Author's note: This story takes place on the island of Mata Nui, during the time after the events of the Bohrok-Kal and before the Mask of Light. This is also my first Bionicle story. I do not own Bionicle.


Blistering winds blew across the snow drifts and banks of Mount Ihu, creating a howling blizzard across the mountainous tundra of Ko-Wahi. The snow being blown about had obscured everything in sight, and the sub-zero winds combined with the temperature were enough to numb those who were ill suited for the environment.

There was one being who was unaffected by the bits of frosty snow and chilling wind raced across his figure. Nor did his sight waver for an instant in the midst of the snowstorm. He just stood silently on top of a rocky ledge of snow, overlooking the landscape.

His right hand wielded two sleek and sharp ice blades combined, shaping into a staff, and his left hand was equipped with an ice shield. He bore armor as white as snow, just about blending in with the area around him, and wore a white Kanohi Akaku Nuva, the Great Mask of X-ray vision. If activated, the bearer could see straight past the layers of snow, through the minerals and every single detail in the stone buried below, and all the way down to the Onu-Koro tunnels burrowing beneath the island.

He was the Toa Nuva of Ice; Toa Kopaka.

Kopaka watch silently as the banks of snow slowly grew higher and higher as the blizzard grew. Over the howling winds of the snowstorm, Kopaka heard the faint bellow of a Rahi in the far distance. Judging from the depth of the roar, he could tell that it was a Muaka.

'They seem to be much more active lately.' Kopaka thought to himself as he glanced over the edge of the ridge.
Making a quick calculation of the distance below, Kopaka started to split his staff into his two ice blades. As he did so, he heard another roar of a Muaka way off somewhere. Either there were a whole lot of Muaka running about, or there was one furious Muaka. Whichever the case, that was the fifth Muaka roar he heard.

Kopaka gripped his two ice blades in both hands as he bent his knees. With ease, Kopaka pushed off the ridge and somersaulted high into the air. Once he begun to descend, Kopaka threw down his ice blades, which landed perfectly in the snow below. No sooner than they did, Kopaka landed on top of them, and started to ski down summit. He directed himself across the tundra and over the flow of snow dunes. With each turn and motion, Kopaka was rapidly building up speed.

This was one of the few activities Kopaka considered 'fun'.

While he skied down the slopes, he activated his Kanohi mask to see what lay ahead. His right eye whirled and clicked as he called upon his Kanohi, and his vision was amplified by the power of the mask. What he saw ahead confused him the most.

Up ahead was a frosted slant descended down to a cavernous chasm.
There was also a short incline of ice that jutted over the chasm; a perfect ramp to launch someone across with enough velocity and momentum.
None of this was what troubled Kopaka. On the opposite side of the chasm, a good walking distance away, was a Ta-Matoran. The Ta-Matoran was struggling to walk forward while the blizzard's winds were pounding against him. Little did the Ta-Matoran know that an open abyss was in front of him, and he was dozens of steps away from his death.

With quick speed, Kopaka skied over the edge of the snow banks, and started to ski down the decline, building his speed.
Kopaka had to time it right if he wanted to launch himself over the gulch and land where he wanted.

Kopaka dismissed those thoughts as he reached the ramp of ice at the bottom.
In a second, Kopaka felt himself being launched high and over the chasm.

Thanks to his velocity, momentum, and the blustering winds, Kopaka was already halfway across the ravine. Detaching his ice blades, Kopaka did a back flip as he arched over and descended to the other side.

Just as Kopaka reoriented his body to land straight, he saw that his blades had landed on both sides of the Ta-Matoran, staggering him and halting his path.
An instant after, Kopaka landed right in front of the Ta-Matoran, the sound of crunching snow beneath him gave Kopaka the notion that his estimates were right. The impact force of his landed sent a small wave of snow at the Ta-Matoran.

Kopaka picked up his ice blades and reattached them into a staff as the Ta-Matoran dug himself out of the pile of snow.

Kopaka watched as the Ta-Matoran saw him.
In complete opposite of what Kopaka thought would happen, the Ta-Matoran pulled out his blade, which in comparison to Kopaka's staff was a fraction of its size.

"Who goes there!" demanded the Ta-Matoran as he took a step back. Kopaka then realized that the blizzard around them was what blinded the Ta-Matoran's sight.
Without a word, Kopaka swept his staff across his chest, and absorbed the entire blizzard. In a few seconds, the entire blizzard across Ko-Wahi ceased.
Kopaka looked down at the Ta-Matoran and waited.

Once realizing that the blizzard had stopped, the Ta-Matoran lowered his hand, revealing the yellow mask that he wore.

"Toa Kopaka!" exclaimed the Ta-Matoran.
Realizing his blade was drawn, he quickly put away the blade and bowed; a gesture which the Matoran did when meeting a Toa, and one Kopaka found unnecessary.

"Is something wrong Toa Kopaka?" the Ta-Matoran asked as he stood up straight.

"A few more steps and you would've fallen to your death." Kopaka answered coldly.
The Ta-Matoran peered around Kopaka. Thanks to Kopaka withdrawing the blizzard, the Ta-Matoran saw the ravine he was heading straight for.

"Oh," the Ta-Matoran stuttered, "thank you, Toa Kopaka." This was the second Ta-Matoran Kopaka rescued in Ko-Wahi. The first one was Takua the Chronicler, who was with Matoro.

'What is it with Ta-Matoran coming to Ko-Wahi?' Kopaka thought as he soundlessly walked past the Ta-Matoran.

Matoran in the corner of his eye.

"Do you know where Ko-Koro is?" he asked, standing straight at attention. Kopaka was about to point in the direction with his staff, but then he remembered the number of Muaka running about, especially now. This Ta-Matoran already risked death, and sending him out alone would put him in more risk or fatal peril. Kopaka was faced with only one option, and he was reluctant to choose it.

"Follow me." was all that Kopaka uttered, and started to walk off in the direction of Ko-Koro, not looking back to see if the Ta-Matoran was coming.

"R-really?" the Ta-Matoran stammered in surprise, "I mean…thank you, Toa Kopaka." Kopaka just ignored him and continued on his way to Ko-Koro. They were no more than a few steps away before the Ta-Matoran started talking again.

"You know, that's the second time I pulled a weapon on a Toa." the Ta-Matoran enlightened. Kopaka just kept silent as they went.

"The first time was when I met Toa Tahu." the Ta-Matoran continued. Still, no response from Kopaka.
Seeing that the conversation was only one-sided, the Ta-Matoran ceased talking.


The Toa of Ice and the Ta-Matoran journeyed on their way to Ko-Koro, walking over every mount of snow and ice.
Or at least, Kopaka was.
The Ta-Matoran was slipping in the snow, and sliding over what was easy stepping for Kopaka. Kopaka wondered if the Ta-Matoran would give up and return to Ta-Koro. However, the Ta-Matoran kept following, despite all the troubles and inexperience he had as he walked on snowy terrain.
Curious of why a Ta-Matoran was in Ko-Wahi, Kopaka decided to as a few questions.

"What's your name?"

"Jaller," replied the Ta-Matoran, "Captain of the Ta-Koro Guard."

Even though Kopaka told himself a few questions, Jaller's answer was very peculiar.

"And why do you want to go to Ko-Koro?" Kopaka asked, still looking straight ahead as they walked.
Kopaka figured that it was because of a security issues, since the patrols of Ta-Koro and Ko-Koro often worked together to patrol the area where Ko-Wahi and Ta-Wahi meet.

"Um…well I…" Jaller stammered. Kopaka suddenly found himself stopping and glancing back at the hesitant Ta-Matoran. If anything, Kopaka suddenly looking back at him made him even more timid. Nevertheless though, Jaller sucked it up.

"Do you know the Ga-Matoran Hahli?" Jaller asked.
Kopaka gave a single nod. The Ga-Matoran who occasionally delivers Gali's summoning to Kopaka whenever Gali felt the Toa needed to unite.

"Well, she uh…took my lava board," Jaller did his best to explain as he rubbed the back of his head, "and she left a note saying she was heading to Ko-Koro, and if I wanted my lava board back, I had to go after her."

Kopaka said nothing, and turned back to resume his trek to Ko-Koro.

So on top of a Ta-Matoran, there was a Ga-Matoran running around his region, too?

'How wonderful.' Kopaka thought with no joy whatsoever.

As they continued to walk, Kopaka thought over why a Ga-Matoran, of all places, would choose Ko-Koro?

"How do you know she's not somewhere else?" Kopaka at last questioned. The thought of Hahli tricking Jaller to go to Ko-Koro came into Kopaka's mind. Whichever the case, Kopaka saw that Hahli was making Jaller focus all of his attention on her.

"I found her footprints in the snow and started to follow them," Jaller elaborated, "but then the blizzard started…and I lost my way."

"When was this?" Kopaka asked. Kopaka had no idea why he was so intrigued with Jaller's predicament, and decided not to ask anything else.

"Just this morning." Jaller answered. He waited for Kopaka to ask another question, but then after awhile, Jaller had a feeling that Kopaka was done talking.

The two continued on their way to Ko-Koro. The sight to anybody watching was indeed a strange one. Not every day you see the Toa of Ice escorting a Ta-Matoran to Ko-Koro.

'What's it going to be next time?' Kopaka thought apathetically, 'two Ta-Matoran?'


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