage of Fairy Tail?" he asked taking another sip of wine.

Lucy just shrugged nonchalantly in response, "I guess I just want to be a well know mage and I think that Fairy Tail could help me with that." It was a lie but the guy seem to tell as he just nodded lie he understood her reasoning.

"I agree, Fairy Tail is full of powerful wizards like the Titania, Erza or Ivan Dreyar and of course Me." his pretentious tone made her sick to the stomach, "It's understandable that you'd want to join the strongest guild in Fiore."

Lucy put on a strained smile to try and keep up the facade she really didn't like this guy but she also really wanted to know what the hell he was planning and if she was right, it wasn't anything good to say the least.

"What about your spirit, the one with blonde hair, I'll admit I'm not the best at knowing Celestial spirits but I've never heard of a spirit like him anywhere" he continued the questioning.

Again Lucy shrugged, "Naruto is very picky about who holds his key and is easily one of the strongest spirits there is, never once has he been beaten." this was not technically a lie, he has only ever had one other key bearer before her and as far as she knew he had never lost a fight in all his time as a Celestial Spirit.

The blue haired mage hummed thoughtfully, Lucy could feel the presence of a man entering the room and slowly creeping up behind her, the presence got closer and close then as soon as he near enough, Lucy whipped around to face her potential attacker,

'High pressure at the front and low pressure to the back.' she thought as the man went flying back into - and through - the wall.

Looking through the hole that had been created she saw loads of men holding all the unconscious forms of the women who had been invited to the 'party'.

"What's going on!" she demanded of the blue haired mage but he just smirked,

"You found out before I could put you to sleep, oh well, I guess I'll have to do it the old fashioned way." two magic circles materialised around his hands, and fireballs shot from them at high speed,

A flash and Naruto appeared batting the flames away like they were nothing,

"I wouldn't do that I were you," he said, "You might just piss me off." there was a gleam in his eyes, one that promised immense amounts of pain and suffering, then he turned to Lucy, "Luce, go outside and summon Aquarius, she can send this ship back to shore."

She nodded and turned to leave, "Aero: Heavy Press!" Loud crash and she was exiting though the new hole in the wall.

'What'd I miss?' Kurama asked sleepily.

Naruto sighed as he summoned the Raijin no Ken,

"Now you decide to wake up." he replied flatly,

'Hey, a Biju needs his beauty sleep,' The fox retorted, "Speaking of which, where's your little blonde girl?"

Naruto glanced at the hole Lucy had just made, "Right out there."

'Sweet,' he said approvingly, 'you might want to focus right now, the blue is about to toast you alive'

"Shit!" Naruto only just dodged several fireballs aimed for his head; he rolled to the side and leapt towards the mage, Raijin cocked back ready to lop the bastard's head off his shoulders. Just a few centimetres from reaching his target, the entire ship lurched and was suddenly being propelled, he assumed, back to shore.

Everyone was thrown around like rag dolls when the boat finally collided with the shore with an almighty and defining crash. It took a few seconds before everyone started picking themselves up out of the rubble.

Naruto stoop up, Raijin in hand, shaking his head clear of concussion. He looked up into the evening sky to see Lucy running towards him in mid air, she was particularly proud of that spell; Aero: Skywalk, it pretty much let her walk on a platform of high pressured air.

"Lucy you can fly too!" they both turned to see Natsu and Happy heading towards them, the latter flying with white angel like wings.

'Popcorn anyone?'Naruto ignored his demon.

"We're not done yet!" all of them turned to see the fake Salamander standing on top of a small mountain of rubble and debris, using his fire and telekinesis magic, he began to lift himself into the air but was forced to stop; his arms were pressing tightly to his sides, he was staring to find it difficult to breath and his vision began to swim.

Below Lucy held her hand towards the mage, a light green magic circle floating over her palm, "Aero: Pressure Hold" she muttered, "Naruto, Natsu, hit him while I got him, the Ruin Knights will be here soon so we better move fast." they both nodded,

Naruto dispelled his sword and held both his palms out in front of himself facing the trapped fire mage electricity arcing off of his arms,

Natsu tooka deep breath, his stomach swelling to huge proportions,

"Great Lightning Cannon!"

"Fire Dragon's Roar!"

A thick beam of lightning and massive torrent of fire blasted the blue haired mage. Once the two spells had dissipated, the fake Salamander was definitely unconscious, most of his clothes were scorched and his skin was covered in heavy burns. Lucy let her spell go and he dropped to the ground with a heavy thud.

"We never did find out what he was doing did we?" Naruto asked.

Lucy sighed, "Nope, but what's done is done, now let's get moving, I hear marching." it was true; the sound of heavy metallic footsteps pounded their way towards the four of them. Natsu grinned and started running in the opposite direction with Happy not too far behind,

"Wait Natsu where are you going?" Lucy called after the pinkette, running to catch up.

Natsu looked back at her over his shoulder, "We're going to Fairy Tail!"

"Aye, sir!"

Naruto smiled at Lucy as they ran, "At last right?"

"Yeah, at last."

To Fairy Tail.

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