KWMS – Attention (2)

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Misaki's head hit the hard table-top with a loud thud that could be heard through-out the now silent Café. She winced in pain at the rough contact. More than anything, she wanted to beat the livings day-light out of the person who was currently standing behind her. She should have known that this was going to happen. Nothing normal ever happens when it comes to this stuck-up snob.

She growled and thrashed about when Tora's hand snaked around to her front, eagerly trying to undo her Bunny suit. He was surprised when she kicked him very hard in his lower abdomen, distracting him from going further. She smirked when he winced in pain at her act of violence. But, her victory quickly went away as the arms currently pinning her down became tighter and rougher, painfully so.

"Let… Me… GO!" Misaki shouted, continuously struggling for freedom. But, the only avail she got was an aching pain in her wrist.

"U-sui." Misaki whispered without thinking, closing her eyes tightly as Tora came closer to her trembling body.

Surprisingly, the hands that were currently pinning her down left as she heard a loud crash echo through-out the Café. Instantly, a pair of strong yet familiar arms wrapped around her small frame; holding her close and not daring to let her go anytime soon.

"Heh… I should have known that you would stand in my way, Usui Takumi." Tora growled in an unpleasant voice. He was rubbing his bleeding nose; it was safe to say that it was broken.

"I thought I told you that this Maid isn't YOURS to touch." Usui said with a low snarl. Anyone with a single brain-cell knew that they should run. However, Igarashi needed to keep his smug confidence for show.

"Yeah, like I would listen to you… You cannot surpass me, Takumi! Tora shouted, glaring angrily at Usui, calling him by his first name to try and pull as a threat.

Before anything else was said, the other Maids along with the Manager came to the scene.

An un-happy look was on each of the Maid's faces, clearly showing that they were very ashamed of what had happened. It is very rare that they get a situation like this. But, when it does happen, it isn't pretty.

"Sir, we are going to have to ask you to leave. We do not tolerate or accept your obscene behavior here at the Café." The Manager had a dark aura surrounding her. It was much like Misaki's "Demon-Aura" at Seika High. It was very unlike the Manager's usual joyous and Moe-overloading nature.

"Heh… I will leave. But, remember this Maid Latte: I will be back and I can assure you that nothing- or anybody, will stand in my way to Ayuzawa Misaki." Tora finished the last part with a confident grin, being sure to look directly at Usui.

Surprisingly, Tora left without another word. The door closed behind him, declaring his going. Usui remained his hold on his beloved Maid, his look of anger never leaving as he stared at the door Tora departed from.

The Café remained in silence. Everyone remained in shock at the events that had just occurred.

However, things quickly returned to normal after…

"Misa-chan, we are so happy to see that you are okay! ~" The "Idiot Trio" sang in pure bliss as they danced around her, skipping while doing so.

"Aw… But, Misa-chan! ~ Why is Igarashi and Usui-san the only ones who can touch-" Kurosaki trailed off as he noticed Usui's piercing stare, obviously saying that he would be dead if he dared to continue his rant.

"Hmm… That answer is simple. I am allowed to touch my Misa-chan, unlike that obscured fool… Or anyone else for that matter. " Usui finished off in a stern tone, drowning the poor idiots as he continued to pierce in to the very depth of their beings.

"RUN!" The three idiots all shouted at once, tripping while doing so before they finally scrambled out the door.


"What?" Usui asked Misaki as he noticed her unusual silence.

"I- I am not yours! And, w-who the hell said you're allowed to touch me, baka Usui?" Misaki stuttered, looking away will a bright pink blush staining her cheeks.

"Haha! Alrighty Kaichou… I am surprised you can ask that seeing how you have that mark on your neck…" Usui trailed off with a laugh, all the while clutching her closer to his body. Like always, he could read her like an open book. She is his. And, he'll be damned if he'll have it any other way.

"Wha-? You… Perverted Outer-Space…" She grumbled and trailed off in both anger and embarrassment, her cheeks were becoming redder by the second.

"Alien?" Usui finished, he smirked when she became even redder. He was starting to wonder if her cheeks were ever their usual shade of color when he was around.


Misaki was silent once again; her cheeks remained full of color as she watched Usui smile down at her. His smile was kind and bright and his emerald-colored eyes showed nothing but ever-lasting pools of love. He only had that expression when he looked at only her, which brought an unexpected smile to her lips every time.

"I… I- Love you." Misaki whispered in between stutters."Gah! Why do I have to stutter all the time? And, why is it only him that can make me feel this way?" She thought, her ever-lasting redness continued to flow through her cheeks.

Usui's eyes widened. For the first time, she was actually being honest to not only herself, but to him too.

"I love you too, Misaki." Usui replied. And just like her, a surprisingly light shade of red dusted over his cheeks.

The Café uttered in awe as they watched as the two loved ones exchanged. Moe flowers were on over-drive as the Manager clasped her hands together in total bliss and adornment.

Misaki's head that was previously resting on Usui's shoulder, shout up in complete shock as she heard the sweet-nothings murmured across the Café. She thought that her whole body was going to be forever engulfed in heat as she looked around to only find her workers and the customers watching her with sparkling eyes.

"Usui…" Misaki trailed off, totally mortified.

"Hmm?" Usui asked, looking down to find his Maid trying to hide her embarrassment further in shirt.

"I think I've had a bit too much Attention for one day…"


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