Decided to take a stab at Jericho story as I was enthralled with it when it was aired. When creating fanfiction, I never truly focus on the main characters or main story of what has already been done, but I create my own characters and place them in situations and plots within that IP.

Not sure how often this story will be updated, but if it gets enough traffic, I'll try to dedicate more time in writing. Thanks for reading.

Derrick Boot sat slumped in the cushioned chair with his chin propped up on the palm of his hand. He was staring blankly out the small window of the plane watching the clouds zoom swiftly past as well as the landscape as it transformed far below.

In his semi short life of only seventeen years, Derrick had only on two other occasions traveled by airplane. The first was when he was quite young, and that was to Disney Land. The second was in his early teens, at that was to Hawaii. Both of them were intended as vacations therefore a pleasant to travel towards. This trip though was something that anyone would dread. It had Derrick placing himself of what a convict might feel as they traveled to their final destination, which ended with lifetime sentence in prison. He would have no friends, no unnecessary luxuries, and absolutely no fun. He soon would be landing in Denver of Colorado.

Derrick vaguely heard his name being called by the occupant to his right. He chose to ignore it in hopes she would leave him alone. He was still fuming and was in no condition for pointless small talk. He was one hundred percent against this decision that forced him to not only leave his senior year of High School behind, which meant no chance of being seen by college scouts, but also his friends, his teammates of the baseball team, and the most important of all, was Amy Vo, his love since seventh grade of Jr. High. She was the most difficult to not only leave behind, but to persuade that he would indeed one day return to her, even if it meant he had to hitchhike or walk back home.

Amy occupied his thoughts more than anything, even baseball which was saying much since Derrick spoke about it constantly to anyone willing to listen. It was not on a sexual level as most would think, but something further, platonic almost. She was gorgeous yes, whether she believed it or not when he said so, but she wasn't that way in the beginning. When he first met her, she was the four eyed, messy haired, nerdy girl that blended in among any crowed in the Jr. High halls. Derrick had no idea back then of just how much she would mean to him. He recalled all the times in recent short school year where they had hid away together at lunch and she lay on the grass with her head in his lap. He would run his fingers through her long black hair while they spoke about-

"Damn it Derrick!"

Derrick was instantly roused from his reminiscing and snapped his head to the chair next to him.

"What the hell do you want?" He just about screamed. "The flight will be over soon!"

"Jeez," she began. "Calm down before you pop a testicle or something. I called your name like three times. Just wanted some beef jerky." She rolled her eyes looked away from him. "What strange hairy thing decided to make a home up in your ass?" She mumbled.

"Shut up Alex." It was just about the weakest comeback that he could've said, but he didn't want to get in trouble with the airline over a yelling match, or worse, an Air Marshall that might be aboard. Alex was Derrick's younger sister by two years and he swore she took every opportunity to annoy him when she could.

Derrick reached under his seat, grabbed his backpack and thrust it into her lap hard while also rudely hitting the passenger in the aisle seat. The man flicked a few angry looks Derrick's way, but said nothing.

"I told you to bring your own bag." He said, and turned his attention back to the window. There was nothing to see now as an overcast sky had appeared below. His thoughts began to wander to Amy again.

Alex of course acted like nothing had happened. She never apologized for Derrick's outbursts which seemed to happen quite a bit. She merely opened the bag in search of the prized jerky.

"You know," Alex said with a mouthful. "You should at least pretend to care more about mom instead of just her, which I know you do."

"Don't even," Derrick's temper began to boil over. He stopped himself though before he erupted. He took a deep breath, closed his eyes and counted to ten. He could of course never admit it that he thought about Amy more these days than their own mother. It of course made him feel guilty which was Alex's goal was no doubt, and his cheeks began to burn.

He of course loved his mom, but for the past few years she had become somewhat distant. She'd been spending countless hours in her reality business, sometimes leaving before his sister and he were up and coming home way after sunset. He understood why in a way. As a single parent she had to provide for two children. She had been able to grow a small one room leased suite to an attractive small office building with numerous amounts of clients and associates. They of course could handle themselves for the most part, but the mother/son relationship had suffered. She was now sitting in a life threatening condition. It seemed she pulled a complete 180, and demanded things from Derrick that she had ignored for quite some time. She was currently a guest at the Mayo Clinic.

"Look Alex," he said with no touch of malice. "Regardless of what you believe, I do care about what happens to her." He shrugged and spoke in more somber tone. "I just think we didn't have to leave home. I could've taken care of things there. She didn't have to send us to some bass ackwards place in Kansas under the guardianship of some Uncle that probably doesn't even know what we look like, let alone who we are. I sure as hell don't remember him none. When's the last time he saw us? When I was five or so?"

Alex stifled a chuckle by covering her mouth with her hands. "And do you," she began. "Think that you would be able to take care of both us and the house while she was away?" She began counting on her fingers. "Do the laundry, pay the bills, take care of the yard, clean, cook, grocery shop, and drive us to school? All of that mind you while you have baseball practice almost everyday, have no job to speak of, no license, and tend to spend hours on the phone at night with Amy?"

It felt like a slap to the face, which it should have. Derrick hadn't thought of everything that it took to run a home and watching over someone besides himself. He selfishly just wanted a place to sleep and continue his life where it stood, mainly Amy, prospects of college, and baseball. He certainly had no intention of playing Mr. Mom.

In the absence of a response Alex asked, "You think she'll be alright, don't you?"

Derrick quickly analyzed their situation; what he knew, what things were explained to them by doctors and specialist, what their mother had said, and how things were back home now. He couldn't say for sure how things would turn out. All that could be done was to have patience and hope that she would move up the liver transplant list quickly before the worst should happen.

Derrick turned to look straight into her eyes. "She'll be just fine Alex. Everything will work out right, and I bet we'll be back before spring." He gave her a closed lip smile and poked her playfully in the ribs with his elbow.

"Hey! Cut it out." She laughed.

The plane shuddered a bit roughly and seemed to drop down thirty feet. Several shocked gasps and groans filled the cabin from around the both of them. Alex looked around alarmed while Derrick's own stomach did loops within him. He grasped the arm rests tightly while trying to not throw up. He quickly got images of one of the engines breaking apart and falling from the wing leaving them in trouble. He dared not to look outside the window.

The seatbelt icon lit up and the captain came on over the plane's intercom.

"Attention all flight crew and passengers, we are experiencing some mild turbulence as we are nearing Denver. It's a quite bit stormy over the city's skies, nothing to worry about. Please remain in your seats with your seatbelts fastened for the remainder of the flight. We will be descending shortly. Thank you."

"Guess it's too late to opt for the bus then?" Alex asked.

Derrick closed his eyes as the plane shuddered some more. "Yep, too late."

Derrick retreated to a place in his mind, with him on the pitcher's mound. He was trying to get out of a sticky situation with batters in scoring position on second and third in a tie game with two outs to go. It helped to calm him, focusing on his pitches. Every time some turbulence occurred in the world around him, he threw a pitch within. First one was low, ball. Another shudder, this time a strike. Another, this one fouled off the tip into the crowd. . .