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Kopaka could make out the image of Naho Bay's coastline up ahead.

Swiftly, Kopaka called off his Kakama Nuva and let his legs run off the extra energy as he slowly returned to regular sprinting.

In his right hand he held onto his Ice Blades, and tucked in his arm was an unconscious Hahli, her heart light slowly flickering.
In his left hand he carried his shield, and in his arm he held onto Jaller.

After everything had shifted out of blurriness, Kopaka found himself running along the beach of Naho Bay. The sun was gradually sinking over the horizon, and the stars were starting to poke out of the incoming night above. Up ahead he could see the Naho Falls gushing water into the Bay from the giant statue of Gali's mask up on the cliffside, and he spotted his destination: the village of Ga-Koro.

"Jaller…" Hahli moaned, her voice barely a whisper. His legs were already aching and his lungs burning up from sprinting across the beach. On top of that, his entire body screamed in pain from the injuries he sustained while he battled the three Muaka.

Still, he kept on running as fast as he could. Determined not to fail his duty because he was too slow, Kopaka pushed more strength into his legs.

By the time he saw the bamboo gate of Ga-Koro, Kopaka was panting for air, but still running.

Kopaka felt Hahli slowly becoming heavier in his arm and started to fear the worst.

'I…will…not…fail!' Kopaka's mind roared. He kept running, and he spotted the bamboo gate up head, along with the little weighing scale that opened the gate.

'No time...for puzzles.' Kopaka's mind snarled.
Seeing that there was only one way to get through, and that he needed to use his shield to do so, Kopaka dropped Jaller from his left arm.

"Ahh!" Jaller yelled when he tumbled in the sand. Jaller landed mask first into the sand. As fast as he landed, Jaller instantly raised his head up to see Kopaka wield his shield in his left hand, still charging for the gate.


Turaga Nokama looked out at the setting sun with worry. She stood in the middle of the village, which was a giant lily pad able to sustain tons of weight. It was getting dark, and there was still no sign of Hahli.


Turaga Nokama turned around to the splashing noise and found the Toa Nuva of Water, Gali, landed on the lily pad. She had jumped out of the water and onto the lily pad.

"You summoned me, Nokama?" Gali asked as she put away her Aqua Axes. Turaga Nokama sighed in gloom at the news she was about to tell Gali.
Hahli was, after all, the closest of the Ga-Matoran to Gali.

"Gali," Turaga Nokama started, "I'm afraid Hahli has-"


The two of them instantly turned to see where the noise had come from. What Turaga Nokama saw was an unusual sight.

The Ga-Koro gate had been rammed down and the Toa Nuva of Ice was running towards them. Behind him, Jaller, the captain of the Ta-Koro Guard, chased after the Toa.

Before Turaga Nokama could ponder at the strange sight, she spotted a limp Hahli in Kopaka's right arm.

"Mata Nui…" Turaga Nokama whispered, Gali gasped as Kopaka came to a wheezing stop in front of them and carefully set Hahli down.

"Gali…use your…healing…powers," Kopaka wheezed as he propped himself up on one knee, "now."

Without question, Gali picked up the faint Hahli and sped to the Turaga Nokama's hut, leaving Kopaka and Turaga Nokama in the center of Ga-Koro. By now, Jaller had reached the two, and other Ga-Matoran were up, awaken by the crash.

"Thank you, Toa Kopaka; I am in your debt." Jaller thanked as he gave a bow to the Toa of Ice. Kopaka gave a weak nod as he tried to catch the rest of his breath. He tried to say something, but his breath was too weak to voice anything.


Inside Turaga Nokama's hut laid an unconscious healing Hahli. Above her head was the Toa of Water, Gali, who was channeling her healing powers into Hahli. At her side was Jaller, holding her hand as gently as he could.

Those three were not the only ones in the hut.

Now that the other Ga-Matoran were awake, all of them had crowded inside and outside of the hut, trying to see how their friend Hahli was fairing.

On another lily pad nearby, Kopaka stood looking at the night shoreline of Mata Nui.
He had finally caught up with his breathing, and now was thinking about all that had just happen.

"Thank you Toa Kopaka," he heard Turaga Nokama's voice say, "for bringing Hahli safely home." Kopaka turned to his left and found Turaga Nokama looking up at him.

"Of course, Turaga." Kopaka acknowledged.

"Where did Hahli adventure off to?" Turaga Nokama asked. Kopaka thought back to what Jaller had told him.

"Hahli went to Ta-Koro, stole Jaller's lava board, and made him chase after her to Ko-Koro," Kopaka explained. Despite whatever he thought about any of the Turaga on the island, Kopaka showed a significant amount of reverence towards them. That reverence also made him more tolerable and a little open towards them.

"She's always thinking of some way to attract Jaller's attention." Turaga Nokama commented.

"She ended up lost in Ko-Wahi, and then Jaller and I saved her from Muaka," Kopaka continued.
Although it was mostly him fighting off the three Rahi, Jaller did do his part making sure that no more harm came to Hahli.

"Then I used the Kakama Nuva to get here." he finished.

"And also knocking down Ga-Koro's gate." Turaga Nokama added as she turned to gaze upon the bamboo gate, now shattered because Kopaka rammed straight through it. Kopaka also glanced at the damage he had done and grunted in annoyance at his recklessness.

"It is nothing to worry about," Turaga Nokama assured, "what's important is that Hahli is home safe."

Kopaka nodded and returned his eyes back to the shore and started to think. Jaller had shown utmost concern and care towards Hahli, more than Kopaka had realized.
For a second, Kopaka wondered if there was anybody he cared for the most in the same way Jaller did with Hahli…

"Brother." he heard Gali's voice say. Kopaka turned to see the Toa of Water standing beside him.

The stars and the moonlight illuminated sections of her armor, covering her in a pale shade of color.
If that was the case with her armor, Kopaka figured the moonlight made him look like a bleak ghost with his white armor.

"I am grateful that you saved Hahli."

Kopaka nodded and looked away from the Gali, staring back at the shoreline.

"Jaller told me everything," Gali spoke, "even about the Muaka."

"Jaller cares a lot for her." Kopaka noted.

"Those two care for each other more than they realize." Gali added.

"Is Hahli going to be ok?" Kopaka asked.

"Yes, she should be fully healed by sunrise," Gali said, "and Jaller says he's going to stay by her side all night."

Kopaka said nothing in response.

Seeing as there was nothing left for him to ask, Kopaka turned and started to walk on the lily pads leading to the shore.
From there, he would begin his long trail back to Ko-Koro.

"Kopaka?" Gali voice said.
He felt her hand touch his right shoulder.

Kopaka glanced over the shoulder she held onto and give his attention to her.
With the other Toa, he hardly had any patience with them.
With Gali, however, Kopaka found himself capable of sparing some.

"Thank you." Gali finally said after a few moments.
A couple of seconds passed, with Gali holding her hand on Kopaka's shoulder, and Kopaka doing nothing to remove it.

After a few seconds, Kopaka turned his head forward and started to walk, Gali's hand slowly slipping off his shoulder.

Gali observed the Toa of Ice walked off, and watched until he was out of sight.

After Kopaka had carefully climbed up one of the cliffs near the beach and reached the ledge, he suddenly had an urge to go back to Ga-Koro.

Did he leave something behind? Checking his Ice Blades and shield in his hands, Kopaka figured that it wasn't the case.

No, this need was more like wanting to be near someone.

Quietly, Kopaka glanced back at Ga-Koro and thought for a slight second to give into the need and going back to village of water.
The thought of the village brought up the thought of his own village.

Dismissing the feeling to return to Ga-Koro, Kopaka silently resumed his journey back to Ko-Koro.

The End

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