Chapter 2 – Who's Who

My name is Skeeve and I'm the reason this company exists. I guess you could even say it's my fault since it was my idea. This current project, however, was the making of my one time mentor and now partner Aahz.

Our conference table had never seen so many people at one time before and six of those people none of us had ever seen before.

"O.K. Aahz, this is your party so let's get it started."

"Right. Tanda will know some of the background here but to the rest of you it's going to be new information. Also, for our new friends here, I think some kind of explanation is due so they can understand how it is that they came to be here."

"Quite a few years ago a mad magician by the name of Isstvan tried to take over the dimensions and a group of us, Tanda included, got together and stopped him. A couple of years ago he tried again and Skeeve, Tanda, and I, stopped him again before he got to far."

"One of the magicians in that first group, as you know Skeeve, was your old teacher Garkin. What you don't know is that another one was named Albus Dumbledore."

Tanda suddenly looked up. "Wow Aahz, I haven't thought of Albus in years. What ever happened to him anyway?"

Harry gave a painful look in Tanda's direction. "He died last year."

"I'm so sorry to hear that. Were you close?"

Hermione came to Harry's rescue. "We were all close to him in some fashion but Harry much more so than the rest of us."

"Anyway," Aahz said, "about four years ago, Dumbledore came to me and told me about the war with Voldemort and about an incredible group of young magicians he knew of and asked if some day I might teach them what I know."

Ron spoke up for the first time and asked, "If you knew about the war then why didn't you help?"

Hermione looked shocked. "Ron, don't be so rude. These people have invited us into their home to share their knowledge with us and all you can do is insult them?"

"No, it's a fair question actually." Aahz turned to Ron and looked him in the eye. "There are two reasons I didn't help kid. First of all, thanks to a practical joke played by Garkin, I have no powers. Second, I don't know how to access the dimension of Errth."

Neville looked up and asked, "What's a dimension?"

"A dimension is one of several worlds existing simultaneously with others, but on a different plane of existence."

Harry looked at Luna like she had just grown a third arm. "How could you possibly know that?"

"One of Daddy's contributing writers explained it in an article he wrote."

Aahz looked impressed at that. "He was right. Anyway, some people, like Tanda here, can travel those dimensions with no problem. Unfortunately Errth is so far away, I don't know of anyone that has ever been there or been from there except for Dumbledore."

Harry gave a little chuckle. "Leave it to him to do something no one else ever has."

"Which, by the way, leaves the question of how you got here and how you are going to get back home?"

"Dumbledore left me a portkey for that so it wont be a problem."

Tanda looked confused. "What's a portkey?"

"The way Garkin explained it to me is that it's like a D-Hopper but it only goes to one place and sometimes back again."

Ginney spoke up this time and asked. "If this isn't Earth then where are we?"

Aahz answered back saying, "Well first of all you have to remember that there are planets and dimensions. The planet is usually the same as the dimension but in your case the planet is Earth but the dimension is Errth."

Ginney looked at Aahz like she was going to curse him with her famous Bat Bogey hex. "You haven't answered my question. Where are we?"

"You are in the dimension of Deva."

"More importantly," Harry said, "is why are we here? What exactly did Dumbledore have in mind?"

"That's the easy part," Aahz explained. "Dumbledore wanted to set up and exchange program of sorts. We teach you our magic and you teach us yours. An exchange of two completely different kinds of magic."

Hermione sat up suddenly and said, "Wow, that sounds like fun!"

"Good, now that everything is settled, why don't you introduce the crew Skeeve?"

"Well, let's start with the obvious. I'm Skeeve and this is my partner Aahz. Going around the table from him is Bunny who is my administrative assistant. Next is Aahz's cousin Pookie. The slender girl next to her is Spyder. The two gentlemen sitting next to her are Guido and Nunzio who are my bodyguards. Next is the brother and sister team of Tanda and Chumley. Last but certainly no least is my apprentice Masha."

Harry and the others shook hands with everyone as they were introduced and said, "Now I guess it's my turn. I'm Harry Potter and this is my girlfriend Ginney Weasley and her brother Ron, that's Hermione Granger who is the brain of the group. Next to her is Neville Longbottom, and finally our resident expert on the strange and unknown, Luna Lovegood."

"It's good to have you all here and I hope you enjoy your stay with us and remember that while you are here, our home is your home. I can't wait to work with each and every one of you."

With that, Chumley stood up and said. "Well, what say we get the sleeping arrangements out of the way then go for a bite to eat and a walk around the bazaar, eh what?"

"A-Men to that!" Ron exclaimed. "I'm so hungry I could eat a hippogriff."

After everyone got settled in we went to the closest fast food place in the bazaar. You guessed it, the Yellow Crescent Inn. As we walked in, our guests looked around and seemed right at home. None of us had ever eaten here but I love the strawberry shakes.

Once Harry explained to us what a hamburger was, Bunny, Masha, Guido, Nunzio, and I, decided to try one. We walked up to the counter and Hermione said, "Look guys, they have a gargoyle for a decoration."

The gargoyle slowly turned his head and said, "Who you calling a decoration?"

I introduced everyone to Gus and Hermione was so embarrassed that she couldn't stop apologizing. Gus just shrugged it off in his usually good humored way and said it was no big deal.

We sat at a couple of large tables that we moved together and ate our lunch. You know, as bad as they looked to me, the burger wasn't half bad.

Gus came over and talked for a bit and made sure our new friends knew that they were welcome at any time.

After lunch we went for a walk around the bazaar and they were even more wide eyed than I was on my first trip here. It took us two hours just to go three rows. Harry tried to buy a book but couldn't understand the Deveel shopkeeper at first. Once he said a few things there was no more problem. Like Aahz had told me long ago, no Deveel would ever let a sale slip by because of a little thing like language.

We made a trip through the practical joke section and Ron said that his brother would kill for a chance to open a shop here.

"Well," said Aahz, "maybe we should get back home and start getting ready for a very busy day tomorrow."