Best Friend

Party Favors & Party Poopers

AnimeKitty: This is a fanfiction unrelated to Evolution of Power. Brick x Blossom. Beserk bashing is implied. Based on the song from Toy Box.

Normal POV:

Blossom landed in front of the Jojo residence and beamed at the bag in her hands. She knocked briskly.

Moments later, a groggy Boomer answered the door. "Hey, Blossom… What are you doing here?"

"Is Brick in? We have to work on the Homecoming float today and he told me to wake him up."

Boomer nodded sleepily. "Hey… Is Bubbles still on the committee?" he asked.

"She's already at the school parking lot dictating over one hundred students to build a float." Blossom informed the cute blonde.

He brightened considerably. "Maybe I'll come help out…" He stepped back and let her in. "But you know, the only things that wake Brick up are his hair being on fire, or bacon."

"Tough choice… I think I'll skip the pyrotechnics and go with culinary arts. Bacon for everyone."

Boomer beamed. "Butch is probably going to vacuum it all away."

Blossom smirked. "I think I can handle Butch if he's anything like BC. Go get dressed."

"Roger that, Blossom." Boomer chimed and he was gone to change out of his baggy sweatpants and t-shirt.

Blossom contented found her way to the kitchen and seated her bag on the kitchen table. The kitchen was surprisingly clean. But then, the Ruffs never cooked, or baked, or grilled in there. The only time they went into the kitchen, in Blossom's opinion, was when they grabbed something from the fridge.

Soon Blossom had bacon sizzling in the skillet, and was mixing blueberry pancake dough. She hummed as she poured batter into a perfect nine-diameter circle on the twelve-inch pan. She turned down the heat on the pancake and slid the bacon out of the pan and onto a large plate. Flipping more pancakes, she was oblivious to the sleepy figure behind until a husky voice growled, "Mmm, I smell bacon…" in her ear.

Blossom jumped, and the heart shaped pancake she'd been constructing for Brick became a diamond shape that back flipped in the air. She expertly caught it on the stack of flapjacks, and turned to glare at the flame-haired Jojo boy named Brick.

"Brick Anthony Jojo, you are so lucky I caught that!" she scolded to hide her fluttering heart. She hoped he hadn't seen the heart

"Sorry." Brick said, totally unrepentant. "What was with the heart? For a special red-head we all know and fawn over?"

Blushing candy-red, Blossom turned back to breakfast. "No; it was for Dexter. Bubbles told me he was on-sight early today so I wanted to make him something special to know I appreciate him designing the float this year on such short notice…" The lie slipped easily from her lips.

Brick snorted. "Yeah, like the homebody genius was busy."

Blossom sighed. "I just don't get why you can't get along with Dexter."

Brick gave an unintelligible grunt. He reached for the stack of warm cakes and Blossom sternly wacked his hand away. "No; not until your brothers are down."

"Yes, mom…" he joked hovering over to the table. His hair was an untamed mane of fiery auburn several shades darker than hers, which fell to the middle of his back when combed out.

Blossom sighed raggedly. "I'm not nagging you." But Brick was beyond listening to her, playing Temple Run on his iPhone. She fidgeted around, cooking eggs. "So… I was wondering… Do you want to go to Monster Island and catalog the fauna and fern of the south side tonight?"

It was a favorite activity of the Ruff and Puff leaders, ever since the Monsters had decided to integrate into the Townsville economy. So far they had only a quarter of the island's inhabitants under census.

"Can't." Brick grunted. "Going to a party at Princess's mansion. It's gonna be wild."

"Oh… I didn't get invited." Blossom hinted.

Brick missed the hint. Luckily, the ever-observant Boomer appeared. "You can come with me. It's a plus-one thing."

Blossom brightened somewhat. "Really, that would be cool. But you should take Bubbles. She'd love it. I can always just talk with the monsters on the northern point…" she sighed. Brick still didn't get the hint.

Finally Butch, the ever unpleasant to rise, thundered downstairs and plopped into his usual chair. "Breakfast."

Blossom dished out food and shared some for the anemic Dexter, and waved goodbye to the Ruffs. "Later," she cheerily exclaimed.

"Yeah…" they caroled.


Brick tried to psyche himself up for the party. He really did. But then, he remembered Blossom pouty face.

He groaned as her soft face reappeared. He had to cure himself of this attachment to Blossom. He didn't love her, per say. He was created to be her one foil. Like the viper and the mongoose, forever sensing each other. But now that they were older, he didn't feel the urge to fight her. Instead he wanted to talk to her, learn about her, and talk with her. He wanted to be her friend.

He watched from his bedroom window as Boomer and Bubbles flew slowly toward the party. He knew how sickeningly happy Bubbles and Boomer were; they oozed happiness out of their pores.

Butch flew by his door. "Brick, let's roll! I can't believe Butter-baby's making me pick her up. Says she wants a real date experience to wipe all the others away. Just because we fought a giant space alien for our first date doesn't mean I can't be romantic."

"You also fought that golem for your second date, went cow tipping for your third, and that burger-eating contest for your fourth date…"

"Alright, I get it. I suck at picking date spots. Just hurry."

Brick snickered and finished buttoning his deep red dress shirt; the one Blossom had gifted him for his birthday a couple months ago. It was then that he made his decision.


The knock on the door didn't catch Blossom off-guard. She knew Buttercup was holding out on Butch until he took her on a "real date". Normally, that wouldn't matter to Buttercup, but she was starting to feel the sneering pressure of Brute and Princess tag-team-downgrading the relationship of Butch and BC.

But now, BC was regretting it, being stuck in a "girly" outfit of Bubbles' creation. "Buttercup, your date's here."

"Stall him! Or run him in circles! I don't care, just buy me some time until I punk up this stupid outfit." BC replied.

Sighing, Blossom rose from the couch and opened the door. She met the deep crimson eyes of her counterpart. Blinking, she stepped back a little. "H-hey."

"Hey," Brick gave her a friendly, but still predatory smile. "What's shakin', Red?"

Butch broke the moment. "Where's BC?" he demanded. He looked sharp, in a forest green dress shirt left un-tucked from his dark blue jeans. He'd even shaved, Blossom noted the missing fuzz on the green Ruff's chin.

"Still getting ready." Blossom replied.

Cursing, Butch dashed past her and up the stairs yelling for BC, and leaving the red leaders alone. After a while, she stepped aside. "Why don't you sit a while? This will be a lengthy wait."

"Sure, there's something I need to ask you though." Brick replied. They sat on the couch, Brick sitting at the arm rest. Blossom out as much distance as she could between them, to salvage her brain functions.

"So… What is it? If it's about the European History paper, I'm sure Mrs. Irene will let you change your topic."

Brick chuckled. "It's not about that, Brainiac. I was wondering if you wanted to come with me to the party. It'll up the accumulative IQ some."

Blossom once again blinked. Brick noticed. "Is there something in your eye? You've been blinking a lot today. Want me to check?"

"N-no! I'm just a little surprised… I'd love to go, if you don't mind the wait." Blossom warned him then mentally berated herself. She'd just been handed the most amazing opportunity to get closer to Brick, but she'd just ruined it.

Brick just shrugged. "The party won't really start until I get there. Besides, Princess will be hawk-eying the door for the first part of the party looking for me. I'll need my pal to bail me out if she starts talking."

Pal. The word was a stab to her heart, but also a soothing balm to her ego. She smiled brightly. "I've got your back, Brick. Just let me change."


AnimeKitty: This is based on the first line of the song Best Friend from Toy Box. Check it out if you don't understand. Also, please review. I want to see what you all think. The public opinion is still important to me!