A 3 x100 word triabble by Amberdreams, Dizzo and Edina Clouds (not necessarily in that order)

E/O Challenge word = crow: triabble word = exercise

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Rise and Shine

Sam's latest health kick was driving Dean insane. The boy was up before any cock had even thought about crowing; which wouldn't have been so bad but the idiot insisted on warming up before he went out running, which meant Dean got woken by grunting and panting as Sam did sit-ups and press-ups and whateverthehellelse-ups.

In other circumstances Dean might not have objected to some early morning heavy breathing plus a little lower body exercise, but strangely Sam wasn't interested in helping Dean flex that particular muscle.

If Sam carried on like this, Dean might have to take drastic action.


Dean just couldn't see the point of Sam's physical jerks. He much preferred his own morning exercise; powerwalk to the refrigerator and lift the remains of last night's pizza.

They didn't live sedentary lives. Okay, they did sit around in the Impala or researching some job, but there was also all the running, climbing, hand-to-hand combat and grave digging.

Glancing across his pillow with a satisfied smile, he scanned his impressive shoulders and biceps. You didn't earn guns like these through pansyass gym circuits. These beauties were the reward of back-breaking hard work; they really were something to crow about.


The slam of the door heralded his brother's return from his early morning exercise. Cracking open one eye Dean scanned Sam's sweat-drenched body as he stretched out first one leg and then the other against the cracked-plaster-wall.

"Hey, Running Man d'ya mind ... I'm trying to sleep here," Dean groaned.

"Feels great, Dean ...you should try it," Sam panted.

"No frickin' way ... take a crowbar to get me outta bed this early," Dean mumbled his face now buried under light-blocking-pillows.

Moments later he was on the floor, moose-hands still wrapped around his ankles.

"Or a fitter brother," Sam grinned.